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Best Keratin Hair Straightener – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for an alternative to the latest trend of Keratin treatment, or simply looking for a flat iron that’ll nourish your hair besides straightening, A Keratin flat iron is all you need.

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A Keratin hair straightener not only tames your dry, dull, brittle hair, but it also resuscitates your hair for the longer term.

In this article, we’ll talk about various aspects of some of the most popular Keratin flat irons, and discuss the goodness they bring along.

Best Keratin Flat Irons at a Glance

After spending more than one-fifty hours in research and various test processes, we’ve gleaned out the best ones for you.

Before we delve into their details, let’s have a quick sneak peek.

La-Brasiliana Professional Titanium Flat Iron
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La-Brasiliana Professional Titanium Flat Iron - Small INS019$$
One-n-Only Brazilian Tech™ Keratin Flat Iron
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One-n-Only Brazilian Tech™ Keratin Flat Iron - Small INS019$$
Remington S8598S Flat Iron
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Remington S8598S Flat Iron - Small INS019$$
Amovee Keratin Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron
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Amovee Keratin Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron - Small INS019$$

Keratin Flat Irons Buying Guide

What Is a Keratin Hair Straightener?

The functionality goes precisely with the name. These flattening irons are equipped with Keratin infused plates. Keratin is the building block protein key for the anatomy of your hair, nails, and skin. This delicate element, once damaged, can affect the new cells beneath your hair by no longer protecting them. It causes hair damage, rough and dry hair, or brittle hair.

Having been infused with Keratin protein, a Keratin hair straightener preserves the natural protein of your hair and locks the moisture. It eliminates frizz and gives your hair a revived look while protecting it from extreme heat settings. With specific properties, the micro Keratin conditioners strengthen your hair for the longer term.

Keratin flat irons hardly lack the functionalities of traditional flat irons. They can be heated as much as your regular flat iron so you can straighten your hair the way you are used to. Besides, their design is pretty much similar as well. The best thing regarding these flat irons is, they suit every hair type. They provide excellent nourishment and revamp your hair texture.

Types of Keratin Flat Irons

There are two types of Keratin flat irons to choose from according to the necessity of your hair. They are as follows.

1. Keratin Flat Irons With Keratin Infused Plates

This is mainly the type by which we define a Keratin flat iron. It’s the type we have already discussed in our previous segment. The plates can be infused with argan oil or different proteins along with Keratin.

Titanium or Ceramic plates are infused with micro conditioners that help resuscitate your hair. They are also great in making your hair look glossy and shiny. These flat irons are excellent alternatives to Keratin treatment.

More details are coming up, stay along with us.

2. Keratin Treatment Protect Flat Irons

This type of hair straightener is hardly different from traditional hair straighteners. They haven’t Keratin infused plates and have all the traits of your regular flat iron. The significance of these flat irons is they protect and preserve Keratin treated hair.

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To further clarify, you’ll need a protective flat iron once you have taken a thorough Keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowdry. In general, your hair retains the effect of such treatments for up to five months. During this period, if you feel like straightening, you’ll have to use a Keratin protect flat iron.

It’s important you always use a protective flat iron for your Keratin treated hair since the regular ones may totally ruin the polished look of your hair. A protective flat iron detects and maintains the extent of heat necessary for your treated hair and protects it from overheating. It also preserves the nutrients beneath the hair strands and prevents damage.

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Profashion Steam Infrared Heat Ceramic Flat Iron and CROC New Classic Flat Iron are among our favorite protective flat irons for Keratin treatment protection. You can also go for Karma Beauty Professional Titanium Hair Straightener if you are short in budget.

Key Differences Between Keratin Flat Irons & Traditional Flat Irons

There are several dissimilarities between Keratin hair straighteners and the traditional straighteners. We have figured them out for you down below.

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Keratin Infusion

You must have understood this difference by now. This dissimilarity undoubtedly tops the list. Traditional flat irons don’t come with Keratin infused plates.

Importance of Plate-material

Flat Iron Heating Plate

Choosing the plate material becomes a vital part when you buy a traditional flat iron. Titanium for thick hair, ceramic for thin, that’s how you usually make the selection.

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For Keratin flat irons, on the other hand, this is hardly an issue. The infused plates hardly affect your hair as long as they’re able to detect the temperature necessary for your hair, no matter the material is titanium or ceramic. However, titanium plates heat up faster with better heat level retention.

Moisture Detection and Lock Functionality

This is one of the core features of Keratin flat irons. It helps balance the moisture levels and protein infusion while also ensuring the consistency of moisturization. In contrast, traditional hair straighteners care a little about the moisture levels of your hair.

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The Advantages

The Disadvantages

The Core Features of a Keratin Infused Hair Straightener

There are some core features you’ll find in Keratin hair straighteners distinguishing their capabilities from others. Down below we have listed the special functionalities. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Keratin Infused Plates

Keratin Infused Plate

Undoubtedly, this is the trait the flat iron is named after. As we have mentioned above, the plates of these flat irons are infused with Keratin protein which allows you to heal and straighten your hair at one go.

This protective protein is less prone to tearing or scratching than the other cell types produced by your body. And it makes up both your hair and skin. As a result, when the hair cuticle absorbs this vital cell element, it strengthens your hair, the root of your hair, and scalp altogether to give you stronger and healthier hair.

So when you take a Keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout straightening, it revitalizes your hair and your scalp. The result lasts long enough as well. No wonder why the trend is becoming more popular day by day.

Since the cost of such treatments is too much to afford, Keratin hair straighteners can be the cheaper alternative you’ll be interested in. They provide your hair with the same protective protein similar to those treatments. They smooth down your overlapping hair cells with each use, and your damaged, dry, frizzy hair heals fast.

In contrast, your hair gets damaged and brittle when it lacks this protein. Besides, this lacking causes rough, cracked scalp.

Optimal Use of Ionic Technology

Ionic technology in flat irons is pretty much the norm. The negative ions are responsible for smoothing your hair strands, reducing the frizz.

You can make the best out of this technology using a Keratin hair straightener. The ions, rich in protein, work faster on your hair than traditional ionic hair straighteners since your scalp absorbs the protein for quick healing.

Working only on strands, ionic hair straighteners without protein infusion cannot smooth down your hard to tame hair strands as fast as Keratin hair straighteners. So you’ll be glad to have this feature in your straightener for quicker results.

Smart Moisture Adjustment

Moisturized Hair

Keratin flat irons boast moisture detection and locking functionality. It’s an important feature for proper nutrition of your hair and precise hair straightening.

When you apply heat on your hair through a regular straightener which lacks such functionality, it heats up your hair regardless of the existing moisture of your hair.

So, if your hair happens to be moistened already, the possibility of burning your hair will be there if you do not adjust the temperature properly. Moreover, even if it doesn’t burn your hair, the natural moisture can be lost, which could result in hard to recover rough and dull hair.

Keratin hair straighteners, on the other hand, with the moisture detection and locking technology along with the temperature auto-lock feature, detect the moisture of your hair.

It then makes sure your hair gets the precise amount of heat and protein infusion required for your hair. As a result, neither remains any risk of burns nor the risk of overly dampened look. Besides, straightening becomes a lot easier.

Temperature Adjustment and Auto-lock

This is a must-have feature for a good protein infusion flat iron. With this feature, a Keratin infused flat iron ensures your hair gets the proper heating without the risk of burns.

This ancillary feature to the smart moisture adjustment system detects and locks the necessary heat to seal the required moisture.

If your protein infused iron lack this feature, it’s possible that your hair gets affected by improper moisture adjustment. So a temperature setting higher than necessary can burn your hair, and a lower setting can disrupt the moisture levels. Both are harmful to your hair.

Quick Heating

Quick Heat Up - V1 Aug

These hair straighteners heat up quicker than every other hair straightener type. It’s an essential feature to have for quick styling for sure. But for a protein-infused flat iron, the feature is even more important for a longer lifespan.

If your Keratin iron takes longer to heat up, suppose a minute, the infused protein ions start evaporating during this period. Despite being a slow process, it makes the protein wane faster in the long run.

A good iron won’t take more than 20 seconds to heat up, saving your time and extending its life.

Plate Protectors

Keratin flat irons or any other protein infused flat irons come with such delicate plates that get easily harmed if not securely stored. The shock sensitive plates break easily with mere knocks. Besides, dust whits mar the infused micro-conditioners undermining their effectiveness if you leave the plates in the open air for too long.

So it’s important for your flat iron to have plate protectors, so the plates remain secured when not in use. It’s a trait every top flat iron possesses. They either come with hinge locks or protective sleeves, or both. The sleeves come real handy as a quick storage solution of hot plates when you’re in a hurry.

These protectors secure the plates from unwanted scratches, breakage, and preserve the effectiveness of the infused protein micro-conditioners. Besides, they spare you the headache while traveling.

Few Additional Features: Among other notable features, you’ll find-

Features to Look Out For

Before you purchase a Keratin infused flat iron, don’t forget to compare the key features. The below chart shows the vital features your flat iron must have.

Plate MaterialCeramic, Ceramic Tourmaline, Titanium, or Titanium Tourmaline
Smart Moisture AdjustmentMust Include
Adjustable Temperature300-450℉
Temperature Auto-lockMust Include
Heating TimeMaximum of 20 Seconds
Ionic TechnologyMust Include
Floating PlatesMust Include
Plate ProtectorsMust Include

Top Keratin Hair Straighteners

A Keratin hair straightener is almost like your own Keratin treatment at home. So, buying the best Keratin hair straightener is the key to get the most out of this treatment. The trend is becoming more popular day by day, and the well-renowned brands are producing dozens of such irons. BabylissPro, Philips, Lumabella Keratin touch series, Remington SmartPro, KIPOZI Pro are a few names worth mentioning.

Each of them has its own specialties, yet not all of them come with the key features required to heal your hair properly. Besides, their performance will vary as well. So you must be wise with your selection, so you get a flat iron that has everything to offer for the best outcome.

Let’s introduce you to some of the most popular Keratin flat irons of 2020. We hope our thorough research and comprehensive discussion will make it easier for you to make the perfect selection.

Before we dive deeper, have a closer look at the chart below and compare their features.

A Comparative Chart for Clarification

PropertiesLa-Brasiliana Professional Titanium Flat IronOne-n-Only Brazilian Tech™ Keratin Flat IronRemington S8598S Flat IronAmovee Keratin Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat IronKeratin Complex Stealth V Digital Smoothing IronMHU Professional Keratin Ion Flat Iron
Plate MaterialTitaniumTitanium CeramicCeramicCeramic TourmalineTitanium CeramicCeramic Tourmaline
Smart Moisture AdjustmentYesYesYesYesNoNo
Adjustable Temperature300-450℉300-450℉300-450℉265-450℉350-450℉285-450℉
Temperature Auto LockYesYesYesNoNoNo
Heating Time10s15s15s10s60s30s
Residue-free StylingYesYesYesYesNoNo
Ionic TechnologyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Floating PlatesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Rounded EdgesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Plate ProtectorsYesYesYesNoNoNo
Price Range($)Less Than 100Less Than 100More Than 50Less Than 50More Than 100Less Than 50

La-Brasiliana Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Winner

La-Brasiliana has been in the hair care product industry for several years now. The New York based company has brought this professional salon-grade hair styler, which is a super combo of top-notch materials and innovative technologies. It tops our list with its extraordinary attributes.

The 1.25-inch titanium steel made plates are infused with Liquid Keratin. The newly developed Sol-Gel technology implemented plates smoothly glide over your hair, no matter how coarse it is, without annoying pulls ensuring comfortable use.

This modern technology, found in costlier curlers, makes this product more appealing. The Sol-Gel coat ensures fine residue-free operation while also ensuring precise protein delivery, rearmost heat, and exceptional performance. You can efficiently eliminate frizz, kinks, dents, and whatnot.

The flattening iron boasts an exclusive smart moisture adjustment system. It precisely determines the existing moisture levels of your hair the moment the plates touch your hair. This system includes an advanced mechanism that locks the hair moisture once the infused protein reaches the required level, so your hair gets the perfect luster.

You can adjust the temperature within the range 300-450 °F to match any kind of hair structure. Moreover, you can forget about the risks of burns, thanks to its integrated temperature auto-lock functionality. Once the iron reaches a suitable temperature, the system instantly locks it halting any further change.

The plates heat up as fast as 10 seconds and seal the moisture in no time. You’ll hardly find any quicker styling option.

The 3D floating plates flex decently to get close enough to every hair strand making sure of even heat distribution all over your hair. Besides, the edges are curved at a suitable angle so the maneuver becomes easier while also allowing you to curl or flip your hair.

To cut off your headache regarding storage issues, the manufacturers have included easy-to-lock hinges. They protect the delicate plates and enables you to store it conveniently.

This is the real deal flat iron for professional salon quality results at home. If you’re looking for a hot tool that meets all your hair styling demands without any special treatment, look no further, this is exactly what you need.

Few Additional Features

One-n-Only Brazilian Tech™ Keratin Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Runner-up

This fan favorite Brazilian Tech flat iron by One-n-Only ranks second in our list only to fall a bit short from the La-Brasiliana we’ve discussed above which has larger plates and quicker heating capability.

Filled with uncompromising features, latest technologies, and high-tech materials, this superb flat iron won’t fail to impress any hair type. The 1-inch liquid Keratin coated titanium ceramic plates also uses similar Sol-Gel technology like the La-Brasiliana giving your hair the perfect radiance with a smoother glide.

This technology, along with the smart moisture adjustment functionality, maintains the moisture level ideal for your hair and ensures your hair gets the proper amount of Keratin protein in each section. It seals the moisture for a long lasting finish so you get stunning glossy hair until your next shower.

With its advanced heat sensors, it detects the heat necessary for your hair, and once it heats up to that, automatically locks it right there. This essential feature prevents any possible harm and helps effectively banish the frizz, dents, curls or kinks. The styler is able to reach the ultimate 450°F.

The plates heat up within 15 seconds and start the job instantly. The floating plates adjust with your hair easily and ensure even heat distribution in every single hair strand. So you can save both your time and effort.

The easy-to-hold mini sized flat iron has an ergonomic design for effortless operations. It comes with protective locks for the plates so you can put it in your bag without worries.

Up until this time, the hair straightener has greatly impressed its users with its salon grade results at home, and you can hope to be served exceptionally as well.

Few Additional Features

Remington S8598S Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: A Smart Alternative

Unlike the previous two, this hair straightener from Remington doesn’t come with the Sol-Gel technology or premium grade titanium plates. The flat iron rather comes with quality ceramic plates and SmartPro sensor to ensure secure straightening and sleek finish.

Their very own SmartPro sensor technology swiftly detects the moisture level of your hair and adjusts the proper heat within seconds to make sure you experience the ultimately safe and gentle styling at home.

The 1-inch ceramic plates are infused with an Almond-Keratin combo for a smoother glide and additional conditioning. The combination reduces hair damages, splits or coarseness three times more compared to regular hair straighteners. The plates are constructed to give you residue-free styling experience despite its seemingly oily surface.

These plates take only up to 15 seconds to heat up and ready. You can adjust the temperature from five adjustable heat settings that reach up to 450-degree Fahrenheit salon high heat. With the help of its smart sensor, you can lock the temperature once you find a suitable level.

Among the many convenient features of this flat iron, the silicone sleeve is one of the best. The wise inclusion allows you instant storing of the unit without having to wait for its cooldown. It’s a great feature to have you happen to be styling on the go.

The relatively inexpensive flat iron is an efficient solution to nourish and style both the soft and hard to tame hair variations at home.

Few Additional Features

Amovee Keratin Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: A Budget-friendly Option

If all the above flat irons we’ve discussed above seem too pricey for you, and you’re looking for something within your budget, there’s no better option than this Amovee flat iron pro. Despite its lower price tag, the straightener includes almost all the required features a Keratin iron should possess for producing healthy, shiny results.

The 1.5-inch extra wide ceramic tourmaline plates are infused with micro Keratin conditioners that trap in the required moisture for your hair. The floating plates have rounded edges to easily glide through your hair strands without causing annoying pulls.

The plates use MCH heating technology that allows them to heat up as quick as 10 seconds. From five adjustable heat settings, you can choose a suitable one according to your hair type with full control.

The manufacturers have designed ergonomically to enable you to style with maximum comfort. The unit offers free protective gloves for additional safety. With its sleek, classy look, the unit makes an ideal gift item as well.

Few Additional Features


The Reason We Do Not Recommend the Following

Keratin Complex Stealth V Digital Smoothing Iron

This popular Keratin flat iron comes with titanium ceramic plates. The unusual yet ergonomically designed flat iron offers a comfortable hold with easy movement.

The product claims to provide extra smooth hair within moments which we reasonably doubt. Here’s why.

It lacks a smart moisture adjustment system, a key feature for Keratin infused hair straighteners. As a result, it fails to determine the required moisture for your hair. So the protein emission happens without proper balance.

Moreover, the absence of a temperature auto-lock functionality worsens things up since it leaves your hair vulnerable to burns unless you’re well wary about your hair’s moisture levels and temperature settings.

Additionally, the lack of floating plates, inappropriate temperature setting for delicate hair, and a longer heating time indicate to the incompetency of this high-priced flat iron.

MHU Professional Keratin Ion Flat Iron

The ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron from MHU is a simplistic Keratin flat iron suited for all hair types. The long tongs of this unit provide additional comfort while styling.

The iron offers multiple heat settings within a convenient range of 280-450°F. It allows you to straighten every hair type with different thickness level. However, the lack of smart temperature adjustment system takes it a few steps back since you’ll have to be wary about burn protection.

It disappointingly lacks a moisture adjustment feature as well which leaves you with risking your hair with improper moisture levels. So you may not get the luster you’re craving for. Besides, it may not even heal your damaged hair properly.

The iron also lacks floating plates and plate locks adding up to its ineffectiveness. After all, you get what you pay for.

A Few Tips From Our Experts

As we’ve mentioned before, styling your hair with a Keratin flat iron is “almost” similar to taking a Keratin treatment at home. But again it’s not literally the solution itself.

So our experts tip you some secrets that’ll help you get along with Keratin protein and retain the effects all the time.

  1. Avoid washing your hair frequently.
  2. Use shampoo free of sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.
  3. Never forget to blow dry your hair after each shower. Avoid hair supplements after the initial shampoo.
  4. Avoid greasing your hair through excessive touching.
  5. Lessen the use of hair clips. Avoid ponytails and braids.
  6. Sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of cotton.

Final Say

The latest trend of Brazilian blowout is surely a tempting one, and so is the idea of having it done by a professional. While this temptation can cost you heavy, a Keratin flat iron could be a big money saver for the longer term.

By now, you must have a comprehensive idea about Keratin hair straighteners. Now you know how they work, why you need one, and what will suit you best. So, make your selection wisely, get majestic hair at home.


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