Best Hot Comb for Natural Hair 2019 – a Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of the volume, unnecessary knots, and coils in your natural tresses and looking for a styling tool that would help get rid of these problems without damaging your precious hair locks?

If so, then you have come to the right place!

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Because we have the answer to your problems, and that is a HOT HAIR COMB!!

In this article we have discussed and explained everything you need to know about this hair styling tool and also listed the Best Hot Combs for Natural Hair for you to not only get an idea about it but also to find the right comb for your manes; all in one article.

So without any further delay, let’s begin.

A Quick Review of Our Top Favorite Hot Combs for Natural Hair

We have picked some of the best hot combs available in the market to style and straighten your natural tresses precisely with extreme care and attention; but before going into elaborate details, let’s take a sneak peek of them for a very raw idea:

RankigProductsPrice Range
Rank: 1Andis High Heat Press Comb
Check Price
Rank: 2Laila Ali Gold Plated Heated Styling Comb
Check Price
Rank: 3Conair Hype Hair Ultra-Hot Hot Comb
Check Price

Hot Combs Buying Guide For Natural Hair

What is a Hot Comb?

Hot Comb

A hot comb (or a straightening comb, however you call it) is a metal comb that uses electricity or fire to gain heat and straighten natural, black hairs to turn them into silky, smooth tresses.  

The concept and design of a hot comb were invented and developed by Annie Malone in the early 1920s with the intention to make it easier for Afro-American women to tame their frizzy, thick hairs and also to straighten the coils for a versatile look. Annie herself was a black woman and therefore, understood the struggles of natural tresses completely.

Even though a hot comb is also used for hair straightening purpose, it is very much different from a flat iron and a hot air brush; the much wider and finer teeth of this comb glide through your natural tresses effortlessly without any snagging or pulling while at the same time also reaching the edges of the hair roots for a more precise and persistent straightening result.

Men can also use this hot styling tool to detangle their beard as natural, 4c hairs and beards have similar texture and a hot comb will do full justice even on man-beards.

Types of Hot Comb

The most popular types of hot combs that are available in the market are:

Stove Hot Comb

Stove Hot Comb

A hair straightening comb that uses open fire of a gas stove or electric stove to gain heat for the styling session is known as a stove hot comb; this comb doesn’t come with a cord, a plug socket or any temperature settings like an electric comb (to make you aware of the exact heat level you are applying on your manes), instead, it comes only with a heat resistant handle to save your hand from burning.

You might still be wondering how to heat up this comb?

Well, as we have said before, you need fire to heat this up; hold the comb on the stove fire (or against the hot burner in case of an electric stove) so that the teeth can gain heat from the fire for the styling and straightening process.

We don’t prefer the stove hot comb for styling and straightening hair because:

  • Heating up the comb with a stove is too dangerous, even for expert users; you might catch fire or burn down your whole kitchen while heating up your comb.
  • Even when you manage to heat this comb with a stove, you need to test it on a white paper or cloth quite a few times to ensure that the heat level is perfect to apply on your hair; this process is quite time-consuming.
  • Moreover, after running the comb through your hair a few times, it will begin to lose its heat and therefore, you need to heat it again over the flame. Heating and reheating it periodically will waste a lot of your time and might take hours to straighten your black tresses completely.

Electric Hot Comb

Electric Hot Comb

On the other hand, an electric hot comb is a metal hair comb that uses electrical power to gain the required amount of heat to adorn your manes with versatile hairstyles. Generally, electric combs are made from different types of materials like ceramic, tourmaline, gold (materials which are a good conductor of heat as well as beneficial for hair), and comes with various temperature settings so that you can choose and adjust the heat level according to your need and hair texture.

We always prefer and recommend the electric hot comb for straightening black manes because:

  • This type of hot comb gain heat very quickly (around 30 seconds after plugging in the tool) and safely, unlike stove hot combs, to straighten natural tresses in the most convenient way possible; you don’t have to worry about overheating the tool or burning down your hand while using an electric comb.
  • Additionally, an electric comb ensures constant power flow to keep the teeth hot as long as you use it; this means that you don’t have to reheat it periodically to maintain the temperature for a precise and consistent styling session.
  • Furthermore, as there is continual heat supply you don’t have to worry about the styling duration at all; within a couple of minutes (or several minutes in case you have a head full of gorgeous natural manes), you can remove coils and tame your Afro-American tresses successfully.

What to Look for in a Hot Comb for Natural Hair?

Choosing for the best electric hot comb for your black tresses is not as difficult and time-consuming as you might think when you know what features and aspects to look for. To make your selection process easier and also to get a detailed idea of the things to keep your eyes on, remember the following discussion so that you can score the best hot comb for your natural hairs.

The Construction Material

As natural tresses are coarse, thick and stubborn in nature, it takes quite a lot of effort and dedication to straighten and style them perfectly, and that’s why while choosing a hot comb for this hair type, you need to be careful about its construction material as not all the materials are suitable to style black tresses precisely.

We would suggest opting. for a comb that is made from titanium, tourmaline, gold or any hybrid of these three components because they can absorb the highest amount of heat in the shortest time possible and can also retain the heat in the teeth for a long time period to not only cut down styling time by several notches but at the same time to also make sure that your tresses are straightened flawlessly without suffering from any burns and damages.

The Heat Settings

Hot Comb Heat Settings

It’s a common knowledge that black, Afro-American manes are extremely difficult to style, and therefore, they require a high amount of heat to be straightened perfectly; this is why the heat setting of a hot comb is extremely crucial because a relatively lower heat setting won’t straighten your tough natural tresses impeccably and a very high setting might burn down your manes completely.

To style your kinky strands quickly yet precisely, we would suggest you select a temperature range between 340° F to 450° F as these heat levels would straighten your stubborn natural manes easily with a minimum to zero heat damage and burns as well as make the styling session quick and precise.

We would also suggest that while buying your ultimate hot comb for your manes, look for a tool that comes with a detailed heat control dial because, with a labeled dial, it would be easier for you to set your preferred heat level accurately without being blindsided.

Is It Important for a Hot Comb to Have the Instant Heat Recovery Technology?

In one word, yes! Yes, it is important that your hot comb comes with an instant heat recovery technology; but before explaining why this technology is crucial for a hot tool, let’s first know what is an instant heat recovery technology?

Instant heat recovery or uniform heat recovery system is a revolutionary technology used in hair styling tools to maintain consistent temperature level during the styling session. This system has become a staple and important feature of many hot tools because it helps you to straighten your tresses flawlessly without any hot spots or damage as well as to also makes sure that the styling duration is cut down by several notches for a quick straightening result.

A Quick Overview of the Must-have Features

  • The Construction Material: Titanium, Tourmaline, Gold or any hybrid of these materials
  • The Heat Settings: High (340°F to 450°F)
  • Type of the Hot Comb: Electric
  • Instant Heat Recovery: Yes

Top Hot Combs For Natural Hair

We have mentioned quite a few times before that natural, black tresses are super voluminous and need to be tamed down successfully to attain a silky, smooth outlook. And to turn this hair type into bone straight locks without kinks and knots, you must use a hot comb that is gentle and at the same time can style afro manes perfectly without exposing them to any unnecessary heat damage and burns and breakage.

We have spent numerous hours researching and reviewing different electric combs from different brands (Andis, Wahl, Conair, Laila Ali, Enzo Milano) and selected a few that performs exceptionally well on black tresses compared to other combing tools available in the market.

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

The Must-have FeaturesAndis High Heat Press CombLaila Ali Gold Plated Heated Styling CombConair Hype Hair Ultra-Hot Hot CombKentucky Maid SPKM 27 Straightening CombRed by Kiss 1/2″ Ceramic Tourmaline Root/Edge Straightener
Construction MaterialGold CeramicGoldGoldBrass & CopperCeramic Tourmaline
Hot Comb TypeElectricElectricElectricStoveElectric
Heat Settings20 Heat Levels (highest heat of 450°F)Multiple Heat Levels (highest heat of 450°F)30 Heat Levels (highest heat of 345°F)None9 Heat Levels (highest heat of 450°F)
Instant Heat RecoveryYesYesYesNoNo
Price RangeLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 Dollars

Andis High Heat Press Comb

Andis High Heat Press Comb

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Smooths & Softens Natural Hair Quickly

Andis is one of the oldest brands in the market that manufactures hot comb to make your thick, Afro-American hairs smooth, flat as well as manageable. And because of its amazing features, budget-friendly price tag and ability to produce knot-free straightened manes; this styling tool didn’t take much time to score the top position in our list.

Let’s start our discussion with the construction material of this electric comb; Andis constructed this fine teeth comb with 24K gold and coated it with ceramic so ensure high yet safe application of heat to the hairs. Gold is an extremely good conductor of heat and hence, gains heat super quickly (the comb heats up in just 30 seconds) for the styling purpose while the ceramic helps to keep the heat gentle so that your delicate tresses don’t suffer from any heat damages and burns during the combing session.

Furthermore, the teeny-tiny gold particles left in the hair combined with the negative ions from the ceramic keeps your manes moisturized and nourished, and reduces the possibility of any hair breakage.

Additionally, the gold construction ensures extreme sustainability and therefore, lasts for an extended period of time making the tool super durable.

Another feature that assists to retain the temperature level consistent throughout the styling process is the instant heat recovery system; this advance technology helps the teeth to maintain the heat level by sensing any heat loss from the surface and quickly recovering the heat so that you can style your manes quickly and enjoy some free time in the morning.

One more great aspect you must know about this professional quality hair styling tool is that it comes with 20 different heat settings with a rheostat dial control, which makes it easier for you to choose between your preferred heat levels easily without being confused.

Few Additional Features

  • Comes with an auto shut-off feature to ensure the safety of the users
  • The tangle-free swivel cord of the tool provides freedom of movement and ease of use
  • The dual voltage feature makes it suitable to use internationally
  • Includes a red indicator light to signal when the comb in on for additional safety
  • Conveniently placed controls and switches for extra ease of operation
  • Available in two different colors to choose from
  • Andis provides a 5 Year Limited Warranty period for this tool to ensure great performance

Laila Ali Gold Plated Heated Styling Comb

Laila Ali Gold Plated Heated Styling Comb

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Delivers High Heat for Quick Styling

Another of our favorite hot combs to smooth and tame natural, Afro-American hair locks is this Laila Ali styling tool; because of its incredible features, alluring design and its safety measures, this hot styling tool didn’t take much time to grab our attention and secure its place in this best’s list.

Laila Ali constructed the teeth of this tool with 24K gold material to not only make this comb exceptionally durable but at the same time also to make sure that it can style and straighten your manes super quickly yet safely.

The gold teeth of this comb can absorb the highest amount of heat (or your desired temperature level) in just 30 seconds and retains the heat for a long time period so that you can straighten your “difficult to tame” manes easily and effectively. Moreover, the microscopic gold particles from the teeth help to enhance the hair follicles, keep hairs moisturized and nourished and also ensure that there is minimal to zero heat damages and burns even after exposing them such a high amount of heat.

Furthermore, this electric comb comes with a multiple heat settings option accompanied by a detailed labeled rheostat dial control to make it extremely easy for you to choose the preferred heat level easily without much hassle.

And as natural hair locks require more time and heat to straighten properly because of their stubborn nature, Laila Ali made sure that this tool can adopt maximum 450°F of heat at once so that you can not only style your tough tresses flawlessly but at the same time to also cut down styling time drastically for faster and more effective results.

Additionally, to maintain this heat level throughout the entire straightening session, this hot comb comes with the revolutionary instant heat recovery technology that, aside from keeping the temperature of the tool consistent, also assists in reducing the styling time by several notches so that you don’t get late for your work or party.

Few Additional Features

  • Comes with a built-in safety stand for ease of use and maximum safety of the user
  • The swivel end of the cord ensures tangle-free, both hand operation
  • Heat resistant handle ensures a comfortable grip and safety of your hands
  • Includes separate on/off switches for more convenience
  • Incorporates a red “on” indicator light to provide additional safety measures

Conair Hype Hair Ultra-hot Hot Comb

Conair Hype Hair Ultra-hot Hot Comb

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Styles Hair Without Heat Damage and Hot Spots

Over the past several years, Conair has been satisfying its clients with excellent quality and versatile hairstyling tools and this Hype Hair Ultra-Hot Hot Comb is no different; it comes with more than a few amazing features and aspects, but it landed itself in the 3rd position because, compared to our top two preferences, this styling tool has a lower maximum heat level (its highest temperature reach is 345°F) and might take slightly longer to style your natural tresses.

But then again, Conair incorporated an optional Turbo Heat feature to this styling tool that, when activated, increases the temperature of the comb by 36°F so that you have more heat and power to straighten your tresses quicker than before.

The 24K gold construction of this tool also helps to style your stubborn thick natural hairs quickly yet safely; Conair constructed the teeth of this electric hair styler with gold, which is an excellent conductor of heat, to heat up the comb super quickly with your desired temperature (in just 30 seconds) so that you can start the styling session as early as possible after plugging in the tool and don’t have to waste your time waiting for the comb to heat up properly.

Additionally, the gold constructed teeth adapt high temperature very quickly and remain hot for a long time making it easier for you to straighten your tresses flawlessly without much effort.

The instant heat recovery system also plays a vital role in keeping the tool hot for a long-time period by sensing the slightest amount of heat loss from the surface and replacing it quickly so that there is consistent heat level in the tool meaning that you can style your manes quickly compared to tools without this revolutionary technology.

Even though you are applying high heat to your hairs for the styling purpose, there is zero chance of burning or damaging them because the teeny-tiny gold particles from the comb helps to enhance the hair follicles and keep them well protected by locking in moisture and nourishment so that you don’t have to worry about hot spots, heat damage, and hair breakage.

Few Additional Features

  • Comes with a heat resistant handle for a safe and comfortable grip
  • Includes a labeled rheostat dial control to select the preferred temperature effortlessly
  • The auto-shutoff feature assures additional safety and security
  • Comes in a recyclable package to maintain the environment
  • Conair provides a 2-year Limited Warranty period to this tool to ensure durability

Reasons for Not Choosing

Kentucky Maid SPKM 27 Straightening Comb

This Kentucky Maid hot comb was very popular after it was first released. But because of the following aspects, we couldn’t suggest this tool as one of the best to straighten natural, black hairs:

  • First of all, this SPKM 27 is a stove hot comb which we do not prefer what-so-ever. Stove combs can get very hot and burn your tresses down beyond repair. In one word, this type of tool is incredibly dangerous for your hairs as well as your hand and skin.
  • Additionally, as it is a stove tool, there is no temperature control dial or button so that you can choose your desired heat level; the heat is entirely dependent on the time you hold this tool on the flames.
  • Furthermore, the brass and copper teeth of this stove comb get exceptionally hot and have the potential to burn and harm your precious tresses as well as your scalp.

Red by Kiss 1/2″ Ceramic Tourmaline Root/edge Straightener

This Red by Kiss hot comb might make its way to many lists, but we don’t think this is the right tool for styling natural, Afro hair locks because:

  • Red by Kiss constructed this comb using ceramic tourmaline material, which is not suitable for thick, black tresses because this hybrid element cannot generate as much heat as needed to alter the shape of such stubborn type of hairs.
  • Moreover, one of the must-have features, the instant heat technology, is not present in this tool, which means that this comb cannot maintain the temperature level throughout the styling procedure and needs to be heated often; this would surely take hours to straighten your manes perfectly.

Our Final Verdict

This old school hairstyling comb has been in and out of the game for a century now, and it seems like it is gaining popularity among users once again. Therefore, if you have a head full of gorgeous natural manes and you like to flaunt them without kinks and knots; it’s high time that you invest in an excellent hot comb. The electric combs that we have talked about above are the best in the market at the moment and we can assure you that these tools would not only full-fill your styling demands but at the same time would also last for a long time providing you the best value for your money.

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