Sexy Bob Hairstyles You Must Try Now

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If you want to switch up your hair game and are looking to sport something fierce yet feminine, then you came to the right place.

This article is all about sexy, spicy bob haircuts and hairstyles that you should at least try once in your life to add that fun factor to it.

From a shorty short bob to a sophisticated, sleek, long bob, we have listed the most popular bob styles you need to know.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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1. Sleek, Long Bob

Long Bob

Style your long bob with a sleek do that is not only classy, but at the same time, it is a perfect hairstyle for any official party or black-tie event.

The long bob is perfect for those who want a shorter yet sexier haircut but doesn’t want to make it too short.

To adorn you such tresses with glossy, poker-straight do, start by spritzing on some anti-frizz heat protectant (such as this John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protecting Spray) on your manes before brushing them thoroughly to remove any knots and tangles from them. Then with a flat iron, like the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron, straighten your bob precisely to give it a sleek, sexy look for the evening.

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2. Bob With Bangs

Bob With Bangs

If you want to cover your forehead as part of your style, then what’s better than to add some luscious bangs to your bobs?

So, to add that oomph factor to your everyday hairstyle, visit your hairdresser right now and chop off those front manes for a brand new look.

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3. Bodylicious, Voluminous Bob

Voluminous Bob - V1 Oct

Bob doesn’t always mean that it has to be sleek and straight; you can also adorn your bob with some serious curls and ringlets to add volume and body and bounce to them. The voluminous style would help you switch up your hair game quickly and add a super fun factor to your outfit.

Begin your styling with freshly blow-dried tresses. Put on some volumizing hair spray to add texture and character to your manes, and then, with the help of a narrow barrel curling iron (1/2 inch barrel would be a perfect choice), start creating small curls with tiny sections of your manes. Once all the tresses are adorned with ringlets, run your fingers through them to interconnect between them for more natural results.

We prefer the ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray and the Conair Instant Heat ½ inch Curling Iron for this voluminous hairstyle.

4. Dark, Tapered Bob

Tapered Bob

If you have fine texture straight hair locks and you are looking forward to spicing up your look with a new hairdo, then this tapered bob would the just the perfect fit for you. Aside from switching up your style, this chick, the modern tapered silhouette also adds the required volume and texture to your otherwise flat manes.

Furthermore, to add attitude to this do, you can pair it up with dark chocolate or auburn dye so that your brand new hair cut looks fierce and feminine at the same time.

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5. Medium Bob With Beachy Waves

Medium Bob With Beachy Waves

Another awesome way to style your bob a bit differently is by creating messy beach waves in them.  The crispy beach wave is a hairdo that would never go out of style, and when done in any hair length, it ups your style game by several notches and helps you stand out in the crowd.

Now you might be wondering how to create this sexy style in your short hair; well, with some basic steps and an excellent quality flat iron, this style would seem child’s play to you.

Kick start your styling by putting on some heat protectant (we prefer the HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector) on your fully dried tresses. Now take a section of your hair locks and place it inside a 1-inch flat iron plate. Then clamp the plates and twist your wrist towards or away from your face while pulling the tool down.

Repeat this procedure for the rest of your tresses and discover the most alluring waves in your bob without even visiting the beach.

6. Edgy, Messy Bob

Messy Bob - V1 Oct

If you are yearning to sport the Victoria Beckham shorty short bob, then this messy bob with lots of chopped layers would be just the right cut for you. This fun, feminine, yet edgy style not only promises to provide severe texture and characteristics to your otherwise bland tresses but at the same time also adds plenty of personality to your look.

Moreover, you can adorn them with brown high and low lights to offer some extra depth to this cut and make it more fun and happening simultaneously.

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7. Polished Bob

Polished Bob

The sleek, polished do is another way to deck up your shorty short bob; this “high-end polished chic” style is perfect for your office attire or any other formal events where you can’t sport a messy funky hairdo.

It is super easy and effortless to achieve this “formal meets fashionable” look; start by applying moisturizing cream to your manes (like this R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème) not only seal in the moisture but also minimize frizz for a silky appearance. Then with a flat iron (keeping the heat level moderate), smooth out your bob for that sleek, polished result, you have been wanting.

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8. The Splice Girl Shaved Back Bob

Splice Girl Shaved Back Bob

Another bob that was made insanely popular by Victoria Beckham is the Shaved Back one; this risqué cut not only adds super volume to your locks but also makes your hair lightweight for a more relaxed feeling.

This cut features a surprising nap undercut that adds serious dimensions to the layered bob above. If you want to sport this, we would suggest you visit a hair expert as this cut requires some serious razor activities, and doing this with an expert would keep your neck safe from any unwanted cuts and scratches.


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  1. Hello there!

    You have mentioned putting on a liberal amount of volumizing spray onto the tresses before adorning my long bob with small curls and ringlets.

    What if I don’t use a volumizing spray? Won’t my curls come out as precise?

    I would love to know your opinion.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Tati,

      Thank u for reaching us.

      As your main aim is to adorn your bob with a voluminous outlook, a volumizing hair spray or mousse is a must-use product. It not only helps you to add texture and oomph to your tresses but also creates a great base for the curls and helps them to stay in place for longer than usual.

      We hope that you got your answer.

  2. Hi,

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    • Dear Chrissy,

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