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Best Hair Straightener 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

A hair straightener or a flat Iron is a must have for women of every age. With this handy tool, you no longer need to worry about your hair salon appointments, you can pretty much fulfill your styling needs with this versatile tool at the comfort of your own home. However, hair straighteners can be of varieties and if you are looking for one that suits all hair types then you came to the right place! We have the best 5 hair straighteners that can be used by people of any hair type and length. Therefore, there is no need to buy specific hair straighteners for every member in the family.

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Our all-inclusive list will help you choose a flat iron that everyone in your house will be able to use comfortably. The one flat iron you will never regret getting is the HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Digital Flat Iron which is the top product on our list!

Quick Overview of Our Top 5 Flat Irons

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Digital Flat Iron
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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron - Small INS001$$
CHI Pro G2 Ceramic & Titanium Straightening Iron
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CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Hairstyling Iron - Small INS001$$$
Remington Anti Static Hair Straightener
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Remington Anti-static Hair Straightener - Small INS001$$
Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Hair Straightner
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Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron - Small INS001$$
MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler
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Hair Straightener Buying Guide

What Is Hair Straightener?

Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a device that consists of two heated plates that can be used to straighten hair. The plates are held inside plastic handles that resembles a spatula and can be held and pressed from the roots to the bottom of a section of hair to flatten the cuticles creating a sleek stylish look. These plates were initially made from metal. However modern hair straighteners have plates that have more than just metal in them. They are infused with materials that work as both heat protectants and conditioners.

Types of Hair Straighteners

The classification of hair straighteners can be done according to their pates or technologies used on them. Based on the plates and the materials they are made with, hair straighteners can be of various types. We have identified in total 10 types of hair straighteners based on the materials used on their plates.

On the other hand, based on the technologies used, hair straighteners or flat irons can be of 5 types.

The main purpose of our research was to find out quality flat irons that include all hair types and lengths. It seems like the manufacturers lack clarity when it comes to their claims. They tend to advertise their products as if they are a ‘one type fits all’ but that is not always the case. This is why we had to spend hours after hours finding products that live by their claims and are all inclusive and not particularly designed for any specific hair type but for all kinds. This required us to literally sieve through more than 200 products to bring you the best 5 hair straighteners with features that meet our criteria.

We have done over 100 hours of research and have come to some conclusions about hair straighteners. Detailed scrutiny of products, their materials and technologies and reading through numerous user reviews, we realized that there are some specific features that are needed in a flat iron to solve everyone’s styling problems. Then came the time to look for those features in popular flat irons and only a few had all of them.

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In order to be suitable for all hair types, your hair straightener needs to have a combination of some specific materials used on their plates and should include a technology that will give prolonged protection against frizz and breakage. Also, it should have a plate size that can be comfortably used to style all hair lengths.

What Are the Suitable Materials for All Hair Types?

Hair Straightener Materials

Although we have already mentioned types of hair straighteners that are available in the market based on the materials used on their plates, here is the clear list of materials that we truly recommend for all hair types.

The other varieties of flat irons are either not as effective or are specifically great for some of the hair types. The not so suitable materials for all hair types are plain Titanium, Ceramic, and Volcanic Minerals etc. Titanium is suitable for thick and coarse hair types for its heat. On the other hand Ceramic on its own is great for fine and delicate hair types. Therefore, to be suitable for all hair types there must be some other combination of materials.

Our research tells us, Tourmaline-Ceramic flat irons or Titanium Ceramic Flat irons will be beneficial for all types of hair. Flat irons that have only Tourmaline infusion work great on all hair types too. Below are the details about the materials we recommend your flat iron should have.


By Tourmaline-Ceramic, we refer to the plates of flat irons that are made with a mixture of ceramic and tourmaline extracts. Tourmaline is a rare gemstone that are extracted commercially for hair gadgets these days apart from being etched in jewelries. The reasons are the natural hair conditioning benefits of crushed tourmaline.

Ceramic on the other hand is an ivory clay that is used to make potteries. However, because of its thermal conductivity, infrared energy, even heating capacity and conditioning on hair, it gained popularity in the hair industry.

The combination of Tourmaline and Ceramic in your flat iron will interact with your hair cuticles in the best way possible and hence it is our No.1 preferred material for flat irons. Tourmaline and Ceramic together creates far infrared heat that is gentle on your hair with sufficient het to flatten your cuticles. Your hair will come into direct contact with the tourmaline-ceramic plates to create the most wonderful straight hair that will amaze you. This is by far the healthiest combination of materials used on flat irons.


Titanium-Ceramic flat irons are great for a number of reasons. The combination of Titanium and Ceramic works together to create the perfect heat.

Titanium is a metal that is even heating ability and also heats up a lot quicker than other heating elements used on flat irons. It creates enough heat to influence the changing of the side bonds of your hair and flatten your cuticles, especially if your hair is thick in diameter and coarse in texture. But if you want to use it in all types of hair, a coating of Ceramic is what you need.

The coating of Ceramic over Titanium plates gives this a refined finishing and enriches it with infrared energy and natural conditioning. Ceramic also balances out the heat produced by titanium and makes it hot enough but gentle at the same time. Ceramic Titanium flat irons have gained a lot of popularity over the years for its effectiveness on diverse hair types and hence, it is No.2 preferred materials on our list.


Tourmaline alone in flat irons is our 3rd Preference on the list. But that does not mean it is not good enough. Tourmaline itself creates far infrared energy and gentle heating. The plates in your straighteners that are coated or infused with Tourmaline extracts will give you great and shiny straight hair too and ensure your hair does not undergo any sort of heat induced damages. It creates a gentle even heating that is not intense but hot enough to flatten your cuticles. Tourmaline will enhance the quality of your hair and keep it smooth and shiny for prolonged period of time for sure.

What Are the Ideal Technologies for All Hair Types?

Hair Straightener Technologies

The latest hair straighteners come with advanced technologies to be able to fight with everyday hair problems. Especially the ones that are able to fight frizz and static that appear due to regular styling. There are some technologies we could not choose because it is not very clear how they benefit hair or how they solve the styling problems in particular. Such as, it is not clear how keratin technology can help improve the quality of your hair especially through a flat iron. In fact, un-supervised use of keratin protein treatment on hair can be damaging and cause further breakage. On the other hand, steam technology might be healthy but we could not find great products to complement this technology.

From the technological point of view, we recommend two technologies that are alternatively great for all hair types and they are Ionic technology and Infrared Technology and details on them are as follows.

Ionic Technology

It is surprising if you own a hair straightener in 2021 and it is not ionic. Ionic technology is a must have, especially in hair styling gadgets. This technology is installed in flat irons in a way that when it heats up, the negative ions release to interact with your hair cuticles. Negative ions and its interaction with you hair cuticles is important to reduce the already existing or recurring frizz problems. If you are into frequent heat styling, your hair will more or less have frizz and you need to find an effective way to reduce it. Your flat iron that already has ionic technology installed in it will reduce the chances of frizz on your hair and it will prevent static at the same time. Hence we advise you to get a flat iron that has ionic technology alongside the necessary materials.

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology is more of a newer term. This technology is installed in many modern flat irons as an alternative to ionic technology since the purpose is the same, which is to reduce and prevent frizz and static. Infrared is basically a ray that is healthy for your hair. The benefit of infrared technology is that it is extremely gentle on your hair and gives added shine and smoothness. After ionic technology, this is our second preferred option for your hair straighter. Which means, if not ionic, your hair straightener better be infrared.

Please note, if your hair straightener has either of these technologies, it is enough. However, if it is infused with both ionic and infrared technology, it will do a greater job in fighting frizz and static.

Why Is 1 Inch Plate the Ideal Size for All?

For your flat iron to be standard one, it needs to have a standard plate size. Although flat irons or hair straighteners are available in various sizes, if you are looking for a ‘one size fits all’ kind of solution, you should go for a 1 inch flat iron. Plates that are narrower than 1 inch are specifically designed for short hair. On the other hand, plates that are large or wider than 1 inch are designed to facilitate styling really long and thick hair. But a 1 inch flat iron can be used on all hair lengths. It also successfully straightens and styles hair that are thin or dense.

How to Understand the Appropriate Heating Options of Your Flat Iron?

Hair Straightener Heating Details

Your hair straightener or flat iron is useless without heat. It is able to flatten your cuticles and re-build the bonds of your hair into sleek and smooth styles because of its heating system. Therefore, knowing the proper heat range is important while choosing your hair straightener. The truth about the heat range of your hair straightener is, as long as it can heat up to 450 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit and its temperature can be controlled, it is good to go.

Your hair needs a minimum of 220 degrees to properly flatten the cuticles. Below 220 is needed only if your hair is unusually delicate or damage prone. Therefore, if your hair straightener has options to heat it up to 220 to 410/455 degrees, you will be able to get your job done just fine. However, if your hair is thin then we recommend to 350 degrees maximum. Even if your hair is thick, it is better and safer to keep the heat up to 400 degrees only while using your straightener. Temperature above 400 should be used with caution.

While most of the hair straighteners these days come with temperature control options, we recommend you get one with Digital LCD/LED Temperature Control. The reason is, this technology is smart and has the option to keep your desired temperature memorized. Which means, it is designed to give you an automated solution to heat up your flat iron according to your preferred heat settings.

5 Rules for a Perfect Hair Straightener!

Now that we have elaborated about the materials, technologies and the essential features, all you need to do is get hair straightener that has all of them. But it can be a little hard to have all of such information on your head while purchasing your desired flat iron. So, to boil it down to what are the specific features in your flat iron that makes it suitable for all types of hair, we have made a checklist for you to follow.

1. Recommended materials:Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ Tourmaline
2. Recommended Technology: Ionic/ Infrared
3. Standard plate size: 1 Inch
4. Heat Settings:Adjustable up to 410/455 Degrees Fahrenheit
5. Temperature control Options:Digital LCD/ LED temperature control

Top Hair Straighteners

While you can use our checklist to select your desired flat iron easily, it is a harder task than you think it is. It took us hundreds of hours to individually scrutinizing products to find the most suitable features and finally bring you the list of 5 best hair straighteners that passed our acid test! Our list of 5 recommended flat irons/hair straighteners will suit you regardless of your hair type and length and you can use them yourself, share with other family members or lend them to a friend and they will have no complaints! Following are the detailed review of the 5 best hair straighteners for all hair types and length that we have chosen with a lot of precision.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best Overall

This HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat iron is No.1 in our list for a number of reasons! It is the best flat iron you can get with all the preferred features. Among so many other products that claim to do justice to their price and quality at the same time, this HSI flat iron is a perfect balance of both. Not only does it have all the preferred features that makes it suitable for all hair types, it is also comes with a very reasonable price. Considering all the greatness you can achieve using this product and its affordability, it definitely deserves to be the No.1 flat iron on our list. See the following table in which we have compared this product with two other ones.

Recommended FeaturesCompared Products
HSI Professional Digital Ceramic-Tourmaline-Ionic Flat IronT3 Micro Single Pass Tourmaline Hair StraightenerRUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron
Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ TourmalineTourmaline CeramicTourmalineTitanium Ceramic
Ionic/ Infrared TechnologyIonic + InfraredInfraredNone
1 Inch Plate SizeYesNoYes
Adjustable Temperature Up to 410/455 DegreesYesYesYes
Digital LCD Temperature Control SettingsYesNoYes

As you can see, we have compared HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic flat iron with other top rated flat irons to see what makes our no.1 pick the best. Although T3 is a renowned brand in the hair industry, it is surprising that their product could not end up in our all-inclusive list. We were very precise about what we were looking for in hair straighteners and this popular T3 hair straightener did not have the correct plate size. It was larger than 1 inch which is why we could not pick this product. Another lacking of this flat iron is that it does not have a digital temperature setting. On the other hand, RUSK CTC did not have either of ionic or infrared technology to offer a valid solution to frizz problems.

Therefore, HSI flat iron was a clear winner to us. Read the following to read its distinguishing features in more details that makes it the top product on our list.

First of all, this is infused with refined ceramic and tourmaline plates that beats everything else. The combination of ceramic and tourmaline on your flat iron’s plates is the best thing you can ever get. Tourmaline deeply conditions your hair and Ceramic produces infrared energy. Blending the goodness of tourmaline and ceramic onto your hair, this flat iron will create shiny and smooth straight hair for sure.

Secondly, this hair straightener is infused with the greatest of technologies that is ironic technology alongside infrared energy. Its infrared energy and Ionic technology side by side fights the already existing frizz problems and prevents more frizz from occurring. As a result, you will no longer have to worry about the aftermath of hairstyling.

Thirdly, this flat iron does not only have a temperature control setting, but a digital LCD temperature control setting. We can say, this is one of the distinguishing features of this specific model of HSI. There are other popular flat irons of HSI that are popular but we had to be honest to ourselves and you. Many of really popular flat irons do not have a digital LCD temperature control but its 2021 and they better upgrade it! This HSI flat iron alongside the goodness of its materials and technologies, has this smart heat control system. It allows you to explicitly see the exact temperature and increase or decrease it using buttons.

Its temperature is adjustable up to 455 degrees. You can use it with its lowest temperature settings which is 240 in fine hair types, and its highest setting on thicker hair types. Its gentle heat is produced from its ceramic-tourmaline heating elements and on top of that its adjustable temperature makes it a perfect styling tool for all hair types.

It comes with 1 inch plate size. Using a 1 inch plate is suitable for styling all hair lengths. You can straighten or style your short hair with a 1 inch place and at the same time your friend with longer hair can create styles using this plate size. 1 inch is a size that fits all and this flat iron has it.

Extra Features

Overall, this flat iron deserves all the glory and for legitimate reasons. Thousands of people have expressed their satisfaction about this product and hence this clearly is the show stopper.

CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Luxurious

CHI G2 Hair Straightener might be a little expensive compared to our top products but it’s all worth it. The reason why this is No.2 on our list is its price and its material preferences. But overall this one is a classic flat iron you would love to use on your hair for its benefits. After days of research, we chose this product as a fit to our standards and we do not regret out decision at all. Compared to many popular flat irons, this one is better in terms of its quality and facilities.

Recommended FeaturesCompared Products
CHI G2 Ceramic-Titanium Flat IronKipozi Professional Flat Iron Titaniam With 1 Inch PlateCloud Nine Original Flat Iron
Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ TourmalineTitanium Ceramic & TourmalineTitanium CeramicCeramic
Ionic/ Infrared technologyIonicNoneNone
1 Inch Plate SizeYesYesYes
Adjustable Temperature Up to 410/455 DegreesYesYesYes
Digital LCD Temperature Control SettingsYesYesNo

The reason why we did not choose KIPOZI PROFFESIONAL FLAT IRON is because it does not have ionic or infrared technology which is essential. Same goes for Cloud Nine. This one is a popular flat iron but sadly, it does not have infrared or ionic technology. The Cloud None flat iron has ceramic plates which is okay for fine hair but not the best material for all other hair types. As a result, we have picked CHI G2 Ceramic Titanium Flat Iron. The reasons are evident. CHI G2 passed our acid test pretty well and has all the required features needed to be a great flat iron for all hair types.

First of all, its plates are infused with Titanium, Ceramic and Tourmaline. The triple goodness of these three materials will give you smooth, shiny and sleek straight hair that looks nothing less than a salon grade hair style. Titanium heats up really quickly and creates intense heat, but the combination of Ceramic, Tourmaline and Titanium balances out the heat perfectly. Alongside the balanced and gentle heat that works as protectants because of Ceramic and Tourmaline, Titanium creates the intensity to flatten your cuticles to perfection. It is hard to find a flat iron with a perfect combination of materials as such. If it wasn’t so pricey, it would have easily made it as our winner.

Secondly, it also is blessed with ionic technology to fight existing and recurring frizz problems that you face due to regular styling. The negative irons released from this flat iron actively interacts with your hair cuticles and seals them. As a result, your frizz disappears. The ions with strengthen the integrity of your hair and prepares it to fight frizz from appearing. Alongside fighting frizz, the combined goodness of Titanium, Tourmaline, Ceramic and Ionic Technology makes it suitable for your hair whether it is thick, thin, curly or ethnic.

Similar to our choice no.1, this flat iron also comes with a 1 inch plate enabling you to style both long and short hair. Also, its adjustable temperature settings allow you to style your hair according to your preferred heat settings according to your hair type. This is therefore the perfect example of being suitable for all types of hair.

Not only does it have adjustable temperature, it has digital LED Display. This option is surprisingly great in this flat iron and that is because the screen lights up in 3 different colors based on your hair type. The smart LED screen lights up with blue with 0-370 degrees Fahrenheit of heat which indicates its suitability for fine hair. It lights up green when heated up to 375-395 degrees which is suitable for thick and wavy hair. Above 375 to the highest it light up as red to indicate its usability on coarse and curly hair. This feature is simply amazing and extremely useful.

Extra Features

Bottom line is, this is a great improved flat iron by CHI that definitely deserves to be on our list of top hair straighteners. Apart from its high price, this straightener deserves to be on the spotlight for its great and useful features.

Remington Anti-static Hair Straightener

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: a Great Affordable Titanium and Ceramic Coated Hair Straightener

Remington has always been an affordable solution to hair styling and this hair straightener is no different. You can get this hair straightener within a budget of $40 dollars only. Not only is this reasonable in terms of its pricing, it also comes with the finest Ceramic Titanium coating on its plates that ensures styling your hair to sleek straight goodness but with healthy heating facilities. The following table will reveal how good this product really is compared to other popular hair straighteners that did not make it into our list.

Recommended FeaturesCompared Products
Remington Anti-Static Hair StraightenerISA Professional TitaniumBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ TourmalineTitanium CeramicTitanium Titanium Ceramic
Ionic/ Infrared TechnologyInfraredNoneIonic
1 Inch Plate SizeYesYesNo
Adjustable Temperature Up to 410/455 DegreesYesYesYes
Digital LCD Temperature Control SettingsYesYesYes

The table above makes it very clear why this Remington hair straighter has made it among our top 5 hair straighteners for all hair types. Compared to the popular BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium straighteners, this stood out better because of its availability of plate size 1 inch. It is important to understand that a 1 inch plate size is necessary for versatility of usage on all hair type. The other product which is ISA Professional is rejected for not having Ceramic components to balance out the heat produced by its Titanium counterparts.

This Remington Anti-Static flat iron, apart from its really great Titanium-Ceramic plates has and effective Infrared system that fights frizz and static efficiently. Therefore, it does live up to its name and claim both. The infrared rays work alternatively great to ionic technology in hair straighteners to fight frizz and static related problems in hair and thus, having either of them does the job just fine.

Just like every other great hair straighteners, this particular one also has advanced temperature control options with digital LCD screens showcasing the precise temperature your flat iron is able to heat up to. However, unlike most flat irons that offer its maximum heat range up to 455 degrees, this straightener can heat up to 410 degrees at max. Technically, this heat range seems a reasonable one because, temperature above 400 degrees is not particularly great for any hair type unless that is a preference for some.

Extra Features

Last but not the least, this flat iron has all the options a good flat iron should have without making you spend tons of money on it and hence, this is definitely a great pick.

Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: a Great Flat Iron With Cleverly Designed Floating Plates

If any of the flat irons really stand out in terms of distinctiveness, this REVLON hair straightener wins that title easily. Almost all the hair straighteners that has topped our list has the basic requirements for being able to make it, and so does this one, however, it does stand out particularly for some clever designing. But first, let us see how this flat iron qualifies compared to other popular ones.

Recommended FeaturesCompared Products
Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Tourmaline Ceramic Flat ironBio Ionic 10X Pro Straightening & Styling IronSolano Sleek Heat 450
Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ TourmalineTourmaline CeramicVolcanic Minerals and CeramicTourmaline Ceramic
Ionic/ Infrared TechnologyIonicIonicInfrared
1 Inch Plate SizeYesYesNo
Adjustable Temperature Up to 410/455 DegreesYesYesYes
Digital LCD Temperature Control SettingsYesYesNo

Compared to the Solano hair straightener and The Bio Ionic 10x flat iron, this Revlon straightening iron is advanced in terms of its plate quality and technology. Although the Solano hair straightener is Ceramic Tourmaline as well it does not have a Digital LCD/LED Temperature control option. When it comes to Bio Ionic 10x Pro, it is not quite clear how Volcanic Minerals used in the Bio Ionic Hair Straighteners interact with the hair and what are the clear benefits of those materials. Hence, the REVLON flat iron establishes itself to be a safer option among the three.

This hair straightener here is not only gifted with the blessings of excellent Tourmaline Ceramic triple coated plates but also Ionic technology to make it wholesome. The ionic technology alongside the 3x Ceramic and Tourmaline coating gives your hair a lustrous, frizz free outlook and strengthens the integrity of your cuticles.

But that is not what sets it apart compared to the other hair straighteners. If you notice closely, the plates of this flat iron is exclusively designed. They named it the XL True Grip Smooth Glide Floating Plates. But to simplify that title, these plates have round edges that can be useful to create volume and shiny surface that is due to the triple ceramic coating. These plates glide your hair though smoothly.

Now comes the plate size. These are obvious 1 inch in width. But the greatest thing about these plates is that its extra length. Because of its XL size, you can use it to create unique styles and can easily straighten extra-long hair as well.

The temperature control option are also the latest. It comes with LED color coded temperature control that allows you to easily choose the correct temperature for your hair based on its type.  Also, you get to choose from 10 heat settings based on your preference.

Extra Features

Over and above, this flat iron is classy in exterior and has quality components to complement that. It is a great flat iron you can bid on. 

MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler

Ranking Position: 5
Our Opinion: a Flat Iron With Ergonomic Design and Suitable for All Hairtypes

This Flat Iron here is a great tool with all in one solution. Not only is this straightener pretty on the outside, it has everything a straightener needs on the inside. It is cleverly engineered to have the best of heating materials incorporated in its plates also all the other very recent technologies to compliment them. Although, beside the other popular brands on our list, this is not the most glamour brand name out there, it supersedes the expectations pretty well. See the table below to compare this product with other popular ones and notice how our choice is justified.

Recommended FeaturesCompared Products
MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and CurlerBaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening IronLumaBella Keratin Duel Touch
Tourmaline Ceramic/ Titanium Ceramic/ TourmalineTourmaline CeramicPorcelain CeramicCeramic
Ionic/ Infrared TechnologyIonicInfraredKeratin
1 Inch Plate SizeYesYesNo
Adjustable Temperature Up to 410/455 DegreesYesYesYes
Digital LCD Temperature Control SettingsYesNoNo

The Mondava Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler promises a “great hair day” every day. If that is your long time wish, then this styling tool might just be the answer that you’ve been waiting for! Whether you’re after a sleek and fab look or a sexy beach waves hairdo, this hot tool has got you covered.

This flat iron is made by a top styling brand in Italy, so it isn’t a surprise that this hair straightener is amongst the top picks of professional stylists worldwide. If you are all about quality plus reliability without having to shell out an absurd amount, you can certainly shortlist this brand.  

So what makes the Professional Mondava Flat Iron a good addition to your beauty gadgets?

Now you can perpetually say goodbye to frizz with this hair straightener. It’s not only ceramic plated but also uses tourmaline technology. It’s a powerful combo that gives the hair both a smooth and healthy appearance. Some flat irons may help straighten out frizz or curls but they make hair look dull and dry. Well, not this particular flat iron.

The tourmaline component releases millions of negative ions that help neutralize the positive ions in dry and damaged hair. So that during the straightening process, the ceramic tourmaline plate smoothens out stubborn tresses by locking in hair moisture, giving it a more vibrant and healthy straight appearance.

The Mondava ceramic tourmaline hair straightening device is perfect for all hair types. Unlike titanium-plated hair straighteners, a ceramic tourmaline flat iron is friendly to delicate and fine hair. If you’re having a hard time looking for flat irons that provide you with safer and lower heat settings, the Mondava professional hair iron and curler is what you need. Choose between CLASSIC ionic and the PULSE vibrating variant. Both offer the same salon-grade hairstyling results regardless of your choice.

Extra Features

Flat Irons We Did Not Choose and Why

If you tend to browse the internet while buying a product, you will see a lot of websites listing out the best picks. But doing a little bit more research brings you to the understanding that not all of those lists are true. Some products are overrated compared to their quality. While choosing the best flat irons of 2021, we have checked. Double checked and cross checked products and their reliability and overall quality. We came to the conclusion that some of the really popular brand have their products in the top lists but they do not live up to their claims. Either these flat irons do not have all the required features, or they are specifically good for particular hair types and do not work well for all hair types. Below are some flat irons we did not choose and here’s why.

Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightner

We only wished this XTAVA flat Iron could make it, but it did not. This flat iron has Tourmaline Technology, Infrared and is an extra ordinary product in many ways. But we had to be strict with the specifications. This hair straightener did not have the correct plate size that will make it suitable for all hair types. It is available in 2 inch wide plates which is great for long and thick hair. But we were looking for hair straighteners that are strictly 1 inch and this was clearly not that.

Infinity Pro by Con Air Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

It was disheartening to exclude another great flat iron such as this one for the lack of one specific feature. Although this flat iron can be used on all hair types quite well if you are not into specifications. But we had to be honest with ourselves and you about what makes a hair straightener extra ordinary. This particular one did not make it because of not having a digital temperature control setting or an LCD/LED display. Particularly in this era of technological advancement, expecting your hair straightener to do you this little favor of smart temperature control is not blame worthy at all.

Cloud Nine Original

This hair straightener here is considered a classic by many but we figured this one to be a bit overrated. This one here is a very basic Ceramic hair straightener with no advanced options to add to any betterment of your hair. You will be surprised to know that this flat iron does not have either of the ionic or infrared technology. Hence, we cannot ensure great frizz solution with this one. It will do its job temporarily but might give you frizz afterwards for not providing any added protection. Sadly, it does not have any digital temperature control options either. So yay or nay?

T3 Micro Single Pass

T3 is in the priority list of many hair stylists and enthusiasts for its classic tourmaline hair gadgets. But this T3 hair straightener couldn’t keep up with the specifications we were looking for. Although its classic tourmaline plates are something we must appreciate, it does not have a digital temperature control setting and hence we had to chuck it out from our list. Also, this product is too expensive to not have a digital setting.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium is a product we wish we could include on our list but refrained from doing so. The reasons are mainly its plate size that is not suitable for all hair lengths. Although it has a Ceramic Titanium plate that is suitable for all hair types, it is available in 1 ¼ plate size. Problem with larger plate sizes is, it is difficult to style short hair as well as thinner hair types with them. On the other hand, a 1 inch plate is a more versatile choice since you can easily style all lengths. If this straightener had a 1 inch plate, we would have definitely included this on our list.

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

This hair straightener is another BaByliss Pro product that does not meet our criteria but in terms of its materials. It has its plates infused with Porcelain Ceramic which is ideally great for fine or thin hair types and might not benefit those with coarse or ethnic hair types. Also, it does not have a digital LCD/LED temperature control system and hence we did not see a solid reason to choose this product.

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening & Styling Iron

Bio Ionic 10x Pro has been trending on Instagram and various other social media outlets, recommended by vloggers, styling enthusiasts. However, this product is infused with volcanic mineral in its plates. This is a relatively new technology in the hair industry and hence, its usefulness is not quite established. This product is a favorite among those with really coarse hair or ethnic hair. The reason why we refrained from including this is because it might not be as healthy for fine hair types for its heat. Also, we need more evidence of it being healthy for all hair types which we could not find.

LumaBella Keratin Duel Touch

This straightening iron by LumaBella functions with the Keratin technology. Keratin treatments for damaged hair might be popular but it’s not very clear to us how keratin technology can work in a hair straightener. Hence, we could not have a hundred percent faith in this hair straightener although this one is mentioned in a lot of other lists on the web. Apart from its technological aspect, this flat iron does not come with digital temperature control setting and therefore compared to our top products it’s lagging behind.

How to Use Flat Irons

Using Flat Iron

Using flat irons might seem easy at first but just like every other electronic hair tools, this one needs to be handled properly and carefully. Moreover, straightening your hair using a flat iron properly is a skill and this needs practice to bring perfection. Since, using flat irons involve applying heat directly to your hair, there must be some level of carefulness and caution while using it. Using any kind of electrical machinery requires maintenance and hence you need to use and store the tool appropriately to enhance its shelf life too. Therefore, we present you some tricks and tips on using flat irons.

Firstly, you need to purchase the correct flat iron and our article is written to guide you regarding that. You need to understand your hair type, the length of your hair and choose your straightener accordingly. This means, you need to choose a straightener with the proper material and technology. Also, you need to make sure it has the proper plate size to go with your hair length and density. But to save yourself that hassle you can easily choose any one of our top 5 hair straighteners which can aid you regardless of your hair type and hair length.

Secondly, you need to prepare your hair before using a flat iron on it. Because of the direct heat that you hair needs to be in contact with, you need to use heat protectant products. Heat protectants can come in the form of sprays, balms or serums. Sprays are more common or popular whereas balms or serums depend on your personal preferences. You can choose to use sprays if you need a quick solution. Otherwise you can use heat protectant balms. We love the HSI Professional Heat Hair Protector & Conditioner Spray which has vitamins and argan oil infusions you enrich your hair cells. If you prefer balms over sprays, you can try Phytodéfrisant Botanical Smoothing Balm. Make sure you dry your hair completely after applying the heat protectants and before using the straightener on it. Use a good quality blow dryer to gently dry it. Using flat iron on damp hair will cause more damage.

Next step is to layer your hair. It is very important to section your hair in layers to straighten them properly. It is up to you how many layers you want to work through but we have some tips for all.  To achieve the perfect look, divide your hair in three to four sections horizontally and clip them away. Make sure your layers are not too thick and have a medium density. For hair that are too thick, you might need to make more than four sections. You need to run your straightener through only once and not more than that. If you feel the need to run your straightener through one section twice, you should realize it was sectioned too thickly. Always remember, you need to start straightening from the bottom layer first and work your way up to the other sections gradually. Make sure you have chosen the correct heat settings.

Now comes the challenging part. After you are done dividing your hair into desired sections, you need to carefully place the iron to the bottom layer. Take 1 inch portion of your section and clamp the iron close to your scalp but do it carefully so that it does not touch your skin. Now slowly pull the straightener down the length of your hair. Repeat this again on the next sections. It might be a little time consuming but the results are worth it. If you have coarse textured hair or really frizzy hair, you can apply gloss serums to bring back the lost shine. We recommend Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss Serum. This can be used as an alternative to heat protectants as wellApply before using the heated flat irons for best results.

Another interesting fact about using hair straighteners or flat irons is that, it can be used to create more styles than just straight hair. You can use your 1 inch straightening iron to create waves or add volume. However, it all depends on your level of expertise in handling this device. If you are not sure how to create more versatile hairdos using this tool, it is safer to stick to the classic straight hair look.

ModelMaterials Used on PlatesIonic Technology/Infrared Technology1 Inch Plate SizeHeat RangeReviews
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline IonicCeramic
& Tourmaline
Ionic+InfraredYes240-450 F4.3/5 Stars Out of 26,247b Reviews
CHI G2 Ceramic & TitaniumCeramic Tourmaline & TitaniumIonicYes370-425 F3.8/5 Stars Out of 256 Customer Reviews
Remington Anti-Static Hair StraightenerTitanium & CeramicInfraredYes170-450 F4.3/5 Stars Out of 5566 Reviews
Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat IronTourmaline & CeramicIonicYes170-455 F4.6/5 Stars Out of 263 Reviews
Sumlife Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Tourmaline & CeramicIonicYes265-450 F4.1/5 Stars Out of 198 Reviews
Kipozi Professional Flat Iron Titaniam With 1 Inch PlateTitanium CeramicNoneYes170- 450 F4.6/5 Stars Out of 2733 Reviews
Xtava Professional Infrared Hair StraightnerTourmaline CeramicInfrared2 Inch Plate380-445 F4.3/5 Stars Out of 1051 Reviews
RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight IronTitanium CeramicNoneYes300- 450 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 557 Reviews
Infinity Pro by Con Air Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronTourmaline CeramicInfraredYes170-450 F4.4/5 Starts Out of 1384 Reviews
LumaBella Keratin Duel TouchCeramic Keratin TechnologyYes375-450 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 137 Reviews
Cloud Nine OriginalCeramicNoneYes100- 200 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 137 Reviews
ISA Professional TitaniumTitaniumNoneYes265-450 F3.9/5 Starts Out of 123 Reviews
CHI Air Expert TourmalineCeramic TourmalineIonicYes180-410 F3.1 Stars Out of 156 Reviews
T3 Micro Single PassTourmalineInfraredYes170-450 F3.7/5 Stars Out of 123 Reviews
BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumTitanium CeramicIonic1 ¼ Inch170-450 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 1601 Reviews
Solano Sleek Heat 450Tourmaline CeramicInfraredYes170-450 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 102 Reviews
BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron Porcelain CeramicNoneYesUp to 450 F4.0/5 Stars Out of 1601 Reviews
Bio Ionic 10X Pro Straightening & Styling IronVolcanic Minerals & CeramicIonicYes170-450 F3.5/5 Stars Out of 54 Reviews
Sedu Revolution Titanium Styling IronTitaniumNoneYes310-450 F3.8/5 Stars Out of 10 Reviews
Revlon Salon Straight Copper Smooth XL Flat IronCopper & CeramicNoneYes180-455 F4.3/5 Stars Out of 154 Reviews
Final Verdict
Buying any product without proper knowledge is a waste of money and flat irons are no exception. We have checked again and again if our chosen flat irons can truly qualify. Although the process was a hard one, it was worthwhile since it enabled us to shortlist only the greatest flat irons of the year. Therefore ours is a list you can trust. Moreover, this write will help you know more about this daily styling product many tend to use, both the pros of it, the cons of it and its appropriate use of it at the same time. While you can spend your money on curling irons and other hair styling tools, you should know that your flat iron can be used in multiple ways to style hair, including creating waves or even curls. Therefore, buying a good flat iron is definitely an investment.