Curling Iron Vs Flat Iron: What’s Best for Stunning Curls?

lady holding a flat iron but Can you use a flat iron to curl your hair ?

If you’re obsessed with hairstyling like me, you’ll want a way to create perfect curls for yourself. Let’s compare two hair curling methods: curling iron vs. flat iron. Did you know some of the first commonly used curling irons were heated over gas burners, before the invention of electricity,  causing people burns and hair damage? … Read more

Do Hair Straighteners Damage Hair? Tips to Avoid Hair Damage

Keeping my hair looking good and styling it is important to me, and I love my straighteners. The thing is, I’m often worried about the potential damage they could do to my hair. So, do hair straighteners damage hair? Hair straighteners can damage hair, and this is because the heat from them can cause it … Read more

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last? (+ Tips to Maintain)

women getting keratin treatment but how long do keratin treatments last

My hair is really important to me, and I’m sure yours is as well. I want to keep it in the best possible condition, so I started looking into keratin treatment. But how long do keratin treatments last? Keratin hair treatments tend to last between three and five months, which can depend on a number … Read more