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The Everything Guide to Keratin Treatments

Whatever style you have done to your hair, a silky, shiny and smooth hair is not comparable to anything. You may have sleek, shiny hair by using hair straightener or some hair products, but these are not any permanent process or solution.

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The shines will go disappear within a day and you have to apply again the hair products and flat iron your hair the next day. Moreover, there is always the risk of getting your hair damaged and frizzy by using these hair tools and products. So, is there any process that can really make your hair shiny, silky and smooth which will also reduce frizziness or there will be no risk of making your hair frizzy? Or even if you have found one, can you afford it?

Yes, you guess it right. Here in this article today, you will learn everything about keratin treatment you should know before using it. There are lots of mysteries and questions around this treatment and you are going to get all of your answers today regarding that.

First thing first. If you do not know well about it or hearing about the keratin treatment for the first time, first, know what it is actually. Keratin treatment is a chemical process to reduce frizziness from your hair and make it smooth and shiny. It contains protein that is very high in amino acid called “cysteine” which can make your hair tough, elastic, smooth, silky and straight. You may have heard different name around the internet (Brazilian Blowout, Goldwell Kerasilk, Cezanne, etc.). These are actually the names of the different versions of this treatment or chemical process.

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However, keratin can be also found in our hair, skin, and nails. This is a protein which is a key element for building the block for hair, nails, and skin. When the outer layer of it gets damaged, the new cells of your skin, nails, and hair get affected and remain unprotected. So, when it comes about hair, your hair gets dry, brittle, broken, frizzy and damaged very shortly and badly. So, then the keratin treatment is applied to restore the damage and give protection to your hair.

How Does It Work? (the Benefits as Well)

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment actually aims to straighten the hair which is become dull and frizzy. In this treatment, there is used formaldehyde-releasing solution (is not safe 100%), which basically coats the hair cuticles like a shield, while blow-drying or flat ironing your hair. However, this process or the solution can also make your hair straighten, give better hair texture and keep your hair safe from frizz about 3-months.

Keratin treatment also creates a shield against heat and humidity. So, your hair gets less damaged due to the use of hair styling tools that uses heat and remains protected on humid weather. It is a great thing for the girls who want to have trendy styles on their hair as well as cautious about their hair health.

If you are a curly-haired girl, you also do not need to worry about this treatment. A keratin treatment will not take away the curls completely. You can get back your curls with a curling iron or other curling procedures. But whoever opts to stick with straightening hair – this will be great for them as this treatment will cut the straightening time hair.

The Benefits in Short

Are There Any Differences With Chemical Relaxer?

Keratin treatments are different from any other chemical treatments. Unlike a perm or chemical relaxer, keratin does not change the disulfide bonds of your hair rather it is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts around 3 months (which definitely depends on your hair texture).

The ingredients of the chemical relaxer and keratin treatments are also different. The ingredients in chemical relaxer break your hair structure and restructured it from the core to make the hair straighter for a longer time. But the ingredients used in this process (sodium peroxide, potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, and guanidine hydroxide) make the hair weak as well.

Whereas keratin treatments make your hair stronger. By this treatment, the porous parts of your hair get injected with proteins which guard your hair from being damaged and make your hair smoother in the meantime. But after a few months (3-months generally) this protection and treatment wash out gradually and you have to take this treatment again to keep the smoothness and protection of your hair. 

Chemical relaxer is better for them who have curly hair and decides to make their hair straighten. This procedure is not recommended who has very fine or thin hair. So, “strand test” is highly recommended before having a chemical relaxer on your hair. People, who go for a chemical relaxer, must know that it makes their hair dry. So, proper care and the weekly deep conditions are needed. Where keratin treatment gives you ease.

Should You Try This at Home?

Keratin Treatment at Home You can but you should not expect saloon-results. Moreover, to do this treatment at home, you need to buy some right products and make the solution with your own with the proper proportion of each element. Besides, keratin treatments take about two hours to finish the whole process. So, you have to be patient also if you decide to do this at home. And if there is no helping hand, it becomes a really tough job to do with your own at home. However, if you still wish to do this at your home, you need to buy all the products required for this process carefully. Make sure you buy strained silicon, conditioning treatments and all the ingredients from the “ingredients list” given with the keratin treatment packet. Then read the instruction fully. Wash your hair and make it dry according to the instruction. Finally, remember one thing, home version keratin treatment will last about 6-8 weeks, where salon treatment will last about 3-6 months depending on your “after treatment care”. Our suggestion is to try keratin flat iron at home since it is easy to use, safe to use, require less time and also less expensive.

Who Should Avoid It?

First of all, all pregnant women should avoid keratin treatment. After giving birth, you are all okay to take this treatment. Besides, if you are too afraid of your hair health, avoid this treatment as this is a process where a chemical solution is used. You better go for natural hair care and try to avoid applying hot tools on your hair as fewer as you can.

Besides, many people think that this treatment should not be applied to colored hair. Actually, it is wrong. You can absolutely use keratin treatment on your colored hair without doing any harm or risk of damages.

What’s The Cost?

The cost of keratin treatment actually depends on the length of your hair. On average it costs $300-$400 to have this treatment from the saloon. If your hair is very thick or long, the saloon can add $100-$150 onto the treatment. If you do it at home it costs around $150-$200 to complete the whole process.

Finally, is It Safe?

Is Keratin Treatment Safe?

Keratin treatment contains Formaldehyde which is one kind of carcinogen (substance or radiation that promotes the formation of cancer). But the amount of formaldehyde used in keratin treatment is very small, which means no harms to your hair or skin at all. If you are afraid of this or too much cautious about your hair health, you should avoid it and should look for formaldehyde-free treatments. But remember, this will not as effective and long-lasting like the keratin treatment. However, the choice is yours.

Bottom Line

Lots of the women around the world are now taking this keratin treatment and this treatment becomes popular now. We have tried to tell you everything about this treatment and hope you have now fully understood how it works and should you take this treatment or not. However, if you take this treatment, do not let your hair stay without any care. Take you’re your hair for having the longer-lasting effect of this treatment.


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