Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Dryers

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Having a good hair dryer is important, no matter how many straighteners or other styling tools you may already own.


Because you need to thoroughly dry your hair first before using straighteners and other styling tools.

This helps prevent unnecessary damage to your hair and will help keep your locks looking and feeling healthy.

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Consider the Wattage First

One of the first things to consider when choosing a hair dryer is its power (wattage). 

We put “wattage” as the first consideration because without the correct power your hair may get damaged and you may not get the desired result that you are looking for.

After some thorough testing and research, we have concluded that 1875 W of power is ideal for all hair types.  

If you have short or fine hair a hair dryer with less wattage will also work.

Here is a chart of best-suited wattage for different types of hair:

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In conclusion, a hair dryer with 1300-1875 watts range is great for people who use it at home

Other Features of Hair Dryer


Because you may have to hold your hair dryer for long periods of time, depending upon the thickness and length of your hair, having a lighter hair dryer is worth considering.

If your hair dryer is not light-weight your arm may get tired while blow-drying your hair. Also, a lighter hair dryer is more travel-friendly.  

Look for the hair dryer that weighs about 1 pound (0.45 kg). 

This will make your blow-drying experience much easier.

Multiple Heat Settings

Hair Dryer Multiple Heat Settings

The heat adjustment setting is an important feature on your hair dryer. Just like hair straighteners and other hair styling tools that use heat, getting the right temperature is important. 

Without the correct heat settings, you can damage your beloved hair severely or even permanently

A higher temperature setting can minimize your blow-drying time, but if your hair isn’t thick or curly, you risk damaging your hair follicles. 

So, when you’re looking for a perfect hair dryer consider purchasing one that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your hair type.

Cool Shot

With this feature, you can blast your hair with cool air just before you have finished drying your hair. 

This “cool shot” seals the hair cuticles and sets your hair for a long-lasting hold. This feature helps keep your hair sleek, smooth and shiny all day long. 

Switch to the “cool shot” setting when your hair is about 80% dry. This is when your hair will benefit most from this finishing touch.


Ergonomic Design

Just as weight is important so is comfort. If you have to hold your hair dryer for long periods of time it should feel comfortable in your grasp.

While shopping for a hair dryer, look for one that is easy-to-hold, ergonomic and has a lightweight design

The buttons should also be in a convenient place. They should be easy to reach. Most of all, your hair dryer should feel comfortable in your hand while you’re using it.

Cord Length

A longer cord is important because it will allow for more movement. 

Also, if there isn’t a power outlet near your dressing table or in your bathroom (where you generally blow dry your hair), a short length cord will restrict how well you are able to use your hair dryer. Look for a hair dryer with a longer length cord (6 to 9 feet is ideal).

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Hair Dryer Materials & Technologies


Tourmaline hair dryers are a step ahead of other hair dryers. These hair dryers are coated on the inside with tourmaline, a semi-precious metal that emits negative ions into your hair when it is heated up. 

These negative ions help your hair dry faster, lock in moisture within your strands, and help prevent damage.

Tourmaline hair dryers are the safest dryers for all hair types. And if your hair is thick or frizzy, a tourmaline hair dryer may be your best choice.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Ceramic or Porcelain Technologies

Ceramic hair dryers are best for distributing the heat evenly throughout your hair. 

This type of hair dryer helps to prevent your hair from overheating and drying out. Ceramic hair dryers not only distribute heat evenly they are also gentle on your hair. 

Both the ceramic and porcelain are less harsh on your hair. If you have fine, thin or dry hair that dries out easily a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer would be best suited for your hair type.

Ceramic dryers also provide negative ions which are good for frizzy and damaged hairs and prevent further frizz. 

Some latest ceramic hair dryers have infrared technology which delivers more consistent and evenly distributed heat which helps to dry your hair from the inside out.


Titanium hair dryers are best for optimal drying time. They provide for the evenest heat distribution in the least amount of time. 

But these dryers are not as gentle on your hair as the ceramic or tourmaline dryers are. Thus the titanium hair dryers are recommended only if you have very thick hair that is hard to dry. 

Titanium metal is very lightweight and you’ll find these hair dryers easy to handle. 

It’s important to know that if your hair is fine, frizzy or damaged then a titanium hair dryer may damage your hair.

Titanium hair dryers and hair straighteners are best for extremely thick, coarse and curly hair.

Ionic technology creates millions of negative ions which help to break down water molecules. The fewer water molecules in your hair, the faster your hair will dry.

With the ionic hair dryer, you are not just drying your hair with hot air. The ions are helping to break down the water in your hair thus accelerating your blow-drying time. This is great if you have thick hair and not a lot of time to dry it. 

The only problem of ionic dryers is that most users don’t realize when to turn them off before they start to cause damage to their hair. If the ionic airflow stays on your hair for too long after your hair is completely dry you may risk damaging your hair. 

Also, you should avoid using ionic hair dryers if your hair is fine or thin. And this type of hair dryer is not as effective in adding volume as other types of hair dryers are.


Infrared technology is the latest superior technology in hair styling tools. With this new technology the airflow spreads deeply while drying your hair gently. 

This heating process is not only gentle but also reduces your drying time. Infrared technology is good for frizzy and damaged hair. It dries faster and doesn’t damage your hair.

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Finding the Right Accessories

Hair dryers usually come with some type of extra accessories like a diffuser, concentrator, etc. 

These added tools are necessary if you want to achieve different styles with your hair.

If the hair dryer that you are purchasing doesn’t come with these accessories you may be able to buy them separately. But how do you know which ones that you may need? 

Let’s talk about diffusers first. 

  • An added diffuser will allow your hair dryer to evenly distribute hot air.
  • It also helps to separate the airflow from your hair dryer which helps to keep your curls in place.
  • It helps to minimize frizz.
  • It’s most helpful for curly or wavy hair.

Another great tool you can use with your hair dryer is a concentrator.

This accessory narrows and directs the airflow from your hair dryer concentrating the airflow on one specific area rather than blowing your hair all over the place.

This tool is very helpful if you straighten your hair regularly with your dryer. By using this add-on you gain more control over your finished look.

Purchase A New Hair Dryer According to Your Hair Type

It’s important that you consider your hair type when looking for a new hair dryer. If you do not use a hair dryer recommended for your hair type, you could end up with damaged or frizzy hair.

Here is a chart of best-suited hair dryers according to the hair types.

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Hopefully this article has helped to inform you about the different types of hair dryers on the market today.

By implementing a few of these tips you shouldn’t have any problems deciding on which hair dryer to purchase to help maintain your look and keep your locks shiny and healthy!


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