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Best Oil for Straightening Hair 2020 – a Complete Buyers Guide

When you straighten your hair, you end up with a soft, shiny, sleek, and straight hairstyle that makes you look incredibly well put together and stylish in almost anything.

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But such an alluring and glamorous hairdo comes with a great price; your hair is at a very high risk of suffering from unrepairable burns and getting damaged from the high amount of heat you apply to straighten them perfectly.

Now, are you thinking about how to rock luscious straightened locks without causing any harm to them?

The answer is using hair oils.

Yes! You read that right. The right oil can not only protect your manes from the heat of a flat iron but can also revive and rejuvenate your damaged hair and make it look healthier.

And in this article, we go over the Best Oils for Straightening Hair so that you find just the right one for you.


A Quick Overview of Our Top Favorite Oils for Straightening Hair

Before talking about the hair straightening oils, let’s have a glance at our top picks to get an initial idea about them.

Best Oil for Before Straightening Hair

RankProductPicture Price
Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
Check Price
Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil - Small INS401A$$

Best Oil for After Straightening Hair

RankProductPicture Price
Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Check Price
Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Small INS401A$$
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics
Check Price
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics - Small INS401A$

Hair Straightening Oils Buying Guide

What are Oils for Straightening Hair?

In simple words, these are any oils used at any stage of the hair straightening process.

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Putting on hair oil is extremely important because it not only maintains the health and appurtenance of your tresses but, at the same time, also helps to revitalize your scalp for active hair growth.

There are several different oils available in the market to treat your hair with. Still, not all of them are suitable for straightening purposes.  This is because every hair oil has distinctive properties that work differently on the scalp and hair.  That’s why you have to be careful and make sure you do your research on hair oils before you buy one for your hair straightening routine.

When Should You Apply Oil in the Straightening Hair Process?

There is a common saying that applying oil before or after hairstyling will ruin the hairdo and make your hair look flat, limp, and lackluster, but this is a misconception. In fact, you should massage oil on your hair regularly to not only make it strong, silky, and smooth; but also to protect them from the harsh heat you apply while straightening them. Therefore, you should start using suitable oils for both before and after hair straightening to take care of your manes.

Applying Oil Before Straightening Hair

Can You apply Oil Before Straightening your hair?

Applying Oil Before Straightening Hair

This a widespread question amongst hair enthusiasts as there are many debates around whether you should put oil on your tresses just before styling.  Let us set the record straight once and for all: yes, you can apply oil to your hair locks just before ironing them. However, you have to be attentive and choosy because not all hair oils are suitable for the “before hair straightening” regime.  Certain natural oils can actually fry your precious manes and cause damage as soon as the straightening iron comes in contact with them.

Hence, you must find the right oil that the hair experts recommend applying to your tresses before flat ironing them.

Which Type of Oil is the Best for Your Hair Before Straightening Hair?

According to several celebrated hair experts, Argan oil is the best option to put on your hair right before the hair straightening session.

The reason behind choosing argan oil over any other hair oil is quite simple; this natural essential oil extracted from the Moroccan argan tree’s kernel is rich in vitamins (especially Vitamin E), minerals, and antioxidants. These not only make your manes softer and more manageable but at the same time also nourishes the hair strands inside and out to protect them from any heat burns and hot spots.

Furthermore, as this highly nutritious oil is incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t make your manes flat and sticky and hence, acts perfectly fine as a heat protectant for the styling session.

Another essential feature of this natural oil, which makes it perfect for heat styling, is that it has a high smoke or burning point (the heat level at which the oil starts producing a continuous blue smoke). The high burning point ensures that your hair can tolerate up to 400° F of heat when the oil is applied.  Other oils can tolerate a maximum 300° F before breaking down. So, argan oil allows you to style your hair without exposing it to any unnecessary harm and damages.

One more reason for favoring argan oil over any other hair oils (with a low burning point) “before hair straightening” is that these oils tend to produce huge amounts of free radicals, flammable gases, and other harmful chemicals when they reach their smoke point.  This has the potential to cause disastrous results on your manes if you apply them before using any hot styling tools for gorgeous hairstyles.

Applying Oil After Hair Straightening

To keep ourselves stylish and presentable, we often adopt decking up our hair locks with versatile styles regularly.  Still, many times we forget that styling our tresses with hot tools might cause un-repairable damage and severe hair fall.

Below we talk in-depth about the causes and signs of damages that our tresses suffer from hair straightening, how the right oil can eliminate these damages, and the best oils for after straightening hair.

The Causes and Signs of Damage after Straightening Hair

Some of the most common signs of hair damage that one might suffer due to straightening their manes regularly are:

Dryness, Frizz & Breakage

Damaged Hair - V2 Sep

When you apply high heat daily to your hair, you might not realize that the heat stripes out the moisture and nourishment from your manes, making them extremely dry, frizzy, and incredibly prone to breakage.

These are the early signs of heat damage and can be treated if you take care of your delicate locks properly.

Extremely Sensitive & Fragile Hair

Another side effect of taking the moisture out of your hair strands due to constantly straightening them is that your hair cortex becomes dangerously damaged, which in turn makes your manes super sensitive and weak. These hair conditions then result in pre-mature hair fall and might lead to baldness if not addressed in time.

Split Ends

Split Ends - V1 Sep

It is common knowledge that fragile, weak tresses result in split ends. Split ends occur when your hair strands start breaking down from the middle (because of lack of nourishment) and causes the ends to split in two, resulting in an uneven and brittle look.

Split ends clearly indicate that your tresses are not healthy and strong and need immediate attention.

Itchy, Unhealthy Scalp

We have mentioned earlier that applying high heat to your manes regularly for styling purposes has disastrous effects, including damaging your hair follicles.  The impairment of hair follicles leads to a decrease in the production of the scalp’s natural oils and nourishment, making the scalp overly dry, flaky, and extremely itchy.

An itchy scalp is not only unhealthy and disturbing but can also contribute to hair fall and a decrease in hair growth.

Which Type of Oil is the Best for Your Hair After Straightening Hair?

To rid your hair of the above mentioned issues and make it as healthy and shiny as before, we would suggest you include coconut oil in your daily hair care routine. Massaging this natural oil on your tresses (fine, thick natural, or curly) repairs itchy scalps, brittle hair, split ends, and damaged and broken hair strands while also promoting growth.

Coconut oil is super rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These nutrients promote and maintain healthy hair and scalp.  The fatty acids assist the oil in penetrating deeply into the scalp (for a supple and soft scalp skin).  Simultaneously, the carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals improve the hair texture by adding moisture and nourishment.

Now you might be wondering why we prefer simple coconut oil over other fancy oils for the “after hair straightening care”?

Other oils like Baobab Oil, Almond oil, Marula Oil, and Jojoba Oil are great for solving specific damaged hair problems, such as splits ends, itchy scalp, and hair loss.  However, they are not sufficient to help you tackle all these problems at once, as each of these oils solves a specific issue.

If you have an itchy scalp and want to grow your manes quickly, then you should adopt baobab oil, like the Renewalize USDA Certified Organic Baobab Oil, in your hair care routine to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.

On the other hand, to get rid of flaky skin from your scalp, then almond oil is the best option, and we would recommend the Pure Body Naturals Sweet Almond Oil for Hair and Skin as it is full of vitamins E, A, and B and works wonder on your head skin.

If you are suffering from extreme hair breakage with splits ends due to over-styling, we suggest you using marula oil regularly (this The Ordinary 100% Cold-pressed Virgin Marula Oil would be an excellent choice for you) to make your hair presentable again.

Lastly, to get rid of dry, frizzy hair with flyaways, opt for jojoba oil like this Cliganic USDA 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil. It is an excellent remedy to treat dryness of tresses and will make them smooth and manageable again.

The Features to Look for in an Oil for Straightening Hair

Let’s look at the features you must look for while buying hair oil for your hair care regime.

100% Pure & Organic

When hair oil is pure and organic, it simply means that no other oils or extracts were added and that it is derived from plants, seeds, or fruits grown by farmers without using any pesticides or chemicals.

We favor pure and organic oils for damaged tresses because these oils do not have any harmful substances in them that would cause further damage to your hair. Also, since they are free from synthetic materials, organic oils are the safest option to put on your hair locks to treat hair damage and maintain a healthy scalp.

Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are extracted from the oil seeds by applying pressure on them at a normal temperature level.  Since many nutrients are lost when extracting the oil from the seed at hot temperatures, manufacturers opt for the cold press to preserve the oil purity.  Even though cold-pressed oils are obtained mechanically, there is zero use of artificial chemical treatments to maintain the end product’s benefits. During the cold pressing process, the heat never exceeds the room temperature (never rises above 120°F).   This ensures that the oil preserves the natural anti-oxidants and nutrient-rich properties of oilseeds.

On the other hand, the hot-pressed oils go through a multi-stage refining process at a very high temperature, making more than a few changes in the chemical composition of the fatty acids and degrade the anti-oxidants of the oil.

Hair experts always prefer and recommend “cold-pressed” hair oils because they are purer and healthier than other oils.  They act wonders on your manes without much effort.

No Preservatives, Fragrance or Fillers

Preservatives, fragrance, and fillers are artificial synthetic materials added to hair oils to elevate the cost.   In reality, these added chemicals are not at all beneficial for your hair strands.  Therefore we suggest you stay away from oils that contain those components.

Best Oils For Straightening Hair

Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Check Price on Amazon

Ranking Position: #1 Our Opinion: Top Preference for Before Straightening Hair

We suggest applying argan oil just before styling as it acts as a heat protectant.  There is no match to this Majestic Moroccan Argan Oil when it comes to shielding your delicate hair strands from the blazing heat of a flat iron. Hence, we considered this amazing hair oil as the best to apply on your tresses before the hair straightening session.

Aside from its capability to shield your manes from the high heat of your styling tools, some of the many amazing features that helped it to top the list are:

Majestic obtained this “liquid gold” from 100% organic Moroccan Argan seeds to ensure that no chemicals or insecticides were added, making the extracted oil is 100% pure and natural. When the oil is purer, it tends to be super lightweight and non-greasy (the weight and greasiness increase when other components are added).

Additionally, pure argan oil has a high smoking point, protecting your hair strands from burning down from the iron’s high heat. Still, when other ingredients are added to it, the burning point significantly goes down, and your tresses are at the risk of suffering from heat burns and damages easily.

Majestic also assured top quality and highest purity by making a conscious decision of not adding any preservatives, paraben, fragrances, and fillers to this magic oil.

Furthermore, as this extraordinary hair oil was collected using the “cold-pressed” technique, all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients of the argan seeds remain. This allows you to enjoy silky, smooth, and healthy hair locks even after straightening them using super high heat.

Besides protecting your manes from heat, the natural nutrients and antioxidants also penetrate the scalp and help moisturize your hair strands from the inside to result in healthier tresses without any roughness, frizziness, or split ends.

Additional Features

  • Comes with a dropper for super easy application
  • Provides supreme protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • The dark glass bottle of the oil helps to maintain the quality as well as the nutrients.
  • Never tested on animals to ensure animal rights.
  • Can also be used on the skin for moisturization and glow

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Check Price on Amazon

Ranking Position: #2 Our Opinion: Top Choice for After Straightening Hair

With more than 15000 reviews on Amazon.com, this extra virgin coconut oil proved its worth to its users and secured the top position in our list because of its amazing features to treat damaged hair locks and bring back the life in them.

The incredible purity level ensures top quality nourishment and benefits. Viva Naturals used only fresh organic (chemical and pesticide-free) coconuts to obtain this oil and didn’t infuse any other ingredient or extracts for a fancy appearance.  The result?  Customers get 100% pure coconut oil for the best moisturization and treatment for damaged hair.

Another advantage of organic coconut oil is that, as it is free from any chemicals and free radicals, there are zero chances that it would react with the delicate skin of your scalp and cause any virus or fungal infections. Also, it soothes the itchy scalp for a more relaxed and calm feeling.

Furthermore, this “extra virgin” natural oil (oil that is extracted from fresh meat of coconuts) contains more “free fatty acids” than refined oils and makes sure that your dry hair enjoys more nourishment and nutrients for quick recovery. Additionally, this oil hydrates and penetrates extremely deep into your hair follicle for the best results, but it doesn’t make the tresses look greasy or sticky.  After using this product, you will find yourself with soft and manageable hair.

Viva Naturals extracted this nutrient-rich coconut oil using the “cold-pressed” method to ensure that the anti-oxidant and nutritional factors remain intact.  This way, your damaged (or chemically treated) hair locks enjoy more benefits from the oil, which results in a dazzling appearance.

One more incredible fact about this organic hair oil is that it doesn’t have any added fragrance, preservatives, fillers, or other components that alter its nutritional balance.  This product already comes with a very refreshing coconut aroma that derives entirely from its natural components and no artificial chemicals.

Additional Features

  • Can also be used for skin care and cooking purpose
  • Comes in a wide-mouth jar for ease of use
  • USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO to ensure the highest quality
  • It is KETO and Paleo-friendly for added convenience.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

Check Price on Amazon

Ranking Position: #3 Our Opinion: Second Choice for After Straightening Hair

Another top favorite coconut oil to completely take care of damaged hair locks is the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Sky Organics. Because of its amazing components and its ability to heal dry, frizzy, breakable tresses quickly, it didn’t take much time to become a fan-favorite and secure a place on our list.

Keeping in mind people’s special needs with rough, damaged hair, Sky Organics obtained this oil from freshly grounded organic coconut meat, free from chemicals and pesticides. This 100% pure and organic oil delivers excellent quality hydration and moisturization to your distressed manes.   By applying this product from Sky Organics, you will gain enough nourishment and nutrition to repair heat damage and obtain a head full of healthy and strong hair locks.

Additionally, as this natural oil does not contain any chemicals or free radicals, there is absolutely zero possibility that there will be any reaction that might cause further problems or harm to your already damaged hairs or scalp.

Moreover, to ensure the best quality oil for your heat burnt tresses, Sky Organics used the revolutionary “cold-pressed” technique to obtain this oil to preserve the natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutritional components.

Finally, this nutrient-rich hair oil does not incorporate any fragrance, preservatives, or any other additives to maintain its purity and unrefined nature.

Additional Features

  • Cruelty-free and never tested on any animals
  • USDA Certified Organic for the best quality oil
  • This oil is Kosher to make it suitable for every potential user.
  • It can be used for cooking and skincare purposes also.
  • Comes in BPA free plastic jar to ensure maximum safety
  • Safe to use on baby’s also

Our Final Thoughts

There you have it! The best oil types and brands after doing extensive research and reviews. These products are the best in their respective categories, and you can actually protect or repair your hair by using them regularly. The good news is that the oils are also reasonably priced! So there is no reason not to invest in them when they have so many health benefits.


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