The Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas for a Double Vanity

Are you looking for excellent bathroom mirror ideas for a double vanity? I have a round-up of the best ideas for an impeccable renovation to inspire you.

Well-designed bathroom mirrors further boost the relaxing atmosphere of the sacred place that’s the bathroom (1).

Here are ideas to help you achieve that soothing atmosphere.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t specifically need two mirrors if you have a double vanity.
  • There are many mirror shapes that can work with double vanities.

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7 Mirror Designs for a Double Vanity Bathroom

If you have a double vanity, standard style rules dictate that you have two mirrors for each vanity.

You could still use a single mirror, though. There are many options, so how do you ensure you have standout pieces above your double bathroom sink?

Here are the best bathroom mirror ideas for a double vanity to try.

1. A Large Single Mirror

If you have plenty of space and don’t mind sharing mirror space, this is the best idea to try.

A single mirror will add a sense of being in a larger space unmatched by small dual mirrors.

Alternatively, you could center the mirror and leave enough wall space for light fixtures or other decorations.

2. Rectangle Double Mirrors

It’s tempting getting one large mirror that could cover the entire length of a double sink. But most double sinks look better with dual mirrors.

large bathroom mirror

Two rectangular mirrors could help in that regard. This is usually the most common bathroom mirror idea for double sinks in a traditional bathroom.

Choosing this design means less competition for reflection space and extra wall space for other decorations.

3. Two Square Mirrors

Square mirrors are an easy substitute for rectangular mirrors. They are also easier to place on dual medicine cabinets above the bathroom vanity.

Backlit Mirrors on the bathroom

You won’t need to worry much about how many inches narrower or broader they are. There’s no difference between them and rectangular mirrors.

4. Oval or Circle Mirrors

If space isn’t a problem, oval or circular mirrors are also excellent for double bathroom vanities.

The bathroom design will, however, have a lot to do with whether the oval mirror design will be a good fit. You could have an antique mirror if you don’t want a modern bathroom.

5. A Single Amorphous Bathroom Mirror

You don’t always have to stick to conventional shapes. An asymmetrical mirror could also stamp your personal style in your personal space.

An amorphous shape could be an excellent idea if you love artistic mirrors. They also won’t need too many inches of space.

6. Double Hanging Mirrors

Again, if you are short on inches of space in your bathroom, hanging mirrors could nail it. The mirrors can have any basic shape, though they’ll have to be relatively small.

7. Tilted Mirrors

Depending on the bathroom features, you can add tilted mirrors to boost the design aesthetics further.

If you can get two tilted frameless mirrors and hang them in a tilted position above the sinks, you’ll see what I’m talking of.

All seven ideas will work perfectly. It all comes down to your preference. Check out this video for a clear look at some bathroom mirror ideas for double vanities.


1. Can I Have A Single Bathroom Vanity Mirror For A Double Vanity?

women checking mirror but how to know which mirror is accurate

Yes, you can. Nothing should stop you from experimenting. So, try having a large mirror on your double vanity.

2. What Do I Put Between Two Mirrors In A Bathroom?

If there is enough usable space for separate mirrors, you could add bathroom fixtures such as lighting, a vase, or even a smaller mirror. Lighting fixtures will add lots of beauty.

3. Is There Something Like Too Many Mirrors In A Bathroom?

Yes, there’s something like too many mirrors in a bathroom. It’s best to have a maximum of two mirrors. Too many accent pieces can overpower the room, even if they are beautiful mirrors.


With these bathroom mirror ideas for a double vanity, the design you choose will most likely work.

A single brass piece could still look as good as two bold pieces. You can get two beautiful statement pieces that will work perfectly for the double sink.

Just ensure you choose something that’ll work for you. If it doesn’t, well, you can always change the look.

Do you have any other bathroom mirror ideas for double vanities? Share them with us in the comments below.

bathroom mirrors for double vanity


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