The 7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?”

Remember the evil queen’s obsession with her mirror?

Well, she is not the only one who is fascinated with her mirror; every other girl, makeup freak or not, quest for an excellent piece of mirror to see her reflection clearly and be amazed by her beauty.

Featured Image of Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

And what’s better than to view your face in a lighted mirror?

Practically, nothing! An excellent quality mirror with built-in lights not only helps you to view your image clearly but also assists you to point out the imperfections promptly even when you are not surrounded by an adequate amount of lightening.

Mastering the art of perfect eyeliner and finding the right makeup products that you love and suit you the most are considered only half a win. If you desire the ideal makeup, you must ensure that you apply it most righteously and infallibly possible. Proper lighting is all that is required to get a flawless appearance.

Correct lighting is essential to blend, even out, and match the foundation to your skin tone. In addition to this, it is the most important factor that helps to find the perfect tones of all the products that will be applicable to your face. It is the exact place where lighted makeup mirrors come to play their role.

However, with so many types of lighted mirrors and so many options of these types available in the market, it can feel downright frustrating to decide which mirror to buy to full-fill all your viewing needs. From full-length mirrors to travel ones and tabletop mirrors, the choices are endless which also creates endless confusion.

Keeping this perception in mind, below we have listed the best-lighted makeup mirrors according to their different usages so that you can find “the right one” for you in just a glance.

When you buy lighted makeup mirrors, the most familiar problem people can face is what mirror to choose. For people’s ease and to save them from the hassle.

Please have a look at them!

Lighted Makeup Mirror Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Top Lighted Makeup Mirrors

We chose this Fancii mirror in the travel mirror category because it is compact, lightweight yet comes with two super brightly lit viewing panels to see your face perfectly. Furthermore, as it is sleek and folded, you can always carry this mirror inside even your party purse and check your makeup whenever and wherever you want.

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror



What we don’t like:


The anti-fog and separate control system is easily controlled and adjusted according to the needs and demands. In addition to this, the mind-blowing technology feature is energy-saving and safe to use. 

Moreover, the brightness of the light is adjustable according to the choice and need. The range of brightness is 20 to 100 %. The 1.4 inches with a very slim and chic mirror depth makes it very presentable and attractive. 

The Hauschen wall mounted makeup mirror is all set to meet safety standards. The back LED light provides excellent illumination in the washroom, and therefore, no additional light source is required. So, it will be a perfect bathroom mirror. In addition to this, the mirror comes with excellent packing along with pressure resistance. This feature reduces the damages to a great extent during transportation. 


What we don’t like:

The charismatic features of the Pansonite led makeup mirror includes its dual-sided 1x and 10x magnification system. Along with its swivel head, this system gives a perfect source to view the minor details of your skin, makeup, dress, and shaving. It is the perfect choice as a gift for giving it to relatives and friends. 

The wall-mounted led makeup Pansonite mirror comes with the leading warranty of 5 years, which means that the total amount is refundable without any justification and clarification. The mirror features an adjustable light design that enables several touches of the sensor key.  Additionally, you can adjust the brightness by pressing the sensor for a lengthy period. The long-press gradually adjusts the brightness.

The arm of Pansonite led makeup is made up of corrosive-free material, durable in quality, and rust-resistant. All the features make it a perfect pick for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other places. 


What we don’t like:

EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

Easehold vanity mirrors have a fantastic feature of adjustable brightness according to the time and place. The light of this vanity mirror is very comfortable and safe to the eyes, not flickering and dazzling, thus providing a soft and natural effect to the eyes and protecting them. The tri-fold mirror is manufactured in such a way that it does not create any glare. 

The design of this mirror has a feature of 90 and 180 degreeWonstart’s which allows you to make adjustments to the view angle freely and comfortably. However, to protect it from scratches and dust, high maintenance is required. 

It comes in a keep-safe box; it is proven to be the best gift for the beloved ones on every occasion including engagement, anniversary, birthdays, wedding, and other celebrations. The compact design covers the smaller storage surface area and beautiful addition in the house undoubtedly. 

EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror


What we don’t like:

#5 Weily Lighted Makeup Mirror

weiley makeup mirror

Most amazing tri-fold mirror. You know what, this mirror is love. It has three magnified, wide-angle, and plain mirrors. When you’re applying your makeup, and you can see yourself from all angles, what a wonderful sensation you’re not expecting. The magnification of 2x and 3x are great. It makes your makeup application so easy and convenient.  The makeup mirror offers an extra 40% wide version via a tri-fold design

The best of this mirror is Touch sensor button. You just touch the button for brightness settings, it gives such a cool vibe. You can adjust the brightness by just tapping down. It reveals you, your true self. Each and every imperfection is laid bare in front of you. This vanity mirror allows you to get beautiful even in the dark or poorly lit areas.

weiley makeup mirror


What we don’t like:

WONSTART Vanity Mirror with Lights

Wonstart’s vanity mirror is large enough and perfect to use for professional purposes, considered the best Hollywood vanity mirror, and is loved by everyone because of its unique features. The adjustments are provided in two options. One is to attach the mirror’s base and place it anywhere you like, and the other is to remove the base and hang the mirror on the wall at your desired height.

The 10x magnification attribute provides an amazing and enlarged view. In addition to this, the mirror offers bright and clear reflections, which allows you to apply the makeup ideally even at night. The material used in manufacturing both the frame, and base, is very durable and withstand the long duration of heavy use.

The two different color temperatures also ensure versatile luminosity to meet your different makeup needs and mood.

WONSTART Vanity Mirror with Lights

Pro Tips: If you have a makeup mirror without lights, then you can turn your ordinary vanity mirrors into a lighted makeup mirror by purchasing extra LED light bulbs, and in this way, you can save money easily.


What we don’t like:

#7 Riki Skinny Lighted Vanity Mirror

riki mirror

What idea clicks into your mind when you hear the word skinny? Definitely Slim and Smart.  It wasn’t like that in this mirror; you appear slim. The name gives us an idea of its structure. You won’t have to worry about your makeup faults or poor lighting if you have this super-lighted mirror at home. 

This mirror creates a next-level charisma when you do your makeup in the lightening of rectangular twinkle stars. These tiny LED lights give you a feel of a fairy tale. As like a princess is getting ready. 

The company source the best-LED lights from the market. Their light gives you the vibes of sunlight. Believe me; if your makeup looks fantastic in the Riki Skinny Lighted Vanity Mirror, it will look excellent everywhere else as well. Sometimes you think you are looking good; you create a damn good makeup look. But in reality, you just look like a children’s painting. This holy grail saves you from this kind of awkward situation.  All these features make it an excellent choice for your vanity.

riki mirror




Are mirrors with lights suitable for makeup?

Yes. A well-lit and clear reflection is necessary for flawless makeup. 

Are light-up mirrors worth it?

Yes. Definitely a big yes. These mirrors make a considerable difference.

What mirrors do makeup artists use?

Mirrors provide great magnification, clear view, and in-depth details—usually concave mirrors. 

Final Words

All the above-mentioned lighted makeup mirrors are the best pick when it comes to the best makeup mirror out there. The compact designs, smaller coverage area, and lightweight illumination options make them the best choice for multitasks. Moreover, these mirrors’ excellent attributes help them fit perfectly according to the place and time.

A good source of lighting around the mirror is imperative, and all the people, including photographers, makeup artists, and other native human beings, prefer them. These mirrors prove to be lifesavers for most people, either traveling or home, to get ready for any event. Once you try any one of them, then there is no going back. 



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