Are Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Worth It? What Are The Benefits?

backlit bathroom mirror

Hey—I get it. You’ve been eyeing those lighted bathroom mirrors for a while now, and you’re on the fence about whether they’re worth it.

You know how it goes: you get out of the shower, step into your bathroom, and reach for your makeup—only to realize you can’t see a thing.

You have to angle yourself and squint just to see what you’re doing, and you’re pretty sure you’ve put on eyeliner with your eyes closed.

You need more light!

Read to learn all about lighted bathroom mirrors and if they are really worth the extra money.

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Types of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

bright led lights around mirror

Lighted bathroom mirrors make the process of grooming and doing makeup so much easier. It allows you to be more precise with your makeup application and is less time-consuming.

Plus, there are tons of styles to choose from that’ll fit in with your bathroom’s aesthetic. Here are some of the lighted mirrors in the market.

  • LED lighted mirrors
  • Infinity mirrors
  • Backlit fluorescent mirrors
  • Heated demister mirrors

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What are the Benefits of LED Bathroom Mirrors

These are the benefits that lighted mirrors offer, which makes lighted bathroom mirrors worth the cost.

1. Enhanced Lighting Experience

It can be frustrating to get ready for the day in a darkened bathroom. However, high-quality lighted mirrors can help reduce frustration and make it easier.

2. A More Appealing Bathroom and a simple value boost

Small changes in your bathroom or home can often result in surprising increases in value

backlit mirrors in the bathroom

Using lighted mirrors makes your bathroom look better to potential buyers and guests. They are a great bathroom vanity in your home, especially if you’re looking to flip it quickly and save money.

3. Enhanced Operation

Some mirrors have enhanced features such as timed lighting, dimmable lights, color temperature adjustment, touch sensor, and colored lighting.  Few of them are framed mirrors to make them even more appealing.

4. Easy on Eyes

The soft light of LED mirrors means that the glare won’t blind you and makes grooming easier and safer for your eyes.

Why Are Led Bathrooms Better Than Regular Ones?

The LED or Light Emitting Diode lamps use a source of light that is two-lead and uses a semiconductor light source. 

LED bathroom lights are considered superior to regular ones due to their brightness and long lifespan.

These are four reasons why LED bathrooms are better.

#1 Balanced, Shadow-free Lighting

A Vanity mirror illuminates your face evenly from all sides, top to bottom. The balanced lighting allows you to see your reflection clearly and is not bright enough to cast harsh shadows.

#2 Excellent Color Rendering

vanity mirror with led lights

A LED mirror’s light is very similar to natural light. LED lighting accurately renders colors, making it perfect for applying makeup or matching outfits. [2]

LED lighting can also help you do your makeup correctly and select the best colors for your skin tone. 

  • Better Light – Blue light is more beneficial for health. People often interact with their phones and computers by using high levels of blue lighting. LED lights can provide light similar to natural light, which can help avoid any health problems. 

#3 Environmental Benefits

LED mirrors, which are more energy-efficient and consume less electricity, help reduce the need for energy such as power plants. (BACK UP THIS FACT)

This reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, LEDs are greener than fluorescent and incandescent lights.

#4 Anti-Fog Benefits 

LED lighted mirrors with high-quality lighting use an anti-fog technology to prevent your mirror from fogging up after taking a shower. This anti-fog feature makes it easy to use your mirror after you’re out of the shower and prevents you from scrubbing your hands.

#5 Beautiful Decor 

lady in front of a huge round mirror so how to seal bathroom mirrors properly?

LED lights are incredible and offer a wide range of styles for your bathroom. You can even use different types of bright bulbs to make your bathroom look more stylish and attractive than any other. 

#6 Durable Design

LED bulbs are more durable than similar lights on the market. They can withstand all types of wear and tear damage to last for many years. 

Do Led Bathroom Mirrors Save you Money in the Long Run?

LED bathroom vanity mirrors’ need for a highly efficient, dependable, and cost-effective replacement for incandescent lamps is being fulfilled with high luminance LED lights. [1]

To produce the same brightness, LED lights consume 75 to 95 percent less electricity than incandescent lighting. LED smart mirrors use less electricity which will lower your energy bills and help you save money over the long term. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights offer savings of 72% to 80% over other options. LED lights usage time can last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. 

You can save a lot of energy whether you replace one or all the lights in your home with LED fixtures.

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Are backlit LED mirrors suitable for make-up?

Yes, they are because they are backlit they won’t cast shadows. 

Does LED lighted bathroom mirror provide enough light?

Yes, the lighting fixtures behind the stylish mirror emit sufficient brightness.

Can I plug Hauschen LED bathroom mirrors into a wall outlet?

Yes, you can plug Hauschen Led mirrors into a wall outlet.


With proper care, LED mirrors can last many years. LED mirrors offer many benefits, such as balanced lighting for grooming tasks and savings on energy costs.

So yes, led bathroom mirrors are worth it.

bathroom mirrors with led lights

Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it? Please share your opinion below!


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