Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair 2019 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

It’s not a crime to want to turn your luscious curly locks into bone straight tresses in every now and then as changing up your hairstyle once in a while is actually super fun. And if you are included in the group of people who wants to straighten their curly hairs, then you have landed yourself to the right place.

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Because in this article we will not only talk about the best flat irons to turn your frizz-prone curly tresses into silky, flowy straight strands but will also discuss the different types of problems you face while you attempt to straighten your curly locks and how a flat iron can solve them with its various amazing features.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig deep to learn more about curly hairs and the best flat irons to straighten them successfully:

A Quick Overview

Through several hours of research and interviews, we have chosen the best flat irons for curly hair locks among many other straightening irons available in the market. But before going into detail description, let’s take a quick glance at our top recommended products so that you have a brief idea about the products:

RankigFlat Iron NamesPrice
Rank: 1HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener
Check Price
Less Than $50 Dollars
Rank: 2Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Hair Straightener
Check Price
More Than $150 Dollars
Rank: 3Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener
Check Price
Less Than $50 Dollars
Rank: 4Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron
Check Price
More Than $150 Dollars

Flat Iron Buying Guide for Curly Hair

What is Curly Hair?

Curly Hair

In simple words, curly hair can be defined as hair strands with flatter or oval-shaped follicle that makes the tresses voluminous and bouncy; the more oval shaped the follicle, the curlier your hair. Curly strands also ensure that your hair locks have more character and definition for a fuller look.

People with such type of curly manes are born with it because they derived it from their genes; about 85 to 95 percent of people with curls in their hair acquired them hereditably. But still, the question remains how hairs become curly?

Hair strands become curly because the building blocks of hairs, keratin, and proteins, form disulfide bonds in the hair follicle that bends the hair proteins to make the follicles flatter and oval-shaped and result in curly hairs.

Does Curly Hair Always Mean Thick Hairs?

It’s not very wise to conclude that curly hairs always mean thick hairs; fineness, thickness, and coarseness are the different textures of hairs whereas curly, natural or straight are hair types and each hair type can have both the textures which mean that curly hair either can have fine texture or thick texture depending on the hair structure.

Types of Curly Hairs

Curly Hair Types

Even though curly hair itself is a hair type, it also has some sub-categories. There are quite a few different sub-categories of curly hairs which you need to understand in order to determine your own hair type.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the different types of curly hairs so that you don’t have difficulty finding your own curl type:

  • 3A - The 3A type hair has big, loose curls that follow a definite S-shaped pattern. These hair strands tend to be defined and springy, and each curl is as thick as a piece of sidewalk chalk. People with 3A type of curls have volume and height in the roots which make them seem more voluminous and fluffy.
  • 3B - The 3B hair type has a coarse texture and is adorned with curls that are a little more tightly wounded. These ringlets have a circumference that is as wide as a marker pen which makes the 3B tresses look more dense and full.
  • 3C - The curls in the 3C types of hairs are coily and often known as the corkscrew curls. These super tightly packed curls have a circumference of a pencil or a straw and ensure extreme natural volume. Even though 3C hairs experience most volume compared to the other type of curly hairs, they tend to be a lot finer than the other two types of curly hairs.

How to Straighten Curly Hairs?

Straightening your curly hairs can be time-consuming and fussy if you don’t have the right styling tool to use. There are several tools and methods to temporarily straighten your curly manes, some of which are:

  • Using a good quality flat iron
  • Straightening with a hair dryer brush
  • Using a paddle hair straightening brush
  • Putting on some natural straightening masks; like a milk and honey mask or banana and mil mask.

Even though we have stated quite a few methods of straightening curly tresses, the best and most effective way to straighten your stubborn curly locks is using a flat or straightening iron. With a supreme quality flat iron, you can not only successfully straighten your curly hair locks super quickly but at the same time can also make sure that your precious tresses are not burned or fried due to the styling procedure.

One very important information we would like you to know is that, even though there are different types of curly hairs, flat iron manufacturers do not make straighteners according to the different subcategories of curly hair, instead they incorporate features that would solve the common problems faced by all the curly hair people.

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Curly Hairs?

More often than not, curly hair locks can be incredibly painful to manage and style; and therefore you need to be very picky and precise about your requirements while you shop for a straightening iron for your curly manes.

There are more than a few problems that people with curly hairs face while styling their tresses on a daily basis and to make your straightening experience with a flat iron more pleasant, we have not only identified the problems but also find out the best solution that is provided by a flat iron to result in silky, slender straight tresses.

Without further ado, let’s discuss how to solve the problems associated with curly hairs with the swipe of a straightening iron:

How to Tame the Frizziness and Hair Tangle and Knots of Curly Hairs With a Flat Iron?

Frizzy Curly Hair


Curly hairs are probably the frizziest type of hairs compared to the others; these hairs are naturally dry and also extremely lacks in moisture as the spiral “S” shape of the curls acts as a barrier for the natural oils and nourishment of the scalp from being evenly distributed throughout and down the length of the hair locks making them frizzy as well as messy.

To add more, one of the biggest and most disturbing concerns of people with curly tresses is to get rid of the excessive frizz and flyaways from their hairs every time they straighten as the heat from the iron can further stripe out the remaining little amount of moisture in the tresses making them frizzier.


Another annoying problem that people with curly hair faces while straightening their tresses is tangle and knots; this can be pretty messy as the hairs cling to one another making it quite impossible to brush through the tresses, let alone straighten them.

Just like frizz, tangle and knots also happen because of lack of moisture and nourishment in the hair that roughens up the cuticles (the outside layer) and makes hair strands to attach to each other like a Velcro making them knotty and quite difficult to style.


The best solution to fight frizz, flyaways, tangle, and knots while straightening curly manes is to use a flat iron that comes with a built-in ionic generator.

An ionic generator uses a revolutionary ionic technology that releases plenty of negative ions to the curly hairs that saturate the balance between negative and positive ions of the hairs. This balance is extremely important because it neutralizes static, frizz-causing situation of your curly tresses and also helps to reduce frizz, flyways, and tangles.

Moreover, the negative ions help to lock in hair moisture and flatten the cuticles to reduce frizz and tangle further and make curly hairs straight, silky and smooth for all day long. And hence, an ionic technology is a must-have feature for a straightener for curly manes.

Another technology that a flat iron for curly hair must have is the infrared emission technology; the energy from infrared emission penetrates each curly hair strand to straighten them from the inside so that even the most stubborn curly hair is straightened precisely in the shortest amount of time.

Furthermore, as you require less time to straighten your curly manes, infrared emission also ensures that your delicate curly locks are less exposed to heat and thus suffer less heat damage.

Ways to Minimize Breakage and Damage Using a Flat Iron

Curly Hairs Breakage


As curly hair locks lack moisture, they are more prone to damage and breakage. A relatively high amount of heat during your straightening session can burn and break your hair strands from the middle making them look really inconsistent. Moreover, the snagging from a straightening iron plate can cause further breakage of your precious curly locks.


If you want minimum damage and no hair breakage while you straighten your curly tresses, it’s the best that you buy a straightening iron that has plates made from pure ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, porcelain ceramic or Nano ceramic.

We are especially emphasizing on the ceramic infused materials because the ceramic infusion plates ensure even heating; the straightener plates are evenly heated with a gentle amount of heat that reaches every nook and cranny of your curls for a perfect straightening result that doesn’t suffer from any heat damage and hot spots. Ceramic infused plates also offer smooth styling surface to eliminate the risk of any snagging and tugging of your curly hairs.

How to Deal With Too Much Volume Using a Flat Iron?


Everybody wants luxurious volume in their hairs but people with curly hairs, not so much; that’s because by nature curly tresses have lots of volume in their roots as well as the body which makes them super voluminous and bouncy, and often, extremely unmanageable.


Even though there is no single feature that could reduce the excess volume of curly hairs, the whole straightening process can successfully scale down a lot of volume of the hair locks while making them sleek and bone straight. Hence, it’s utmost important that you buy a good quality flat iron machine that doesn’t cause any harm to your delicate curly manes while you try to straighten them.

The Suitable Temperature Settings

Flat Iron Temperature Details for Curly Hair

The temperature settings is extremely crucial for curly hair because a relatively low heat cannot straighten curly hair locks precisely whereas there is a chance of burning and frying your hairs when you set the temperature rather high; therefore, hair experts consider the temperature range between 390° F to 450° F an ideal range as using these heat settings you can straighten your stubborn curly locks flat and there is also minimal chance of causing any heat damages to you luscious tresses.

Therefore, to make sure that you can enjoy the ideal heat range, you should look for a flat iron that has multiple temperature settings.

Moreover, you should also give attention to the temperature controls; experts suggest that an LCD screen with “+” “-“ controls are always favorable for the ease of use, but you can also consider buying a flat iron with a dial or knob or rheostat control with labeled heat settings so that you can choose the exact temperature you need super easily.

The Plate Type and Plate Width

By nature curly hair doesn’t grow to super long lengths and therefore, a plate size of 1 inch or 1 ¼ inch is perfect to straighten curly hair locks because a plate that is wider than these sizes are suitable for super long hairs and won’t do full justice to hairs that are shoulder length or over the waist length. Moreover, with a less wide plate, you can easily go super close to the roots for a more definite straightening result.

Aside from the plate width, the plate type also matters when it comes to straightening curly hair locks;  floating plates are always advised to use on curly hair locks as floating plates helps limit breakage, snagging or kinks in your hair. Floating plates does this by always applying the right amount of pressure in the delicate hair strands while reaching as close as possible to the hairs to transfer the heat even better.

A Quick Summary of the Must-have Features

For your better understanding, let’s have a very quick glance at the essential features that we must consider when buying a flat iron for curly hairs:

PropertiesMust-have Characteristics
TechnologyIonic Technology and Infrared Emission (Must)
Plate MaterialsPure Ceramic, Ceramic Tourmaline, Porcelain Ceramic, Nano Ceramic
Plate TypeFloating
Plate Sizes1 Inch or 1 ¼ Inch
Temperature SettingsBetween 390°F to 450°F

Top Flat Irons for Curly Hair

Curly hairs require special care and supreme attention as these hairs are super sensitive and incredibly prone to heat and damage. To straighten such delicate tresses, you need a flat iron that can not only straighten your hair locks quickly and precisely but at the same time also protects your precious hairs from any type of heat burns and damage.

We have mentioned earlier that from a sea of straightening irons from different brands, we have selected a few that we consider being the best at styling your curly hairs with silky, flowy straightened strands.

Before discussing in details about our top picks, let’s compare and contrast between our selected flat irons and some of their market competitors for even better understanding:

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

The Must-have FeaturesHSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair StraightenerSolano Sleekheat450 Professional Hair StraightenerInfiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair StraightenerBio Ionic Onepass Flat IronHair Straightener by Vland Pro Flat IronPro Beauty Tools Xl Copper Digital 1 Inch Flat Iron
Technology Used – Ionic Technology and Infrared Emission (Must)Ionic Technology & Advanced Infrared EmissionIonic Technology & Infrared EmissionIonic Technology & Infrared EmissionAdvanced Ionic Technology & Infrared EmissionPTC Heating Technology and Infrared EmissionAdvanced Heating Technology
Plate Material – Pure Ceramic, Ceramic Tourmaline, Porcelain Ceramic, Nano Ceramic100% Solid Ceramic Tourmaline PlatesCeramic Tourmaline PlatesTourmaline Ceramic PlatesVolcanic Mineral Infused Ceramic PlatesTitaniumCopper Ceramic Plates
Plate Type – FloatingFloating PlatesFloating Plates With Beveled EdgesFloating PlatesNo Floating PlateFloating PlatesNo Floating Plate
Available Plate Sizes1 Inch1 Inch, 1 ¼ Inch1 Inch, 1 ¼ Inch, & 1 ¾ Inch1 Inch1 Inch1 Inch
The Temperature Settings – Between 390°F to 450°F (Preferably With an LCD Screen or Labeled Controls)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 140°F to 450°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 170°F to 450°F)30 Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 280°F to 455°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 240°F to 400°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 270°F to 450°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 240°F to 455°F)
Labeled Dial ControlLabeled Rheostat DialLabeled Rheostat Dial ControlLabeled Knob ControlDigital Control With LCD ScreenDigital Control With LCD Screen
Price RangeLess Than $50 DollarsMore Than $150 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsMore Than $150 DollarsMore Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 Dollars

Reasons for Not Choosing

Hair Straightener by Vland Pro Flat Iron

This VLAND flat iron is one good straightening tool with some exceptional features that would make the straightening process of your hairs easy and smooth. But we didn’t recommend this ironing tool to straighten curly hair locks because:

  • Even though this straightening tool incorporates a PTC Heating Technology and Infrared Emission, it doesn’t include an ionic technology that would not only make your frizzy curly hairs free from frizz and statics but would also protect them from heat damage.
  • The plates of this tool are made from titanium which is not at all a suitable material to use on damage-prone curly hair locks; titanium plates generates a high amount of heat super quickly that has the potential to burn curly tresses beyond repair.

Pro Beauty Tools Xl Copper Digital 1 Inch Flat Iron

There is no doubt that this flat iron from Pro Beauty Tools is one amazing tool to straighten hairs. But even after possessing some excellent features, we didn’t consider this flat iron as one of our best to straighten curly tresses as:

  • This hair tool also doesn’t have an ionic generator (ionic technology) to release negatively charged ions to the frizz prone curly hair locks for a smoother and silkier straightening finish.
  • Moreover, Pro Beauty Tools constructed the plates of this flat iron using copper with ceramic infusion which, according to hair experts, is not the ideal combination to be used on damage-prone curly hair locks; copper generates an extremely high amount of heat at the least possible time which might damage your tresses badly.
  • Additionally, the plates of this straightening tool are not floating which means that they have comparatively less contact with the hair strands than the floating plates and can cause kinks and breakage easily.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: For Salon Quality Straightening Results​

Even though this HSI flat iron provides a professional caliber straightening services at a very affordable price tag, it is not the main reason we have chosen this tool as a “champion”.

This straightener scored the top position because it comes with all the key features we look for in a straightening tool for curly hairs and even more.

This professional grade flat iron incorporates both the ionic technology and infrared emission that not only straightens even the most stubborn curly locks extremely easily by penetrating the heat energy to each of the hair shafts but also makes sure that your hair is well protected from the heat damage.

The ionic technology is also responsible to make the straightened hairs silky, smooth and most importantly free from annoying frizz and flyaways and tangles.

The tourmaline infused solid ceramic plates of this flat iron has the benefits of both these materials and ensure that your curly hair strands don’t suffer from any hot spots during the styling process by distributing the heat evenly throughout the plates.

Moreover, the 8 HeatBalance® micro-sensors (4 on each plate) incorporated by HIS in the iron plates further make sure that the heat is evenly distributed by regulating the temperature of the tool so that you require fewer passes to straighten your hairs perfectly. Fewer passes mean that the styling process is much faster and your precious tresses are less exposed to a high amount of heat and can avoid hair frying.

In addition to reducing breakage and kinks, and transferring exceptional amount of heat tor the curly hairs, the floating plates of this HSI professional straightener also provides superior flexibility to the users to flip, curl or straighten their curly hairs extremely easily and conveniently.

Last but not the least, the manufacturers of this flat iron made the selection of your required temperature setting really easy by adding a dial button with detailed labeling of the different temperature levels, ranging from 140° F to 450° F, so that you are not blindfolded and you know the exact amount of heat you are putting on your precious hair locks.

To add more, this wider heat range gives you the opportunity to choose the optimum temperature for your curly hair type to straighten them without any hassle and damage.

Few Additional Features

  • HSI included an argan oil hair treatment with the tool to help smooth and protect tresses
  • The dual voltage feature makes this flat iron a truly international straightening tool
  • The power switch is placed conveniently for easy turning on/off the tool
  • Comes with a 6 foot 360 degree, tangle-free swivel cord for extreme flexibility and ease of use
  • The iron box includes a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand from burning from high heat
  • Includes a red “On” indicator light for added safety measures
  • Comes in a silk drawstring pouch for easy storage and easy carry around
  • HSI backs up this flat iron with a 1 Year Limited Warranty period

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Hair Straightener

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Hair Straightener

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: an Expensive Yet Effective Choice

If you are willing to spend quite a bit of money on an excellent quality hair straightening tool, then this Solano Sleekheat450 is the right choice for you. This hair styler is an alternate choice of our top preference one as both these flat irons have similar features and are excellent at straightening curly hairs to bone straight locks.

Then again, even though you are spending a lot of money on one single tool, Solano made sure that you enjoy the best value of your money by adding some extraordinary features to this Sleekheat450 to make your straightening more precise and safe.

To start with, the ceramic tourmaline constructed floating plates of this Solano flat iron comes with all around (4 sided) beveled edges that not only provides styling versatility to the users but at the same time makes sure that the plates glide through the hair stands really smoothly without any snagging.

For your better understanding, beveled edges mean that the straightener plates come with tapered sides that protect your sensitive curly hairs from breakage while also preventing demarcation lines and wrinkles in your straightened tresses. Moreover, with its curved edged plates, you can not only enjoy smoother straightened locks but can also create big curls and voluminous waves.

Another great feature of this flat iron is its temperature settings and control system which made selecting the required heat extremely easy for its users. This hair styling tool comes with a rheostat dial that has labeling of every heat level, starting from 170° F to 450° F so that just by turning around the dial, you can set your preferred heat level extremely easily.

Moreover, Solano also added an instant heating technology that heats up the straightener in just 60 seconds which makes sure that you don’t have to wait for a long time to start your styling.

Additionally, keeping in mind about the convenience of its users and ease of use, this Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron comes with a bolt-shaped indicator that flashes a red light when the iron plates are heating to the desired temperature and ignites a blue light when the iron is cooling down to your preferred heat settings.

The indicator also starts blinking when the straightener is ready to use at the desired temperature setting. This different lighting indicator ensures the safety of the users and also eliminates any chances of frying your precious tresses.

Additionally, the cord also has a light that illuminates red light when the straightener is plugged in and the switch is ON for additional safety and convenience.

Few Additional Features

  • At 12 ounces, this tool is super lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The swivel cord ensures that the cord remains tangle free during the styling sessions
  • Ergonomically designed handles ensure strong, non-slip grip and reduce chances of accidents
  • Slide on/off switch makes sure there is no accidental turning on/off the tool
  • Includes cool touch tips for comfortable usage of the tool
  • Solano provides a 2-year limited warranty to ensure the durability of the product

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: an Affordable Flat Iron

Another of our favorite tool to straighten curly hair locks at a very affordable price range is this Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron from INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR; this straightener comes with all of the essential features required to successfully yet safely straighten curly hairs along with some other amazing qualities which helped it to score a place in our Bests list.

The combination of infrared emission and ionic technology along with the ceramic tourmaline plates not only made this INFINITI PRO flat iron one of the safest but also an effective tool to straighten your delicate curly hair locks.

The infrared emission straightens each hair strands from the inside out while the negative ions released from the ionic generator protects the tresses from heat damage by locking in moisture and balancing between the ionic condition of the hairs. The ionic technology also helps to eliminate frizz from you frizz-prone curly locks and results in silky, smooth and shiny straightening results.

Moreover, the ceramic tourmaline plates distribute the required amount of heat evenly throughout your curly tresses to further reduce heat damage and cancel out any chances of hot spots.

To add more, the ceramic tourmaline floating plates of this flat iron is 29% longer than any other regular straightening tool of 85mm of length which ensures that more of your hair strands can be straightened at a time reducing your overall styling duration.

Furthermore, the super smooth surface of these floating plates glides swiftly along the tresses without any snagging and breakage so that you can enjoy creaseless, bone straight hair locks quickly and easily.

With these super long plates you can not only straighten your curly hairs super precisely but at the same time can create wavy curls with just a flick of your wrist.

Another feature of this INFINITI PRO flat iron worth mentioning is the True Ceramic Heater incorporated in the machine that heats up the plates instantly in just 15 seconds with the preferred amount of heat so that you can use the straightener just right after plugging it in.

Moreover, this Ceramic Heater also effectively recovers the heat lost from the plates’ surface uniformly enabling the tool to remain hot with the preferred heat during the whole straightening process, or as long as the tool is ON.

While talking about the heater, we would also like to mention about the heat settings of this flat iron; this INFINITI PRO straightening tool comes with 30 different temperature setting, ranging from 280° F to 455° F, for you to choose from.

As your curly tresses require a heat setting of 390° F or more to straighten them perfectly, you can just turn the rheostat dial to your preferred heat level and enjoy uniform heat throughout your styling session.

Few Additional Features

  • Features a sleek, purple, very feminine design
  • Comes with Argan oil treatment to revitalize condition and nourish hair locks
  • The auto shutoff feature provides added safety to the users
  • The switches and controls are conveniently placed for the ease of use
  • Comes with a red indicator light to signify when the tool is on for better safety
  • This flat iron is protected by a 5-Year Limited Warranty Period

A Negative Aspect

  • This INFINITI PRO flat iron doesn’t come in black color option, and if you are not comfortable with vibrant, colorful tools in your vanity, you have to adjust a bit because this straightening iron really works wonders on curly tresses.

Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron

Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: a Professional Grade Flat Iron

The reason this BIO IONIC Onepass flat iron ended up being our third preference is not that of its super expensive price tag, but because, unlike our top preference straightening irons, it doesn’t come with floating plates.

Then again, the absence of floating plates doesn’t take away the fact that it is one amazing flat iron with several extraordinary features to straighten stubborn curly hair locks to salon quality perfection and with utmost safety.

To begin with, as BIO IONIC suggests, this professional caliber Onepass flat iron can actually straighten even the most stubborn curly hair locks in just one pass of the tool; this does this by adopting patented Silicone Speed Strips on the iron plates that grips your hair strands instantly and creates natural tension which ensures that the hairs are straightened perfectly and you do not have to run the iron several times through the same portion of hairs for a bone straight hairstyle.

Alongside these silicon strips, the infrared emission technology also contributes in the quick yet precise straightening process by transferring heat energy inside the hair shafts to straighten each hair strand from the inside out.

In addition to the silicon strips, the ceramic plates of this OnePass flat iron also come with Volcanic Mineral infusion that, with the help of the negative ions from the ionic technology, breaks down the water clusters in the hairs.

The micronized water molecules then penetrate the hair shafts, locking in the moisture even better and results in extremely hydrated, frizz-free, and silky smooth straightened hair locks. The negative ions also protect your damage-prone curly hairs from heat burns and unnecessary hot spots.

To add more, the volcanic mineral infusion also made the surface of the plates incredibly smooth and enables hairs to glide through the iron easily for fuss-free styling.

Another great feature of this Onepass Straightening Iron that is worth mentioning is the BioCeramic™ Heater incorporated into this tool; this BioCeramic heater heats up the plates in just 5 seconds reducing your waiting time before starting the straightening process and also provides instant heat recovery to keep the plates hot as long as the machine is ON.

Moreover, the multi-level temperature controller of this flat iron, starting from240° F to 400° F, has detailed labeling of different heat settings so that it is much easier for you to set your desired heat level to successfully straighten your curly tresses; this multi-level temperature setting also makes sure that you are never out of desired heat when it comes to straightening your curly tresses to bone straight, silky hairs.

Few Additional Features

  • At 12 ounce, this straightening iron is lightweight and compact and can be carried around easily
  • Includes an indicator light that illuminates red beam when the tool is ON for extra safety
  • Comes with rooved indentations handles for a strong, non-slip grip
  • The 9 feet long tangle-free swivel cord ensures freedom of movement and ease of storage
  • BIO IONIC provides a 5 Year Warranty period to this straightening iron

A Negative Aspect

  • This BIO IONIC Onepass straightening tool doesn’t come with an auto shutoff feature but then again it’s a very minor gripe. If you want to enjoy the extraordinary features of this Onepass flat iron, then you would have to overlook this fault and concentrate on the straightening results produced by this tool.

How to Straighten Curly Hair and Make It Last?

Curly Hair to Straight Hair

Curly hair is very beautiful, but then again, sometimes you might want to turn them to gorgeous, straighten tresses with a silky, smooth texture.

With the right preparation and appropriate tools and methods, you can also change your curly hairs into bone straight, flowy locks. We have discussed in great length about how you can straighten your curly tresses easily and make them last for hours

Preparing Your Curly Hairs

Preparing your curly hairs for the straightening process is also very important because you are going to apply a great amount of heat to them that has the potential to burn them completely.

Start your preparation process by washing off your curly tresses with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, like the Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Curl Curl Definition Shampoo and the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Curl Hydration Conditioner, which nourishes and softens your hair locks. Applying shampoo and conditioner would result in fresh and smoother tresses for you to glide the flat iron easily and effortlessly.

Also, remember to use lukewarm water for the washing process as hot water can potentially damage the hair cuticles and make your curly hairs dry and frizzier.

Once you are done with the washing and conditioning session, use a good quality hair dryer to blow dry your tresses and remove the excess water and wetness as straightening your wet hair would cause hair burning and breakage. The INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Advanced Brushless Hair Dryer with Concentrator Attachment would be a great hair drying tool for you as it comes with a concentrator attachment and ionic technology for a faster yet precise drying session.

Straightening Your Curly Hairs

After preparing your hair, it’s time to start the straightening process; as you are going to apply a high amount of heat to your delicate curly hairs, it’s always advisable to spray a heat protectant all over your tresses so that your hair doesn’t suffer from any damage due to the heat applied. You can use this Pantene Pro-V Stylers Heat Protection Spray as it shields your hair strands from heat and provides a silky, glossy finish.

Now start using your preferred flat iron from the above list for the straightening of your precious curly manes. Section off your hairs into smaller parts and try to straighten each part in one pass to expose them to less heat and prevent any potential damage.

Once you are done straightening all your curly hairs, don’t forget to apply a setting spray, like the Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray, to hold the straightened results for all day long.

Final Thoughts​

In this article, we have tried to explain in simple words the different types of curly hairs, the problems associated with these hair types and how a flat iron can solve them easily. Here we also recommended some of the best flat irons available in the market to straighten your curly tresses with amazing results. All the straighteners that we have suggested promise to style your curly locks with care and maximum safety. Therefore, we can conclude that no matter which of the above flat iron you buy, you would get the best value of your money and can transform you curly, frizzy tresses into silky, smooth, bone straight hair locks in just minutes.

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