The Side Effects of Hair Rebonding You Didn’t Know

Hair treatments are used to bring the hair in its good form or reshape its beauty. But in reality, no hair treatments come without their drawbacks. So, one of the most popular hair treatments is hair rebonding that makes your hair straight and silky for a longer time. With a happy face, you might like this treatment and sleep well.

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But for someone, it becomes a nightmare and grief may peruse until they found a solution and get back their old beloved hair. So, before going into the hair rebonding procedure, you should arm yourself with the disadvantages so that you can decide whether it is worth for you or not.

If you have already planned to get hair rebonding, we suggest you pause for a while and read this article then make your wise decision. 

Damaged Scalp

In the hair rebonding procedure, heat is the main element. The heat gets contact with all the chemicals used in this treatment which is damaging to the scalp and can even burn it. This damage occurs when the temperature of the metals plates stays higher than the required amount and if the chemicals stay for a longer time on the hair than it requires.

The damage can also lead to getting affected with bacteria and the hair folliculitis gets damaged badly. This damage can be permanent and can make a serious impact on hair health. Besides you can face fungal infections and scalp psoriasis.

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However, these problems are not happening to all or in every time you rebonding your hair. Necessary precautions and care during the rebonding procedure may get you out of the risk most of the time.

2. Weakens the Hair and Occurs Hair Fall

Hair Fall

Many girls say they feel their hair becomes weak and sensitive after they rebond it. It may occur for the damaged, thin or fine hairs. This problem also appears if you start combing your hair just after completing the treatment. Expert says, for the first month of your hair rebonding, you shouldn’t tie or tuck tightly behind the ears nor even comb harshly.

After the rebonding, the strands become fragile and needs utmost care and maintenance. So, if you want to get all the good things from this hair treatment and don’t want to spoil your beloved hair, try to perform routine care to your hairs for the first few months.

3. Frizziness & Dryness

Frizzy & Dry Hair

When the hair is not taken care of well, it becomes frizzy, dry and gets other issues. And whenever high heat is applied and you let the hair remains careless, the frizziness has no bound then. So, if you rebond your hair recently, do not let it untouched with care for a longer time. The suffering will go beyond.

Besides, every time you will do hair rebonding you will end up with dry hair. Actually, your hair becomes dry while rebonding it. The heat seeps out most of the moisture from your hair and scalp in the straightening process. If you love to straighten your hair a lot or opt for straightening every 6 months or 1 year, your hair will lose natural oils and becomes extremely dry and brittle. Frequently straightening hair by rebonding ultimately leads to more freeze and dryness.

4. Breakage & Split Ends

Hair Breakage & Split Ends

Whatever the straightening process or treatment has gone on your hair – temporary or permanent, you will end up with broken strands at some point. Hair rebonding weakens the structure of the hair and thus the individual strands of the hair become more vulnerable.

Split ends also occur after the rebonding. Actually, it starts when the weakened hair breaking from the middle of your strands. Besides, while this issue is growing up at the fragile state of your hair, it also the mane looks unappealing.

5. Change of Hair Texture

Change of Hair Texture

The chemicals used in the permanent hair straightening treatments can make your hair texture change entirely and permanently. This happens when you opt for permanent straightening process a lot of overuse chemical products while straightening. Once this happens, no care remedies or hair masks can regain the old form of your hair. The only option will be left for you to grow up your entire hair naturally. With the help of a hair mask, you can maintain your rebonded hair.

6. Hair Growth Becomes Slower

Having frequent permanent hair straightening solution without proper heat protectant and other necessary precautions properly, your hair cuticles can be damaged permanently. Which leads to slower hair growth for the rest of your life. So, whatever you want to apply on your hair, learn the method properly and study in-depth before applying the process on your beloved hair.

7. Allergic Reaction

Allergic Reaction

This one is another common side effect of hair rebonding. After the treatment allergy may occur due to the chemicals used in the straightening procedure. You may also feel itching on your scalp, skin, neck, and eyes. However, this allergy problem differs from person to person. If you feel any of the problems mentioned above, contact a doctor as soon as possible.


There is no doubt that artificial or chemical things are always bad for human hair and skin. But with proper precautions and care, we can get rid of the damages or at least can minimize it a lot. However, hair rebonding is not that much worse. The problems we have mentioned above are not going to happen all of you, all the time. As we said, it differs from person to person. We just tried to make you acknowledged the risks, which will help you to make your decision easier. 


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