Best Hair Straightening Cream 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

The appeal of straight hair has always been a trending style, and, likely, it will always remain so.  Moreover, although there are many flat iron variations to make sure you stay up to date with the trends, today we will talk about which hair straightening cream we consider the best. 

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Nowadays, with everyone on the run and with little time to spend on hairstyle concerns, we often tend to look for quicker alternatives that will not compromise our hair’s appearance.

Luckily, we now have hair straightening creams that help us achieve similar results like that of a flat iron within minutes and ensure all-around hair care with far better comfort.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best hair straightening creams available on the market in detail. 

At a Glance

Before going into our thorough discussion, let’s have a quick look at our top recommendations.

L’Oreal Paris Advanced hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Thermal Smoother Cream
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L’Oreal Paris Advanced Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight Creme - Small INS901
Keratin Express Daily Keratin Treatment Heat Protective Cream
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Keratin Express Daily Keratin Treatment Heat Protective Cream - Small INS901$$
GHD Straight & Tame Cream
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GHD Straight & Tame Cream - Small INS901$$
Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher
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Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher - Small INS901$$

Hair Straightening Creams Buying Guide

What Is Hair Straightening Cream?

Whenever we talk about hair creams, you may tend to think of styling creams that de-frizz your hair or smoothen out the strands for a stylish wet look.

But when it comes to hair straightening cream, the scenarios get more complicated since it has more objectives than typical hair cream.

Just like the name suggests, a hair straightening cream’s key purpose is to straighten your hair.

Furthermore, this might remind you of hair rebonding creams that are used in salons for permanently straightening hair along with chemical treatments.

Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Hair Straightener, L’Oreal X-tenso Straightener Cream, and Glatt Schwarzkopf Permanent Straightener Cream are a few of the popular brands in those types of products. 

But, when using the term “Hair Straightening Cream,” it generally refers to a temporary but efficient styling solution that helps achieve straight hair instantly without using a flat iron.

Using a hair straightening cream, you can give your hair the shiny straight effect whenever you want without any hassles or changes in your natural hair texture.

How Does It Work?

Using Hair Straightening Cream - INS901

Hair straightening creams are heat activated. Meaning, they start taking effect once you apply heat over them. And, this heat outflow is to be applied through a blow dryer.

Let’s clarify how this works.

These creams contain particular heat-sensitive ingredients that need to go up to a specific temperature level to work. And when they reach that heat level, they take a fluid flowing, smoother form.

Afterward, they keep sliding up and down through your hair shafts to give thorough coverage and improved smoothness, creating your desired straightening effect.

Similar to typical blowdry lotions, these temporary hair straightening creams translate into leave-in hair conditioners that produce the best outcomes when the heat is applied.

And the result may last beyond a day, depending on the quality of the product.

Who Is It For?

These artificially synthesized hair straightening creams are developed specifically to deal with women’s everyday issues regarding their different types of hair.

Furthermore, with these needs evolving into haircare demands for every hair type and condition, the chemical engineers behind these products have worked out a way out to make them suitable for all aspects.

Hair straightening creams specifically help women having little time to spend on hair straightening to maintain their hair care. Namely, it helps them deal with frizz problems.

Additionally, it allows you to achieve such styles without going through any cruelties like harsh chemical treatments, a rebonding process, or even having to use flat irons.

Meaning, you’ll always get to choose how you want your hair to look without having to sacrifice your hair’s natural texture.

Moreover, if the idea of spending money and time on expensive heat protectants doesn’t entice you, there’s no better solution than a hair straightening cream.

Since most of these products offer heat protection, you can save a lot of money.

What to Look For in a Hair Straightening Cream?

With several variations of hair creams available in the market, choosing the right product for hair straightening can be difficult.

Your first concern should be avoiding hair creams used for permanent rebonding processes since most of them also come labeled as hair straightening creams.

After all, you are not going to abandon your natural hair texture permanently. Thus, you first need to make sure that you choose a cream that works temporarily.

Although all hair straightening creams straighten your hair, they don’t all provide the same results, nor do they equally last long enough.

Therefore, you must be well aware of the ingredients necessary for hair straightening as they play a key role in delivering results.

As we mentioned earlier, many straightening creams require no heat application, but they still work best when heat is applied through a blow dryer.

Therefore, one of your primary concerns should be choosing a hair cream that protects your hair from heat damages as well.

Let’s explain all these factors in detail, focusing on the essential ingredients and how they make a difference.

Concern 1: Building-up the Straight Structure

Straight Hair Structure - INS901

This is undoubtedly the reason why you’ll be using a hair straightening cream. It would be best to lay the temporary foundation, so your wavy or curly hair starts picking up the straight effect.

Resolving Ingredients

You’ll be looking for non-surfactant copolymers to do the best work in this regard. There are several such ingredients found across various hair care products that are meant to perm-up your hair.

But unlike those of hair rebonding creams, styling gel, or setting sprays, you’ll be better off with something milder.

For this particular necessity, PVM/MA Copolymers can serve your hair appropriately.

These mild copolymers work as temporary yet sturdy fiber binders to lay a straight structure beneath the core of your hair.

Mainly, down under your hair cells, they bind the fiber molecules to stiffen up the wavy strands for a straighter build without damaging your scalp.

Concern 2: Making It Strong and Lasting

Making Straight Hair Strong and Lasting - INS901

What’s the use of a hair straightening cream if your hair remains feeble and the effect doesn’t last very long?

Resolving Ingredients

To uphold the strength of both your hair and the newfound structure, you need to provide it with a good level of elasticity.

With more elasticity down the cores, your hair becomes less prone to quick alterations like wrinkles, crinkles, and dents.

And when it comes to adding elasticity, what can serve better than your hair’s intrinsic building blocks?

We are talking about Keratin protein, which is an inherent element of your body that also builds up your nails and skin(in addition to your hair).

With more Keratin protein, you add to your hair’s elasticity, ensuring it retains a straight effect for longer.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is another health-boosting ingredient for hair that you won’t want to miss in your hair straightening cream.

It’s an element that is rich in amino acids and peptides. It penetrates deep down the hair shafts to protect your hair cuticles and boost the cell components’ potency responsible for upholding the hair structure.

Furthermore, it provides nonstop coverage over your hair to make its texture smoother.

If you want your hair to hold on to its straight look, you’ll have to make sure your hair cream contains these two essential ingredients.

Concern 3: Suppressing the Reversions

Since these creams are made for temporary straightening purposes, the mixed solutions are placidly mild, unlike hair masks or rebonding creams that contain heavier dissolutions to impede the reversion process of the natural texture.

But it’s still necessary for your hair cream to have the ability to block rapid reversions, so your hair doesn’t get back to its inherent appearance too quickly.

Resolving Ingredients

The main reason behind your hair reverting to its inherent look is the related microorganisms that tend to bring back the curls.

Therefore, to ensure a satisfactorily lasting straight effect, you’ll need something that temporarily blocks that process.

Cetrimonium Chloride - INS901

Among a few ingredients capable of doing so, Cetrimonium Chloride is worth mentioning here.

With its affable growth blocking properties, it fends off the recurring curls to maintain a lasting effect.

Besides, it works as a rinse-friendly emulsion that allows easy rinse offs of the straightening cream whenever you want.

Another reason you may not get a lasting effect is the high moisture retention rate of your hair straightening cream.

When a hair strand holds on to the added moisture from the hair cream’s watery properties, it tends to get crinkled as soon as the moisture starts to wane away.

Acrylic Acid or VP Crosspolymer can provide the required inhibition in this regard.

Both of the ingredients contain several cell thickening properties that ensure a balanced moisture level throughout your hair shafts, and your hair achieves enhanced stability overall.

Concern 4: Preserving Your Hair Color

Preserving Your Hair Color - INS901

As a leave-in conditioner, hair straightening cream requires extra attention when applying. More specifically, when you leave it on your hair, the chances are that it will smudge over your natural hair color after you blow-dry it.

This is likelier to occur when the cream is thicker and tends to stick to your hair strands.

Resolving Ingredient

To preserve your hair color in such circumstances, your hair cream needs to be water repellent, and it must be capable of evaporating quickly so that it doesn’t stick to your hair for a longer period and gets absorbed easily.

Therefore, make sure your hair cream contains Cyclopentasiloxane. It’s a soft silicone component, which increases the cream solution’s water repulsion capabilities to make it evaporate from your hair as soon as it takes up the necessary portion of nutrition from the mix.

More so, it’s an ideal detangler that helps glide through your hair effortlessly. Meaning, it makes the application and distribution of the cream become a piece of cake.

However, it’s late evaporation is not the only reason behind your hair’s loss of color in many cases.

It’s often the heavy watery solution of the cream itself that causes such damage through various fungi and bacteria.

You can eliminate this issue if your hair cream contains Phenoxyethanol. It’s a cosmetic preservative that’s been taking care of harmful skin borne scroungers for decades.

And you can expect it to provide similar protection. Additionally, this element is also well-renowned for its unique rose-like scent, which efficiently eliminates any unpleasant odor chances.

Concern 5: Nourishment, Adding Shine, and Fighting the Frizz

Shiny Straight Hair - INS901

To give your hair a look you want, make sure your hair straightening cream contains any of the following two ingredients.

Resolving Ingredients

Firstly, Argan oil, which is also referred to as “Liquid Gold” by many professionals for its exceptional nourishing capabilities.

It carries a substantial amount of lubricating elements down your cuticles and the hair inside your hair strands, such as hydrolyzed amino acids, essential polymers, and catatonic molecules.

Together they fend off the static and roughness for longer periods while upholding your hair’s straightness and uplifting the overall texture.

And besides adding stunning smoothness, shine, and luster, Argan oil provides excellent protection from the sun with its inherent anti-UV properties.

Secondly, Aloe Vera, which can do a decent job by brilliantly adding suppleness and sheen to your hair shafts.

The well-renowned “panacea” is highly enriched in vitamins A, C, and E, along with a few essential fatty acids required for improving your hair’s texture.

While you may not get the same brilliant results as with Argan oil, Aloe vera will surely up the health and appearance of your hair significantly.

Concern 6: Heat Protection

It should only concern a few people since most hair straightening creams do not require significant amounts of heat application.

But the fact that you need to blow-dry your hair when your hair is still wet means you should not overlook concerns regarding heat damage.

Resolving Ingredient

To resist the heat (no matter how minimal it is), your hair straightening cream should be capable of shielding your hair strands with a heat-protective coat.

Dimethicone - INS901

We suggest Dimethicone in this regard. It’s a highly effective silicone compound used vastly across various hair care products, including heat protectants for its heat-reflective characteristics.

It coats your hair cells with a water barrier to bolster your hair’s defensive unit.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that you’re not supposed to go for a hair straightening cream that contains a high percentage of Dimethicone.

It boasts several components that tend to make it stick to your hair and weigh the strands down.

Make sure its presence does not exceed the 5-7%  range of concentration level.

Additional Ingredients to Look For

The Must-haves Of An Ideal Hair Straightening Cream

 You should now have a clearer understanding of a hair straightening cream’s essential ingredients and how their presence is vital. Let’s now outline these key ingredients for you. 

Top Hair Straightening Creams

Despite having an understanding of the essential ingredients, the task of finding a perfect hair straightening cream can still be daunting.

Namely, because the market is huddled with countless products.

Over the years, Garnier, L’Oreal Paris, Drybar, Wella, Schwarzkopf, PHYTO Phytokératine, Giovanni, Osensia, and John Freida are the most notable brand names producing their own line of hair straightening creams.

Nevertheless, you’ll be wise to compare the product’s quality and essential ingredients, regardless of the brand.

Thus, to spare you such a tedious job, we reviewed four of the best-rated hair straightening creams in the market.

But before diving into the reviews, let’s take a look at how they compare against each other.

Comparative Table

Key IngredientsL’Oreal Paris Advanced Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight CremeKeratin Express Daily Keratin Treatment Heat Protective CreamGHD Straight & Tame CreamKeratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher
PVM/MA CopolymerYesYesYesYes
Keratin ProteinYesYesYesYes
Hydrolyzed Wheat ProteinYesYesYesYes
Cetrimonium ChlorideYesYesYesYes
Acrylic Acid/VP Crosspolymer YesYesYesYes
Argan Oil/Aloe Vera ExtractArgan OilArgan OilAloe Vera ExtractAloe Vera

L'oreal Paris Advanced Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight Creme

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Our Top Pick

This exceptional hair straightening cream from L’Oreal’s Intense Xtreme line tops our list thanks to its unique Oleo Keratin protein compound.

With several state-of-the-art characteristics, it gives you a short term Keratin treatment experience regardless of your hair type.

The unique keratin compound works up to five times more efficiently than regular keratin protein elements found in typical hair care products.

This super effective ingredient is also translated as L’Oreal’s secret weapon flawlessly delivering the haircare restoratives your hair is craving.

Adding unmatched elasticity and essential nutrients that give new life to your hair within minutes to make it last.

Moreover, to ensure flawless straightness, the cream is highly rich in PVM/MA Copolymers. Furthermore, it begins its meticulous job of laying the structure as soon as it reaches your hair medullary.

And, thanks to the inclusion of a high-grade concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane, it expedites the whole process, adds exceptional glide, and makes it evaporate fast.

Thus, eliminating any chance of a sticky feeling or hampering your hair color.

Besides, the minutely refined Phenoxyethanol will ensure a bacteria-free scalp, eliminating any fungi growth in the process.

Also, a generous share of the percentage in this product is aggrandized with original Moroccan Argan oil.

Since the goodness of this element tends never to end, you can assure yourself of nourished hair shafts free of frizzes, statics, breakages, or dents.

The product also contains top-grade wheat proteins that have been collected using the most delicate hydrolysis process.

It ensures the strength of straightened hair and eye-catching smoothness.

But the most gracious thing aspect of this hair cream is its incredibly long-lasting results.

You can expect your hair’s straightness to last beyond the first shower after having styled your hair. 

The creamy concentration is highly enriched with highly-effective Cetrimonium Chloride and Acrylic Acid combination that makes it possible by suppressing all the possible reversions while maintaining a proper moisture balance throughout your hair.

No matter how porous your waves are, you can expect nearly similar Keratin treatment results at home with this hair straightening cream.

With the inclusion of just the right amount of Dimethicone, it makes sure that all the other vital elements provide the proper nutrition beneath your hair’s core while also protecting it from the heat you’ll apply.

And lastly, you’ll adore L’Oreal’s trademark soothing smell. With the breathtaking harmony of so many essential medications, along with the misty aroma, this product is the finest hair straightening cream you’ll find.

Keratin Express Daily Keratin Treatment Heat Protective Cream

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Runner-Up

Another hair straightening cream that is graced with the goodness of Keratin.

Despite being edged by L’Oreal’s Oleo Keratin formula, this highly competent product ticks all the boxes on our list of essential ingredients.

To justify its name, it contains a generous share of PVM/MA Copolymer, unlike sturdier Keratin treatment creams having formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals.

Meaning, you can use it regularly on your hair without worrying about damaging your scalp.

Furthermore, it suits every hair type, be it roughly coarse curls or finely delicate waves.

The cream may not contain the Oleo Keratin formula like the first product we reviewed, but it comes with one of the purest Keratin oils available.

It provides exceptional elasticity to your hair strands along with an aftermath effect similar to a professional Keratin treatment(at least until you shampoo again).

But what it does better than such treatment is provide similar results without foaming up your hair shafts.

A high-grade concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane makes sure you’ll have a nonsticky hairstyling experience, where the Phenoxyethanol in it helps you get rid of any potential hair color damage.

Fighting off frizz and roughness is one of the main focuses of this quality hair cream, and that’s why a larger portion of its concentration is occupied with original Moroccan Argan oil.

Since it’s been paired with Cetrimonium Chloride and Acrylic Acid, you can rest assured of retention of your hair’s newfound straightness in addition to elegantly nourished hair shafts.

This haircare solution also stands out as a heat-protective cream, just like the name suggests.

In addition to the Dimethicone, it includes other heat-defensive soft silicone compounds ensuring complete heat protection.

It withstands up to 450ºF of temperature to allow flat ironing for those who feel the necessity.

But with the degree of deep conditioning it provides, we highly doubt you’ll require to do so.

GHD Straight & Tame Cream

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Our Second Runner-up

To many people, the name GHD itself is self-explanatory when it comes to quality and trust.

And this particular hair care product made our list thanks to its practical excellence in addition to its brand name.

Unlike the previous two products we reviewed, this GHD hair cream does not come with Argan oil.

It’s the sole reason why it sits third on our list. Nevertheless, this elegant product has all the features to be called an efficient hair straightening cream.

The absence of Argan oil is hardly a problem since the cream contains the best of the Aloe extracts available.

The essence is highly rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids to fight off your frizzes for good.

And it’s highly capable of adding suppleness and sheen to your hair thanks to the anti-oxidants it incorporates.

Moreover, it makes sure your hair fiber is well-bound for a lasting straight look, thanks to the hydrolyzed wheat protein it contains in profusion.

And to add to your hair’s flexibility and strength, the creamy mixture has been incorporated with ample Keratin infusion. It ensures a flawless overall balance to both fine and coarse hair.

Once you’ve applied the cream, it’ll eliminate any chances of excess moisture throughout your hair shafts since the VP Crosspolymers repels any watery stance effectively.

Also, a notable presence of Cetrimonium Chloride fends off stubborn curls. Thus you can expect flawless straightness for an entire day.

Finally, the implementation of Cyclopentasiloxane eliminates any possibilities regarding sticky sensation within the hair shafts.

At the same time, the presence of Phenoxyethanol invokes a rosy aroma that’ll make your hair styling experience all the more delightful.

Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: An Alternate Option

You may also want to look at this Keratin Replenisher from Keratin complex, especially if you prioritize time-saving blow-dry sessions.

It may not match the nourishing capabilities of the products we’ve discussed so far since it’s devoid of Argan oil and it does not contain enough Aloe extract.

Nevertheless, it does include the company’s signature Keratin infusion. And it’s one of the finest of its kind that’s regarded as a charming alternative to expensive Keratin treatments.

The deficit of Aloe is taken care of by a generous amount of soy protein. Its incorporation with Cyclopentasiloxane makes the cream moisture-rich yet highly lightweight and blow-dry friendly.

It explicitly suits those delicate hair strands that require daily drying sessions. And at the same time, it cuts off the necessity of both higher heat flows and longer dry times.

With less time consumed drying, the heat damage concerns are all but eliminated.

Nevertheless, the product ensures you further protection with the inclusion of Dimethicone, which also compliments the cream’s other vital elements.

For instance, it helps preserve the effectiveness of the VP Crosspolymers in it, which replenishes your hair’s moisture for the proper balance.

A large share of the creamy solution contains a perfect combo of refined PVM/MA Copolymers and Hydrolized Wheat Protein.

It diminishes the concerns of a proper hair straightening job while also making your hair strands more elastic and resilient with the aid of its first-rate Keratin infusion.

While the cream is already lightweight and full of glides, the addition of Cyclopentasiloxane and Phenoxyethanol also makes it safe for your scalp.

Together, they eliminate the possibilities of fungi growth around the hair roots while preserving your hair color.

Additionally, the combo is assisted with Rosemary leaf extracts that calm your pate, entailing a satisfactory styling experience.

Finally, the concentration is blessed with an adequate portion of Cetrimonium Chloride that confidently resists the potential reversions in your hair structure to retain straightness for longer periods of time.

Two More Alternatives

ORIBE Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream

This Straight away hair straightening cream from Oribe is made to deliver splendidly smooth hair strands when you apply a high-speed flow of heated air.

Therefore, it may not produce the same fine hair results as it would on thick hair since you should not be blowing out heavily on your fine hair.

Another concern about this product is the absence of Keratin in it. So you can not expect it to provide your hair strands the same strength, stability, or lasting effects that the previous products provide. 

Besides, you’ll be wise to apply a not so generous amount of cream throughout your hair since a large percentage of Dimethicone in the mix can make your hair feel a bit sticky.

Besides these issues, the hair straightening cream is good enough to use on your curls since it contains the other vital elements that we’ve outlined above.

Most notably, it comes with the finest Aloe Vera extract that can efficiently heal the dents and kinks of your hair.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener

This smooth infusion straightening from Aveda is mostly known for providing exceptional glossy, smooth results.

However, you have to consider a couple of its drawbacks before giving it a go.

Like the Oribe Straight Away Blow Out cream we’ve discussed above, this straightening cream lacks the essential Keratin Protein.

Consequently, you’ll not be able to achieve the same results like our top three products.

Additionally, Cetrimonium Chloride’s absence means you can not expect it to last throughout the entire day.

But the product is highly competent when it comes to adding stunning luster to your hair shafts since it’s highly rich in pure Aloe extracts, guar beans, and maize.

The inclusion of high-grade Phenoxyethanol makes it a great anti-bacterial solution that can efficiently fend off bad odor in your hair and scalp.

Also, it’s highly capable of uplifting the color of your hair when used regularly.

Final Words

Hair straightening creams are the best at-home haircare solution that provides convenient and reliable hairstyling options under any circumstances.

Moreover, thanks to their easy-to-use packaging and portability, they can be your perfect hairstyling buddies when you’re on the go.

And those who regularly flat iron their hair will find no better efficient and hassle-free alternative than a hair straightening cream.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the best hair straightening cream suitable to your preferences, and get to work on your look.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. 


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