Texturizers vs Relaxers For Natural Hair, Choose Wisely!

Do you have natural curls? Are you tired of styling your curly hair? If you plan on straightening the hair chemically, there are multiple options; among them, we have texturizers and relaxers. Both these options are quite similar, so it’s better to understand how texturizers and relaxers differ. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will … Read more

How to Reduce Redness After Micro-Needling

Micro-needling has grown into one of the most popular anti-aging solutions over the years. This therapeutic procedure involves a controlled damage infliction onto your skin with small needles that create micro-channels to stimulate and rejuvenate your skin tissue’s building blocks. Along the line of benefits like even skin tone, wrinkle-reduction, scar-healing, smooth texture, and pore … Read more

How to Keep Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Keeping the bathroom mirror from fogging up is quite an uphill task, especially when trying to brush your teeth after the morning shower. It’s a lethal job, but it isn’t that difficult once you get to wrap your head around it. I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve on how to keep the bathroom … Read more