15 Best Large Lighted Makeup Mirrors (Reviews)

DIY mirror with light bulbsFinding good-quality large lighted makeup mirrors is as important as high-quality, compatible cosmetics.

In choosing a makeup mirror, the most important factors to consider are light source, the levels of magnification, rotation, and brightness adjustability.

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality large lighted makeup mirrors, well you’re in for a treat!

We took the liberty of researching and gathering details on the best vanity mirrors available in the market, so you don’t have to go through this dilemma any longer.

A Quick Look at Our Choices For The Best Large Lighted Vanity Mirrors

Don’t have the luxury of time to browse through the list of large lighted vanity mirrors? Here’s a quick glance at our picks of the best Hollywood vanity mirror with lights in the market.

If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via my referral links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Top Lighted Makeup Mirrors

#1 Funtouch Upgraded Large-Size Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror: Best Functionality Makeup Mirror  

Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Do you want to get a mirror the likes of large lighted vanity mirrors you see in TV shows and movies?

Do you want to experience that “artist-like” feel when doing your makeup?

With the Funtouch large lit vanity mirror, you’ll be feeling like a princess. From its name alone, it’s designed to be bigger and larger than your usual vanity mirrors.

With a surface area of 14.56 inches in length and about 9 inches in width, it’ll be able to give you plenty of room to do your delicate makeup routine!

It has cutting-edge dimmable bulbs with touch technology, which can allow you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs in just a single click, making it totally safe, too! [1]

Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

According to makeup experts, you’d want to go with a vanity mirror that has adjustable color temperature settings, as well as other features.

The ability to control the amount of light is key.

Features of Funtouch Upgraded Large-Size Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

What We Liked About Funtouch Upgraded Large-Size Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About Funtouch Upgraded Large-Size Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

Many of the reviews and feedback about this Hollywood-styled vanity mirror revolve around its size.

Caroline 1191, a customer, said that the size made her experience easier and better. “It’s an extremely handy vanity mirror to keep for both residential and commercial purposes.” 

Another client, Jamila, left a comment with the thought that the lights were are easily adjustable. “The feature is super cool and it has a nice touch. The stand is amazing.”

Tovendor Bright Makeup Mirror for Bedroom

The anti-fog and separate control system is easily controlled and adjusted according to the needs and demands. In addition to this, the mind-blowing technology feature is energy-saving and safe to use. 

Moreover, the brightness of the light is adjustable according to the choice and need. The range of brightness is 20 to 100 %. The 1.4 inches with a very slim and chic mirror depth makes it very presentable and attractive. 

Tovendor’s Hollywood bright makeup mirror is packed with 12 pieces of long-lasting LED bulbs that are easily adjustable and modifiable.

This vanity mirror perfectly fits bedroom installations, where it can be placed on top of a dresser or dressing table, and even a bedroom countertop.

Tovendor Bright Makeup Mirror for Bedroom

You can change the temperature from natural light, warm light, to cold light in just a single tap! Brightness adjustments with this makeup mirror will never be an issue!

Akin to many other large lit vanity mirrors, it has a complementary 10X magnifying mirror that’s detachable.

Get your glam up without exerting a lot of effort with Tovendor’s bright large lighted vanity mirror.

Features of the Tovendor Bright Makeup Mirror

What We Liked About the Tovendor Bright Makeup Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About the Tovendor Bright Makeup Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The majority of customers who purchased this makeup mirror had one thing to say – that they were happy with the product and that it was the perfect large-lit vanity mirror they were looking for.

Nhat, a customer was amazed at the clarity and sturdiness of the glass. He says that it’s something that keeps his wife up the whole day, ” I even want to tear it down because my wife is busy with it the whole day.”

Kimberly, another user was so amazed by the different shades and lighting options offered by the product. She raves that it’s “Perfect for my everyday routine!”

#3 Waneway Vanity Mirror With Lights: Best For Professionals

Waneway Vanity Mirror with Lights

Makeup artists and cosmetics enthusiasts loved Waneway’s big lighted makeup mirror because of the fact that it has the same traits and characteristics as high-end vanity mirrors.

This thin-structured product is equipped with 14 pieces of ultra-high quality LED bulbs that can be adjusted to up to 6,500K.

These bulbs also have maximum lifespans that can reach up to 50,000 hours!

Why is it the best lighted vanity mirror for professionals?

Have a look at this quick review: 

Its frame is highly durable as it’s PVC-coated, making it a full-on scratch and damage-resistant product.

With its neutral-colored frame, it can easily blend in with the theme or the ambience of where you will be installing it.

So, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty large lighted makeup mirror, Waneway is the “way” to go.

Features of the Waneway Vanity Mirror With Lights

What We Liked About the Waneway Vanity Mirror With Lights

What We Didn’t Like About the Waneway Vanity Mirror With Lights

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

Many makeup enthusiasts loved the bright lights that the Waneway big vanity mirror offered. The majority of them fell in love with the size and the adjustability.

Meldramatic, [2] a user from Reddit recommended it to someone looking for a vanity mirror. “I have the Waneway vanity mirror one and I love it.”

#4 FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror With Lights: Best For Lighting


FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror

To achieve the glam look like celebs have it, you need a heavy-duty, all-around big lighted makeup mirror similar to the FENCHILIN vanity mirror with lights.

In simple terms, it is the big lighted mirror you always see in movies with a perfect viewing angle and easily adjustable light settings.

It sits at the perfect size of 22.8 x 18.1 inches, just enough to cover the upper part of your torso.

What’s great about it is the fact that the mirror base is detachable and that you can easily hang it on a wall.

The bulbs aren’t replaceable, but, according to the manufacturer, they offer a complete replacement of the product within one (1) year of being purchased.

EXPERT TIP: LED lights are perfect for when you do your makeup because they won’t cast the shadows that are usually caused by overhead lighting.

FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror

 Features of FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror With Lights

What We Liked About FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror With Lights

What We Didn’t Like About FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror With Lights

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The majority of users who purchased the product were ecstatic about their new toy.

Some of them, though, wrote their sentiments about the size of the mirror being wrong compared to how it was advertised.

Melissa, a customer who took the leap and purchased, expressed her satisfaction with the product. She’s ecstatic about the fact that the lights aren’t full bulbs that they don’t protrude out, “EVERYONE, BUY THIS!!”

Rachael, another user said that the mirror was extremely wonderful. she loved how the lighting/dimmer was made, as well as the Bluetooth feature. “If you want to hike up your mornings/evenings, you need to buy this.”

#5 Hutelon Adjustable Vanity Mirror: Best For Special Events and Occasions

hutelon makeup mirror

If what you’re after is a Hollywood-type of big lighted makeup mirror with various modes, then you might want to consider Hutelon’s brightness adjustable makeup mirror.

It’s packed with 15 moderate-sized LED bulbs, offering warm, day, and cold temperatures.

The mirror size is large enough that it can give you the details you’re looking for completely.

This adjustable large-lit Hollywood vanity mirror also offers a 10X magnifying mirror, which you can use for close-up and detailed work.

When it comes to controls, they’re easily understandable because it only contains two (2) buttons – the M and the P button.

Features of Hutelon Adjustable Vanity Mirror

What We Liked About Hutelon Adjustable Vanity Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About Hutelon Adjustable Vanity Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The majority of the reviews and feedback for this Hollywood vanity mirror with lights were at 5 stars.

They were more than delighted at what they received!

Schlunder, one of the newer customers who purchased the product was ecstatic about the brightness and adjustability of the mirror and said that “it’s perfect for warm and cool light tones!”

Beautifulsomehow, another happy user said that she didn’t realize that the power and dimmer buttons would be this good. “I am happy that the controls are easy to locate – they’re exactly right in front of you!”  

#6 HORM 72-LED Trifold Mirror: Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Mirror

horm mirror

HORM’s trifold mirror features 72 eye-convenient bright LEDs. It offers various types of light, from natural light, cooler light, and even day or warm light – a total of three (3) different color lighting modes.

It’s also equipped with double power supply, which can be effective for both stable and portable use.

It’s about 10” x 6” with up to 3X magnification offering precise and accurate reflection without glaring, ambiguity, and discoloration.

You’ll never have a problem if you want to use it in different angles because it features a 90-degree up and down rotation, as well as a full 360-degree for the left and right angles.

horm mirror

Features of HORM 72-LED Trifold Mirror

What We Liked About HORM 72-LED Trifold Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About HORM 72-LED Trifold Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

One customer, aZnSuPeRgiRL916, wrote the positives and negatives she found with the product. Overall, she loved the product by saying, “honestly, for me the product has been thought-out well enough.”

The new Mrs Scott, another client, also expressed her happiness with the product’s various light options. “You have the adjustability, the magnification, and when done,  just store it. What else is there to say?” 

#7 Ovente Lighted Wall-Mounted Mirror: Best Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

Ovente 7

This 7” bad girl is so flexible that it can easily be mounted onto the wall. It’s an acrylic-edged, dual-sided vanity mirror where both sides can be magnified.

Moreover, its reach can be extended for up to 13” from the wall, granting you the suppleness when doing your makeup –you don’t have to go near the wall! 

Ovente’s 7” vanity mirror come in a wide variety of options and choices – you can even construct and build your own version!

You have the freedom to choose the overall properties of the final product from the finishing or final touch, the magnification options, and even lighting options.

Power options can be your choice, too! There are models that are AC adapter-equipped and there are units that require batteries.

If flexibility and customization are what you’re looking for, then you should consider Ovente’s lighted makeup mirror.


What We Liked About Ovente Lighted Wall-Mounted Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About Ovente Lighted Wall-Mounted Mirror

Customer Reviews/Product Testimonials

Most people loved it, but there are feedback and comments about the lights not being bright enough for too long.

Zach & Alex posted their sentiments about the product saying that it is, overall, a good product. But the bright light only stays on for seconds. “Beautiful mirror, absolutely great buy, but keep a few points in mind.” 

Ashlynn also had the same feedback about the light not being on for too long. “I love it. It’s easy to install and it’s gorgeous when mounted. But sometimes, the light doesn’t stay on for long.” 

#8 Nitin Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirror: Best Extra Large Lighted Makeup Mirror

nitin mirror

Ever dreamed of a Hollywood extra-large vanity mirror as a little girl? With Nitin’s Hollywood style makeup mirror, your dreams can turn into reality!

It’s equipped with multiple smart touch control settings, perfect for the features and modes you’re looking for.  

It’s even supported by dual power modes –rechargeable battery and plug-in!

It’s the perfect size for a bedroom or bathroom mirror, and the bulbs are replaceable.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they’re not durable anymore. The lights can stay on for up to 20,000 hours!

The light it emits is bright and the size is bigger compared to the other ones on the list.

nitin mirror

Features of Nitin Hollywood Style Extra Large Lighted Vanity Mirror

What We Liked About Nitin Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About Nitin Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

Many users agree to the fact that it was one of the best mirrors on Amazon.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that some weren’t satisfied with the product; this was due to the quality of the bulbs.

For instance, LibraNX, a user said that she initially wanted to give it 5 stars because of how the mirror was built. However, the problem she found was with the bulbs – they’re low quality. “The price of the bulbs were evident.” 

Liana Matevosian, another user said that overall, the mirror was good. If only it had better packaging. “The packaging was the reason why the mirrors were cracked when it came.” 

#9 VESAUR Professional 10” Lighted Makeup Mirror: Best For Travel 

vesaur mirror

Want an extra-large lighted makeup mirror, complete with all the features you’ve been looking for? VESAUR’s Professional 10” mirror is what you need.

The product comes with a high-definition effect, thanks to the 1M pixels, offering three (3) choices for color lights.

It’s fingerprint and glare-resistant, giving you an all-natural reflection with 1X/5X magnification, whatever side you use.

With an eye comfort index of 90 and a complexion rendering index of 97, you’ll see nothing but raw reflection.

This guarantees the absence of shadows and all other unnecessary reflections on it.

VESAUR’s high-end big lighted makeup mirror also features an anti-skid or anti-slide bottom. This will keep the product still and is good for the prevention of scratch and damage.

Features of VESAUR Professional 10” Lighted Makeup Mirror

What We Liked About VESAUR Professional 10” Lighted Makeup Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About VESAUR Professional 10” Lighted Makeup Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

It has a 4.4 out of 5 rating, and it’s due to the fact that the majority of customers that purchased it were more than delighted with what they received.

Barb, one of the latest customers, was satisfied with the purchase. Barb commended the dual-power feature, the consistency of brightness, and the size. “I’ll be adding 2 more to the additional bathrooms.” 

Yaniz L., another customer, left positive feedback about the mirror’s clarity. “I have an old vanity mirror, which is tarnished and this product is absolutely perfect.” 

#10 Chende Large Vanity Mirror: Best For Vanities With Replaceable Bulb

chende mirror

Want a vanity mirror with replaceable bulbs? Well, the Chende large vanity mirror is perfect for you.

Janice Kinjo, a well-renowned celebrity makeup artist [3], popular for doing the makeup of celebs like Michael B. Jordan, Drake, John Legend, and others, recommends the product.

She recommends to everyone, especially to those who aspire to be a makeup artist.

The product is complete with 14 replaceable 4000K daylight LED bulbs and is guarded by a stainless-steel frame, guaranteeing durability with a touch of sophistication.

This Hollywood vanity mirror with lights is flexible as it can be mounted on a wall or on a tabletop, perfect for a makeup room if you want to save space.

Watch a complete review of Chende’s Hollywood lighted vanity mirror with replaceable bulbs: 

The Hollywood mirror is more of an install-and-leave-it type of product. It’s not actually portable that you can bring it to a specific location every time you need it.

Akin to other products in the list, the Chende large vanity mirror with replaceable bulbs also has many different models you can choose from.

You can adjust to the style, the color of the frame, and even the dimming of the lights.

chende mirror

Features of Chende Large Vanity Mirror with Replaceable Bulbs

What We Liked About Chende Large Vanity Mirror with Replaceable Bulbs

What We Didn’t Like About Chende Large Vanity Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

Makeup artists love it and even those who aspire to be one.

In fact, it’s one of the products that got the most praise! One notable thing, though, is the installation part. Many users found the product to be complex and difficult to install.

Lia, a new customer was happy that she ran into the product. She’s happy about all the features it has to offer and is happy that “it can be extremely bright, exactly the way I wanted.” 

Holly, another user, said that it’s originally a gift for her daughter; and even she loves it. “This mirror is the absolute BOMB! Talk about the very bright light that can give you the details you’re looking for.”  

imlostineggsaisle, a Reddit user, recommended the Chende lights to a Reddit user asking for replacement bulbs. They’re the ones that go with the Chende vanity mirror. [4]

#11 DERMALLURA Hollywood Rectangular Mirror with Lights: Best For Style and Decor

hollywood mirror

We wouldn’t complete the list without including a big lighted makeup mirror complete with tantalizing and crystal-like LED bulbs.

One of the most favorite traits that customers have with this product is the fact that the lights have been upgraded to 6240 Lumens.

This makes the 50,000-hour lifespan more achievable – consumers reported to have used it for about 10 to 12 hours per day without any decline in brightness!

You’ll enjoy the Dermallura mirror sure it as it offers tri-temperature controls!

The temperatures can easily be adjusted and can be done in just a few simple taps on the glass.

It’s the perfect gift for yourself or for your friends who are makeup enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

hollywood mirror

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What We Liked About DERMALLURA Hollywood Rectangular Mirror with Lights

What We Didn’t Like About DERMALLURA Hollywood Rectangular Mirror with Lights

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The quality of the product offers a priceless experience for princess-wannabes. But, what do the majority of users have to say about it?

KJ, a customer that made the purchase this year was in love with the mirror’s physique. “I was hoping it would be a bit brighter, but hey, for the price, it’s definitely worth it.”

Keara, a beauty enthusiast can’t get enough of DERMALLURA’s Hollywood lighted makeup mirror. “The only problem is the noise when it’s plugged in but all other factors, it’s perfect.” 

12. FITNATE 22-LED Brighter Hollywood Mirror: Best Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror 

FITNATE’s 22-LED big lighted makeup mirror with many features is extremely durable and is made from premium-grade materials.

This tri-fold mirror can easily be magnified by 2x, 3x, up to 10x, and it’s clear to the extent that you barely need to lean forward to see it.

The product also contains an extra storage tray at the bottom part that is built-in and part of the complete package.

It’s designed to have two (2) power supply modes (one battery and one for electrical outlets), giving you the flexibility and portability option.

Many users also enjoyed the 180-degree swivel feature of the mirror. This can offer you the perfect viewing angle without effort.

Features of FITNATE 22-LED Brighter Hollywood Mirror

What We Liked About FITNATE 22-LED Brighter Hollywood Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About FITNATE 22-LED Brighter Hollywood Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The product blew up, it was even sold in Walmart! 

GinsengGoody, a customer who purchased was amazed at the triple-viewing capability. She said that she even uses the mirror to remove facial hair. “This is a 5-star glamour mirror, me and my daughters love it.” 

From Jude, a verified purchaser of the product, commended the color, lighting, and even the variations of the different sides of the mirror. “I love everything about it. The only thing would be the USB cord – it’s too short.” 

#13 Glamcor Brilliant Mirror: Best For Adjustable Brightness and Color 

glamcor mirror

Dubbed as the perfect Hollywood large lighted makeup mirror for professionals, Glamcor truly knows what’s up.

The mirror is as sleek as it can be and is fully adjustable and modifiable. The ultra-clear glass and the idea of it being frameless give this vanity mirror a sophisticated feeling.

The product guarantees “enhanced morning and nighttime routines,” thanks to its crisp and high-quality reflection. The size is also something you’ll need because of its large viewing area. 

Whether you want it to be mounted on top of your table or on the wall, you’ll be able to do so! 

Features of Glamcor Brilliant Mirror

What We Liked About Glamcor Brilliant Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About Glamcor Brilliant Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

Customers who purchased the Glamcor Brilliant Mirror weren’t all makeup fanatics. There were some that used it for detailed and thorough shaving, as well as facial grooming.

Donna D., a Glamcor customer, who is also a tattoo artist, was evidently happy about the mirror that she’d recommend it to a friend. “It’s the perfect mirror for both lighting during the day and during the night.”  

Justine B., another user who bought the mirror said that it exceeded her expectations. She said it’s worth the investment, “I would recommend it to a friend, I am in love and it exceeded my expectations.” 

#14 WONSTART Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror: Best For Nighttime Application 

wonstart mirror

Landing second place after the most popular Chende large vanity mirror is WONSTART’s pride. Their big lighted makeup mirror has all of what you need.

The LED bulbs have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, offering a 5000K warm color temperature and a 6000K light color temperature.

It has a 10X magnifying mirror, offering a zoomed-in feature without the need to be closer to the mirror. It’s equipped with a touch button for the color mode, as well as the adjustment of the brightness.

Use it as a wall mounted makeup mirror or place it on top of a dresser or a dressing table –you choose!

You’ll literally fall in love with the mirror. Add the fact that the frame is made out of aluminum, and you won’t be troubled if you care about longevity and durability.

wonstart mirror

Features of WONSTART Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror

What We Liked About WONSTART Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror

What We Didn’t Like About WONSTART Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

A lot of customer testimonials revolve around the size of the mirror, as well as the brightness levels of the vanity mirror’s replaceable bulbs. Overall, the comments and feedback of people who purchased it leaned more on the positive side than the negative.

Dominic Brugge, one customer wrote that he was so pleased with the lighting and that it looked so chic. He said that he wasn’t really the “commenting” type but he did anyway to help everyone out. 

Su3, another user who bought it expressed her happiness with the product because the lighting’s right and the controls are easy. “It’s so perfect that my teenage stepdaughter is trying to take it away from me.” 

#15 Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror with Lights: Best Bluetooth Lighted Vanity Mirror 

fenair mirror

If you are looking for a large lighted tabletop makeup mirror that has multiple functions and add-on, Fenair’s large light mirror could be one of your best choices.

Unlike other mirrors in this list, you wouldn’t really need to assemble it, it’ll come as it is and you’ll just have to mount it. It comes with a detachable base and can be used by being hung onto the wall mount.

It’s also a Bluetooth speaker makeup mirror, where you can play your favorite songs! It is ideal for saving a lot of space and is designed to be placed anywhere!

Here’s a quick review of Fenair’s Hollywood lighted makeup mirror equipped with a Bluetooth feature:  

Fenair’s Bluetooth makeup mirror with lights also offers three (3) different lighting options –cool lights, warm lights, and natural light settings.  

Features of Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror with Lights

What We Liked About Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror with Lights

What We Didn’t Like About Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror with Lights

User Reviews/Product Testimonials

The majority of users who purchased it loved the mirror, and their feedback were mostly about the “feel” and the “type of vibe” that the mirror gave.

Carlos & Ale, a user who thought that the product was great, but not perfect because the lighting is too dim. “Overall, for what it is, it’s a solid 10.” 

S.A., another user said that she was 100% pleased with the mirror. It works perfectly like how she imagines. “Before , I find it challenging to look for good lighting around the house, when doing my makeup; but with it, it’s perfect.” 

FAQs About Large Lighted Makeup Mirrors

In case you still need information or have questions, here are some of the most asked questions about large lighted makeup mirrors.

What to Look For in Lighted Makeup Mirrors?

In choosing a lighted makeup mirror, you need to consider the light source, temperature, size, and rotational ability of the mirror.

These are the things that will be of primary help for the application of your makeup. Vanity mirrors with replaceable bulbs will help too!

What’s the Highest Magnification For a Makeup Mirror?

The highest magnification of makeup mirrors would be 20X. Some say there are magnifying mirrors that can go as high as 30X.

These magnifying mirrors are for intricate detail and for makeup artists who yearn for perfection in their craft.

Are LED Lights Best For Applying Makeup?

Yes, LED lights are the best for makeup application because it is the type of light that can give a more natural and a more organic look. LED lights can achieve this without wearing you out.

Hope That Helps You Choose a Fantastic Lighted Makeup Mirror!

Knowing what the best large lighted makeup mirrors are in the market is essential. And while there are countless brands offering what seems like similar features, our list should be enough to help you.

So, if you’re on the fence and can’t decide which vanity mirror to go with, go back to this list and make the most out of your experience. Let us know in the comments which one you like or choose! 


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