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Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair – Buyer’s Guide

Are you afraid to straighten your hairs because they are damaged and you are worried that applying heat would cause harm and disturbance to them even more? Well, you are not the only one.

At some point or the other, we all had to deal with damaged hairs and the dilemma over whether to style them with heat or not.

Featured Image of Best Flat Irons for Damaged Hair

And this confusion of ours as well as yours let us to research and find the best flat irons for concerned damaged hairs which would straighten our disturbed hairs with minimal to zero concern.

In this article, aside from recommending you the best flat iron for your frail, abused hairs, we also discussed the signs and causes of hair damage and how you can successfully yet safely straighten your tresses without any further casualty in your sensitive manes.

Sneak Peek at our Recommended Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

We have spent hours and hours to research, use and interview existing users to determine the best flat iron tools to straighten damaged hair locks safely, and at the end of the day, we were succeeded to choose the best straighteners in the market that would straighten your sensitive disturbed manes, either fine or thick, with much care and attention.

But before going into the in-depth discussion, let’s have a quick glance at our top recommended flat irons for such hair types so that you have a brief idea of our top picks:

BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron
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BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron - Small INS008A$$$
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron - Small INS008A$$
Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron - Small INS008A$$

Flat Irons Buying Guide for Damaged Hair

What is Damaged Hair?

Damaged Hair

In simple words, we consider unhealthy hairs as damaged hairs.

Hair damage occurs when parts of the hair structure are altered, because of several external factors, and weakens your hair strands to make your manes look and feel unhealthy and dull. Each of your hair strands are made of three layers of cells which are the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle; when the cuticle layer (the outer most layers) loses its integrity and stability and makes your hairs dry, rough, and not shiny, you know that your precious tresses are damaged and need immediate attention and care.

Additionally, it’s important to know that extremely wounded tresses develop severe cracks in the cuticle layer, which force this layer to open and expose itself; once the cuticle layer is exposed, your hair is at high risk of further damage and breakage.

The Signs of Damaged Hair

Aside from dryness and roughness, there are few more indications and symptoms that you must know in order to detect hair damage at an early stage and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

You know your tresses are suffering from damage when:

If you experience any one of the above symptoms, besides taking proper care of your tresses, you should also be careful about the tools you use to limit the amount of disturbance and hardship and not cause any further sufferings to your cherished tresses.

Causes of Hair Damage

People are not born with damaged, unhealthy hairs; there are several reasons that cause your otherwise beautiful and lively tresses to suffer deteriorations and impairments. Some of the most common scenarios that can cause extreme harm to your beloved hair locks are:

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for your Damaged Hair?

More often than not, we have to be overly concerned about straightening and styling damaged hairs safely yet perfectly as these hairs are extremely sensitive and fragile, and the “not so suitable for damaged hairs” features can cause grave harm to them; therefore you need to be very picky and careful when you shop for a straightening iron for your concerned manes.

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Below we have discussed in details the features and characteristics you need to keep in mind in order to score yourself an excellent flat iron to straighten your wounded tresses cautiously and thoroughly.

What Are the Safest Plate Materials for Damaged Hair?

You have to be very cautious while choosing the right plates for your concerned tresses because the plate construction material plays an extremely crucial part in straightening your damaged tresses safely yet precisely.

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Usually, flat iron plates are made from different types of materials to satisfy the special needs of every type of hairs out there. But, as damaged hairs (both fine and thick) are super fragile and incredibly delicate, not all the plate construction materials are safe and suitable to use on them, and hence, it is of utmost importance that you know the materials and the role they play on hairs for a healthy straightening session of your disturbed tresses.

Below we have discussed different types of plate materials and their characteristics in details so that you know which material is best for your wounded hairs and why:


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Ceramic plates are classic. Ceramic is the most common and widely used plate construction material of flat irons; this non-metallic material is hugely popular among users because of its several benefits and countless advantages.

Let’s Begin With Understanding What Ceramic Is and How It Works?

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Ceramic is an inorganic as well as a nonmetallic natural gemstone that is used in hair styling tools to ensure safe yet outstanding styling results. For instance, when ceramic is used in flat iron plates, it makes the plate surface super smooth and promotes swift gliding of the plates through your damaged hairs so that there is no tugging, and snagging and no unnecessary hair falls.

Moreover, ceramic in the plates also makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout your concerned tresses to deliver uniform straightening results as well as to make sure your precious hairs doesn’t suffer from any hot spots and eventual breakage and hair fall.

Additionally, ceramic constructed plates also produce a finite number of negative ions that keeps hairs natural oil intact and your locks hydrated so that your hairs are moisturized and protected from any potential heat burns and further impairment. The locked in natural oils and nourishments also help to counterattack the positive ions to remove dullness and restore the natural shine of this type of hair locks.

Another feature worth mentioning about ceramic plates is its temperature absorption ability; ceramic plates are super gentle and can absorb cannot generate a very high amount of heat as this material has a low heat tolerance; its maximum attained temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit to around 310 degrees Fahrenheit which makes this material suitable and safe for fragile damaged hair locks.

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Our Thoughts on Ceramic Plates

We consider ceramic and ceramic infused tourmaline plates the best choice for straightening your delicate damaged hairs (regardless your hair type); this is because ceramic and ceramic tourmaline absorb gentle heat that doesn’t cause any harm and further wounds to your already unhealthy tresses.

Furthermore, the even heat distribution also limits further abuse of your precious tresses by not creating any hot spots that can potentially cause severe breakage to the breakage-prone disturbed tresses.


Tourmaline is also as popular as ceramics; this natural, pure material is used in several different hair styling tools (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, hot rollers) as well as in various other products like jewelry, medicine, and cosmetics.

But Before Discussing Tourmaline in Details, Let’s Understand What Tourmaline Is and How It Works on Hairs?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious natural mineralized stone that is crushed into powder form to use in the construction process of different hair styling tools. In case of flat iron plates, tourmaline is used to construct the actual plates as well as to infuse or coat plates that have ceramic, titanium or aluminum core. In any case, this semi-precious material helps to fight the positive ions of your hairs by dispersing 6 times more negative ions than pure ceramic plates to make sure that your normal tresses, as well as your severely damaged hairs, can lock in more moisture and nourishment.

More moisturized and nourished hairs mean that you have a protective layer over your tresses which ensures that your already damaged manes don’t suffer from any further impairments and harms from the heat applied for the straightening purpose.

Aside from negative ions, the tourmaline plates also emit infrared energy that reaches deep into the hair core to straighten them from the inside out quickly and precisely. Additionally, this energy revitalizes the scalp so that your concerned tresses don’t experience any untimely fallout.

Our Thoughts on Tourmaline Plates

Even though the tourmaline material offers several extraordinary useful features to its users, we still don’t consider tourmaline plates the best choice for disturbed, damaged hairs as these plates can absorb a very high amount of heat (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) which is not at all suitable for concerned tresses; we are stating this because a relatively high heat has a higher possibility of burning down your delicate hairs locks in a matter of minutes.

But as mentioned above, we suggest ceramic tourmaline plates for such type of manes because when ceramic is infused with tourmaline, it helps to bring out the best of tourmaline as well as assists to keep the heat absorption rate low and suitable to apply on concerned tresses.


Unlike ceramic and tourmaline gemstones, titanium is a metal; it is said to be the strongest metal found in nature and it is very much right. Because of its strong and sturdy nature, titanium constructed and coated items are very much long-lasting and serve their users with extended durability.

We Will Discuss More About Titanium, but Before That Let’s Get a Clear Idea About What Is Titanium and How to Works on Hairs?

Titanium is a naturally occurring metal which is super strong yet extremely lightweight. Manufacturers use titanium metal to construct different hairs styling tools because this metal ensures durability and can absorb the highest amount of heat for an unbelievably long period of time.

When titanium is used to construct or infuse flat iron plates, it makes the plate surface extraordinarily smooth and shiny as well as makes sure that the plates are corrosion resistant. Smooth plate surface ensures that the plates glide through your hairs swiftly without causing any snagging and glitches; this quality is extremely important for damaged hairs because unnecessary hair tugging would cause delicate strands to break and fall off the roots.

Aside from its smooth surface and durable characteristic, titanium plates are also known to release negative ions to the tresses to lock in moisture and seal in the natural essential oils in the hair cuticles to reduce frizz and protect your concerned hairs from further abuse and harms. The moisture and nourishment also make sure to bring back the lost shine and smoothness in your troubled hair locks.

In addition to the negative ions, titanium constructed and coated plates are also known to produce infrared energy that can transfer the heat to the core of your hair shafts and style them from the inside out for an extremely quick and precise straightening outcome.

Our Thoughts on Titanium Plates

Titanium plates come with more than a few outstanding features to straighten hairs nicely. But even then we absolutely do not recommend titanium plates for damaged hair locks because, as we have said earlier that this material can absorb very high range of heat (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) and can retain the immensely hot temperature for a long time; both these qualities are big “No No” for damaged hairs because these hairs are super sensitive and delicate and such high heat can potentially burn your tresses beyond repair.

Our Recommended Plate Material for Damaged Hair

After reading the whole paragraph, you might have guessed which plate construction material we would recommend and why.

Well, Yes, you are right! We would suggest ceramic and ceramic tourmaline plates to straighten and style troubled damaged hairs because of their moderate heat absorption ability and their power to keep concerned tresses safe from hot spots and heat damages.

Are Floating Plates the Savior for Damaged Hair?

Flat Iron Floating Plates

Flat irons come with different types of plates, affixed, beveled and floating; but not all these plates are suitable for damaged tresses as these hairs are fragile and delicate and the wrong plate type can cause severe breakage in them.

And that’s why, among all types of plates, we prefer the floating plates the most to straighten this sensitive and frail hair safely and quickly.

But Before Discussing Why We Only Favor Floating Plates for Styling Damaged Tresses, Let’s Discuss What Floating Plates Actually Are?

In simple words, the plates of a flat iron that are not fixed with the iron housing are generally known as floating plates. The floating plates are specially engineered to move super flexibly during the straightening session, unlike other plate types, and such freedom of movement allows the two sides of the plates to adjust based on the angle you pull the tool to get as close to each other as possible. The closer the plates get, the more you will be able to grab your hairs correctly.

Because of their levitating nature, the floating plates provide a flexible grip on the straightener and ensures incredibly smooth glide through the hair strands to limit breakage and damage, regardless of how you hold the straightener tool during the styling procedure.

How Do the Floating Plates Work?

We have stated earlier that a pair of floating plates helps to limit breakage, snagging and kinks in your already disturbed tresses safely and effectively. They do this by always applying the right amount of pressure on each hair strand while gliding swiftly in the direction you pull your hair locks for the styling purposes.

Moreover, as these plates get really close to each other during the straightening process, the heat from the plates are transferred even better to your sensitive tresses to straighten them super quickly and uniformly so that you don’t have to apply the heat several times on the same locks of hairs which might cause further wound and harm to your already disturbed manes.

Now Let’s Discuss Why We Prefer Floating Plates Over Any Other Types of Flat Iron Plates to Straighten Fragile Damaged Hair Locks.

We have mentioned before that floating plates are the guardian angel for damaged tresses; we are making such a bold statement because floating plates are a pro at limiting snagging, kinks and breakage of your precious hairs during your hair styling procedures; when you have damaged tresses, the hair strands are already very sensitive and fragile, and pulling them with a pair of affixed plates for straightening purpose would only cause further damage, breakage, and even severe hair fall, and that’s why we suggest floating plates over other flat iron plates to straighten concerned tresses safely yet perfectly and in no time.

What Is Single Pass/single Stroke Flat Iron? Does It Help to Limit Hair Damage?

Flat Iron Single Pass Technology

By now, we all know that damaged hairs are fragile, sensitive and have low heat tolerance; the less heat applied to this type of hair, the better. But every now and then, you might want to style your damaged hairs with luscious straightened tresses or lust-worthy curls and waves, and in this case, to not cause any further damages and harm to your hairs, you must adopt a flat iron with Single Pass/Single Stroke plates (in addition to the floating feature of the plates).

You Might Be Wondering What in the World Is Single Pass/single Stroke Plates?

Well, in plain words, Single Pass/Single Stroke plates are those flat iron plates that can straighten your hair strands (fine or thick) in just one pass of the plates; these plates deliver even, consistent heat to the tresses making them straight in just one stroke from the plates.

Do Single Pass/single Stroke Plates Help to Limit Hair Damage?

Yes! These plates help to limit any further damage and impairment to your already harmed tresses by straightening them in just one pass with the right amount of heat so that your delicate tresses are not exposed to heat more often which could burn them or cause additional harms.

Another advantage of single pass plates worth mentioning is that these plates make the styling process much quicker; as you don’t have to go through the same section of your hairs repeatedly for precise results, the Single Pass/Single Stroke plates save a lot of your time.

Why Ionic Technology Is Extremely Important for Damaged Hair?

Flat Iron Ionic Technology

As this type of sensitive, concerned hairs are fragile and frail, they need special care when you try to straighten them and therefore, you must opt for a straightening iron that has the right technology to style them without impairments.

We suggest that you choose a hair straightener that comes with ionic technology regardless of the type of hair you possess.

You Might Be Wondering Why Only Ionic Technology?

Well, that’s because the negative ions from the ionic generator lock in hairs moisture and nourishment so that your hairs remain silky and doesn’t lose any moisture and nourishment when you apply heat to them for the straightening purposes.

The locked in natural oils and moisture also forms a shield over each hair strands to protect them against heat and makes sure that your delicate tresses don’t suffer from burns and potential breakages.

Moisture is important for hairs as it keeps dryness and roughness at the bay and also helps to make your tresses healthy and full of life.

A Quick Overview of the Must Have Features

Ok! Let’s just sum up everything and go through the summary so that you have a quick “walk down the memory lane” of the key features we look for in a flat iron for damaged hairs:

Top Flat Irons for Damaged Hair

Damaged hairs require special care and attention as these hairs are super sensitive and incredibly prone to heat and breakages. To straighten such delicate tresses, you need a flat iron that can not only straighten your sensitive, fragile manes quickly and precisely but at the same time also protects your precious hairs from any type of heat burns and further sufferings.

Taking the essential features into consideration and their effectiveness in improving concerned, frail tresses, we have selected a few great flat irons available in the market to efficiently turn your disturbed hairs in lively, straightened tresses.

Below we have compared and contrasted between our selected flat irons and some of their market competitors to justify our decisions over choosing one over the others:

Table of Comparison With Justification

The Must-have FeaturesBIO Ionic Onepass Straightening IronHSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronInfiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronHerstyler Titanium Hair StraightenerRevlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic Smooth Flat Iron
Plate Material: Ceramic or Ceramic TourmalineCeramic Ceramic TourmalineCeramic TourmalineTitaniumCopper + Ceramic
Plate Type: Floating PlatesVibrating Floating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating PlatesNo
Single Stroke/single Pass PlatesYesYesNoNoYes
Technology Used: Ionic Technology (Must)Advanced Ionic Technology & Infrared EmissionIonic Technology & Advanced Infrared EmissionIonic Technology & Infrared EmissionIonic TechnologyIonic Technology
Temperature Settings: Low or Multiple Heat Settings Ranging From 200°F to 320°FMulti-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 240°F to 400°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 140°F to 450°F)30 Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 280°F to 455°F)Multi-level Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 180°F to 450°F)30 Temperature Settings (Heat Ranges From 180°F to 455°F )
Available Plate Sizes1 Inch1 Inch1 Inch, 1 ¼ Inch & 1 ¾ Inch1.5 Inch1 Inch & 1 ½ Inch
Price RangeMore Than $150 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 DollarsLess Than $50 Dollars

Reasons Behind Not Recommending

Herstyler Titanium Hair Straightener

The sleek, beautiful, ergonomically designed Herstyler Hair Straightener could have ended up being one of our top favorite flat irons for damaged hairs with its amazing features and other likable attributes. But it didn’t score a place in our list because:

First of all, the plates of this hair straightener are constructed using titanium metal, which is not at all suitable for such fragile hair locks because of their high heat adaptivity. Titanium plates have the potential to burn down your delicate tresses instantly.

Furthermore, this Herstyler straightening iron doesn’t feature a single pass/ single stroke technology; this means that you might have to go through the same portion of your hairs several times for precise straightening causing further harm and breakage to your manes.

Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic Smooth Flat Iron

Revlon is world famous for its hair care products and tools. But even after having a super popular brand name and some extraordinary features, we still couldn’t consider this Salon Straight Flat Iron as one of the best for styling damaged tresses because:

This Revlon flat iron machine comes with ceramic coated copper plates that are not suitable for using on disturbed hair locks; the copper core can get super-hot in a matter of seconds and, despite having a ceramic coating, might impose delicate hair locks to extreme burn and breakages.

Additionally, the outside surface of the plates also become hot as the copper plates inside, which makes it extremely dangerous to touch the tool with bare hands, let alone put it on your hairs.

Another big flaw of this Revlon flat iron is that it doesn’t come with floating plates that are extremely crucial for straightening such type of concerned hairs. Without the floating plates, there is a higher possibility that you might cause severe breakage and harm in your sensitive hair locks.

BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Straightens Hair Safely With Precision

BIO IONIC is one of the most renowned names in the professional hair styling tools industry manufacturing various different excellent quality professional hair care and styling products to style your precious hair locks flawlessly and at the same time safely. But we didn’t acknowledge its ever so popular brand name while we considered this Onepass Straightening Iron as our best pick to straighten and styles damaged tresses, rather because of its extraordinary features and amazing attributes, it scored the top position in our list.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the amazing features of this professional caliber flat iron in details:

Let’s start with its excellent quality plates; BIO IONIC incorporated natural volcanic minerals infused pure ceramic constructed plates to this straightening iron that not only distributes mild heat throughout your frail and sensitive tresses effectively but also makes sure that your hair strands gain micro hydration from the minerals during the straightening procedure to keep themselves moisturized and supple.

Additionally, these plates come with patented Silicone Speed Strips which, aside from making this tool different from others, also play a crucial role in straightening your disturbed hair strands in just one pass; the Silicone Strips do this by gripping hair perfectly and providing enough natural tension to them so that you don’t have to go through the same portion of your delicate, tender hair twice or more times. Straightening a section of your hair in just one stroke exposes your tresses to less heat and hence helps to reduce any further impairment and abuse.

Furthermore, the infrared emission technology of this straightener also helps to style your manes in just one pass with increased shine by efficiently transferring the heat into the hair core and quickly straighten them from the inside out for a faster yet safer styling session.

In addition to the infrared emission mechanism, this BIO IONIC straightening tool also comes with ionic technology with a built-in ionic generator that disperses plenty of negative ions into your precious tresses to help break down the water clusters of your hairs easily and effectively; the micronized water molecules then penetrate each hair strands for extreme hydration and nourishment and makes your concerned manes glossy, silky and incredibly smooth.

Another excellent characteristic of this OnePass straightener that makes your straightening session a piece of cake without damaging or causing breakage in your hairs is the floating feature of the plates; the floating plates adjust their angles with the direction of your hair pull to glide the tresses smoothly, limiting breakage and further wounds in your fragile manes.

The floating plates in combination with the curved ages also provide immense flexibility to flip and twist the straightener so that, aside from hair straightening, you can also adorn your damaged tresses with luscious curls and voluminous waves.

Few Additional Features

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Affordable & Travel-friendly

If you are hesitant to spend a great deal of money on a straightening tool and looking for an affordable yet effective flat iron for your damaged hairs, then this Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron from HSI would be an excellent choice for you. Similar to the BIO IONIC straightening iron, this HSI flat iron also comes with all the essential features we look for in a good quality straightening iron to treat our concerned hairs right but at a very reasonable price tag.

Then again, even though this tool has a comparatively cheap price range, there is no scope to assume that the quality or the results it provides in our disturbed tresses are not up to the mark.

To start with, HSI constructed the floating plates of this straightening iron with ceramic tourmaline material to provide its users with not only the best benefits of both these materials but also to ensure that your delicate, already wounded hair locks don’t suffer from any further heat damages and hot spots; the tourmaline heats up the plates with gentle heat while the ceramic assists to distribute the heat evenly throughout your fragile tresses so that all the hairs grab the same amount of heat and produce uniform straightening outcomes without any breakage and impairment.

Moreover, the 8 HeatBalance® micro-sensors (4 on each plate) installed in this flat iron further make sure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout each of your hair strands by regulating the temperature of the tool so that you don’t require more than one pass to straighten your hairs perfectly. Fewer passes mean that the styling process is much faster and your super sensitive tresses are less exposed to a high amount of heat and can avoid hair frying and potential hair fall.

Another important feature of this flat iron that protects and makes such type of tresses healthy and lively is the ionic technology adopted by HSI; the ionic generator emits 6x more negative ions than the Ceramic plates in your sensitive tresses to create a balance between the ionic condition of your manes and lock in your hairs natural oils and moisture to make sure that your tresses are not only protected from any unnecessary heat but are also shiny, healthy and full of life at the same time.

Few Additional Features

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: for Quick & Safe Straightening

This super sleek and feminine INFINITI PRO flat iron is yet another of our favorite hair straightening tool for damaged hairs as it promises to safely straighten disturbed and fragile hairs with care and precision using its extraordinary features and characteristics. But as this amazing flat iron doesn’t have single pass/ single stroke plates to straighten your sensitive locks in just one pass, we couldn’t consider this as our top favorite for such type of manes.

Then again, the ceramic tourmaline floating plates of this flat iron are 29% longer than any other regular straightening iron plates of 85mm of length which makes sure that you can grab and straighten more of your hair locks at a time so that you need very few passes to style all your hairs with perfectly straightened tresses; the longer plates not only reduces overall styling duration but at the same time also make sure that your hairs are less exposed to heat limiting any further impairment and abuse.

Aside from the length, the ceramic tourmaline construction material of these plates also plays a crucial role in keeping your bruised tresses safe and healthy even after straightening them; the tourmaline heats up the plates with a very gentle amount of heat in just 15 Seconds while the ceramic in the plates helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout your sensitive hair locks so that each of your hairs strands receive the same amount of heat for a uniform as well as quick straightening session. The even distribution of heat also ensures that your fragile hairs don’t experience any hot spots and breakage which might result in premature hair fall.

Additionally, the super sleek surface of these plates along with the floating feature also contributes in keeping your already harmed tresses away from additional breakage and damage by gliding down the plates super swiftly and smoothly through your locks without any risk of kinks, snagging and pulling so that you not only experience safe styling but also can enjoy creaseless, bone straight hairs or luxurious waves and curls in your concerned tresses effortlessly.

Another excellent feature of this feminine flat iron is its True Ceramic Heater; this heating mechanism heats up the plates instantly with the preferred amount of heat so that you can use the straightener just right after plugging it in. Moreover, this Ceramic Heater also effectively recovers the heat lost from the plates’ surface uniformly enabling the tool to remain hot with the preferred heat during the whole straightening process, or as long as the tool is ON.

Few Additional Features

How to Straighten Damaged Hairs Precisely?

Damaged Hair to Straight Hair

As damaged hairs are unhealthy, lackluster and fragile, the straightening process of these tresses is a bit different from that of normal, healthy hairs. To straighten and style your concerned tresses safely and without causing any further harm and impairment, you must keep in mind the followings so that you can achieve polished silky straightened manes effectively:

The Preparation Stage

It is really important that you prepare such types of hairs properly before applying heat because rightly prepared tresses would less likely suffer from heat burns and trauma and would also straighten better.

To effectively prepare your hairs, start with washing and deep conditioning your hairs with a very mild shampoo and conditioner that would not only clean your hairs and condition them but would also not hurt them or dry them out. The Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair might be an excellent choice for your dehydrated tresses as it gently cleanses your hairs leaving them moisturized and shiny. Similarly, you can opt for the Living Proof Restore Conditioner to provide additional moisture and make your hair more manageable and soft.

Once you are done with washing and conditioning your concerned hairs, try to air dry them before styling them. If you don’t have the time for air drying, use a hair dryer tool which produces mild heat and doesn’t fry your delicate tresses. Use the Remington D3190A Hair Dryer as it dries hair faster with Micro-Conditioners for quicker yet flawless results.

When your hairs are completely dried out, comb your frail tresses with a wide tooth comb as these combs are incredibly effective in detangling your knots without causing any hair pull and unnecessary breakage. Then apply some heat protectant to shield your delicate strands from the heat that you are about to apply. The HSI PROFESSIONAL Heat Hair Protector & Conditioner would not only provide extreme heat protection but at the same time would also act as a leave-in conditioner for excellent hair care.

Now that you are done preparing your sensitive disturbed hairs properly and with care, let’s move on to the actual procedure of straightening them safely without resulting in any further harm and wounds:

The Actual Step by Step Straightening Procedure

Step 1 – Clip up the top half of your hair so you can straighten the bottom layer easily. Then section off your bottom hairs in small portions and separate those with clips so that you don’t accidentally apply heat to the same section several times causing hot spots and eventual breakage.

Sectioning off your hairs also makes your straightening session quicker and saves a lot of your time.

Step 2 – Try to straighten each section with just one or maximum two passes because more passes would expose your delicate hairs to more heat and might potentially cause further damage and breakage.

Step 3 – Once you are done straightening the bottom part, unclip the supper part and repeat the same process you have followed to straighten the lower hairs.

Step 4 – After straightening all the hairs, you will be surprised to notice that you have actually straightened your fragile, concerned tresses successfully without causing any further harm to them.

At this point set the look with a setting spray so that your straightened tresses last for hours to come.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though we have discussed some of the best flat irons available in the market to straighten your damaged hairs safely, we would suggest you keep your hairs free from damage and harm at the first place. Disturbed tresses can cause permanent harm and sufferings to your locks in the long run and therefore, it is very much important that you take care of your precious hair locks regularly so that dryness, roughness and other signs of damage remain at the bay.

Go back to the top rated hair straighteners.

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  1. This is just amazing.

    You people know how to make an article interesting and how to present it to your readers. I must say that it of the best pieces of review writing I have read in a while. It explains hair damage, the various causes of hair damage, and how to prevent it successfully so immaculately that even a “not so expert” girl would understand it easily. This writing has details, information, attraction, and last but not least readability. Great work!

    I would like to ask a question. My husband bought the T3 – Single Pass Luxe 1 Inch Professional Straightening Iron for my damaged hair. He thinks it’s expensive so it must be good. I want to know if this flat iron is suitable for damaged hair or not? is there any chance it would result in further damage?

    Please answer me fast before the return period runs out.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Ethel,

      First of all, thank you very much for your kind and sweet words. We are overwhelmed with your response. Your feedback inspires us to think and write better.

      Secondly, the T3 – Single Pass Luxe flat iron is an excellent styling tool for damaged hair. It comes with all the features needed to style extremely damaged hair precisely without causing any further damage. You can use it without hesitation.

      We hope this would help you.

  2. Hello dear,

    I need a quick suggestion. My shoulder-length tresses are super dry and frizzy. Every time I take a shower, they become even frizzier. I would like to know if they are damaged or not. I am afraid to use a flat iron to style my tresses even in times of need.

    What should I do? Any suggestions, any piece of advice would be helpful for me.

    I am in desperate need of an answer. Please help me here.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Barbara,

      Thank you very much for taking the time and writing to us. We would definitely help you.

      You have to remember that if your hair is only dry and frizzy it’s not damaged fully. There are high chances that it is suffering from lack of moisture. Therefore, our suggestion would be to use moisturizing products and deep conditioners to restore your manes first and then use your favorite flat iron to style them later.

      We hope this would help you with your problem.

  3. Hi,

    I have been using the HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron for quite a few months now I must say it is the best hair straightener around. My recovering manes don’t suffer from any additional damages or heat burns and actually look luscious after I style them with this iron.

    I would recommend this tool to everyone suffering from hair damage.

    Thank you for taking the time and reading.

    • Dear Carolyn,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. We are sure that it will help our readers in some way or the other.

      Please keep coming back for more amazing reviews in the future.


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