2022 Hairstyle Trend Prediction: Straight and Shiny are Back

The experts have spoken; straight And shiny, baby!

Simple, flowy straight hairstyles reminiscent of the 90s are making a big comeback this coming 2022.

Read on for the full scoop!

Woman with straight and shiny hair, the hottest 2022 hair trend.

2022 Hairstyle Trend Prediction: Shiny And Straight Are Back

Blonde Woman with straight and shiny hair, the hottest 2022 hair trend.

So are you ready to live your life again this 2022?

If you’re planning on stepping out in style, you’ll want to get caught up on what will be next year’s hair trend so you can make a splash with a ‘tude.

Experts say that trend is all about straight and shiny!

Compared to the layered and wavy looks that pretty much dominated 2021, straight hair in 2022 will probably bring back that deep wave of nostalgia, especially among the millennials and GenZ.

The look previewed during Chanel’s Paris fashion show, and boy, did it catch the eyes of many or what?

Adding to the buzz were models like Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell sporting this look while working the ramp.

The simple, middle-parted do is definitely on most woman’s “I want that look” list. Coupled with some extensions for that ultimate look, the style is simply to die for.

Check out Naomi Campbell rocking sleek and shiny locks during the Michael Kors Fashion Show:

Straight with a shine

Other than being just straight and blunt, 2022 hairstyles are also putting emphasis on one other detail and that is shine.

Models during the Chanel show look sported straight, shiny hair that was parted in the middle which exuded a simple aura BUT with an attitude.

The 1990s saw the rise of hair straightening tools which paved the way for super straight hair. However, this also gave it a pretty dull look as a result of hair damage.

What makes 2022 different is the emphasis on healthy hairstyles. Thanks to newer technology, hair straightening no longer needs to be as damaging to the hair so you come up with locks that are full of shine and luster.

According to stylist James Pecis, people are caring more and more about having healthy hair and this is what is going to gain more focus in the future.

Luckily, this won’t be so difficult now there are more products available that offer heat protection, as well as better tools for hair straightening.

Products that can protect your hair from heat damage, such as heat protection sprays, also come in highly recommended.

You can use these together with your favorite hair straightening tool to create that shiny, straight look for 2022.

Don’t cut out the curls just yet

Despite the seeming hairstyle trend for next year, natural curls are still going to be a popular thing.

Lockdowns have made us appreciate what comes naturally for us.

While straight hair may be the go-to look for ’22, be prepared for women embracing those huge, curly locks a la Jessica Parker and Beyonce as this won’t be going away any time soon.

woman with curly hair

After all, the 90s has indeed shown us that women with big curls can look equally glamorous. (Think of it as 2022 paying homage to the 90s!)

It’s all about versatility

2021 barely gave us a reason to look our best. Ordering delivery dinners and eating them while on our couches gave us reason to keep that messy, “just got out of bed” look.

Things will be different in 2022 though as things are starting to shape up. People are starting to emerge from lockdowns and return to life as we know it.

2022 will definitely give us reason to jazz things up as we all get our groove back so versatility is what most of us will look forward to. (Yes, we are so done with the messy buns!)

Whether it comes naturally or textured, straight, silky, shiny hair gives us more options aside from those waves and curls.

2022 means livening things up!

2022 is definitely something to look forward to. Fashion trends are on an upswing as people are once again looking into parties and date nights. 2022 will be the time to fill up that social calendar and jazz things up!

2021 introduced us to a more laidback lifestyle. The simple, straight hairstyle may be born out of that love for simplicity nurtured throughout 2021.

Looking our best though always comes with an attitude- even when things are low-key. What better way is there to show just that if not through your hair?

Your hair is your crowning glory after all. Spice it up and put back the glory by adding some sparkle and shine just like what healthy, shiny hair is supposed to do.

What are your thoughts on straight and shiny hair making a huge comeback in 2022? What hair trends do you wish would come back? Share below!

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