14 Things to Know About Steam Hair Straighteners

lady using a steam hair straightener to straighten her curly hair

A steam hair straightener is the latest hairstyling tool that is gaining popularity these days.

Compared to flat irons, it results in less hair damage and gives people silky hair!

These hair straighteners have some basic features, though, so you may want to learn a bit more about them.

So what are the things that you should know about steam hair straighteners? Read more to find out product details!

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14 Things to Know About Steam Hair Straighteners

1. Steam hair straighteners use moist heat

Unlike regular flat irons, moisture from steam is an added feature in steam hair straighteners. Steam comes out of the sides of heated plates, which results in added moisture for your hair strands.

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2. They work on damp hair

A flat iron requires that the straightening process be done on completely dry hair, but you can use our steam hot tool even on damp hair.

This helps you save time since you won’t have to blow dry your hair before using the straightener.

3. They have Ceramic or Tourmaline

Steam iron straighteners have metal plates with coatings similar to a regular flat iron hair straightener.

Most of them use ceramic plates with some options, nano-ceramic plates [1] or nano-tourmaline ceramic [2] plates, which result in less snagging during the procedure.

4. Hydrates hair during the steaming process

Exposing hair to steam [3] can actually aid in rehydrating and adding moisture to your hair. This is especially true with dry hair.

In fact, moisture produced by a steam iron lessens your chances of developing bubble hair [4] that may result from excessive dry heat typically associated with a regular flat iron.

In an interview [5] for Woman and Home, international session artist Neil Moodie explains, “The steam opens the hair follicles and allows the moisture to penetrate while straightening or curling.”

Some offer advanced steam technology so steam from the heating plates lock moisture in the hair cuticles resulting in healthy-looking, straight, shiny hair.

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5. Great For Coarse Hair

If you are a person with a coarse hair type, curly hair, or natural black hair, then a steam hair straightener will definitely work for you. It’s actually highly recommended.

People with coarse hair types find it difficult to have their hair straightened using ordinary flat irons. Steam hair straighteners make it easier for you to do so. And results are also said to last longer.

6. Steam hair straighteners come with different-sized plates

The width of the plates starts at around an inch wide up to around two inches. This gives you a range of options so you can find one that is ideal for your hair thickness.

A wide plate is recommended for those who have very thick hair in order to spend less time as you go through the entire process, dividing your hair into sections with hair clips and everything.

7. Has water reservoir

Most will come with a removable water tank that is directly attached to your hot tool.

There are some models, though, that have the water reservoir attached to a cord, so you will have to see which is more convenient for you.

8. They have dual voltage

Most models can be used for travel anywhere since most come with a dual voltage 110V-240V feature.

9. Has a LED Display

The LED display is a standard feature that makes it easy for you to read temperature settings.

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10. It can have a function for hair care

Most models will allow you to add your favorite hair oil in the built-in water tank so that hair straightening can serve as a hair care treatment too.

11. Heats up like a traditional hair straightener

You may think that steam hair straighteners lack heating power. On the contrary, most of them can heat to a max temperature of 428 F, which is perfect for those with curly locks or hard to manage hair textures.

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12. You can adjust the heat settings

An adjustable temperature setting makes these ideal to use for any hair type. For delicate hair, it is recommended that the lowest heat levels be used to avoid heat damage. 

It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you know what temperature is best suited for your hair type.

13. Steam can be optional

Some models have a separate steam function, so you have the option of using the hair straightener just like any other traditional hair straightener like a flat iron.

14. It’s anti-scald

Burning your scalp while using a steam hair straightener is a common problem for first-time users. Check out anti-scald hair straighteners, since these are easier and safer to use compared to regular steam hair straighteners.

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Can You Use A Steam Hair Straightener On Relaxed Hair?

side view of a lady with rebonded hair

Steam hair straighteners are perfect for relaxed hair since they can rehydrate hair.

Are Steam Hair Straighteners Better Than Regular Hair Straighteners?

Yes. While not considered as a hair care treatment, the steam from steam hair straighteners can rehydrate hair and add moisture to it during the straightening process, resulting in less hair damage.

Can You Use Steam Hair Straighteners On Frizzy Hair?

Yes. They work on all hair types but are best suited for natural hair or textured hair that is normally difficult to straighten using ordinary hair straighteners.
But as mentioned in a study [6] published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, too much exposure to heat can still lead to hair damage and even hair loss. 


Straight hair has been in vogue in recent years. For many women, though, straightening hair may be quite difficult, and this may even lead to substantially damaged hair.

Steam hair straighteners have been developed in order to address this problem. 

The steam from these hair straighteners is considered to be more gentle on hair strands, unlike hot tools that make use of dry heat. Heat distribution is also more even. 

All of this helps in order for you to get amazing results while making sure that you maintain healthy hair anytime, anywhere.


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lady using a steam hair straightener

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