Best Titanium Flat Iron 2021 – Buying Guide

High heat conductivity, even heat distribution and enough negative ions producer – these are the topmost things you can get from titanium while it is used in a flat iron or hair straighteners. Titanium flat iron is also safe to use mostly on thick and natural types of hair while others do little harm on specific hair. If you are conscious about your hair-health, then this flat iron can be your ultimate choice.

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You all know that heat is mandatory to straighten your hair. But that heat has to be safe for your hair, right? Here, titanium hair straighteners are one step further. It produces very high and even heats which are good for almost all types of hair as well as it is safe to use on thick, dry, frizzy and damaged hair. The safe heat producing ability makes it superior to other flat irons in most of the cases. A titanium flat iron can be your best choice if you have thick/coarse, natural or kinky hair.

However, we have researched the market and bring out some of the best titanium flat iron for you. Let’s have a look in below.

Our Top Pick for Best Titanium Flat Iron

Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron
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Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron - Small INS013$$
ISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron
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ISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron - Small INS013$$$
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron
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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron - Small INS013$$$
Babylisspro Nano Titanium-plated Ultra-thin Flat Iron
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Babylisspro Nano Titanium-plated Ultra-thin Flat Iron - Small INS013$$$

Titanium Flat Iron Buying Guide

What Is Titanium Flat Iron?

Titanium Flat Iron

The flat iron that is made with titanium in its plate is called titanium flat iron. It provides a good amount of negative ions which is beneficial for keeping the health of your hair in good condition.

However, titanium is being used now widely in the hair straighteners or the flat irons for it’s faster, safe and even heat distribution capability. There are many other perspectives of this metal in hair care products. We will be going to talk about all of these in the later part of the article.

But before that, you should know what it is actually. In a word, it is a type of metal which is very durable and lightweight. Titanium is lifted up as a mineral from the underground of the earth. Then it is used in various sectors like medical, electrical, automotive and heating industries. In the heating industry and the heating products, this metal is now popular for some of its unique features. Let’s scroll below to know why you should buy titanium flat iron.

Why Titanium?

Since it is metal and its heating conductivity is very high, it takes less time to heat up and can perfectly finish your hair straightening job without any hassle. Most of all, the heat it produces is safe for its even heat distribution and negative ion production capability.

The flat irons that use titanium in it have excellent heat distribution which does less harm to your hair and the negative ions can take care of your hairs from being damaged.

However, titanium is a good heat conductor which heats up very fast. Thus you do not have to put your flat irons for long on your hair while straightening with it. And the heat it produces provides consistent heat. Thus, there will be no heat spot and your hair can be straightened up very fast and well.

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Another reason for picking up titanium flat iron as it can hydrate our hair and can prevent damage from heat. With the capability of generating negative ions, it neutralizes positive ion which is one of the main reasons for making our hair dry. However, it does not only neutralize the positive ions but also provides and keeps moisture within the hair which helps to make hairs smooth, silky and shiny.

Besides, the uses of titanium flat iron are increasing day by day as it lasts longer. These flat irons are durable enough and so you need not to worry about buying another flat iron in a few months even in a few years. Most of the titanium-made hair straighteners have 1-3 years of warranty and most of them last about three to five years.

This metal is very lightweight also. These hair straighteners, in general, weighs about 1-1.5 pounds which gives great portability and usability on your thick, curly or kinky hair. However, its integrated quick heat recovery system allows you flawless use while straightening up your hair.

Who Should Buy Titanium Flat Iron?

As hair straighteners with titanium plate are very good at producing both instant and high heat, you should be aware that excessive heat can be harmful to your hair. However, if you have thick, coarse, natural or kinky hair, there’s not much to be afraid of. As you all know that thick hairs need more heat to straighten, and thus titanium flat irons are absolute good for thick hair. It works well on thick curly and natural hairs.

But it would be wise not to use these straighteners for fine and damaged prone hair.

However, thick hair can be two types: thick curly hair and natural or kinky hair.  So, we will review:

Thick Curly & Natural Hair

If you have thick hair, 3C or curly and type 4 or kinky hairs, titanium flat irons are for you. Read the review below to find out the best titanium flat iron and buy one as your preferences. Before that, there are some important things to check before purchasing one.

Best Titanium Flat Iron Buying Guide

There are many factors of a product that you should know before buy. These are the factors that most of the internet searches do not show you generally. The millions of searches and the web pages give you a lot of options to buy, and most of the sources manipulate you to buy their products. But when you are here on our site, there’s a lot to talk about.

As you know, we oath to help you find not only the best product but also the most suitable product for you. So, wait no more, let’s proceed below to know the things you have to consider before buying the best titanium flat iron for you.

Types of Titanium Technology

Nano Titanium

Nano titanium is widely used titanium technology which is renowned for producing powerful negative ions. We all know now that stronger ions can straighten hair faster, provides a longer lasting result which can keep moisture within your hair and make your hair smooth and silky.

The nano titanium also maintains stability/balance at high temperature and has the same smoothing process as ceramic and tourmaline. If you have thick curly hair, which needs a good amount of natural moisture, flat iron with Nano titanium is what you need most.

Mirror Titanium

Mirror titanium is an advanced titanium technology which does less harm to hair as its balanced temperature control. It also has a powerful smoothing and fast heating capability. As thick hair needs fast and reliable heating distribution, mirror titanium is best if you have thick and curly hair.


Few hair ironing companies nowadays are making their flat irons with titanium coated with tourmaline. Thus you can get benefits from tourmaline in a titanium flat iron.

We all know that tourmaline is a very significant source of negative ions while it is being heated. It also provides smoothness while ironing your hair. So, it is a plus when you have tourmaline on a titanium flat iron. This titanium-tourmaline technology is best suited for those who have thick and curly hair.

Ceramic Coated Titanium

Ceramic is now widely used in most of the flat irons. In a titanium flat iron, the coated ceramic will give a smooth surface and produce infrared. Both of them are necessary if you have thick natural or kinky hair. Ceramic fights with frizz and damage while titanium makes your natural hair straight fast and accurate.

Besides, there are some flat irons that have ceramic coated Nano titanium in its plates. It would be better if you find and buy that one as we always prefer Nano titanium for its advanced mechanism and benefits.

Isotherm Titanium

“Even heat distribution” is an important term for any hair straightening product. A flat iron with Isotherm technology provides very even heat distribution while ironing your hair. It also provides ultra-smooth glides; thus there will be no breakage or pull up hair while straightening.

As natural or kinky hair prone to damage more, this isotherm titanium technology suits most on African-American hair, natural or kinky hair.

Plate Size

Plate Size of Titanium Flat Iron

Plate size is an important consideration while buying a flat iron. If your hair is thick and curly, you need then a bigger plate to manage your messy hair. It will save your time and extra hassle. 1.25-2 inch plate will be okay for you if you have thick curly hair.

But if you have short or natural/kinky hair, you do not need that bigger plate to straighten your hair. A 1-inch plate will be enough or you. You can look for a 1.25-inch size flat iron plate if your natural/kinky hair is long.


Infrared is a superior technology in hair straightening appliances. It has added an extra dimension on hair ironing experience. The main advantage of infrared is it can spread heat deeply and gently on your hair while straightening.

Infrared also reduces exposure and heating time as well. This technology is must if you have frizzy or damaged prone hair. You also need this on your thick hair as thick hair needs more heat to straighten and more heat can cause damage. With infrared heat, you can straighten your hair very fast, and the heat will spread evenly and gently; thus there will be no chance of damage.


Ionic Technology - V2 Apr

We all know that regular and excessive heat is bad for every hair. It also makes your hair dry and frizzy. To resolve this, you need moisture in your hair. With enough negative ions, you can have moisture in your hair, and your hair can become healthy, silky and shiny.

With a flat iron having ionic technology in it, your hair can have enough negative ions which will produce and keep moisture in your hair and makes your dry hair straight and healthy. As titanium can provide a good amount of negative ions, with the ionic technology in it, you can have added a bonus if you can find a flat iron with ionic technology in it.

Temperature Setting

The right temperature setting is as important as plate size while using a flat iron. Not everybody has the same types of hair, and thus different hair type needs different temperature setting while ironing.

If you have thick and curly hair, set your flat iron temperature in between (350-410) °F. If you have thick natural or thick kinky hair, do not set the temperature more than 350°F.

Additional Features

Above those are the must-have things of a best titanium flat iron. But there are more things that you should look for a flat iron that can ease your usability. Such as:

The Must-have Features Checklist

PropertiesFor Thick Curly HairFor Natural/kinky Hair
Preferred TitaniumNano Titanium, Mirror Titanium, Titanium-tourmalineCeramic Coated Titanium, Ceramic Coated Nano Titanium, Isotherm Titanium
Plate Size(1.25 – 2) Inches(1 – 1.25) Inch

Note: If you need a different type of hair straightener, then you can visit this page.

Top Titanium Flat Iron

In below we have listed some best titanium flat irons you can find in the market right now. These are the best and most popular flat irons. We have reviewed each of them and give elaborate descriptions.

But it is recommended to follow the must-have checklist we have given for you above to find out the best one for you. For your help, we have suggested below some of the best titanium hair straighteners that have matched our must-have checklist. You should read the whole article thoroughly and buy the hair straightener as your preferences.

Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Curly Hair

PropertiesKipozi Professional Titanium Flat IronISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair StraightenerIzutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron
Preferred Titanium (Nano Titanium, Mirror Titanium, Titanium-tourmaline)Nano TitaniumMirror TitaniumPure Titanium
Adjustable TemperatureYesYesYes
Infrared TechnologyYesYesNo
Ionic TechnologyYesYesNo
Plate Size1.75 Inches1.25 Inches1.25 Inches
Additional FeaturesDual Voltage, Auto Shutoff, 30s Instant Heat Up, 2.5m 360° Swivel CordNeon LCD Display, 360 Degrees No-tangle Cord, Can Be Used for CurlingDual Voltage
Durability & Real-Life PerformanceExcellentVery WellAverage

Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for Thick Curly Hair

Why We Love It

Firstly, we have taken it as our top pick because of its high quality. It is a perfect hair straightening iron for thick and curly hair with all of the necessary features like infrared, ionic technology, Nano titanium, etc. Besides, we would like to give it five stars for its durability and its perfect plate size for thick curly hair. Its auto turns off feature can save tons. With all of these features and excellent real-life performance, this is definitely the best titanium flat iron for thick curly hair.

Next thing you will love this flat iron for its design and look. It has the most ergonomic design and high-quality component comparing to the other hair straighteners, which is another attractive selling point of this flat iron. The angled plates are very comfortable to hold and the body looks premium and lightweight.

The larger surface of this plate distributes heat evenly through the plate to hair so that the thickness and the curl will not give you any problem while ironing with this hair straightener. Moreover, it de-frizzes your hair so nicely that you will have not to go for another flat iron after using this hair straightener.

This one also the best Nano titanium flat iron you can find available in the market now. This straightener allows you to straight the stubborn thick curls very quick as it provides stronger negative ions which makes your hair smooth and gives the long-lasting finish. It also calms down the frizz effectively.

Adjustable temperature is one of the important things for a flat iron, especially when it is designed for thick curly hair. This flat iron has a wide range of temperature control (122-450° F).  So, you can set any temperature that your hair suits most. Using this flat iron can make your tousled hair straight from inside and gives a more natural straight look that you can rarely get from any other flat irons.

When it is about getting rid of frizziness, the most effective technology is infrared and ionic technology. Infrared technology produces negative ions which provide the moistures in our hair to tame the frizz. As we all know it is the lack of moisture that occurs frizz.

Another important feature we love about this flat iron that it has a floating plate. It’s really a bad experience when hair gets stuck in a flat iron. The good news is you do not have to worry about that anymore after buying this flat iron. It has the floating plate which will provide smooth gliding, no matter how long your hair is.

Sometimes girls with thick curly hair get really tired as it takes so long to straighten the hair. If the plate of the flat iron is small, it takes a large amount of extra time to do it all. But this flat iron is providing a 1.75-inch plate which is the perfect size for thick and curly hair. This is also the best cheap titanium flat iron from our opinion.

However, if you worry about the longevity of your hair straightener, this time fears not. This flat iron is durable enough that with this you can straighten your hair for about 2-3 years flawlessly. Plus, this is very lightweight that comes very handy while using it.

Last but not least, the price is always a consideration while we review any product. This one also passes this stage that means you will get the best titanium flat iron with a very budget price. Comparing the other flat irons, it costs comparatively low but works like a champion.

Additional Features

Other than the main features it comes with some additional features which are great to have in your flat iron plus it will make the daily hustle easier for you.

ISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Best for Thick Curly Hair

Why We Love It

This flat iron is our 2nd choice just for its higher price than the first one and the real-life performance is a little bit down. Though it takes the position of the runner-up that does not mean it is bad in any way. It covers almost all the features you will need in a hair straightener. It is also one of the best affordable titanium flat irons we can say.

This professional flat iron provides some good safety features which you will admire. It has excellent durability. This flat iron is also lightweight and travel-friendly. So it is worthy of your money plus it will give you two years of warranty. This best professional flat iron will definitely give you an amazing experience of straightening your hair.

Its extra-long plates are made with mirror titanium which enables to manage your thick and curly hair correctly by heating up fast. With an adjustable temperature, you can adjust the temperature as your hair need. Mirror titanium will harm your hair even less than you think which a girl wants while straightening her hair is.

It also comes with the infrared and ionic technology which is essential if you have frizzy hair. These technologies provide the moisture in your hair. And we all know frizz occurs from the lack of moisture.

One of the great features of Isa Professional Titanium Flat Iron is its extra-long dual floating plate. It makes the tiring process easier than ever before plus it minimizes your time and effort you used to give to straighten your hair.

But we get stuck when it comes about the price. We think this one should be our runners up as it costs way more than our champion KIPOZI.  However, if the price is not an issue for you rather you want a longer plate and dual voltage feature in your hair straightener; you can buy this one as well.

Additional Features

Why Didn’t We Choose Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron

First of all, it lacks the two most important elements ionic and infrared which are must-have features for any flat irons. It has no safety features like auto shut off and the heat it produces is not that safe comparing the above two flat irons. Lastly, the price is very high which we think is overpriced in terms of the quality and features it has.

However, it does have something for that people are still buying it. The design is good and it heats up really fast. But considering the value of money and comparing with the other top quality titanium flat irons, it seems overrated to us after our in-depth testing.

Best Titanium Flat Irons for Natural Hair

PropertiesPaul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat IronBabylisspro Nano Titanium-plated Ultra-thin Flat IronCHI Pro G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron
Preferred Titanium (Ceramic Coated Titanium/nano Titanium, Isotherm Titanium)Ceramic Coated & Isotherm TitaniumCeramic Coated & Nano TitaniumTitanium Infused Ceramic Plate
Adjustable TemperatureYesYesYes
Instant/fast HeatYesYesYes
Infrared TechnologyYesYesNo
Ionic TechnologyYesYesNo
Plate Size1.25 Inches1 Inches1.25 Inches
Additional FeaturesAuto Shutoff, Dual Voltage, 9-foot Swivel Cord, Smart Sense TechnologyRyton Housing Resists Ultra-high Heat, 50 Heat Settings, Ultra-thin and LightweightDual Voltage, Smart Control With LED Display
Durability & Real-life PerformanceExcellentExcellentAverage

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for Natural Hair

Why We Love It

We have chosen this one as the best titanium flat iron for natural or kinky hair firstly for its ceramic coated isotherm titanium plate. As natural hair is more delicate and damages prone, we had to choose the flat iron for natural hair more carefully than others. So, our priority was safe heat with smoother glides and then we have found this one. It also has all the features you need to straighten your natural hair. Plus, it will cause almost no damages if you iron your hair for an extended period of time.

You may have known by now that natural or kinky hair is prone to frizz and damage more than thick hair. This type of hair needs an extra smooth surface to glide and the isotherm titanium is one more step advance in smooth gliding.

Besides, this straightener has infrared and ionic technology which is mandatory for any flat irons from our opinion. The ionic technology generates negative ions which provide the extra moisture for the hair and the infrared technology provides the moisture gently and more deeply. And when the hair has enough moisture, it will appear healthy, smooth and shiny looking.

Talking about the ceramic coated we must mention that it is must have element for your natural or kinky hair. Ceramic is an inorganic metal that is corrosion-resistant and breakable. It also gives the flat iron plate a smoother finish which your natural hair needs most. You will love the smooth glides of this flat iron. However, this ceramic-coated titanium flat iron is also very popular for its infrared heat generation, cheaper price, and the instant heating capability.

The company uses SmartSense microchip in this hair straightener for lightning-fast Instant heat which is another excellent feature of this flat iron. From our real-life testing, we got the plate heat up to 450°F in just 25-30 seconds. This can save a lot of time of yours when you are in a hurry. Also, it has a wide range of adjustable temperature settings so that you can adjust the temperature as your hair needs.

This flat iron is also very durable and lightweight. It weighs only 1 pound which gives you excellent portability and usability. Durability is also very fine and you will get 24 months of warranty from the company.

However, this iron has a 1.25-inch plate which is just perfect for natural or kinky hair. Keep in mind that extra-large surface can also damage these types of hair as it will stay on the hair for a longer time.

Additional Features

Babylisspro Nano Titanium-plated Ultra-thin Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Best for Natural Hair

Why We Love It

We have considered both of the flat irons as our top picks for its almost same real-life performance and other similar features. You will not find any major differences from the previous straightener we have reviewed above. You are going to get the almost same result from both of the flat iron.

Unlike Paul Mitchell, in this flat iron, you are going to get only ceramic coated Nano titanium, which will also provide the smooth surface for your hair to glide through. Besides, this one is one of the best Babyliss titanium flat irons you can find in the market available now.

This hair iron has adjustable temperature which is a very important feature for a flat iron. It also has 50 heat settings which really comes very handy for the girls who are always aware of burning their hair while ironing.

We already have talked about how natural hairs prone to frizz and damage. As this straightener has infrared and ionic technology in it, you do not need to worry about your hair damage or frizziness.

With the instant heat feature, this flat iron will also save time in your busy days. With it, you do not have to wait for long to heat it up and then straight your hair. Just plug in the iron and you are ready to start your hair straightening.

However, for natural hair, you know the plate size of a flat iron need not be extra-large. And this one gives you the perfect plate size (1 inch) you need to straighten your natural/kinky hair. Besides, the weight of this flat iron is only 1 pound which is very lightweight.

You will not regret after using this one of the best ceramic titanium flat iron as it will give you shiny silky and smooth hair in a minimum amount of time. This hair straightener also has excellent durability with an ultra-sleek look as like as the first one. The lightweight and sleek design provides very easy handling. Plus, you will get 3-years of warranty with this flat iron. This is huge in our opinion.

Additional Features

Why Didn’t We Choose CHI Pro G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

We have heard a lot that many of you use the CHI Titanium flat iron for straightening your hair. But we have not found a satisfactory result while reviewing this flat iron. It lacks the most two crucial technology of a flat iron. Those are: infrared and iconic. Without these two technologies your hair can be damaged, or you cannot get the proper health care of your hair after using this flat iron.

In our real-life testing, it also did not perform as good as the above two. So, CHI PRO G2 is not our choice this time.


After investing countless hours, we are confident enough that we have found the best titanium flat irons for you so far. We have covered everything that you should know before buying your desired flat iron.

Now the choice is yours. Just go to the above links and buy which one suits you the most. Just remember always, first identify your hair type then go for the flat iron which suits your hair more. We also suggest you have consideration on the additional features as sometimes a small factor matters.