Can the Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than the Vanity? (Answered)

bathroom with a large mirror

Can the bathroom mirror be wider than the vanity? Mirrors are a must-have, especially if you can get the best lighted bathroom mirrors.

However, determining the size is often an issue for many. I’ve been to houses with a bathroom mirror bigger than vanity, and honestly, I found them a tad weird.

So how big should a vanity mirror be? I have the answers here, so please read on.

How Big Should a Mirror Be Over a Vanity?

vanity mirror with bulbs

No matter how large the mirror is, it shouldn’t be bigger than the vanity (1). For instance, I’d need a significantly smaller mirror if I chose a double vanity of 60 inches.

A large bathroom mirror of 58 inches to 54 inches would be the ideal fit. Of course, there are several options for size, depending on how you want to style your bathroom.

A solid approach is to have the bathroom mirror a couple of inches smaller than the vanity or sink basin (say 6 or 4 inches).

So a 22-inch mirror will go perfectly with a vanity size of 26 or 28 inches. Some people crave larger mirrors for the sake of aesthetics, and it is okay to have a mirror inches wider than the vanity.

But then, it makes little stylistic sense for a mirror to be that large. Such wide mirrors will overpower the room and ruin the relaxed appeal you’d need to achieve. 

An unwritten rule is that a large bathroom mirror needs a slightly larger vanity. All this will also depend on the bathroom design. An unusual bathroom layout would require you to get creative to create a beautiful space.

What To Look For When Choosing Size Of Bathroom Vanity Mirror?

When I was shopping for a bathroom mirror, I had several questions go through my head. How do I choose a bathroom mirror? Are vertical mirrors better than oval mirrors? How will the mirror impact my bathroom decor?

Minimalist twist or a more nonchalant vibe? Even with all those questions, it all came down to the size of the mirror.

Here is what I considered when choosing the perfect size for my bathroom mirror.

1. Width Of Vanity

lighted mirror

The size of the mirror will hugely correlate with the width of the vanity. A single vanity will typically be between 24 and 30 inches, while a double vanity will be larger.

The vanity unit’s width should inform the mirror size you go for. After all, the mirror will have a significant impact on the bathroom style as well.

You’ll want to capture that aesthetic appeal by having a mirror perfect for the bathroom vanity.

2. Countertop & Vanity Light Space

The countertop’s width should be critical in answering how big a vanity mirror should be. 

The mirror should be about one or two inches smaller than the entire width of the countertop.

So if you have a 30-inch vanity, you’ll need a mirror that’s either 28 or 29 inches. Larger mirrors will require a larger countertop. 

The width of the countertop should also go hand in hand with the vanity light space the mirror will offer you. 

It is worth saying that frameless mirrors will enable you to exploit the size of your countertop better and create a modern flair.

3. Bathroom Size

bathroom with a round mirror

 If you ask, How big should my bathroom mirror be? I’ll ask how large is your bathroom? Will you want a mirror to cover the entire wall or just a fraction?

Mirrors come in various sizes that would be perfect for any bathroom size. So any foot of space matters when looking for a mirror.

52-54 inches mirrors wouldn’t make sense for a small bathroom that needs only a 26-28-inch mirror.

4. The Average Height of Users

lady using a mirror

How many inches tall is the tallest member of your family? My husband is a little over 5’9 inches, so when choosing my bathroom mirror, I had to consider that.

While you can choose the exact size to fit the tallest family member, an ideal size should be a few inches taller. You can even go all out for a tall mirror.

Any design expert would tell you that the mirror needs to give the maximum reflection, even for a tall person.

Should a Bathroom Mirror Be Centred Over The Sink?

Where should bathroom mirrors be placed? A mirror must be at the center of the sink for a stylistic fit, especially in a smaller bathroom (2).

The average person stands at the center of the sink when they want to use the mirror. 

bathroom mirror glued to the wall

Therefore, it makes sense for the mirror to the at the center. It’s easier to have the mirror at the center if it’s smaller than the sink and the wall lights point to the center.

Sometimes wall-mounted fixtures could interfere with the placing of the mirrors. If they do, try to have the mirror as close to the center as possible.

How do you determine the center? I decided on the center part by measuring the inches of space between the counter and the lighting and dividing it in two.

I then determined the mirror’s length and divided this in two as well. Then I aligned the mirror’s center with that of the wall. Simple!

You can place your mirror above the sink in an array of styles. If you have difficulty nailing it, consult a design expert, and they’ll help you get the perfect styling.


How Much Space Should Be Between The Mirror And Vanity Edge?

Four and six inches of space is enough space. While actual mirrors can be as large as the vanity, a huge mirror touching the vanity edges isn’t visually appealing.

Does The Mirror Have To Be The Same Size As The Vanity?

lighted bathroom mirrors

The mirror doesn’t have to be the same size as the vanity. It should be a few inches smaller than the vanity to ensure it doesn’t overpower the room.


Can Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than Vanity? Yes, it can. But it wouldn’t look good, so to be safe, always have the mirror inches narrower than the vanity.

Decorative mirrors will help beautify your bathroom space if you follow an artistic approach to placing them.

round mirror on top of the sink

Have any other ideas about how to decorate a bathroom with mirrors? Please share them with us in the comments, and we will add them to the article.


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