How To Remove Rebonded Hair & Get Your Natural Curls Back

woman with gorgeous natural curls but how to remove rebonded hair to get back natural curls?

Are you missing your natural curls and wondering how to remove rebonded hair?

Do you want to flaunt your naturally curly or wavy hair but can’t get rid of the sleek hairstyle?

I know exactly what you’re going through!

And that’s why I have a solution to your burning hair concern.

Read on as you and I walk through the removal of rebounded hair. 

Can you Undo Rebonded Hair?

A rebonding treatment can help permanently straighten your hair and cut down on your hair maintenance time, but it also means bidding adieu to your natural hair texture.

While flaunting a sleek ponytail or a straight hairdo is easy after rebonding, it can also get a little too boring too fast. 

side view of a lady with rebonded hair

So, can you actually undo rebonded hair? I hate to break it to you, but the answer, unfortunately, is a big resounding NO.

Once you went down the road of rebonding treatment, you signed an unbreakable contract with your hair and sacrificed your natural texture to enjoy a few months of straightened bliss. 

Now, you want to go back to your roots (literally) and get rid of all the damaged hair [1] from all that chemical treatment.

Sadly, there is no easy out. No magic fix can wash away all that harsh chemicals from your straight hair.

Unless you have a time machine that you can use to go back time and stop yourself from ever getting that rebonding treatment done, the truth is that the hair will stay straight. 

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How Can I get my Natural Hair Back after Rebonding?

Someone didn’t warn you about the permanence of the hair rebonding process, and now you’re stuck with your straight, smooth hair.

Does that mean you are never going to get your precious curls back? Definitely not. Here are some tips on how you can get your natural hair after rebonding. 

1. Get a haircut

cutting rebonded hair at the salon

The best way to get rid of hair rebonding is to get a quick trim. The more you cut away, the more you rid yourself of the chemically treated hair.

If you don’t wish to cut your hair short right away, getting regular trims to get rid of the split and damaged ends slowly may be the way to go. 

If you are unsure about what hairstyle to flaunt, may I suggest a fun, short hairdo?

There are so many short hair rebond styles to choose from that not only look great but will also help you return to your natural texture faster. 

2. Handle the Transition Like a Pro

You may be in that sick spot where the roots have started to show, and now you’re walking around with half your hair looking frizzy [2] and curly while the other half sports a smooth finish.

That’s not a good look for sure. Here’s what you can do to handle the transition. 

  1. Use a gentle shampoo on your hair. Your hair has already gone through so much. Please don’t give it more work! 
  2. Deep condition! Use hair masks, and don’t be stingy about it. Go all out. Don’t use the entire bottle but don’t use a tiny pea-sized amount either. 
  3. Detangle your hair by deep conditioning still in the hair and rinse it out with lukewarm water. Avoid hot water. 
  4. Lather on some leave-in conditioner next to give your hair follicles some added moisture and keep your hair healthy. 
  5. Use a hair serum or a hair mousse on several sections of the hair and gently scrunch it up to get some curls back on your chemically treated hair. 

Check our list of the best mask and hair serum for rebonded hair!

“Can I use hair dryer after rebonding?” Yes, you can. But you may want to cut down on heat tools [3] to prevent further hair damage. 

3. You Have to Be Patient 

pretty girl with gorgeous natural curls but how to remove rebonded hair to get back natural curls?

Time is the best healer, and that shall be the case with your hair as well. After getting several rebond treatments myself, I decided I had had enough.

Growing out my curly hair was the hardest thing I have had to do.

But with patience, I finally grew it enough to chop off the chemically altered hair completely. And what a glorious day that was!

I started rocking a cute bob that made me feel ten years younger, and my hair health improved drastically over a few months.

To everyone going through that transition, I get you and pray that your hair grows fast! Here’s a short video showing you the various steps to get your natural hair again.


How To Manage New Hair Growth After Straightening? 

If you wish to prolong your straight hairdo even after you have some growth, you may choose to get a root touchup on the new growth to get it straightened.
If not, running a flat iron over the new growth can help give you an even look. 

Is Permanently Straightening Hair Bad? 

how to rebond hair at home demo

Permanently straightening the hair can cause severe heat damage and break the natural bonds of your hair.
In the short term, your hair may look healthier and straighter, but in the long term, you would be doing more harm to your hair than good. 

How To Wash Natural Hair After Straightening? 

It is best to use a mild shampoo and a deep conditioner to maintain your hair health.
After towel drying the hair, applying a leave-in conditioner can also help maintain your hair’s natural moisture that is damaged to some extent after the rebonding process. 

What Happens If You Wash Your Hair After Straightening? 

lady taking a cold shower

If you don’t wait for 48-72 hours after rebonding your hair, you will wash away all the chemicals that went into straightening the hair, and it would revert to its original texture.
Your hair needs the chemicals to stay in the hair for at least 48 hours for the bond to strengthen. 


Rebonding your hair can seem like an excellent idea until it isn’t.

Permanently altering your hair texture can do more bad than good in the long run resulting in dull hair, dry scalp, and even hair loss in some people.

The best way to take good care of your hair is to let it stay in its original shape and do everything possible to maintain its natural moisture and shine the best way you can.

Curls and waves can seem unmanageable and time-consuming, but give your hair some much-needed love, and it will grow to become your crowning glory.


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lady posting with her pretty natural curls

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