How to Blow Out Natural Hair with Relaxer (Steps & Tips)

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Want to learn how to blow out natural hair with relaxer? Whether you’re looking to spruce up your hair with a straight-looking style or tie it up for a sexy ponytail, blowing out your hair with a relaxer is exactly what you need.

But what do you need and how do you get started? Prepare yourself as I show you how to blow out your natural hair with relaxers.

Preparation tips on how to not damage hair When blow drying with a relaxer

You can go from curly hair [1] to straight hair easily with a chemical relaxer and a hot tool. Here’s what you will need to make sure you have a successful blowout with the least hair damage.

#1 Use Heat protectant

Always, always apply a heat protectant [2] to protect your hair cuticles from the damage caused by a blow dryer. You can get a heat-protectant spray or a heat-protecting serum depending on your preference.

Here’s a video on the best heat protectants.

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Make sure to get the product all over your hair to keep it protected.

#2 Apply protective gel on the scalp

A protective gel assures that your scalp is protected from damage while undergoing the blowout process. It creates a barrier between your scalp and the chemicals thus protecting it from the harmful effects of a chemical process.

Ashanti Lation, celebrity hair stylist and founder of VIP Luxury Hair Care [3] says, “Natural hair is not stronger than other hair textures. It is really delicate and needs to be treated as such.”

#3 Use your blowdryer on medium

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the highest setting in your blow dryer to achieve a better than average blowout. It may take longer for your hair to style, but using your dryer on medium heat is best for your hair health.

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How to Blow Out Natural Hair With Relaxer in 5 Steps

 Now that we’ve covered the basics of blowing out your natural hair, let’s get started with the main deed.

1. Section your hair into several parts

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Use hairbands or hair clips to part your hair into several sections. I usually part mine into four even sections.

But if you have extra thick hair, you may make more than that. The more sections you have, the better you apply your relaxer.

2. Get nasty with the protective gel

Start applying tons of protective gel to your scalp. This should be fairly easy since you have tied all your hair with the hair bands or clips to keep them sectioned.

If you don’t have protective gel, Vaseline or any petroleum jelly does the job pretty well as well as preventing scalp burns [4]. 

3. In comes the relaxer

Here comes the fun part and the most tedious as well. Start with a relaxer of your choice and your preferred hair section. I usually start at the back because that’s the hardest part to get and it’s best to finish that before my arms are tired.

I usually start at the roots while trying to avoid the scalp, of course! So I go from the roots and work my way down to the end.

Some stylists start at the middle and apply the relaxer at the ends and roots later. I personally find that to be a tad bit difficult and stick to roots to ends since that works best for me!

Leave the relaxer in the hair for about 10 minutes and no longer than that. Anything longer and you damage your hair strands, you don’t want that!

4. Wash

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Shampoo and condition your hair with cool water and wash off all the products.

5. Blow dry your hair

And now we start applying hot air to our strands with the best hair dryer. Make sure to use it on medium. Also, don’t forget to use a heat protectant before you start blasting the hot air.

I like to use a paddle brush while drying my hair to give it some extra fluff. It gives me tons of volume and keeps my hair looking fresh and natural.

When you’re done, spray some hairspray if you want or leave it as it is. You’re done!

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s a step-by-step video to help you out!

Things / Extra tips to get the best results

1. Do not wash your hair before application

Never start the relaxing process [3] with freshly washed hair. The hair needs some time to ‘rest’ before the chemical process and freshly washed hair will not provide the necessary time required before the procedure.

Hairstylists suggest you wait at least a week before the application of a relaxer. Kim Kimble, celebrity hair stylist and blowout expert says, “Washing your hair before getting a relaxer can cause scalp irritation.

You also should not have a lot of product in your hair before getting a relaxer.”

2. Do not overprocess the hair

Always have the timer on to ensure that you don’t leave the relaxer on your hair for longer than usual. A longer than usual processing time can cause excessive hair breakage and burning.

3. Relaxing for short hair

The process for relaxing on short hair is the same but sectioning the hair may be a tad bit difficult. Make sure to apply petroleum jelly or a protective layer on the scalp before starting.

Leave the relaxer for three to ten minutes depending on your hair texture. Here’s a video that shows you relaxing on short hair.


How do you keep relaxed hair blow out?

Relaxers alter the natural texture of your hair and the results may vary from person to person. However, you can expect the relaxers to stay up to five days. Keeping away from humidity, wearing a scarf, and using dry shampoo can prolong the effects.

Can I blow out my relaxed hair?

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Yes, you can definitely learn how to blow out natural hair with relaxer at home to get a successful blowout. However, it is best to not overdo it more than once a week to keep your hair healthy. 

How often should you relax hair?

Hairstylists recommend an eight to ten-week gap per processing to lessen hair loss and hair breakage. That should give your damaged hair enough time to heal itself and prepare you for the next round of the chemical process.

Is Blow out the same as relaxer?

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A blowout is not the same as a relaxer. Blowouts fall under Keratin treatments meant to be used as a smoothing treatment to help ease frizz and damage in your natural hair. The results of the smoothening last for up to 12 weeks.


It’s great to go natural but going natural and setting your hair may take a lot of time. I hope learning how to blow out natural hair with relaxer comes in handy.

Relaxing is a great way to introduce some versatility to your styling. You can do so much with your hair once it’s relaxed and straight. Just make sure to not overdo it and let your hair breathe from time to time!

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