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How to Make Hair Shiny and Smooth After Straightening

Who does not want smooth, shiny hair? Right? Making gleaming hair especially after straightening is much laborious as most of the times our hair gets tame after straightening for the loss of sleekness.

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Many people think that silky hair is only achievable from salon treatments. But it is not true at all. You can have shiny hair even at your home by following some guidelines and using some products. In this article, we are going to help you to make your hair shiny and smooth even after straightening without any hassle.

There are many ways by which you can have smooth hair after straightening. In this section, we are arranging our tips in two different categories.

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So, let’s get started.

Approaches That Should Be Followed Before Straightening to Make Hair Smooth

From our deep research, we have come up with the information that not only the steps that are taken “after” straightening make hair glossy, but also few necessary steps can be taken before straightening that will help you to have shiny hair after styling.

Smoothing Shampoo

Shampooing Hair - V1 Sep

When it comes to the point where you want to have shiny hair after straightening your hair, the first necessary steps should be taken while you are in the shower. You should go for a smoothing shampoo to make your hair shiny. Your hair strands need necessary hydration and weight which can be achieved by a smoothing shampoo. Different people have different kinds of hair. So, look for a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. But here is our pro tip: always look for a shampoo that contains amino acids, bromelain, argan oil and biotin in it because amino acids can retrain the moisture, blend of bromelain can maintain a balance of oils on your scalp, argan oil can add a very healthy dose of radiance and biotin can straighten your hair. If you wash your hair with the right shampoo, it will make your hair healthy from inside out and it helps to seal in shine and fight against the frizzes which will ultimately give you a shinier hair even after straightening with a flat iron.

Hair Dryer

Hair Drying

Washing your hair and drying it out – are two initial steps before using a flat iron to straighten your hair. We already talked about washing hair earlier, now we are going to talk about how the right hair dryer helps you to have your hair silky after straightening. You cannot have your hair shiny when your hair is damaged, ever. Most of the times, the damage occurs while you blow-dry your hair. This is why a while crafted with the right technology and material can help to prevent all the possible damages. If you use a hairdryer to straighten your hair (with comb attachment), this law applies there too. Choosing a hairdryer with ionic technology and ceramic or tourmaline material will help you to have shiny hair after straightening.

Flat Iron

Using Flat Iron - V3 Sep

Hot tools can bring a radical change to your hair when it comes to hairstyling using a good amount of heat. And this heat, sometimes causes hair damage too which ultimately makes your hair look tame after straightening. If you choose a flat iron that has tourmaline material plates or nano-ceramic technology, it will 100% ensure the shine and smoothness in your hair after it makes them straight.

Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant Spray

Heat protectant is a kind of product which is one of the most advantageous and yet, disregarded by numerous individuals. Heat protectants can have a sensational effect on your hair. Moisture is significant for your hair to be glossy in the wake of rectifying. This item includes additional moisture and it causes not to dissipate the regular moisture from your hair. When you apply it before blow-drying or flat ironing your hair, it makes a defensive boundary on the hair strand, it keeps the sparkle of the hair forestalling all conceivable harm. Hair specialists propose to pick hair protectants that contain argan, olive or coconut oil, obliphica berry. These ingredients have supporting properties that can condition your hair while securing them.

Ways to Make Hair Shinier After Straightening

In this category, we are going to suggest some hair care product types that can be applied to your hair after straightening to make them smooth and shiny.

Hair Gloss

Hair Gloss

Hair gloss is the product that is recommended by most of the hair experts if you want to have silky hair after straightening your hair throughout the day. Most of the hair glosses are infused with amino acid and pro-vitamin B5 which prevent the harms to your hair caused by color, chemical treatments and other hair straightening hot tools like blow dryers and flat irons. It also strengthens your hair strands by conditioning them nicely and leave them smooth and shiny.

Shine-enchanter Hair Oil

If we notice the functions of hair oils which are known as shine enchanters, they also fall on the previous category because these oils provide very good heat protection. It is able to reduce frizzes and flyaways while you straighten your hair. You can use it before straightening your hair with a blow dryer or a flat iron. On the other hand, these oils can be used after straightening hair also as it helps to lock the smoothness while adding extra gloss to your hair.


Using Hair Serum

Applying a serum on your straightened hair is particularly valuable as it seals in sparkle, moisture and squares out frizz, which is actually what you need in case you are after a smooth, shiny style. Then again, the lightweight recipe will not overload hair if you have fine hair. Pick a serum that contains master nutrient B5, phytantriol, mallow extract. These ingredients smooth hair strands, tame flyaways, make a smooth, shinier appearance in only seconds. While describing the importance of serum after straightening hair, experts compared it with a cherry on the top of an ice-cream as it completes the styling by making hair shinier than ever.

Hair Spray

When you are done straightening your hair with a dryer or a straightener, a few sprays of a leave-in spray will detangle and hydrate your hair while providing extra sleekness. These hair sprays are convenient for all types of hair as they are very lightweight and they can increase up the protection to fragile hair. Experts suggest choosing a hair spray that contains jojoba oil as it protects your hair from ultraviolet A and B radiations which causes hair damage and eliminates the shine from hair.

Smoothing Cream

Using Hair Smoothing Cream

Smoothing hair cream is also beneficial like a serum to bring sleek look on your hair after straightening. Look for a cream that contains sunflower extract, vitamin B and E, argan oil. To prevent the damage and loss of shine antioxidant protection is very helpful which is provided by these vitamins. On the other hand, conditioning the hair shaft and locking up the moisture after straightening is very much necessary to make your hair shiny and sunflower extract, argan oil do these jobs perfectly.

Bonus Tutorial

Yet, specialists concur that the most significant factor with regards to pulling off smooth hair has to do with the health of your hair strands. Here is a bonus tutorial that will make your strands healthy.

Overnight Hair Mask

We recommend using a nourishing hair mask or profound conditioner at least once every week to ensure your locks do not get dry and fragile from the heat styling and to likewise keep away from over the top frizz and forestall split finishes. Using coconut oil for an overnight hair mask treatment is very beneficial as a natural ingredient.

Apply your hair mask all through your hair, brush it all through your locks and let it sit fora few hours before washing (we recommend to do it before you go to bed). To wash out the mask, use cold water as this makes the hair skin or cuticle to close up, making your hair smooth and satiny. This overnight hair mask treatment makes your hair so much healthy that it is fit for leaving your hair sparkly and sleek even in the wake of straightening, no uncertainty.

Final Verdict

A straightened shiny hair is all a girl wants that brings perfection in her hair styling. It also makes her gorgeous all over, no doubt. For your convenience, here, in this article, we have given 10 pro tutorials that make your hair glossy and smooth after straightening your hair. So, which one is your pick?

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