Auxmir BM-1631 Tri-fold LED Mirror; To Buy or Not to Buy

Even though Auxmir is a relatively new company manufacturing lighted mirrors, it didn’t hold itself back from offering some amazing features to its users.

With its incredible built quality, three different mirror panels, and excellent lighting, it made this lighted tri-fold vanity mirror a must-have for makeup freaks.

Featured Image of Lighted Makeup Mirror

To understand this mirror better, we will discuss its benefits and drawbacks to know more about it and make a buying decision accordingly.

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Features We Loved About Auxmir BM-1631 Tri-fold LED Mirror Auxmir - Espejo de maquillaje con luz LED con 10 aumentos,  pantalla táctil, apagado automático, rotación de 180°, para maquillaje,  afeitado y cuidado facial : Belleza y Cuidado Personal

Some numerous features and factors make this mirror from Auxmir one of the most popular tabletop mirrors among makeup freaks.

Let’s talk about the excellent qualities of this mirror that make your face-viewing experience even more delightful.

Ensures a Panoramic Reflection

Panoramic Reflection

One of the main features that this tri-fold mirror offers to its users is the panoramic reflection [1].

With a central mirror and two adjustable folding side mirrors on either side, you can see a wide reflection of your entire face, which makes it effortless to apply makeup.

Versatile Uses

Another feature of this lighted mirror that will blow your mind is its versatile usage.

Even though it was primarily meant for tabletop use, because of its safe, concealed nature, you can also carry it inside your luggage while traveling.

As the mirrors are concealed inside the folds safely, there are fewer chances that they will suffer from breaks or cracks and make your travel experience a bitter one.

Provides Incredible Lighting

Incredible Lighting

The primary purpose of adopting a lighted mirror is to view the reflection of your face more perfectly and precisely.

There are higher chances that your makeup colors will fool you with the wrong lighting, making you look unpleasant and funny.

But it’s not the case with this tri-fold makeup mirror from Auxmir

This piece of vanity accessory comes with 16 brightly lit LED bulbs( 8 bulbs placed on either side of the primary mirror) to provide the most natural, daylight-like luminosity to brighten up your face.

Because of this fantastic illumination, you can see your face perfectly and observe even the subtle variations in your makeup color and know if it’s flawless or not.

Removable Magnified Panel

In addition to the unique lighting system, another incredible feature that makes this tri-fold mirror one of the most sought-after vanity accessories is the addition of a removable mirror panel.

Even though it already has three different viewing panels in its folds, Auxmir decided to add one extra because it wanted to provide its users with a magnified view for more convenience.

The 10x magnification of this extra viewing surface makes sure that you can see every part of your face in great detail for flawless makeup application.

This incredible magnification also allows you to see the blemishes and imperfections of your face correctly.

Easy Operation

High Sensitive Touch Sensor

Aside from excellent viewing surfaces, Auxmir also ensured that this lighted tri-fold mirror is easy to use, even for beginners.

It incorporated a high-sensitive touch sensor on/off switch on the central reflective surface so that turning on and off the lights is super easy.

With just a touch of your finger, you can lighten up the mirror to see a luminous reflection of your face.

In addition to easy accessibility, the touch sensor of this mirror also doubles as a dimmer.

With this switch, you always increase or decrease the luminosity of the integrated LED bulbs to make sure that you not only have the perfect light to view your face with but the brightness is also soothing to your eyes.

Smooth, Effortless Adjustability

Keeping in mind the users’ convenience, Auxmir added an adjustable arm to this lighted makeup mirror.

It can rotate 180° in any direction to provide you the opportunity to move the mirror backward and forward and adjust to any angle and position according to your viewing preferences.

Because of this rotating feature, you can not only enjoy the custom fitting of the mirror but at the same can also get the benefit of immense flexibility to make your makeup experience even better.

Automatic Light Turnoff

Automatic Light Turnoff Facility

Even though it is a lighted mirror, Auxmir ensures extremely energy-saving and environment-friendly.

This vanity accessory comes with a 15 minutes automatic turn-off feature that shuts down the lights after 15 minutes of inactivity to save energy as well as your electricity bill.

Moreover, this auto turnoff feature also makes this mirror safe and secure for your household.

Even if you forget to turn it off and leave the house in a hurry, it will shut down automatically, eliminating chances of any hazardous events.

Dual Power Source

This tri-fold lighted makeup mirror comes with a dual power source to ensure that you can choose your preferred power options when lighting the bulbs.

You can either use the USB charging cable to light up the viewing panels with the help of electricity or can adopt 4X AA batteries to enjoy the flexibility of cordless usage.

Either way, the dual power source makes this mirror extremely convenient to use, even when you are on the run.

Budget-friendly Price Tag

Even after offering so many extraordinary features,

Auxmir made sure that the price of this lighted tri-fold makeup mirror is extremely budget-friendly so that every type of user with every budget range can enjoy its incredible features without cutting deep into their pocket.

The below $50 price tag makes this accessory the perfect fit for girls with a tight budget.

A Few Flaws

This tri-fold makeup mirror is not all about unique features and benefits. Like many other options in the market, it also has its own set of flaws.

Below, we have listed and talked about its most prominent drawbacks so that you have a clear idea about them before making your final decision.

Doesn’t Offer Different Color Lights

One significant disadvantage of this excellent makeup mirror is that it doesn’t offer different color temperatures to its users to view their faces in different lights.

It is essential to include a range of color temperatures in a lighted makeup mirror because it provides the opportunity to see how you will look under different lighting environments.

By ignoring that need, this mirror fails to ensure its users’ 100% satisfaction, which takes away from its benefits quite a bit.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything you should know about this great mirror, we are sure that you are impressed by it as much as we are.

As its benefits outweighed its drawbacks, it would be a wise decision to invest in this piece of vanity accessory without any doubt.

Auxmir BM-1631 Tri-fold LED Mirror; To Buy or Not to Buy


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