How to Make a Mirror With Light Bulbs (20 Ideas)

DIY mirror with light bulbs

Wanna learn how to make a mirror with light bulbs? Well, you’re in luck.

While buying a vanity mirror is often the best option, it doesn’t beat the feeling of being able to build one.

And in this article, I’ll show you some of the ways to do that.

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How To Make A Mirror With Light Bulbs

To build a mirror with light bulbs, all you’ll need is a mirror, some lights (preferably Hollywood style), and some woodworking tools.

The good thing about making your own mirror with light bulbs is you get to be creative. You can try out different designs to find what works best for you. [1]

I did a lot of research when building a mirror for my girlfriend, and came across very many projects.

Below are my top picks. I believe that with these, you can’t run out of options on what kind of mirror to build depending on your preferences.

DIY Project 1 – Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Light

With a budget of $ 70 on requirements, you will have the most sophisticated Hollywood lighted makeup vanity mirrors.

This DIY project is easy and within no time you will have your mirror on the wall.

All you’ll need are painter’s tape, power drill, pen, measuring tape, safety glasses, 30 by 30 inches mirror, and light strips with 16 bulbs.

DIY Project 2 – Making A Regular but classic Mirror With Lights

This is another inspiring DIY light with lights done by Tiffunique. The ten LED bulbs used have an adhesive and so you can stick them on your mirror. 

The mirror has a weight of 5 pounds and some stickers on it but you can choose not to use them.

For a successful DIY, you need a tape to tape thin wire, wall stickers, tape measure,10 bulbs light strip, and wall stickers. She shows how to make the regular mirror with a class of its own for only $ 40.

DIY Project 3 – Vanity Mirror With Lights

This whole project takes two hours and forty-five minutes and there is a manual to guide you.

It is quite engaging because you will be setting up a makeup dressing table as well. In this, you will need to have a bottle of water near you.

The requirements for the project include screws, vanity mirror, wood boards, bar vanity lights bar for holding the bulbs.

DIY Project 4 – Wall-Mounted – Mirror With White Light

This mirror with light bulbs project is easy and will take only 15 minutes. It also doesn’t have many requirements, unlike other DIY projects.

All you need is a 5 meter LED light strip, full-length mirror, AC adapter, and scissors.

There is some woodwork involved and detailed wiring in making this DIY Hollywood mirror too.

DIY Project 5 – Vanity Mirror with Lights

This is one of my favorite wall-mounted mirror and makeup dressing table tutorials. Most of the requirements are readily available in stores, or even at your garage. 

It is quite an involving project since you will be doing some drilling and electrical wiring and therefore you will need some skills on the same.

Among the things you require include two PVC trims, vanity mirror, cutting saw, scrap wood, adhesive, blue junction boxes, measuring table, wood boards vanity mirror, and vanity light strips.

DIY Project 6 Professional make up mirror with light

With only $200, you will have the mirror you’ve always wanted in your modern bathroom. You will require a drill, saw, mirror and bulbs, untreated pranks, thin wood strips, lamp holders, wires, dimmers, and plugs.

The process involves several steps including electrical wiring which you might have to have skills for.

The efforts are worth though, since the end result will be a beautiful and functional bedroom vanity mirror.

DIY Project 7 – DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights Under $150

You don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful makeup mirror. With less than $150 you can make this mirror without hiring an expert.

However, you will need a partner to give a hand, especially with the electrical wiring task.

The requirements include a piece of plywood, premium white paint, and primer, mirror, nails, bulbs, screws, and vanity lights kit.

DIY Project 8. LED Vanity mirror with lights under $ 20

Learn how to build an LED vanity mirror from scratch using easily available materials. The steps are easy but you have to be accurate with measurements.

Ensure the length of the wood board matches that of your mirror. Cut the board accurately and connect the electrical cables and test to see if they will light up.

After that, cover the board, apply mirror adhesive on top and stick your mirror to it. Repeat the light test and enjoy an incredible atmosphere for makeup application.

DIY Project 9. DIY Smart vanity mirror with fluorescent light for bathroom vanities

For this project, you’ll need a piece of plywood, white paint, mirror, measuring tape, adhesive, and pencil.

The steps are simple and you start by painting the piece of plywood white.

Ensure you do it perfectly to completely seal the wood. Turn it on the other side and generously apply the mirror holding adhesive and give it some 15 minutes and then place your mirror on it.

Screw the vanity light bars onto the extended side of the wood and do the wiring. Place the bulbs and plug them into the socket.

If it is functional, mount it to the wall. If you have Alexa, you can get a smart plug and control the lights through voice commands. How cool is that?

DIY Project 10. Building a vanity mirror with dimmable lights

If your vanity mirror budget can extend to $250, this DIY mirror project fits you. It is huge and with the right items, you will easily fix it.

You will need a light chrome vanity, electrical wiring tape, wire connectors, white and black wire, mirror.

This project is also perfect for those who need larger mirrors, since those found in stores in this price range may be small and not customizable.

DIY Project 11 Create a DIY mirror with bathroom vanity light bulbs

You will spend only $ 60 to make this vanity mirror. The requirements include scissors, a tape measure, and a mirror.

The mirror is framed and painted to fit your taste. This unit is separate and you can mount it above your makeup desk.

Although it’s small in size, it will definitely serve its purpose well, especially for those with small-sized rooms.

DIY Project 12: Lighted vanity mirror

Brighten your space by binding this simple and easy DIY mirror. The supplies you will need include wood, saw, measuring tape, hand drill, tape, wiring tape, and cables.

The process is not that complicated. But you’ll need some basic woodworking skills.

Unlike most of the other projects where the lights are on the outside, this mirror’s lights are placed inside.

DIY Project 13. Make a vanity mirror with some shelves

This is another project that proves owning a vanity mirror doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

With the right tools, you will make this unit easily in the comfort of your home. The best part about this DIY is that you get to do some side shelves beside the lighted mirror.

Thus, you will not only have a mirror but also some space for your makeup accessories. You’ll also note that she didn’t but the mirror and the table.

She actually recycled an old mirror and a table. Pretty creative, don’t you think?

DIY Project 14: Lighted vanity mirror with dimmable lights and a phone charger.

This DIY project is a bit tough and will take much of your time. However, the results are quite gratifying. It is the best you can have in your modern bathroom.

The mirror is big enough and therefore you can do your application of makeup while either standing or sitting.

The most amazing thing about this mirror is that besides, the lighting you can also charge your phone.

DIY Project 15 – DIY Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror with Lights

This is a project worth the challenge. The whole process will take you at least an hour and you will require a wood board, tape measure, chrome vanity bars, bulbs, a lighting remote, and screws.

Once you are done with wiring the remaining process is easy. This mirror comes with the best user experience because you only use a remote to switch the bulbs on and off.

DIY Project 16 – DIY Hollywood Style Vanity Light Set

You will love the mirror lights and the brightness they offer you during your makeup application.

For a successful project, you will need a Hollywood-style light strip, mirror, and socket.

Start by attaching the bulbs to the mirror and ensure the distance between them is the same. Once done switch the lights on and move the mirror anywhere you want to fix it.

DIY Project 17: Chende DIY Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

You don’t have to worry about the lack of enough light when doing your make-up. This is another great DIY option that will help you make a mirror on your own.

You need a mirror, dimmable set of lights, scissors, and tape. You should however remember to test the light before you leave the stores to be sure they are working.

If the end product pleases you, go ahead and build this vanity mirror with lights.

DIY Project 18 – DIY style Light up a bathroom vanity mirror 

Improve the time you spend in your bathroom by installing this vanity mirror with light bulbs.

You’ll need LED light strips, power supplies, double-sided sticks, and white and black tape. 

You need to take accurate measurements of your existing bathroom mirror so that you can compare the same to the double-sided sticks.

DIY Project 19: Self-made Vanity mirror with Hollywood lights

With just two light fixtures, two extension cables, wire connectors, mounting clips, you can make your own vanity mirror.

There are a few easy steps to follow but you should be aware that the wiring part is tricky. However, once you are done with it, your mirror will be up the wall in minutes.

Project 20: DIY Full-Length Hollywood Mirror with Lights

Learn to do a confident DIY mirror using 14 Hollywood light bulbs. If you feel like DIY isn’t your thing, this project is a good fit.

Even the YouTuber claims she isn’t very crafty, but was able to build the mirror. The process is simple thanks to the stickers on the bulb and all you will do is peel them off and stick the lights to your full-length mirror.

This is the cutest feature you can have in your bedroom for makeup application.

Choosing The Best Vanity Mirror

While all the DIY projects above are fun, you’ll still have to buy a mirror. Below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a mirror for your project.


Vanity mirrors have been there for a long time and therefore their style has been changing often. This gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Mostly, the shape and frame of the mirror are what determine its style.

For example, most ancient vanities have round mirrors and wood frames that you can mount or leave to sit on the makeup application table.

Frames also come in different styles including the ornate. Also, bathroom vanities mostly fit well with either framed or frameless square mirrors.

To have a beautiful makeup vanity mirror, consider painting the frame maybe with your favorite color.

Mirror Size

How big do you want your mirror? As mentioned earlier, they come in different sizes, and that’s why your preference is a factor.

The best way to choose the right size is by considering your vanity table’s length. However, you still have the freedom of choosing much bigger mirrors.

A small mirror also gives you the advantage in that you will have some space to do decor on the sides and have improved visibility.


Indirectly, the size of a mirror determines its shape. Since the mirror will be in your bathroom, it will be used by several people, it should accommodate their different heights.

A rectangular or oval mirror fits well in narrow vanity spaces while the square ones are ideal for large spaces.

mirror with light bulbs

However, you might consider your style. If you like the modern one, you might consider a round or square vanity mirror.

The two shapes are great in enhancing a modern style. However, the market has several ranges of shapes you can choose from. 

Mirror Placement

This is another important factor to consider, As I’ve mentioned above, the people in your house matter, and you should have their heights in the picture. In most cases, vanity mirrors are perpendicularly hung onto the top of the vanity.

Another thing to look into in terms of placement is how reflective the mirror will be.

Do you like a mirror that is clear or one that reflects the bathroom sinks and fixtures? These are some of the things that guide a person on how to place the mirror.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What light bulbs should I use for a Hollywood mirror with lights?

White lights, sometimes referred to as Hollywood-style lights or daylight bulbs, are the best for mirrors with lights. Fluorescent lights, yellow, or rose are not the best since they may give the wrong impression.

Why do we have those bulbs around a makeup mirror?

Hollywood mirror with light bulbs

To provide the light that you need for makeup application. Natural light is the best for checking makeup. But since it’s not always available, the bulbs prove a viable alternative.

Should I buy white light bulbs or yellow light bulbs for my makeup mirror?

Soft white light is the best since it mimics natural light. Yellow light bulbs may mislead you, causing you to apply too much or too little makeup.

What is the best bathroom vanity lighting?

Incandescent and halogen lights are the best since they portray skin color as it I thanks to their high CRI (Color Rendering Index) [2]. Any light source with a CRI of 90 or above would make good lighting for vanity mirrors.


And there you have it. You may have seen mirrors with light bulbs being used by models and beauticians and thought you could get one for yourself. Only to realize they cost a fortune.

The good news is that you can build one and you’ll only spend a few dollars.

As I’ve shown you above, you only need a few supplies, some basic skills, and some imagination to make mirrors with light bulbs.

Have you found a creative way to create vanity lighting that I haven’t covered above? Please share it in the comments section. 


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