Best Hair Straightening Brush for All Types of Hair 2019 – a Complete Buyers Guide

Styling your hairs is crazy time-consuming. Be it long or short, when you don’t have the right tool, it becomes a chore styling them perfectly every day.

Featured Image of Hair Straightening Brush for All Types of Hair

Keeping in mind about your struggles and hardship, we have come up with the right solution that would not only make your hair straightening process effortless and easy but would also save a lot of your time, and that is a Hair Straightening Brush.

With this styling tool, you can achieve a natural straightened look whenever and wherever you want without any fuss and hair damage.

In this article, we have listed the Top 5 Hair Straightening Brush for All Types of Hair so that it’s easier for you to choose the right one for you.

A Short Summary of Our Top Favorite Products

We spent numerous hours researching and reviewing hair straightening brushes from different brands and rounded up the best 5 for you that truly do the job right regardless of your hair type.

But before going into the in-depth discussion, let’s have a quick look at them for a primary idea:

RankingProductsPrice Range
Rank: 1MiroPure Ionic Hair Straightener Brush
Check Price
Rank: 2USpicy Hair Straightening Brush
Check Price
Rank: 3Cnxus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush
Check Price
Rank: 4Glamfields 2.0 Ionic Hair Straightening Brush
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Rank: 5Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush
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Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide for All Types of Hair

What is a Hair Straightening Brush?

Hair Straightening Brush

You might be assuming that a hair straightening brush is a type of flat iron with brush bristles on the side of the plates; you are totally WRONG! This is one of those hair styling tools that is bound to raise your eyebrows in suspension because its functionality and dream-like results are too good to be true.

Ok, suspension aside, a hair straightening brush (or a straightener brush, however you call it) is an electric hair styling tool that helps you to straighten your manes with zero to minimal damage compared to other hair straightening tools. It is often referred to as the best alternative of a flat iron but with lesser damage and breakage of your precious tresses.

This paddle hairbrush (with an electric cable attached to the end) comes with densely packed bristles or slats that, aside from safely straightening your manes also removes tangles and knots so that you can enjoy salon-like hair locks every day without exposing them to any kind of potential burns or damage.

Who Needs a Hair Straightening Brush?

Who doesn’t need this amazing hair tool?

Well, the answer is simple. Everyone needs this incredible heat styling tool.

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We believe that every woman is entitled to great “hair day” and because of its ability to style all types (curly, natural, thick or fine tresses) and lengths (short, medium or long) of hair locks safely yet precisely in a very short amount of time with excellent results, a hair straightening brush is suitable for all women out there who wants to flaunt gorgeous manes every day with very little effort and less impairment.

What Does a Hair Straightening Brush Do?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that a hair straightening brush straightens your precious manes to the perfection so that you look polished, well-put-together as well as fashionable.

But then the question arises why spend your money on a straightening brush when you have a flat iron that can straighten your tresses absolutely fine?

Well, to answer this query, let’s discuss the extraordinary benefits of a straightening brush so that it’s easier for you to understand the differences between these two stylers and why you need this styling tool (a straightener comb) in your vanity ASAP.

Results in a Natural Straightened Yet Voluminous Look

Voluminous Straight Hair

Even though the core principal of a straightening brush is extremely similar to that of a flatiron, the heated bristles of a straightener brush go through your hair strands very tenderly to ensure that each of them is straightened properly while maintaining a very natural, voluminous outlook. It does this by relaxing the molecular bonds of the hair strands that keep them not-so-straight as well as frizzy.

On the other hand, a flat iron presses your delicate tresses between its two blazing plates (using high heat level) to relax the hydrogen bonds and transform them into pin-straight hair locks; but when you choose to adorn them with stick-straight locks, your hairs lose volume and would look flat on your head (especially fine tresses). Moreover, the high heat that is used to achieve such runway like results might dry out your gentle manes very quickly and cause severe damage and breakage.

Far Gentler on Your Hair

Compared to a flat iron, this heated brush tool is extremely gentle and pleasant to your hair locks as it glides down the strands effortlessly while reducing tangles, knots, and coils so that you can enjoy smooth straight tresses throughout the day. Also, because of its bristles, a straightener comb is less likely to snag and pull your strands as you are not clamping down on the hair as you would do with a flat iron machine.

Additionally, as you place your hair strands in-between the heated plates of the flat iron, there is a high chance that your hairs might get fried and suffer from breakage and uneven texture; but with a straightener brush, you don’t have to worry about burning your manes and actually enjoy sexy hairs throughout the day.

Super Easy and Uncomplicated to Use

Hair Straightening Brush Compact Design

As this hair straightening tool is literally a paddle brush that you might have used several times to brush your manes (obviously the non-electric ones), it would seem extremely easy to you to use an electrical one effectively; you just have to glide through each section of your tresses like you do when you comb them to achieve smooth and straightened hair locks with required volume.

A Safer Option for You

We all know that flat irons have excessively hot plates to straighten your hairs perfectly; however, there are high chances that these plates might come in contact with your skin (while styling your tresses) and cause burns and other severe injuries to you.

But the bristles on a straightening brush ensures that you can’t contact with the hot plate (beneath the bristles) easily and therefore, won’t expose your skin or fingers to any type of burns or accidents; this simple yet effective feature makes it one of the safest heat styling tool that you would come across for your hair styling purposes.

Does not Cause Creases in the Hairs

It’s a common knowledge that a flat iron clamps the hair strands tightly in order to style them; but what everyone doesn’t know is that through this clamping process, this tool leaves crease and indentations in your hair strands very often.

Having said that, you should know that this is not the case with a hair straightening brush as, instead of clasping your tresses, it slowly moves through your hair strands with continuous strokes which don’t cause creasing and at the same time also maintains the health of them.

Excellent for Damaged Hairs

Hair Straightening Brush Using on Damaged Hair

If you have damaged hairs, you already know that how super sensitive and fragile they are, and to adorn them with lustrous straight yet natural look there is nothing better than an excellent quality hair straightening brush; we are saying this because by now you already know that a straightener comb causes less heat damage than a flat iron and is less likely to cause any further burns or impairments in your already disturbed manes.

Are there any Drawbacks of a Hair Straightening Brush?

As we don’t live in a perfect world, nothing comes without a few flaws.

Even though heated straightener brushes have several benefits and they produce excellent natural results in all types of hairs, there are few drawbacks of this tool you should know about, and they are:

Cannot Be Used on Wet Hair

Like many other heated hair styling tools, a straightening brush also cannot be used on wet hair locks; it is forbidden. Whenever you put it on damp hair, there are high chances that this tool will burn down your precious tresses beyond imagination.

It is always advised that you dry your tresses (air dry or blow-dry) properly before even think of using this styler for amazing, natural-looking outcomes.

Does Not Produce Pin-straight Results

We have mentioned before that a hair straightening brush results in natural-looking straightened hair locks. But if you are looking for stick-straight outcomes, this is not the tool for you

How to Choose the Right Hair Straightening Brush for Your Hair?

Just because a certain hair brush straightener worked for your friend, sister or someone else doesn’t mean that it would work the same way on you and produce the same results. There are a few different aspects and factors that you must keep in mind before buying the ultimate heated straightening brush got your hair locks.

Here, we have talked about the most important factors that you must consider while making any decision:

Plate Construction Material

In a perfect world, the plate of a heated straightener comb is made from either ceramic or tourmaline or titanium or a hybrid of these materials. But we do not live in a perfect world and hence, there are few heated combs that come with tourmaline or titanium plates. The reasons manufacturers, as well as our hair experts, prefer ceramic constructed plates are:

Ceramic plates are suitable for all types of hairs out there; this non-metallic material absorbs a very moderate amount of heat that not only straightens your tresses properly but at the same time also doesn’t burn even the finest or most damaged of hair locks. Furthermore, the smooth surface of these plates distributes heat uniformly to each brush bristle so that you can smoothen your manes evenly without exposing them to hot spots or other heat damages.

Additionally, ceramic is known to produce a very finite amount of negative ions to the tresses to help to retain the hairs natural oil intact and your locks well hydrated and smooth.

On the other hand, tourmaline and titanium generates a very high amount of heat very quickly and exposes your tresses to severe damage before you even know it, and therefore, we do not recommend these materials to use on all types of tresses.

Is Ionic Necessary?

Hair Straightening Brush Ionic Technology

Yes, this advanced technology is extremely important for your precious manes (regardless the hair type) and that’s why, while choosing your ultimate straightening brush, never ignore to look for ionic technology.

The ionic technology is a blessing of modern science; it uses a built-in ionic generator that releases an adequate amount of negative ions to the hair strands to establish a balance of ions and lock in hairs’ natural moisture and nourishment to make them free from frizz, flyaways, and statics. When your hair is frizz-free, it looks and feels smooth as well as manageable.

Another benefit of this ionic technology is that it creates a layer over your hair strands to protect them from any type of heat damages so that you can use your heated comb without any worry or stress.

Heat Settings

Heat setting is the most important aspect to consider while shopping for a straightening comb for your hairs (thick, fine, long or short), and hence, it’s advisable to always check the heat settings before you make any selection because of the more heat settings (temperature options/choices), the better.

The reason behind it is that with multiple (at least 5 different heat choices) temperature setting options, people with every type of hair will find a setting that is suitable to style their manes completely without exposing them to any potential harm or damages.

Bristle Material

Bristle Hair Straightening Brush

As like as the plate, the bristles of a heated comb is also made from different materials; ceramic, nylon, silicone or other hybrids of ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. But similar to the plate, when it comes to bristles construction material, we prefer ceramic bristles as they adapt very gentle heat and distribute them evenly for not only the safety of all types of hairs but also to style them completely.

Cool Tip Bristle

The reason we favor heated straightening brushes over other tools is that they are safe and gentle on your hairs and the cool tip bristles have a lot to do with this.

The cool tip technology doesn’t let the top of the bristles to get hot at all which means that you can straighten your tresses super safely without causing any burns or uncomfortableness to your scalp, and for this reason we consider cool tip bristles as one of the “must-have” features to look for in your heated straightening brush.

Bristle Type - Not Sharp

Don’t get confused with the “bristle type” title; here we will talk about the tip of the bristles as it should also be considered as one of the vital aspects when it comes to choosing the right heated brush for your hairs.

We always favor and recommend “not so sharp” bristle tips because your scalp is highly sensitive and sharp end bristles have the potential to hurt them severely.

Also, ball tips or not sharp tips of the bristles provide a massaging effect to your scalp that promotes blood circulation and keeps your scalp as well as your hairs healthy and active.


Anti-scald Technology

Scald means to burn.

Now, the “anti-scald” technology might seem new to you, but it has been around for years. This modern technology uses an anti-scald valve to regulate temperature fluctuations and ensures that your hair and scalp don’t suffer from any burn injuries.

We suggest selecting a straightening brush with “anti-scald” bristles because is safe for your tresses even when you heat style them.

A Quick Look at the “Must Have” Features

PropertiesMust-Have Features
Plate Construction MaterialCeramic
Heat SettingsAt least 5 Different Settings
Bristle MaterialCeramic
Cool Tip BristleYes
Bristle TypeNot Sharp

Top Hair Straightening Brush for All Types of Hair

The market is full of hair straightening brushes from different brands (Conair, dafni, Vega, Kmart, Silvercrest, Krea, Glamfields, etc.) that promise to deliver the most amazing styling results in your hairs. But do all of them live up to their claims?

The answer is No!

And therefore, we have come up with the Best Hair Straightening Brushes for All Types of Hair that offers more than they promised.

Before going into great detail, let’s compare between our selected tools so that it’s easier for you to understand why some of them made to the list and others didn’t.

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

Product NamePlate Construction MaterialIonicHeat SettingsBristle MaterialCool Tip BristleBristle TypeAnti-scald
MiroPure Ionic Hair Straightener BrushCeramicYes16 ( Ranging from 300°F-450°F)CeramicYesNot SharpYes
USpicy Hair Straightening BrushCeramicYes7 ( Ranging from 250 °F -450 °F)CeramicYesNot SharpYes
Cnxus Ionic Hair Straightener BrushCeramicYes5 ( Ranging from 300°F-450°F)CeramicYesNot SharpYes
Glamfields 2.0 Ionic Hair Straightening BrushCeramicYes4 ( Ranging from 330°F-450°F)CeramicYesNot SharpYes
Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening BrushCeramicYes7 ( Ranging from 330°F -450°F)CeramicYesNot SharpNo
Infiniti Pro by Conair Diamond-infused Ceramic Smoothing Hot BrushDiamond CeramicYes3 ( Ranging from 300°F -450°F)Nylon, Silicone & CeramicNoSharpNo
Lodestar Hair Straightener BrushPlasticNo6 ( Ranging from 176°F -392°F)PlasticNoNot SharpYes

MiroPure Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

MiroPure Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Removes Frizz & Flyaways Effectively

This MiroPure Enhanced straightener brush topped our list not because of its alluring outlook and huge fan base but because of its incredible features and its ability to produce amazing straightening results in any type and any length of hairs.

To start with, MiroPure constructed both the plate and the bristles of this Enhanced Straightener brush with a ceramic material to make it suitable for every potential user out there. No matter if you have fine, thick or curly tresses, the ceramic plate and bristles produce a very moderate amount of heat that would not only style them completely by distributing the generated heat evenly but at the same time also ensure that your hair strands are safely straightened without any burns or hot spots.

While talking about safe styling, let’s also discuss the ionic technology of this tool; this Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush comes with a double ionic generator that releases 2x more negative ions to your hair locks to form a layer on each of the strands to protect them from any excess heat that might cause harm to them.

Additionally, these negative ions seal in the hairs natural moisture and nourishment quickly and fight frizz and statics actively so that your precious manes become silky, smooth and manageable. The ionic technology makes sure that you enjoy silky, natural-looking healthy hairs, rather than a flat burnt look after using this heated styler.

Another excellent feature of this comb is that it comes with a very wide selection of heat settings; from its 16 different temperature options (between 300°F-450°F), you have the opportunity to find just the right heat level for your hair type and style your manes perfectly yet harmlessly.

The Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) incorporated in this tool also helps to keep your selected heat level constant by quickly recovering the lost heat from the comb surface. Also, it takes just 60 seconds to heat up with your desired temperature so that you don’t have to wait for long before actually start the straightening process.

Moreover, the anti-scald bristles of this high-density NANO Comb Brush come with dull, cool tips that are not only safe and comforting for the scalp but also provides a massaging effect to stimulates hair follicles and enhance blood circulation for a relaxing effect on your head.

The high-density bristles is also an incredible aspect of this Enhanced Hair brush; the more bristles ensure that with every passing more of your hair strands are styled so that you need relatively less time to straighten all your manes compared to other tools.

Few Additional Features

  • The 360° tangle-free swivel cord ensures freedom of movement to the user
  • Comes with an auto temperature lock system to avoid unintentional temperature changes
  • Includes a heat resistant glove to provide additional safety measures
  • The ergonomically designed handle assures a non-slip, strong yet comfortable grip
  • Comes in a drawstring pouch for easy storage and effortless carrying around
  • Incorporates 60 minutes auto shut-off feature to make it super safe and convenient
  • MiroPure provides a 1 Year Limited Warranty period to ensure great customer satisfaction

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Ensures Safe and Quick Straightening Anywhere and Everywhere

Another phenomenal device that made its way into our list because of its over-the-top features and extraordinary straightening results is this Anti-frizz Straightening brush from USpicy.

The reason we favored this paddle comb for all types of tresses over many others is that it comes with ceramic constructed plate and bristles that can straighten you fine, thick, natural or curly hair locks incredibly well without exposing them to any harm and damages; ceramic material is known to produce gentle heat that is suitable to style all types of tresses safely as well as effectively.

Furthermore, the ceramic plate distributes heat equally to each of the bristles while the ceramic in the bristles help them to spread that heat evenly to the hair locks so that your tresses are straightened uniformly without suffering any hot spots or heat burns.

The cool tip ball bristles also make this styler safe for use; the ball tip provides a non-scratch, massaging effect to the scalp while the cool top makes sure that your sensitive scalp skin doesn’t get damaged or hurt from any of the heat gained by the bristles.

Aside from safe styling, this brush also makes sure that you achieve a silky, smooth, natural straightened look, and that’s why it comes with an ionic technology that disperses a huge amount of negative ions (with the help of an ionic generator) to the tresses which help to lock in moisture and hydration and fight frizz, flyaways and statics to result in smoother tresses that you have always dreamt of. The negative ions also eliminate knots, tangles and split ends and help to enhance the overall condition of your manes making them healthy, sleek and shiny.

Moreover, for super-quick hair straightening regime, this USpicy comb heats up with your desired temperature in just 40 seconds to make sure that you don’t have to sit for hours before even start the straightening process. Additionally, it’s Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) quickly senses any heat loss from the surface and instantly replaces the lost heat so that there is no interruption in the straightening process and you get results quicker than many of its competitors.

While talking about producing quick results, let’s also discuss its multiple heat settings; USpicy incorporated 7 different heat levels (ranging from 250 °F -450 °F) to not only provide a selection of different temperature options for its users to choose from according to their hair’s tolerance level but at the same time to also make sure that people with even the finest hair locks find a setting for their sensitive and damage-prone tresses. The installation of multiple temperature levels is one of the main factors that made this straightening comb suitable for all types of manes out there.

Few Additional Features

  • The dual voltage feature makes this tool suitable for worldwide use
  • At 0.8 pound of weight, it is lightweight and hence easy to carry around
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic handle provides a safe yet secure hold
  • USpicy included additional accessories (glove, bag, and brush) for extra convenience
  • Comes with an LCD screen for effortless temperature readings
  • This heated straightener tool is backed up by a Year Limited Warranty period

Cnxus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Cnxus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Remove Knots and Detangles Hair Efficiently

Another of our favorite hot straightener brush for all types of hair that made its way to the top 3 of our list is this Ionic Straightener brush from CNXUS. But even after having more than a few outstanding features, it landed in the 3rd position because of its heat settings; compared to the top two brushes, this tool has fewer (5 settings to be exact) temperature options to choose from.

But then again, 5 different heat levels (from 300°F-450°F) are not that bad, in fact, we would say that it is a standard option offered by CNXUS; with these heat levels, users with different types and textures of hairs still can find the perfect temperature setting that suits their manes and straightens them flawlessly yet tenderly.

Furthermore, the Advanced MCH heating element that is installed in the plate and both side of each of the bristles make sure that your selected heat level remains constant throughout the styling session by recovering the lost heat instantly so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours straightening your manes. This feature makes the straightener quick and precise.

Moving on, to make this heated tool suitable for everyday use for all hair types, CNXUS incorporated plate and bristles that are made from top quality ceramic materials; the balanced heat produced by the ceramic not only helps to style your tresses effectively but at the same time also keep heat burns and damages at arm’s length.

Additionally, these densely packed ceramic bristles help to remove knots and tangles from your tresses easily while you brush through the hair strands so that you have a silky natural straight look after you are done with styling them.

One more feature of this heated comb that would help you to keep you manes frizz-free and silky is the ionic technology; the negative ions from the ionic generator penetrates the hair core and seals in nourishment to make your tresses more moisturized and hydrated so that they can fight frizz, flyaways, and statics effectively presenting you with smooth, healthy manes.

Having said that, with this tool, you have the opportunity to decide whether you want to use the ionic technology or not; CNXUS installed an “ionic button” to the handles that, when pressed, activate the mechanism. Otherwise, you can also skip the ions if you want.

Few Additional Features

  • Features a Crescent design to fit all head shapes
  • The 30-minute auto shut-down feature makes it safe and secure to use
  • Can also be used to smoothen and straighten men’s beard
  • 60 seconds heat-up time saves time and makes styling quick
  • The 360 ° swivel end keeps the cord tangle-free and convenient to use
  • Comes with dual voltage feature that makes it truly international
  • CNXUS provides a 2 Year Limited Warranty period to ensure longevity

Glamfields 2.0 Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

Glamfields 2.0 Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: For Silky, Smooth Frizz-free Hair

This 2.0 brush didn’t score a position in our list because of its cute, feminine look but because of its features, functions and most importantly its workability. However, as it comes with just 4 different heat levels (ranging from 330°F-450°F) which doesn’t satisfy our standard heat settings choices (that is 5), it ended up being in the 4th place instead of being the top.

Other than this minor gripe, this straightener comb is a piece of cake to use and provides silky, smooth straightening results that you have always wanted.

The feature that helps to achieve silky, frizz-free straightened tresses quickly is the ionic technology incorporated in this brush by Glamfields. The double ionic vents releases 2x more negative ions in the tresses than usual to make sure that the moisture and nourishment are quickly sealed in the hair cuticles to make them hydrated as well as to eliminate frizz, flyaways, and statics and split ends. These negatively charged ions also repair hair strands, add shine and protect them against heat burns so that you have smooth, lustrously straightened natural look at the end of the styling.

Additionally, the ceramic constructed plate and bristles also emit a finite number of negative ions to help in the process of eliminating frizz and making your tresses healthy and shiny.

Other than the ionic function, the ceramic construction also made this straightener suitable for all types of hairs; from fine to thick and curly, the balanced heat from the ceramic can style and straighten your tresses precisely yet safely. With a ceramic brush, your precious manes are less likely to suffer from any burns and hot spots that they might have to face otherwise.

One amazing characteristic of these ceramic bristles is that they come with cool, dull tips that are comforting for your scalp; the cool tip makes sure that the scalp skin doesn’t get burnt because of the high heat while the “not sharp” top provides a very soothing massaging effect to regulate blood circulation of the scalp to keep it healthy and active.

Moving on, let’s talk about its quick styling ability. With an Advanced Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) this tool heats up to your desired heat level in just 30 seconds and promotes a quick straightening process by recovering the lost heat (from the plate and bristles) quickly to maintain uniform heat throughout the styling so that you don’t have to wait time and again for the brush to heat up.

Few Additional Features

  • Comes with free accessories (glove, cleaning brush, clips, and bag) for ease of use
  • Passed the EMC Interface test to ensure great straightening results as well as safety
  • Has universal voltage feature that makes it suitable for global use
  • The handle has an LCD screen for an effortless reading of the heat levels
  • Includes a temperature lock function to avoid accidentally changing of the temperature
  • Comes with a 1 Year Guarantee period and 3 Months Free Replacement or Refund option

Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

Ranking Position: 5
Our Opinion: Expensive Yet Worth the Price

If you are looking for a hot brush that has quite an expensive price tag yet ensure you top-notch straightening results, then this InStyler straightener brush is just the right choice for you. It comes with some wonderful features that would not only blow your mind but at the same time would also produce impressive results in your hairs.

Let’s start with its heating plate and bristles; the ceramic constructed plate and bristles can generate a moderate amount of heat that is suitable for every potential user out there and can style them with the most natural-looking straightened locks without causing any heat damages and burns.

Furthermore, the densely packed 65 heated bristles distribute the generated evenly to each hair strands as you glide it through your tresses to ensure that all of them are style completely sans any hot spots.

Another great function of these bristles is that they come with cool-touch ball tips. The cool touch feature prevents the heat from the bristles to reach your sensitive scalp and cause harm to it and the ball tip promotes better blood circulation by providing a comforting massaging sensation to your head.

While talking about its heating system, let’s discuss the number of temperature choices it comes with; InStyler installed 7 different heat levels (from 330°F to 450°F) in this straightening brush to provide its users with a wide range of settings to choose from according to their hair type. Be it fine or thick, with this heated brush you will surely find a suitable setting to straighten your manes completely as well as safely.

Few Additional Features

  • ETL Certified to ensure maximum safety of the users
  • The digital display makes it easier to read heat levels
  • Conveniently placed controls to provide effortless control and ease of use
  • The 360° tangle-free swivel cord ensures effortless maneuverability and freedom of movement
  • Comes with a hanging hook for convenience and easy storage
  • InStyler provides a 1 Year Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects of the tool

Reasons for Not Choosing

Infiniti Pro by Conair Diamond-infused Ceramic Smoothing Hot Brush

Conair is known for producing some extraordinary hair styling tools over the years. But even after its excellent reputation, this Diamond infused hot brush failed to score the best place for styling all types of hairs because:

  • First of all its plate and bristles are not made from 100% pure ceramic; the plate is made from diamond-infused ceramic and the bristles are constructed using nylon, silicone, and We only prefer pure ceramic plate and bristles because other materials have the potential to gain high heat which is not suitable for all types of tresses.
  • Conair also cut back while including multiple heating choices; this tool comes with only 3 temperature options to choose from which is not enough for everyone.
  • The bristles of this comb are sharp and don’t come with cool tips which might burn and hurt your sensitive scalp during the hairstyling

Lodestar Hair Straightener Brush

This LodeStar is another heated straightening brush that couldn’t make its way to the list because:

  • The plate and the bristles are made from plastic material which we do not recommend to use on your hair locks at all. As it is a heated tool, there is a high chance that the plastic might melt due to an extreme high temperature causing severe accidents.
  • This straightener comb doesn’t come with an ionic technology which is a must-have feature for a heated comb for all types of manes. Because of no ionic technology, we don’t consider it to be a safe option for the users.
  • Furthermore, because the bristle doesn’t have cool tips, this tool might be disastrous for your scalp health.

Our Final Words

In the end, we can summarize that a hair straightening brush not only is a safe option to straighten your hair locks but at the same time, it is quick as well as effective. With such a styling tool there is no way you could go wrong with your styling even in the busiest of mornings.

We hope that this article will help you understand every aspect of this heated tool and assist you in finding the best one for you.

Good Luck!

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