How to Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair Flawlessly

Wondering how to do a curly hair blowout for men?

A blowout is essential for men with curly hair to maintain their hair in order and have a good hair day.

Stick around as I discuss how I have been managing my curls efficiently with a simple blow dry routine.

Let’s dive in!

A man in sunglasses showing his curly hair after curly hair blowout men

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How to blow dry men’s curly hair (tutorial) 

From setting the groundwork with the right shampoo to caring for your curly hair blowout after you’re done, I’ve covered all of the steps below.

Items required 

Here’s a list of things required to blow dry your curly hair; 

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner 
  • A coarse comb 
  • A heat protectant spray 
  • A hairdryer with a  diffuser
  • A styling mousse or spray (optional)

Time needed 

This can vary from person to person, but if you make it a part of your daily routine, you can go through the whole process in a maximum of 20 minutes. 

1- Wash with a Good Shampoo Made for Curly Hair

As with any blowout, you’ll need to start the procedure by washing your hair.

There are special shampoos and conditioners available in the market that better suit curly hair. Or you can simply use your regular shampoo and conditioner.

I would suggest you use the former as I have been using them, and the results are far better in that case. They are specially designed to solve the problems of curly hair.

As curly hair tends to get drier than straight hair, your hairs need a shampoo that moisturizes and does not wash away the natural oils from your hair. These products can help to reduce hair frizz and smoothen the strands [1].

Shampoo your hair, wash it clean, and then put on the conditioner. Leave it on for a minute (or more, if you have really dry hair). Rinse it off with water afterward. 

Easy peasy, right? One note: if you have really oily hair in general, you can actually reverse the process and use conditioner first.

Nope, I’m not kidding. Try it! Your hair will still be soft and manageable but without all of the gunk that conditioner can leave behind.

man washing his hair thoroughly

2-Dry Your Hair with a Towel 

If your hair is wet when you’re blow-drying, the machine will use more heat and damage your hair.

That is why it is essential to soak your hair properly with a towel. Remember to be gentle while drying your hair. Wet hair is brittle, and being harsh can damage your hair [2].  

As hairstylist experts at Paul Mitchell explain, “Allow hair to air-dry at least halfway before turning on the dryer. This cuts down on the amount of time hair is exposed to heat, lessening the chances of damage.”

Take a soft towel and gently rub off the water from your hair or pat your hair dry. You can also opt for a cotton t-shirt to blot your hair.

This is a much gentler way of drying your hair than vigorously rubbing it with a towel and obviously results in much less damage to your hair. 

3- Detangle with a wide-toothed comb

Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your curls. Do not use a fine-toothed comb as they will get stuck with your freshly washed hair and damage them.

On the other hand, a coarse comb will detangle your hair without causing any damage to the hair. 

It is always a good idea to use a heat protectant spray on your hair before blowing it dry. This protects your hair from the damage that the heat can cause.    

4- Blow-dry 

For Blow-drying your hair, I would recommend you to use a diffuser. A diffuser is a hairdryer attachment. It helps the air disperse over a  larger area.

Hair Dryers come with a concentrator nozzle; they direct the airflow to a smaller area, increasing the chances of hair damage due to the heat.

On the other hand, a diffuser disperses air to a larger area and minimizes the risk of hair damage due to the heat. The diffusers also give a bouncy and voluminous look to your curls.    

Use the diffuser attachment with your blow dryer in a medium to a low-temperature setting. Do not use the dryer at the maximum setting; this will do more harm than good.    

Since this step will vary depending on how you want your hair to look when you’re done, here are a few great video tutorials that will help.

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Styling curly hair with a diffuser

Frizz-Free Men’s Haircare Routine

How to blowdry men’s natural curly hair:


You can choose to leave your hair all-natural after blow-drying, but it is better to use a styling product or a spray to maintain your blowout hairstyle throughout the day. 

A lightweight product gives the best look to your hair without causing buildup and provides a soft finish to your hair.

Watch this video for some great tips:

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Things to consider when you blow-dry men’s curly hair 

Now that we’ve gone over the steps, let’s just quickly go over a few tips.

Work with the hair you Have

As Wendy Lewis, author of Hair Affair, says, “half the battle is learning how to work with the hair you have been given.”

Knowing your curly hair is different and requires special care is an advantage. This will help you with any hairstyle you have.

Curly hair is drier than normal hair. This means you shouldn’t use just any shampoo.

A picture of a male with nice curly hair after blowing

Special Care 

The secret to a well-coiffed hairstyle for men with curly hair is to choose hair products that don’t strip your hair of natural oil and suit your hair type. Instead, it should moisturize your hair so that the frizz and curls are manageable.       

 “It also absorbs light rather than reflects it, so it doesn’t tend to look as ‘shiny’ as straight hair would,” says Guy Parsons, celebrity hairdresser, and trichologist. So, your hair will end up looking dull for no excuse of yours.     

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look good with your natural curls. Some points you can keep in mind to make sure you manage your curls to look like James Franco (okay, not exactly like him, but you get the idea);

  • Never use the blow dry at maximum heat setting
  • Always use a protectant spray before blow-drying
  • Prefer a coarse comb over a fine-toothed one 
  • Always get a hairstyle on dry hair 
  • In humid weather, use products that create a protective layer. 

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Do blowouts damage curly hair?

Not if you use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying. Other than protecting your hair from damage, it also provides nourishment to your hair.  

How do you ask a barber for a blowout?

If you want a blowout haircut, ask your barber to keep the hair at the top longer, at least three inches, and a taper fade at the neck, temple, and sideburns. 

Can you get a blowout with curly hair?

man flipiing his curly hair

Yes, you definitely can. You’ll just have to take proper care in order to achieve or maintain the results from the blowout.  

How long does a blowout last?

It depends on the type of products you use and your hair growth. Typically, the taper fade can last three to four weeks. 


Blow-drying men’s curly hair doesn’t have to be a complex, time-consuming process. Following the proper procedure can make the task simpler and provide you with a bouncy, voluminous hairstyle. Also, the appropriate approach protects your natural hair from damage in the long run.   


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man with super curly hair so how do you do Curly Hair Blowout Men

Do you have more tips on how to do a curly hair blowout for men easily? Let us know in the comments below!