The 4 Best Cordless Flat Irons (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Bored of standing beside the plug point for a long time to style your hair locks? Looking for a straightener that would not only spare you from a plug point but also give you freedom of movement?

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Well, if this is the case, then there is nothing better than a cordless flat iron for you; this straightener machine allows you to style your hair anywhere you want without the need to stand beside a plug point for the power supply.

We have researched the market actively and found the best cordless flat irons just for you so that it’s easier for you to find the best one for yourself.

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A Quick Overview of Our Top Recommended Best Cordless Flat Irons

Before jumping into an in-depth discussion about our top favorite cordless flat irons, let’s have a very quick sneak peek at them so that we have a very primary idea about the straighteners.

Editor's Choice
Conair The Cordless Collection ~ 3/4-inch Flat Iron
Top Benefit
For multiple hairstyles without the need of electricity
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Editor's Choice
Conair The Cordless Collection ~ 3/4-inch Flat Iron
Top Benefit
For multiple hairstyles without the need of electricity
Check Latest Price

Top Cordless Flat Irons

Our Recommended Best Butane Cartridge (Gas) Cordless Flat Iron

Manufacturers have not yet warmed up about the idea of a Butane Cartridge hair straightener, and therefore, there are not many gas straightening irons available in the market. And as there are very few butane hairstyling tools available, it was quite easy for us to pick the best one for you.

#1 Conair Mini Pro Cordless Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair The Cordless Collection ~ 3/4-inch Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Provides Total Freedom of Usage

This Mini PRO from Conair is our best and only choice for cordless butane flat iron because the concept of gas operated hair straightener is relatively new. Only a few of them from different manufacturers are available in the market.

Conair ensured the total independence of its users with this flat iron; we are saying this because powered by a ThermaCELL® butane cartridge.  This hair straightener not only helps you to get rid of any cord, adopter, and electrical outlets but at the same time makes sure that you can get the best styling results even without the use of any electricity. It uses its ThermaCELL® butane cartridge as a source of fuel to heat the flat iron plates with your required amount of heat and straighten your manes anywhere, and everywhere you wish; from your own vanity to the gym and pool and even when you are camping, this flat iron would never fail to keep you stylish.

Now the question arises what would you do if the butane gas runs out and the straightener no longer works? Well, you can buy the Conair ThermaCELL Refill Cartridges and refill your tool with one so that it runs as smoothly as it did before.

Keeping in mind all types of hair, Conair constructed and coated the plates of this straightener with pure ceramic because ceramic tends to absorb just the right amount of heat (the temperature reaches up to 419°F) to straighten all types of hair without causing any hot spots and breakage in them. Besides just straightening and touch-ups, you can also create versatile curls and waves effortlessly as floating plates of this tool have beveled edges and don’t break your strands when you twist them.

Another feature that helps keep your tresses healthy and protected from heat damage is the ionic technology incorporated by Conair in this flat iron. This technology uses an ionic generator to release plenty of negative ions that lock in hair moisture to not only keep them frizz-free, smooth and healthy but at the same time also forms a protective layer to save your tresses from burns and damages,

Few Additional Features

  • The ergonomically designed handles ensure firm yet comfortable grip for safety
  • At just 8.3 ounces, this flat iron is super lightweight and hence incredibly portable
  • Can also be used internationally
  • The plates heat up in just 2 minutes to start styling immediately
Conair The Cordless Collection ~ 3/4-inch Flat Iron
  • 3/4-inch flat iron anytime, anywhere, any hairstyle with Conair The cordless collection 3/4-inch flat iron
  • Great for travel or everyday use
  • Heats up in just 2 minutes
  • Powered by ThermaCELL butane cartridges (includes 1 cartridge)
  • Conair Hair Care: Since 1959, we have made innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more. Our hair care line includes high-quality hair dryers, brushes, styling tools, and hair accessories

Our Recommended Best Rechargeable Battery Cordless Flat Iron

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A Quick Reminder of the Must-have Features of a Rechargeable Battery Cordless Flat Iron​

[table id=73 responsive=”scroll” /]

If you are not comfortable with a gas cordless straightener, you have another option too; and that is the rechargeable battery flat irons. There are quite a few different models, and brands of battery operated flat irons available in the market.

The brands that offer battery hair straighteners are Deogra, Soleil, Sutra, Chi, Lunata, Quince, ghd, Carmen, Balmain (super high-end), Easymoss, Lola, and hco among others.

But before that, let’s compare some of the top brands and understand why we chose one over the other.

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

[table id=74 responsive=”scroll” /]

#2 Lanxim Cordless Mini Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: A Compact yet Effective Option

If you are looking for a cordless flat iron that is very easy to use and effortless to carry around with you anywhere, then this mini flat iron from Lanxim is just the right one for you. This tiny, compact cordless straightener is considered one of the best because it comes with all the features we look for in a cordless, battery operated flat iron and at the same time also offers extraordinary performance to make your hair styling session even more delightful.

Let’s begin the discussion with its super-powerful battery. Lanxim incorporated a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery to this styling tool to make sure that it is super powerful even though it is small and compact. It provides phenomenal styling services to its users. This powerful battery takes just 3.5 hours to charge fully. It then provides uninterrupted styling services for a maximum of 50 minutes so that you can style and straighten your manes quickly and precisely. 50 minutes is more than enough time to style your manes perfectly.

Another great advantage of this battery operated flat iron is that it comes with a USB charger to give you the flexibility to charge the tool easily. You can charge it through a mobile phone, power bank, car charger, etc. Because of its compact size (8.5 inches in length) and charging flexibility, you can carry this flat iron anywhere you want without much worry or effort.

Aside from its powerful battery and amazing charging capabilities, this straightener also has some other amazing features to make your hair styling process easier. For starters, Lanxim incorporated two ceramic tourmaline constructed floating plates to this tool to make it suitable for other hairstyles also. These floating plates can create curls and waves in your manes effortlessly without causing any damage and breakage to them. Also, as it can create such versatile hairstyles, you don’t need to carry any other hairstyling tools to keep yourself styling during your trips.

In addition to the ceramic tourmaline floating plates, ionic technology also contributes to keeping your manes safe and protected during the straightening process. The built-in ionic generator releases plenty of negative ions to the hair and seal in the moisture so that your tresses are protected against the heat and result in silky, smooth, manageable tresses.

Another extraordinary aspect of this battery-operated flat iron is its heat settings. Lanxim installed 3 different temperature levels in this styling tool ranging from 327°F-401°F to give its users the flexibility to choose just the right one according to their hair’s tolerance level.

Few Additional Features

  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip handle provides a strong yet comfortable grip
  • Comes with heat resistant top for additional safety of the users
  • Conveniently placed controls and buttons for easy operation
  • At 8 ounces of weight, this flat iron is lightweight and can be carried around easily
  • Comes in a velvet pouch for easy storage and easy carrying
  • Incorporates lock/unlock button to provide maximum convenience
  • This tool is backed up by a 2 Year Limited Warranty period to ensure longevity

#3 Salondepot Cordless Mini Hair Straightener​

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Super Powerful and Provides Long-lasting Service

We have selected this Salondepot hair straighter as our top favorite cordless battery regulated flat iron because it comes with every little aspect we want from a portable hair straightening tool.

First, this straightener is equipped with a super powerful 4000mAh built-in lithium-ion battery that ensures that you can continuously use this unit for up to 45 minutes with a single charge, which is more than enough time to straighten and style your locks perfectly.

To add more, this battery takes almost 3 hours to recharge completely, which might seem a whole lot of time, but in reality, for a battery of such caliber, 3 hours recharging time is quite quick and efficient. Furthermore, with its USB  charging port, you can recharge this battery with a power bank, laptop, cell phone, and other USB-compatible sources.

But then again, if you don’t have any USB-compatible sources near you and you have to charge your flat iron, you can always use a plug adopter like this HopePow USB Wall Charger Plug and charge the tool with direct electricity.

Moving forward, this minimalist yet powerful flat iron comes with ceramic made floating plates and three different temperature settings (320°F, 356°F, and 400°F) that makes it the perfect tool to straighten and style all types of hairs; from thin to thick and curly, you can straighten, flip and create versatile styles with this straightening iron anytime you want without having to worry about damaging your manes; the floating plates help to adjust the angle to the direction you pull your hair so that there is minimal to zero hair breakage and hair fall.

The ionic technology also helps to protect your delicate tresses from the heat by disbursing a lot of negative ions to the manes and locking in hair’s moisture and nourishment which, along with protecting your manes from heat damage and burns, also fights frizz to make them silky, smooth and manageable.

Moreover, its compact size (8.45 inches) and lightweight (13.8 ounces), along with its dual voltage feature, not only make this cordless flat iron perfect for your vanity use but at the same time made this incredible portable and super travel-friendly; you can carry this tool inside your bag or purse and go anywhere so that you can be stylish and chic all the time.

Few Additional Features

  • Comes with indicator lights with each heat settings for safety and better convenience
  • The safety lock of this straightener ensures that the plates remain closed when the tool is locked
  • The straightener comes in a safety pouch for easy storage and effortless carrying around
  • Conveniently placed “on/off” switch provides users ease of use
  • Salondepot provides a 1-year Limited Warranty period for this tool to ensure great service

#4 Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron​

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Super Cute Yet Very Efficient Mini Flat Iron

This fuchsia pink, eye-catching Mini Flat Iron from Deogra is another of our favorite cordless rechargeable battery straightening tools to straighten and style all types of hairs; we are stating this because this tool offers more than a few outstanding features and aspects that are sure to blow your mind.

Let’s start with its 2600mAh battery and the charging time; the built-in lithium-ion battery of this straightening iron takes just 1.5 hours to get fully charged, which is quite extraordinary as a battery of such power takes more than 2 hours for full charging. Also, with a fully charged battery, you can use this flat iron for 30 minutes (continuously).  Within this time you can straighten, curls, flip or touch up the existing style in your vanity or anywhere you wish.

The word “anywhere” reminds us that with just 9.80 ounces of weight and 7.8 inches of length, this cordless straightening iron is super portable and can be carried inside a purse or even in your pocket so that you can keep yourself styling and ready whenever you want. Moreover, such lightweight also ensures that your hand doesn’t hurt.

The USB charging port also adds to its portability, as with a USB charger, you can charge your flat iron anywhere with a USB compatible charging source, which might be your laptop, computer, a power bank, or even your phone.

Another great feature of this battery oriented straightener is that it comes with ceramic tourmaline constructed plates that heat up in just 2 minutes with your desired temperature and spread the heat evenly so that your gentle hairs don’t suffer from hot spots, burns, or other heat damages. The 3D floating feature also helps to limit the damage level by applying the right amount of pressure to the strands and reaching as close as possible to the core to transfer balanced heat to the locks.

Few Additional Features

  • This straightener comes in a heat-resistant storage pouch to provide maximum safety to the users
  • The lipstick design with the cap makes it super stylish yet comfortable to hold with a strong grip
  • This flat iron is ETL Certified to ensure maximum safety and workability of the tool
  • Can also be used to straighten men’s beard as well as hairs
  • Deogra backed up this tool by a 1-year Limited Warranty period to ensure excellent service

Reasons for Not Choosing

Rêve Next-generation Cordless Hair Straightener

This RÊVE is one sleek, polished good looking hair straightener that has good 80 minutes of operational time. But it still didn’t spot a place in our best list because of its other not so great features.

  • Firstly, the manufacturer didn’t incorporate the ionic technology in this straightening tool which is a must-have feature for all types of hair to keep them hydrated, nourished and frizz-free. Instead, it only comes with infrared emission technology which is just an optional feature.
  • To add more, RÊVE constructed the plates of this flat iron with titanium material which is an excellent component for thick hairs but is not at all suitable for fine/thin hairs.
  • Also, the pin charger of this expensive straightening tool is not the best one because you can only charge the battery using a plug point and not using your phone or laptop as a USB charging port.

KISS Cordless Flat Iron Rouge

This mini battery-operated hair straightener from KISS is one cute looking tool that comes with some amazing features. However, we don’t think it is one of the best cordless flat irons out there because:

  • This flat iron doesn’t come with any ionic technology to protect your hair from the high heat. Ionic technology is a “must-have” feature for cordless flat irons.
  • Moreover, unlike its other competitors, this battery-operated flat iron offers only two heat settings to choose from. This limits the heating choice of users.
  • It comes with ¾ inch plates. These plates are not suitable for styling all lengths of hair. If you outgrow your short manes, you have to buy another flat iron with wider plates to style your manes perfectly.

Cordless Flat Irons Buying Guide

What is a Cordless Flat Iron?

Cordless Flat Iron

We are so used to flat irons or hair straighteners that come with long cords that the term “Cordless Flat Iron” seems a bit new to us; truthfully speaking, a cordless straightener is actually a new concept in the hairstyling industry to make your straightening process a lot easier and also more convenient.

As the name suggests, a cordless hair straightening tool doesn’t have any cord attached to it to connect the tool to an electricity line to operate it. Instead, this hair straightener comes with either a built-in lithium battery or butane cartridge (which we will discuss in detail below), which helps this styling tool be used anywhere and anytime you want.

Other notable specifications of this type of hair straightening tool are that they are relatively small and lightweight compared to other regular flat irons but don’t fall behind while styling your hair as perfectly as a regular one.

The lightweight and smaller size also add to its portability, and you can take it anywhere to make sure that you can touch up your straightened manes very quickly whenever needed.

The Types of Cordless Flat Irons

As we have mentioned before, there are two types of cordless flat iron that you will find in the market, and the two types are:

  1. Butane Cartridge Flat Iron
  2. Rechargeable Battery Flat Iron

Now let’s discuss these two types of tools for an even better understanding and also recommend some of the best cordless flat irons.

1. What is a Butane Cartridge Cordless Flat Iron?

Butane Cartridge Cordless Flat Iron

Butane Cartridge flat iron, ThermaCell flat iron, or simply gas flat iron, however you call it, is an alternatively powered cordless straightening machine that is installed with a butane cartridge or gas chamber to provide the required energy to the flat iron tool so that you can style your manes precisely without even having to stand near an electric plug point.

The most interesting part of these flat irons is that you don’t have to recharge them with electricity for an uninterrupted styling session. What you have to do is turn on the straightener by clicking the “on” button. The cartridge filled with butane will start igniting to heat the plates according to your required heat level so that you can start your hair straightening and styling even where there is no electricity.

Advantages of Butane Cartridge

We have listed more than a few benefits of butane (gas) Cartridge so that you understand why people like them:

  • No charging or recharging required and therefore can be used anywhere and everywhere and any time you wish.
  • One gas cartridge can last for at least 3-6 months depending on the volume of your usage; in this sense, a gas flat iron is very economical as well as super long lasting.
  • Butane refills are largely available in the market (both online and in stores near you) so that it is not very hard for you to find another gas refill for your flat iron once you run out of one.
  • These gas straighteners are very much convenient for camping and trips to remote areas because of their non-reachable nature.

Disadvantages of Butane Cartridge

The few disadvantages of butane cartridges that its users should know about before buying a gas flat iron is that:

  • If you are not careful enough, the plates of a gas hair straightener might get as hot as a blow torch and might burn down all your precious tresses. It’s always advisable to pay full attention while styling your manes with a butane flat iron.
  • There are quite a number of restrictions that are applied to butane flat irons when you are traveling by plane.

2. What is a Rechargeable Battery Flat Iron?

Rechargeable Battery Cordless Flat Iron

Like a butane flat iron, a rechargeable battery flat iron is also a cordless hair styling tool that comes with a built-in lithium battery to heat the straightener plates for a flawless styling session. But unlike gas straighteners, you have to recharge the battery regularly with electricity for a certain amount of time to make sure that the straightening tool runs smoothly and effectively while you need it. Regular charging also helps to keep the battery active and in good condition.

Cordless battery flat irons were mainly manufactured, keeping in mind travelers. Still, people have now started to use them regularly because of their vast convenience and extraordinary benefits.

Advantages of Rechargeable Battery Flat Iron

We have discussed some of the amazing benefits (among many other of its advantages) of battery operated flat irons so that you understand why they are immensely popular:

  • Most of the battery operated flat irons require just 2-3 hours of charging time to get fully charged and a fully charged straightener can be used for at least 30-60 minutes continuously (depending on the battery power and brand), which is enough to style all your manes flawlessly at once.
  • When you switch on a fully charged straightening iron, it only takes a few minutes to heat up the plates so that you can start your straightening and styling session right away, without having to wait.
  • Usually, a rechargeable flat iron is lightweight and compact in size and these qualities also make this styling tool suitable to travel with anywhere you go.

Disadvantages of Rechargeable Battery Flat Iron

Aside from its various benefits rechargeable battery straightening tools also come with some negative aspects, which are:

  • As it claims, a battery operated cordless flat iron is not entirely cordless; you always have to carry a charger to charge the battery in times of need.
  • Furthermore, as these flat irons run with a battery, there is always a chance that the battery might suddenly fail due to charge deficiency.

What to Look for While Choosing a Rechargeable Battery Cordless Flat Iron

We have mentioned quite a few times that the concept of cordless flat irons is relatively new, and hence people don’t know about them as much as they should have known. Therefore, you must keep in mind some very core aspects (which we have discussed below) while choosing a rechargeable battery hair straightener for yourself to score the best one available in the market.

How Long Does It Operate With a Fully Charged Battery?

We wish that a battery operated flat iron would serve us forever and ever with just one charge!

But in reality, this is not the case. With a fully charged battery, your flat iron would work between 3-6 hours maximum. These, too, vary upon the battery capacity and the temperature setting you are using while straightening your manes.

For example, we would suggest that while shopping for a battery regulated flat iron, you must at least choose a tool that comes with a minimum of 2600mAh capacity. This power would provide you with at least 30 minutes of continuous hair straightening time when fully charged.

Similarly, a battery with more mAh would give you more operational time with just one charge so that you can enjoy uninterrupted styling sessions anywhere and anytime.

The Time It Takes to Charge Fully

You must also consider the battery’s time to gain full power while shopping for a battery operated cordless hair straightener.  This is important as you wouldn’t want to wait for hours and hours to charge your straightener, especially when you are in a hurry. Furthermore, you also cannot use a battery flat iron when it’s still charging.

But remember that the time a battery needs to gain full power is directly related to its mAh; the more powerful a battery is, the more time it would take to recharge itself.

The Charging Port Type

Cordless flat irons with rechargeable batteries come with mainly two types of charging ports; Pin and USB.

We prefer USB charging ports because you can connect a USB charger to a computer, mobile phone, laptop, and even to your car charging system.  This means that you can charge your straightening iron almost anywhere.

What About the Construction Material

The construction and coating material of a flat iron plate also plays a vital role in the straightening process as the preciseness of the styling result and the health of your precious tresses depend upon it. According to hair experts, you should opt for plates that are made from pure ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, titanium ceramic, nanoceramic because these materials are suitable for all types of hair (be it fine/thin or thick) and can guarantee you that your straightening results will be perfect without causing any burns, hot spots or damages to your hairs.

The reason hair specialists recommended these plate materials is that they can generate just the right amount of heat, spread the heat evenly throughout the hairs, and can style your tresses precisely without exposing them to any danger.

One important piece of information we would like to mention is that, as cordless hair straightener is a relatively newer product in the market, manufacturers don’t produce and offer a wide variety of plate materials to their customers to choose from according to their particular hair type. Hence, materials that are suitable for all types of hair are the best choice for you.

Remember the Heat Settings

As in this article, we are recommending cordless flat irons for all types of hair out there; we would suggest that you choose a straightener that comes with multiple heat settings (between 200° F to 450° F) so that you can regulate the temperature according to your hair’s requirement.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though cordless flat iron is a relatively new product in the market, there is no denying that it made our styling needs easier and more convenient. The products we have suggested above would prove our claims because they not only give you the freedom of movement and portability but at the same time also offers some other amazing features to straighten your manes perfectly without causing any hot spots, damages, and hair falls.

Conair The Cordless Collection ~ 3/4-inch Flat Iron
  • 3/4-inch flat iron anytime, anywhere, any hairstyle with Conair The cordless collection 3/4-inch flat iron
  • Great for travel or everyday use
  • Heats up in just 2 minutes
  • Powered by ThermaCELL butane cartridges (includes 1 cartridge)
  • Conair Hair Care: Since 1959, we have made innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more. Our hair care line includes high-quality hair dryers, brushes, styling tools, and hair accessories

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  1. Hello there,

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    Thank you in advance!

    • Dear Natalie,

      Thank you for asking us questions. We appreciate our readers enquires.

      The Conair Mini Pro Cordless Ceramic Flat Iron is an excellent cordless tool to use both at home and while out. It has a dimension of 1.8 x 4.4 x 11.2 inches and is extremely compact.

      However, it doesn’t come with any additional butane cartridges. You have to buy one once you run out of the cartridges that come with the tool.

      We hope that we could help you.

  2. Hey people,

    After going through your article, I realized that you have listed just one butane cartridge flat iron while you added 3 irons on the battery-operated section. Why this discrimination, may I know?

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    • Dear Portia,

      Thank you for your sweet words. We appreciate our readers’ response.

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      We hope we could answer your question.

  3. At first, I would like to say that this blog is amazing!

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    Looking forward to your answers!

    • Dear Hilary,

      Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate our readers’ feedback.

      As far as we are concerned, butane cartridge flat irons don’t catch fires or any hazardous situations. However, if you do not use them as instructed, they might get be damaging to your hair.

      We hope our answer would help you.

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    I always had the idea that battery-operated flat irons run with replaceable batteries. I never thought in million years that they are actually rechargeable. Thank you for putting this information out there. Inexpert people like me would find it helpful.

    Keep up the good work guys.

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    Just sharing my experience with a cordless flat iron! I bought one with high hope (not mentioning the name because of obvious reasons) but it ended up being a total waste of money. I would suggest you think twice before buying them over any regular flat irons.

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    • Dear Marilyn,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please try anyone from our list as we are confident they would not disappoint you.


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