Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Buyer’s Guide

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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?”

Remember the evil queen’s obsession with her mirror?

Well, she is not the only one who is fascinated with her mirror; every other girl, makeup freak or not, quest for an excellent piece of mirror to see her reflection clearly and be amazed by her beauty.

Featured Image of Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

And what’s better than to view your face in a lighted mirror?

Practically, nothing! An excellent quality mirror with built-in lights not only helps you to view your image clearly but also assists you to point out the imperfections promptly even when you are not surrounded by an adequate amount of lightening.

However, with so many types of lighted mirrors and so many options of these types available in the market, it can feel downright frustrating to decide which mirror to buy to full-fill all your viewing needs. From full-length mirrors to travel ones and tabletop mirrors, the choices are endless which also creates endless confusion.

Keeping this perception in mind, below we have listed the best-lighted makeup mirrors according to their different usages so that you can find “the right one” for you in just a glance.

If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via my referral links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Top Lighted Makeup Mirrors

We choose this Fancii mirror in the travel mirror category because it is compact, lightweight yet comes with two super brightly lit viewing panels to see your face perfectly. Furthermore, as it is sleek and folded, you can always carry this mirror inside even your party purse and check your makeup whenever and wherever you want.


The reason we choose this model as a washroom mirror because it comes with an anti-fog feature to keep the glass always clean and clear. Moreover, as it comes with a CRI of 95+ and 3 different types of lightening (warm white, cool white light, and natural daylight); this mirror is the best at producing a most real-life reflection of the object it illuminates so that you know how your face looks without any “sugar-coating”.

Also, as it features plug installation, this mirror is super easy to set up and convenient to use.

This wall mount type mirror picked on our list because it is screwed to the wall rather than just suction cup installation. It is fully adjustable with an extendable arm and 360° swivel design so that you can set the mirror at any angle you want to create a custom viewing point.

Moreover, it incorporates 27 pieces of LED bulbs placed all around the glass surface to provide super bright illumination of your face for a luminous reflection.

EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

As it is a three-fold mirror concealed in one, this EASEHOLD mirror is the most suitable tri-fold mirror available in the market right now. It offers 5 different glass panels with different magnifications to make your face viewing experience even better. With a maximum 1500Lux 66 bright LED lights and a color temperature of 3,000K-6,500K, this lighted mirror ensures that you can enjoy versatile reflections of your face with just one piece of vanity accessory.

WONSTART Vanity Mirror with Lights

We love this Hollywood mirror of its amazing features and extraordinary safety measures. This 24.5 Inch x 21 Inch large vanity mirror comes with super bright 12 LED bulbs of 1200 lumen to make your face viewing experience even better. These bright lights with two different color temperatures of 5000K and 6000K illuminate your face perfectly so that you can see the most natural, true to life reflection of your face in the mirror.

The two different color temperatures also ensure versatile luminosity to meet your different makeup needs and mood.

Pro Tips: If you have a makeup mirror without lights, then you can turn your ordinary vanity mirrors into a lighted makeup mirror by purchasing extra LED light bulbs, and in this way, you can save money easily.

Wrapping Up

We will share some exceptional ideas, news, and tips related to makeup mirrors on this page.

Lastly, we hope that this article would help you to find the best-lighted mirror in the market according to your viewing needs and other requirements. The mirrors we have mentioned at the beginning are the very best in the market and we are sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed after buying any one of them.


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