Curly Hair vs Straight Hair

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Oh, your hair is curly! How do you even manage it?” “Why don’t you straighten your hair?” “Don’t you get tired of detangling your hair?” 

Curly hair versus straight hair – when it comes to our locks, we often wonder: which is better, and why? There are lots of pros and cons.

Let’s cut the debate.

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The Fair and Flaws of Straight Hair

Straight Hair

To say that there is an ongoing debate about the merits of straight and curly hair[1] is an understatement.

One camp argues that curly hair looks better, is more fun, and lasts longer.

Another camp argues the exact opposite — that straight hair is easier to manage, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer.

Of course, there are a lot of people who just want to rock their natural curls and look good doing it.

The truth is that both types of hair have their advantages and disadvantages.

It all comes down to what’s best for your lifestyle and personality.

Here’s a look at the facts so you can decide which type of hair will work best for you:


  • Doesn’t need much styling or product
  • Easy to care for
  • Less likely to frizz in humid weather
  • It can be dyed more easily than curly hair
  • Looks modern and sexy on many different face shapes
  • It takes minimal effort to style it. You can tie it into a ponytail or a bun for the most effortless popular look.


  • It can look boring when pulled up into a ponytail or bun
  • Not always easy to grow out if you’ve been straightening it your whole life
  • If you prefer the hair to be longer, it may not turn out well since it will put the weight to the bottom, making you feel like carrying a heavyweight on your head. As a result, hair fall increases, leaving a dirty floor to clean daily. This wouldn’t happen if the hair had some volume on the root. It doesn’t
  • It needs to be washed regularly; skipping a day may give a greasy and dirty look. 
  • It takes a lot more time and expense to curl your hair straight, and the results do not hold for long.

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The Awfulness and Awesomeness of Curly Hair

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you already know that it’s not a burden — it’s a blessing.

It’s beautiful, easy to manage, and low-maintenance (with the right products)!

You don’t even have to put in much effort to achieve gorgeous, bouncy curls.

Curly hair is the most versatile hair type for hairstyles, and it can make any face look younger, thinner, and more beautiful.

It works for any occasion, from casual events to formal parties.

With the right cut and color treatment, you can have curls that last all night!

But if your hair is prone to frizz or dryness [2], you know how difficult it can be to love your curls.

Despite their versatility, curls are fragile — they need extra care and protection against heat damage and being exposed to too much moisture (like humidity).

Curly hair can also be hard to manage without professional help, so if you’re wondering how your curly hair compares with straight hair, here are some pros and cons:

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  • Are you are feeling lazy to wash your hair today! Don’t worry; no one will notice if you skip washing two or three days. This saves time for a lazy person like me. I can spend more time on Netflix or doodling.
  • Curly hair is the most versatile hair type when it comes to hairstyles, and it can make any face look younger, thinner, and more beautiful. It works for any occasion, from casual events to formal parties. With the right cut and color treatment, you can have curls that last all night!

Check out this video on how to style curly hair

  • Your curl is vibrant and richer naturally, and you can have different hairstyles every other day. That’s because the curl changes its shape every day and on every wash.
  • Curly-haired individuals tend to face fewer problems when styling their locks since curls naturally bounce back into place once dry – unless you use excessive amounts of hairspray.
  • It requires much less work than straight hair does – it’s easier to maintain and can look good when you haven’t spent hours in front of the mirror. The texture is also great for creating volume.

Make sure to read our tips for straightening curly hair.


  • If you have tight curls, you are likely used to many frizz. When they dry naturally, they will be pretty curly and wild. This can get annoying, especially if you want to wear your hair straight occasionally.
  • Curly hair tends to be more fragile than straight hair, making it susceptible to split ends and breakage if it’s not cared for properly. 

Straight Hair Vs. Curly Hair: Which One Is Better?

Well, it’s BOTH!

When it comes to hair, everyone has their preferences.

Some like straight hair; others go for curly hair.

Like every other aspect of a woman’s beauty, there is no universal definition that describes the best hair type.

Curly and straight hair can be beautiful because they each have distinct characteristics that make them unique.

Whether you prefer curly or straight hair will probably depend on many factors, such as your personality and lifestyle.

If you are a busy mom with little time to spend on your appearance, perhaps you’ll like the convenience of having straight hair.

On the other hand, if you’re a free-spirited young lady who likes to express her individuality through fashion, then curly hair may serve you well

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Finishing Lines

Every type of hair is good, even no hair is also good if you wear them proudly.

“Is curly hair better than straight hair?”, the answer is very easy.

Though both are equal in their own way, curly hair has more facilities.

With some effort, you can hold it like a crown.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thought in the comment section.




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