Best Derma Roller 2021 – Buying Guide

A derma roller can completely change the way you look – this statement might seem a little bold but this is true. From taking care of those fine lines of your face to growing hair on your scalp and making your lips plumper and sexier, a derma roller can help you to enhance and beautify every part of your body, without going under the knife or using any chemicals.

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However, with so many types of derma rollers and so many options available in the market, it can feel downright frustrating to decide which roller would full-fill your needs and serve you perfectly. From derma rollers for aging skin to rollers for hair regrowth, the choices are endless which also leads to endless confusion.

The buying process of a derma roller is quite confusing. This is because all the rollers don’t serve the same purpose. And as this tool is mainly for face use, you need to be very careful while buying just the right one.

Keeping this thought in mind, below we have listed a bunch of derma rollers according to their different usages so that you can find “the right one” for you in just a glance.

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Best Derma Rollers Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

BEAUTYBIO GloPRO MicroTip Body Attachment Head (0.5mm length)
Top Benefit
Most suitable tool for body scars and stretch marks
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Editor's Choice
Lolysenta Derma Roller 0.25mm, Titanium Microneedle Roller for Face, Microdermabrasion Facial Roller, Microneedling Dermaroller, Includes Storage Case
Top Benefit
Enhances the absorption of skincare products
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Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit, Microneedle Derma Roller for Scalp Hair Regrowth Men and Women, Best Hair Loss Treatment
Top Benefit
Stimulates blood circulation and promote hair growth
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BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tools
Top Benefit
Right size to boost your collagen production without penetrating very deep
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Top Derma Rollers

BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool

The reason we choose this roller for face brightness and to fight early signs of aging because it comes with 0.3mm stainless steel needles that are just the right size to boost your collagen production without penetrating very deep. Moreover, the micro-injuries these needles create help to absorb different skincare products better and works from the inside for better results.

You must also know that the stainless steel needles of this tool is extremely safe and doesn’t create any infection or rashes in your sensitive face skin.7

#2 MN Personal Beauty Tool Derma Roller

We consider this derma rolling tool from MN Beauty the most suitable to fight acne scars and wrinkles because it comes with longer needles (0.75mm needles) that penetrates deep into the skin and breaks the scar-forming tissues successfully to provide a fresh, clear skin. These long needles also reach deep into the dermis layer to stimulate more collagen and elastin production to fight signs of aging and remove acne scars successfully.

This GloPRO Micro Tip body derma roller from BeautyBio has considered the most suitable tool for body scars and stretch marks because of its large roller head size and the long sturdy needles it comes with. The big roller head has 1680 0.5mm needles made from titanium to make sure that they penetrate through the tough body skin easily and effectively.

These longer needles can make their way through the epidermis layer and to the dermis layer to increase collagen production and improve the appearance of your body skin slowly but surely.

Furthermore, this tool also has a LED red light therapy function and Vibrotactile Stimulation that not only offer an excellent body micro-needling experience to its users but also to make sure that your body skin is firm and youthful than ever before.

We chose this Glemme Derma Roller to use for hair regrowth because it comes with titanium made 0.5mm needles that can puncture through the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. Moreover, this tool is paired with Biotin Hair Growth Serum plus Scalp Hair Regrowth Shampoo to stop any additional hair loss and speed up the regrowth process.

This Alphaluxy best derma Roller for beard will never fail to impress you. The main reason we chose this rolling tool for man’s facial hair is that it comes with hypoallergenic micro-needles that are less likely to cause any allergic reaction 7on your face and therefore, is extremely safe. Furthermore, the 0.50mm needles are just the perfect size to puncture through the rough men’s skin and stimulate stem cells and blood circulation to promote facial hair growth quickly.

Another excellent aspect of this rolling tool is that it is CE and ISO Certified to ensure the maximum safety of the users.

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We loved this derma roller from GloPRO for lips and eyes because this tool has a very small head that can reach “hard to reach” areas near the eyes and lips effortlessly. Moreover, the 0.3mm stainless needles are super safe for such sensitive areas and don’t harm or damage the skin. This tool also has an LED red light therapy function and Vibrotactile Stimulation that stimulates collagen production and plumps up the skin for a more vibrant outlook.

#7 ORA Microneedle Face and Full Body Roller

The ORA microneedle face and full body roller is one of the best derma rolling tools out there. This six-piece body kit is our favorite because it is unisex! It works very effectively on both thin and thick skin types. All the interchangeable roller heads can easily fit into one handle, there is also a 1-millimeter head that is specifically designed to be used for the body. For sensitive areas such as around the lips and eyes, a 0.25-millimeter head and 0.5-millimeter head is available in the kit for the face. This is a great derma roller for stretch marks as well. 

Moreover, if you are worried about sanitation, it comes with a built-in sterilization tray so the germs are very likely not going to get transferred from one area of your skin to another. The roller head uses just 12 micro-needles to cover the smallest areas and amazingly, it gives great results too. You can try out the intensities and different roller sizes if you are new to face and body rollers. This all-in-one kit will definitely prove to be one of your best buys.

Over time, with consistent use, you will see a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, is that it also helps reduce stretch marks no matter where they are on your body so you can look forward to having youthful-looking, vibrant skin, head to toe!

#8 Sdara Skincare Derma Roller Version 2.0-0.25 mm Microneedle Roller

sdara roller

We chose the Sdara Skincare derma roller because of its affordability and effectiveness. With 0.25millimeter needles, you can treat your skin to a spa day and that too at home. It is recommended for those who need an overall facial rejuvenation.

The Sdara derma roller is safe and easy to use. You don’t need to swap out the whole roller thanks to the replaceable head attached. A firm grip and gentle pressure are recommended when using a roller for best results. This roller can give you smooth-looking, rejuvenated skin with a radiant glow! You can expect to get professional results and that too without breaking your bank!

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#9 Dermaroll by Prosper Beauty

Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece

As this one is designed by health care professionals, it is one of the most reliable ones too on the market right now. The Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit is a must-have if you want to give yourself a professional facial treatment.

This six-piece set includes 4 replaceable heads alongside sanitized needles. It also contains 1 derma roller handle and a storage box too! The titanium micro-needles, each 0.25mm are non-invasive thus causing less pain and are more effective. These needles will not wear out or get dull over time and neither will their sharpness be affected even after consistent usage.

It caters to mainstream skin concerns such as large pores, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and even wrinkles. Overall, this kit also helps give skin a glow while brightening it and smoothing out the fine wrinkles. The best part is that this kit is affordable and offers safe and sanitary dermarolling techniques with the removable heads option. It is safe for home use as well!

#10 Lolysenta Derma Roller

lolysenta derma roller

The reason why we picked the Lolysenta derma roller is due to it’s unique functionality as it can be used as a microdermabrasion Facial Roller, and a Microneedling Dermaroller, it also includes a storage box.

lolysenta derma roller

This derma roller is designed to complement any skin routine and skin type. It is helpful in enhancing the product absorption on the skin hence generating better-looking skin results faster. The 0.25mm titanium needle size is painless and reaps visible results if used consistently. The material type; titanium is also highly recommended by dermatologists. This derma roller minimizes the uncomfortable sensation which can usually be felt while using such tools on the skin.

The instructions are clear and if you follow the step-by-step guide, you won’t need professional help. It aims to boost collagen production in your skin in the most painless way possible. Certainly, this one is a much more affordable option than a professional service!

#11  Linduray Skincare Dermaroller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit

linduray derma roller

The reason we chose this derma roller was due to its durability. This 0.25mm cosmetic microdermabrasion needle roller is easy to use and doesn’t feel painful on the skin. It is safe for home use; however, it is only used for exfoliating the skin. 

linduray derma roller

The titanium needles promise durability and repeated usage will not dull the sharpness of the needles over time. The kit comes with a vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid, so you get extra perks! All you have to do is apply the serum after a session of exfoliation and watch your skin glow! The 3 E-books included in this kit are a great help to all the beginners get professional results.

You can save hundreds of bucks by just buying this tool and giving yourself a salon-like treatment at home. Youthful fresh glow is a promise by the Linduray derma roller!

#12 Stacked Skincare Micro-roller

stacked micor-roller

We picked the stacked skincare micro roller as it fits the budget for most people who prefer stainless steel needles. This micro roller uses 0.2millimeter micro needles to stimulate the skin while exfoliating it. The length of the needle is FDA-approved for a cosmetic tool.  You will see lesser fine lines and wrinkles with frequent use.

stacked micor-roller

The product also claims to enhance the skin’s radiance and help it look plumper, youthful, and healthy. It can also prove to be great to reduce dark spots, uneven skin texture, and scarring. This painless narrow head micro-needling tool is easy to use and very handy as well. It is designed to reach facial curves like the sides of the nose and under the chin. If you want to skin the salon and safely carry out a micro-needling procedure at home, this one is for you! 

#13 ORA Lip Plumping Microneedle Roller System

ora lip roller

This lip-plumping microneedle roller gives you a natural pout without getting a cosmetic procedure done. What makes this roller unique is its specially designed head which proves to be ideal for the texture of the lips. The ultrafine 0.25mm needle tips and narrow head of the roller are perfect to target small and sensitive areas like the lips.

It works no differently than a derma roller for the face. Just clean your lips, exfoliate using this roller system and apply serum for a plumped-up pout! The head consists of 180 needles which are extra gentle on the lips. The protective storage case keeps the tool safe and secure so the chances of it contacting bacteria when outside are less. With consistent use, you are bound to see good results and that too at home! This is an affordable option for anyone who loves pouty lips.

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  1. What size derma roller is most effective?
    • For home use, you can buy any needle length as most rollers are designed keeping in mind the FDA guidelines. However, to treat specific skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin, you should go for 1.0mm needles. The thinnest-sized needles are usually most effective and painless too!
  2. How do I choose a derma roller?
    • Firstly, if you want to use a derma roller at home, consider using a stainless steel or titanium one. Titanium ones are the best. Next, the type of derma roller you choose depends on your skin concern. For acne scars, it is recommended to use a needle length of 0.75-1mm. However, for deeper scars a 1.5mm needle is more effective. In case you want to target smaller areas of the skin, you should target choosing a roller with a narrow head. Check our list of the best derma roller for acne scars.
  3. What size derma roller do professionals use?
    • For acne and its scars, usually 1.5-2mm needle lengths are used for the process of micro-needling. However, when it comes to wrinkles and aging skin treatment, needle sizes of 0.5mm or 1.0mm are used.
  4. Do derma rollers work?
    • Yes, for most people they do work. Always remember, consistency is the key. Many people have gotten great results after using derma rollers. If you are looking for quick results, use the tools with consistency while carefully following the instructions on the handbooks which come with these tools. You can also check out derma roller for cellulite which is also proven to be effective. 
  5. At what age can I start using derma rolling? 
    • While you shouldn’t be using derma rollers at a very young age, it is recommended to be used when you have serious skin problems. For instance, it can prove to be very effective for acne and acne scarring. Lots of women over the age of 50 suffer from collagen depletion in their skin. Micro-needling can be very effective and help rejuvenate the skin as well as boost collagen production. 

Final Recommendation

Although every derma roller mentioned above is unique and very effective, our top pick is the Lolysenta Derma Roller.

We recommend this product because, since the trending usage of different types of serums is all around, the Lolysenta Derma roller proves to help the absorption of the serums. Not only does it work as an exfoliator but also enhances the absorption of skincare products thus you can get to see the results of your skincare routine sooner than expected!

What’s more, is that this derma roller is affordable and effective! It can help get brighter, even-toned glowing skin with frequent usage plus it is very gentle on the skin!

There are so many other options like derma roller cellulite! We know that many people have a common question like do cellulite rollers work? Well here is a secret, it is not too popular but derma rolling cellulite is actually a thing! 

But hey! You don’t have to reach conclusions so quickly! Check out the review of each product above in detail and assess your skin issues as well. Pick the most compatible product and we are sure you will end up picking just the perfect fit for your skin and budget!


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