Curly Hair vs Straight Hair

Oh, your hair is curly! How do you even manage it?”

“Why don’t you straighten your hair?”

“Don’t you get tired of detangling your hair?” 

These are the common questions every girl with curly hair has to hear. 

I grew up listening to them and I think this will continue till the end.

Featured Image of Curly and Straight Hair Which One is Better

“I love my curls instead of thinking of them as being high maintenance,” I always say this. 

Though straight hair is highly valued by people thanks to media (for example, you always see lead actresses in a movie with shiny flat hair), I say curly hair is just as amazing!

That said, it is more prone to breakage and needs more time to manage than straight hair. 

Yet, is curly hair better than straight hair? 

Let’s cut the debate.

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The Fair and Flaws of Straight Hair

Straight Hair

If a girl has naturally straight hair, it seems like bliss. A large number of women have more or less straight hair by genetics. Well, this hair suits almost everyone at any length.

There are both fortunate and unfortunate sides to having straight hair. Saloon-style flat hair is a bit rare, yet if you have this one, then you are the girl who is being treated like a princess.

Whether you are going to prom or any other party or in a meeting, this hair type is always suitable and easy to style. This soft and shiny hair is easy to maintain, just put on a bit of shampoo (for example after washing, apply BIOLAGE Volume bloom Shampoo), condition, and dry, then you are ready to go anywhere. It takes no time to style it, you can tie a pony for the easiest popular look.

It is great for several coloring techniques such as ombre, balayage, or highlights, and gives you an elegant look. Besides all of these favorable qualities, this type of hair normally doesn’t have any particular shape or size.

You like the hair to be longer, which may not turn out well since it will put the weight to the bottom, making you feel like carrying a heavy weight on your head. As a result, hair fall increases, leaving a messy floor to clean daily. This wouldn’t happen if it had some volume on the root.

Also, it needs to be washed regularly, skipping a day may give a greasy and dirty look. There’s no option to hide the frizzled or damaged ends, it’s visible anyway.

If you wish to have a different look for a special occasion, be ready from the night before the program. It takes a lot more time and expense to curl your hair from straight and the result may not stay as long as you expect.

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The Awfulness and Awesomeness of Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Do you wake up every morning with tangled, bushy hair and feel terrible when you think of combing them? 

Welcome to the club of curly hair. It’s the real struggle to maintain the big voluminous curl and save it from breakage.

It needs very high maintenance; essential oil for massage such as OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, shampoo for proper cleaning such as SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Shampoo, a big fat conditioner such as SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair Conditioner, curl defining cream (like OGX Moroccan Curling Defining Cream), Mousse for controlling curl such as Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse, etc. This list goes on with every new problem.

Without proper treatment and haircuts, your curl won’t look good. There are several types of curl hair such as spiral curls, afro curls, loose curls, round curls and they all give different looks with different cuts. But, this type of hair always has a unique style and with a bit of mousse, you can give it a more stylish look.

There are so many good sides to curly hair. You are feeling lazy to wash your hair today! Don’t worry, no one will notice if you skip washing two or three days. This saves time for a lazy person like me, I can spend more time on Netflix or doodling.

Your curl is much vibrant and richer naturally and you can have different hairstyles every other day. That’s because the curl changes its shape every day and on every wash. Some unique hair coloring such as balayage or ombre looks cool on curly hair.

Also, you can straighten your type 3 hair anytime you wish with the flat iron (for example BaBylissPRO Straightening Iron) easily for a particular time. Though it may lead to dry and damaged hair if it’s done frequently. Make sure to read our tips for straightening curly hair.

Don’t be sad if your hairdresser accidentally makes your hair shorter than you wish. You can flat your hair and you will get an extra length cause there’s always a hidden length in your curls.

Cool, right?

It’s Time to Announce the Winner

Curly hair and straight hair, each has its own specialties. It depends on whether you cherish Rapunzel from Tangled or Merida from Brave. Both look good depending on the personality.

Straight hair is more common while curly hair is not. In another sense, curly hair looks attractive and makes you feel confident. 

Besides, you can switch to flat hair easily within hours and also have several hairstyles while flat hair needs much effort and time along with costs to make the hair wavy or curly. Normally straight hair looks the same every day while curly hair changes its style each day.

Well, do guys like curly hair? Surely, they do! Not only boys, girls too admire curls. So, don’t hesitate to show your curls to them.

I bet, now you are proud of your curls or wish to have one.

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Finishing Lines

Every type of hair is good, even no hair is also good if you wear them proudly. “Is curly hair better than straight hair?”, the answer is very easy. Though both are equal in their own way, curly hair has more facilities. With some effort, you can hold it like a crown. Do you agree or disagree? Share your thought in the comment section.


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