Can You Take a Hair Straightener on an Airplane? FIND OUT!

can you take a hair straightener on an airplane

According to the Transport Security Administration or the TSA, you can bring 100ml or less of hair spray in your carry-on luggage. (1) This information might lead you to ask: Are there restrictions on other hair styling devices? Can you take a hair straightener on an airplane? Read on while I share all you need to … Read more

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions: Pros and Cons & More!

women has worn keratin bonded hair extensions

Do you want your hair to have more volume and length? Keratin bonded hair extensions are a great way to do that! Dermatology researchers recognize that “the characteristics of healthy hair include thickness, volume, luster, and resilience of the fiber.” (1) Fulfilling the criterion for healthy hair is possible through keratin bonded hair extensions! Read on … Read more

Does the Sun Damage the Hair? (How to Protect Your Locks)

lady with curly hair under the sun but does the sun damage the hair?

Sitting out in the sun is wonderful, and I love feeling the warm rays on my back and face. The thing is, I’ve also been worried about the sun damaging my hair. So, is it true? Can the sun damage hair? The sun can cause hair damage, especially if you spend a lot of time … Read more

How to Use a Curved Flat Iron? [8 Simple Steps to Follow]

women using flat iron but how to use a curved flat iron

I love styling my hair; it gives it more personality and helps me express myself more. Recently, I was interested to learn more about using a curved flat iron to give myself waves and curls. But how to use a curved flat iron? There are several excellent techniques you can use, including flicks and curls, … Read more

Infrared Hair Straightener Vs Ceramic: Choose the Right One

Infrared hair straightener vs ceramic, what's the best

The ever-long debate that is Infrared hair straightener vs ceramic straightener still rages. Everyone needs the best hair straighteners that don’t compromise on quality and work perfectly for their hair type. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from burning our scalps with the hot iron rods of 1872 and can afford to choose between the … Read more