Should Bathroom Mirrors Be Framed? [Pros & Cons]

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Should bathroom mirrors be framed? No, there is no rule to frame bathroom mirrors; besides, you can choose either depending on personal preference.

That was the highlight of our bathroom lighted vanity mirrors conversation with my local mirror expert. Moreover, here are some pros and cons each of these essential components brings.

Pros & Cons Of Framed Bathroom Mirror

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Having a framed mirror in the bathroom is fantastic, especially if the piece matches the wall finish. With this modern touch, simple frames can turn the glass piece into the stylish mirror you ever wanted.

Moreover, you may also have cabinet hardware serving as extra storage below the vanity space. If the bathroom makeover idea is to match the wall space, a custom decorative frame is all you need.

With that said, should bathroom mirrors be framed? If yes, what are the pros and cons of having a framed mirror?


1. Protection Against Desilvering

Let me tell you a personal story; my master bathroom mirror had desilvered patches along the edges, and guess what; a birch wood frame did the trick. The truth is no one wants to have or stand before an old-looking mirror, and this is where a frame comes in handy.

Moreover, with a mirror frame kit, a few boards, and some bathroom mirror frame instructions, you can DIY a frame within a couple of hours. This new frame guarantees that your cleaning products and water will not reach the mirror edges, eating away at the silver backing.

Here is a YouTube video from Kelly Concepts on how you can DIY a custom bathroom mirror frame for less budget.

2. Easily Blends into the Bathroom Space

The best thing about framed mirrors is choosing one matching your bathroom aesthetics. As mentioned above, the piece can match the walls or the medicine cabinet.

For instance, if you have a matte black mirror frame, you can add black-colored light sconces. This depends on the aesthetic theme of the space, so it is upon you to decide.

3. Makes Cleaning Easy

At most, a framed mirror’ rim matches the bath fixtures, and since the bathroom stays clean, you will not have a hard time cleaning the mirror. This is unlike having frameless mirrors, which you may leave out during the cleaning.

Moreover, a frame adds more character to the bathroom’s architecture & design. So you can be sure that anyone using the antique mirror will notice the attention to detail.


1. Limited Lighting Opportunity

Today’s bath trends insist on the presence of lighting fixtures around the bathroom vanity mirror. However, custom frames range from typical clean lines to complex ornamental pieces.

Ideally, you want to place the light fixtures on the sides of the mirror since the above position will make them appear as ceiling lights. Moreover, this placement creates dark shadows, making your reflection unclear.

2. Affected by Excess Moisture

Framed mirrors placed in the bathroom are highly prone to high humidity conditions from the steam. As such, the frame material used can be affected by the constant buildup of this steam.

Common frame materials include wood and metal. The downside of a wood frame is warping, while classic metal frame mirrors are prone to corrosion.

Pros & Cons Of Frameless Bathroom Mirror

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1. Easy to Buy and Install

Unlike framed mirrors, a frameless mirror makes the shopping process more manageable. All you need is the measurements, size, and shape details, and you will be in and out of the shop within minutes.

Moreover, installation is straightforward since you don’t match the bathroom cabinet color or an array of designs. If you are a DIY person, you can mount this type of mirror, or better yet, contact an expert for a durable designer finish.

2. Easy Maintenance

If you want the type of bathroom mirror that is simple to maintain, an unframed mirror is your best bet. This is because you will not have to worry about attending to the warping or corrosion most framed mirrors undergo.

Moreover, since there are no hidden edges, your cleaning process becomes less tiring. This absence of bulky frames also means no mold growth, which comes from moisture sipping into the frame openings and cracks. (1)

Here is a YouTube video from Crawl Space Ninja explaining how to reduce bathroom humidity to prevent mold growth.


1. Prone to De-silvering

This naked mirror design is more prone to blackening since there is no protective layer on the edges. This damage arises from the constant usage of the pedestal sink and the build-up of moisture along the edges.

Moreover, the mirror edges begin to chip due to regular cleaning, giving a dated look. However, according to professional cleaner Dani Palikarova, “use a glass cleaning product once weekly and ventilate the space.” (2)

Framed Vs. Frameless Bathroom Mirror: What Should You Choose?

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You have a wide range of options when selecting the best bathroom decorative mirrors. Whether you choose a naked mirror or a framed one, remember that it all depends on individual style.

Technically, framed glass pieces are best suited for larger spaces to complement the design. But, if you have an unusual bathroom layout, a naked mirror can create the perfect illusion if you go for beveled pieces or sandblasted ones.

And if you are wondering what shape mirror for the bathroom to get. Note that you can have your local mirror professionals cut a custom-sized mirror.


Are Frameless Mirrors Out Of Style?


No, frameless mirrors are still valuable to homeowners for their easy design integration. Moreover, these wall mirrors are affordable and have a timeless feel.

Can You Use Any Type Of Mirror In A Bathroom?

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Yes, there are no fixed rules on the type of bold mirror to mount on your bathroom space. Depending on personal taste, you can choose from a wide range of bathroom mirror varieties.


Understanding the pros and cons of each bathroom mirror type leaves you ready to make an informed decision. The question, ‘should bathroom mirrors be framed?’ will not bother you anymore.

The information above makes deciding between framed vs. frameless bathroom mirrors a breeze. If you know individuals bothered by the question, share with them this valuable information.

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