Celebrity With Short Hair to Get Inspired by

It’s no surprise that short haircuts and hairstyles are taking over the beauty world in the new decade.

From Katy Perry to Taylor Swift and Penelope Cruz, all your favorite celebrities have embraced short hair and rocked it like a pro.

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If you also want to flaunt a short haircut but don’t know which style to flaunt or how to flaunt it, here is a guide for you.

Here are 15 of the most iconic, most loved short hairstyles that your favorite star sported so that it’s easier for you to pick just the right one for you.

But first, let’s have a quick look at these short styles for a quick overview.

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1. Ellen DeGeneres’s Super Pixie

Ellen DeGeneres is known for many great things, and her signature pixie haircut is one of them.

It’s simple, fuss-free style yet provides so much edge to your look.

Even without gels and combs. From her famous daytime show to many red-carpet events, she has always been rocking this super pixie. 

And if you also want to sport such a simple yet impressive haircut, then its high time you do it now.

Unlike many other hairstyles and haircuts, which you can try at home, we would suggest you visit your hairdresser to adorn your tresses with the Ellen DeGeneres pixie cut. 

Otherwise, there are high chance that you might have to go bald if you try doing it yourself.

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2. Keira Knightley’s Angled Bob

Got a round face? 

Try this razor-sharp angled bob that Keira Knightley has sported in many red-carpet events.

This chic, long in the front and shorter in the back haircut not only adds incredible volume to your manes [1] but also perfectly frames your face with those pronounced angles.

To style your bob just like Keira Knightley’s angled one, apply some volumizing mousse all over your damp hair. 

A volumizing mousse, like the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse, not only adds the required lift but also creates a base for the styling.

Then using a blow dryer and a round brush, dry all your manes to look fuller and bouncier.

Once all your tresses are completely dried and have the required volume, take a flat iron and lightly smooth out the bob to look exactly like Keira’s.

3. Victoria Beckham’s Signature Bob

No one sports short hair as Victoria Beckham does. Her fine, thin tresses are made for a shorter, more voluminous haircut.

Over the years, she has inspired many girls to sport a hairstyle like hers. 

And if you are someone who also wants to try her signature stacked bob, then try it now. 

This haircut not only accentuates your cheekbones and angles but also elevates your overall aura by several notches.

The best part of this haircut is that it provides an excellent amount of volume. 

The short, stacked bob at the back and slightly longer face-shaping strands at the front make for a perfect combination of style and comfort at the same time.

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4. Emma Stone’s Romantic Lob

Loved Emma Stone’s long bob? Why not try it for yourself? 

The soft, romantic lob that Emma Stone sports often is perfect for any occasion. 

From red carpet events to weddings, this side-swept bangs and minimal layering is a universally flattering hairdo to rock.

Adorning your lob with this romantic hairdo is as simple and fuss-free as it looks.

First, detangle your manes with a wide-tooth comb and spray on a liberal amount of heat [2] protectant spray all over the tresses.

Then, using a 1-inch curling iron, create alternate curls in your hair and let them sit for a minute.

Run your fingers through them to not only interconnect the curls but to also give the overall look a soft, natural vibe.

5. Ruth Negga’s Short Natural Curls

If you have natural hair and you want to cut them super short, then get inspiration from Ruth Negga’s Golden Globes hairstyle. 

Her tight curly locks and the pixie-style cut make for a refreshingly youthful change.

To rock this hairdo all day, every day, with pride and ease, the only thing you need to do is visit your hairdresser right now and chop off your luscious natural curls into Ruth Negga’s pixie curls.

Short hair always grows back; thus, don’t hold yourself back from trying this amazing do.

6. Jane Fonda’s Signature Shag

Jane Fonda style is as popular as her films.

Her signature short shag hairstyle has been the inspiration of many fashionistas out there for years.

Even though this is quite an old do, its appeal is still the same as it was in the ‘80s. Proving that some hairstyles just don’t go out of style.

To rock a hairstyle just like Jane Fonda’s 19 Annual Hollywood Film Awards one, we would suggest you cut uniform layers all over your manes. 

Then using a blow dryer and a round brush, tease all your layers to create a voluminous, full-bodied hairstyle that is perfect for any black-tie occasion.

7. Jenifer Aniston’s Famous Friends Cut

Every “Friends” fan wanted to try Jenifer Aniston’s short stacked layer at least once in their life. 

This was one of the most tried-out hairdos in the 1990s than any other hairstyle ever was.

So what made the “The Rachel” haircut iconic? Other than the fact that Jenifer Aniston sported it.

 “The Rachel” hairdo is super stylish yet comfortable, and that’s why every other fashionista wanted to rock this haircut back then.

If you still want to try this haircut, I suggest you ask your hairdresser for the choppy layers falling just above the collarbone with chunky blonde highlights.

Blow-dry them daily with a round brush to maintain your “Rachel” look even in the 2020s.

8. Taylor Swift Voluminous Bob

Taylor Swift never fails to impress us with her style.  

When she sported the super short bob that showed off her long neck perfectly, the world was in awe. 

The blunt bob she flaunted was sleek yet voluminous to add depth to the overall look. 

Moreover, the perfectly placed bangs not only softened the fierce look but also covered her entire forehead. 

This is certainly an edgy style, but it’s not too daring to try it.

To sport this look, the first thing you must do is blow dry your hair upside down with a round brush to give it the much-required body and volume. 

Then flip your manes over and lightly brush over to smoothen them for a sleeker outlook.

Next, with a flat iron, straighten your bangs with a flip at the roots to ensure that the bangs also have the same volume as the bob..

9. Penelope Cruz’s Beachy Shoulder Length

Penelope Cruz is a dream. 

Everything she does, every fashion move she makes, is replicated by several million girls in the world. 

And her beach shoulder-length hair is no different. 

This wispy layered lob is super simple to create but has a great impact on the way you look.

It makes you stand up in the crowd without even trying hard.

If you want to adorn your long bob with this wispy, salty hairstyle, you only need a suitable curling iron.

For the styling process, apply a handful of volumizing mousse all over your shoulder-length tresses to not only add some volume but also to build a perfect base for the waving. 

Then using a wide barrel curling iron, such as this T3 SinglePass Curl Professional Curling Iron, create barely there, loose waves in your manes to look exactly like Penelope Cruz’s hair.

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10. Elsa Pataky’s Layered Bob

No one flaunts bob as Elsa Pataky does. 

She shows off her sexy bob like a queen!

Her layered bob with just the right curls here and there looks so chic and works everywhere regardless of the event. 

If you really want to up your hairstyle by a few notches, then this layered bob is a must-try for you.

To achieve this laid-back yet sexy look, style your bob with loose waves or light curls. 

Don’t forget to feather the ends of the curls to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

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11. Zoë Kravitz’s Choppy Pixie Cut

Big Little Lies star Zoë Kravitz has undergone the most shocking yet pleasant hair transformation. 

She chopped down her signature long braids into a super sexy short pixie crop and looked almost unrecognizable. 

Like Zoë, if you are also not a fan of bangs and long hair, her funky pixie cut is just the right one for you. 

Use a narrow plated flat iron to twist your super short strands so that they don’t fall flat and look incredibly edgy

12. Twiggy’s Sleek Crop

A cropped cut is always not about wispy twists, and Twiggy showed us just that. 

Her super, sleek side-parted crop cut kick-started her modeling career in the early ‘60s, and ever since, this iconic hairstyle has been a favorite among women with short hair.

To flaunt this hairdo perfectly, first, flat iron your short tresses to pin-straight tresses and then apply a generous amount of hair gel to get that sleek, shiny effect. 

After you are done, part them on any side you wish, and voila! You are ready to rock Twiggy’s iconic sleek crop anywhere and everywhere you want.

13. Julianne Hough’s Texturized Bob

Julianne Hough has been rocking this amazing bob for a while. 

And from the time she flaunted this sassy bob haircut, everyone has gone gaga over this.

Her bold, chin-length bob features a classic bob outline paired with thinned-out ends to give an illusion of an even shorter, more voluminous haircut.

If you also want to style your bob just like Julianne Hough’s one, we suggest you start by spritzing on some dry shampoo all over your tresses.

This is to build the body as well as to give them a velvety matte finish. 

Then using a flat iron, create a little bit of bend at the front to frame your face. 

Leave the ends straight to give your overall look a much-texturized vibe.

14. Miley Cyrus’s Edgy Razor Cut

Miley Cyrus made jaws drop when she chopped off her signature long locks to debut her super short razor cut. 

Even though she rocked this cut, it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are someone who is edgy and likes to take a risk with your hair, then we would suggest you try out this daring look, even only for once.

Even though this completely disconnected haircut has long tresses on top and almost shaved ones on the sides, it’s not as difficult to style as you might think. 

Apply a bit of gel through wet hair and blow-dry it for a slight lift. Then backcomb the long tresses and you are ready to rock on.

15. Kristen Stewart’s Asymmetrical Pixie

Kristen Stewart shows us that some hairstyles never get outdated, and her asymmetrical bob is one of them. 

This high-at-the-back and low-at-the-front hairdo is one versatile haircut that works well with edgy outfits. 

And if you want to flaunt this hairdo, your best option is to visit a hairdresser rather than try it at home.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know some of the most celebrity short hairstyles, we are sure that you can now decide which to flaunt and how. 

Therefore, don’t waste any time and get yourself a brand new hairstyle to make everyone awe over your look.




Celebrity With Short Hair To Get Inspired By


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