Fixing Split Ends and Damaged Hair at Home

Your hair can be damaged due to lack of proper care or overuse of hair tools. Millions of girls are facing split ends and damaged hair problems. But wait! You do not need to be panicked. There are some ways to get your beloved hair back into its good form again.

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And you can do it sitting at your home with some natural ingredients. However, for that you will need to follow some tips, steps, and procedure. No worry, you are going to learn them all in this article soon.

By following these steps or the procedures, you can solve heat damaged hair with split ends, dryness and serious damages. But before going directly to the how-to steps, we would like to talk about why these occur. Precautions always minimize any kind of hair damages.

Split Ends

Split ends are the results of fraying of the hair locks into multiple fragments. Split ends occur due to long-time hair damage, excessive heat, overuse of chemical products and many more. Here are some of them:

  1. Heat: Maybe you are using your hair straightener or other hair tools regularly or whenever you wish. But stop here. Do you know? These hot tools are one of the reasons to damage your hair and make split ends the fastest way. So, be cautious and try to use these tools as few as you can. And also learn the proper use of them. If you do not know the right use of them and do nor maintain some things while using the hair tools, you will end up destroying your hair permanently.
  2. Friction: This may seem unpopular to you but your hair gets damaged due to the friction of some fabrics and materials like a hat, scarves, pillowcase, towel and so on. So, the hair experts always recommend using cotton or silk scarfs, silk pillowcase, and a microfiber towel to dry your wet hair.
  3. Environment: The place you are living can be the cause of your split ends and hair damage. Too much hot or humid area can destroy your hair cuticles and make your hair damaged, frizzy and break. So, we recommend to always wear a silk scarf or do not go under direct sun on hot weather. If your area is humid then use a good quality dry shampoo like Batiste Dry Shampoo.
  4. Over Wash and Improper Chemicals: If you think over washing might keep your hair clean and healthy, you are wrong. Too much washing can damage your hair and the hair cuticles. Your hair becomes drier and you will start to see split ends. And also, be careful about what hair products you are using. Try to research first and use the products and hair tools according to your hair type.

Split ends do not have smooth cuticles over them and so they easily snag and catch other healthy ends. This causes tangles and more split ends the day by. Without taking any necessary precautions or care, your hair will damage permanently soon.

Steps to Fix Split Ends and Damaged Hair at Home

1. Trim Your Hair Often

Hair Trimming

What you need: Kovira Hair Scissors Set

Split ends are hard to get rid of. There are various remedies but the most useful thing to do is cutting down the split ends one inch, because you actually cannot fix it completely. Trimming hair every two months (every one month if necessary) also helps the hair to stay healthy. After you get rid of those ends try taking proper care of your hair to keep it healthy.

2. Suitable Shampoo and Conditioner

What you need:Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo for Damaged Hair, Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

When you have split ends it will not be wise to pick your shampoo and conditioner randomly. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner also cause hair damage and split ends. Do some research about what hair type you have and choose your shampoo according to your hair type which is very important. Another fact to keep in mind, try to use the same brand while buying shampoo and conditioner. We have seen that usually same branded shampoo and conditioner work better when used combined.

3. Hair Oils

Using Hair Oil

What you need: Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

From ancient time oils are known as the best friend of hair. In case of split ends oil fills the gap and makes it bearable, though it is not a permanent solution.

But in case of damaged hair oils do wonder. It repairs hair naturally and makes it healthy. Especially coconut oil is well known for repairing damaged hair. On the other hand, coconut oil is easily available and cheap.

For hair repairing essential oils or herb oils like rosemary oil, lavender oils are also working great.

4. Hair Pack With Egg

What you need: Egg, Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, lemon juice

We all know that egg is a wonderful source of protein. It also works great as a protein treatment for split and damaged hair. For making a hair pack out of it you are going to need one egg or egg yolk, two tablespoon coconut oil, two tablespoon aloe Vera gel and two tablespoon lemon juice. You just need to do is mix all the ingredients together and apply it to your hair. You can use more or less of those ingredients according to your hair type. Use this hair pack once a week and you will see the visible result very soon.

5. Avocado Hair Pack

Avocado Hair Mask

What you need: Avocado, California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

Avocado is as great for the hair as it is for your body. Avocado is full of vitamins and nutrients which is essential for damaged hair. It helps to restore the hair from damage and makes the hair healthier. For making this hair pack you have to mash one or half avocado and mix it with olive oil. Olive oil naturally conditions your hair. Both these two ingredients combined make a great moisturizing hair pack to get the lost moisture back and get shiny and healthy hair.

6. Avoid Heat Styling

Heat damages the hair to a great deal. Excessive heat creates spilled ends and makes the hair damage. Using heat styling tools like flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers on a regular basis can damage the hair bear description. To keep the hair healthy try not to use heat tools on a regular basis. If you have to use styling tools like hair straightener then use low heat settings and heat protectant products before styling.

7. Improve Your Diet

Healthy Foods

What you need: Healthy foods

Your daily food habit plays a massive role in healthy hair. Sometimes hair seems to get damaged when you are in lack of some certain nutrients or vitamins. So make sure your daily diet contains all types of fruits and vegetables which are good for hair. It will help to repair the cells which are damaged in your roots.


Girls are passionate about their hair care and styles from ancient time. As hair is very sensitive, it needs to be raised with care. Otherwise, you will be frustrated when you are trying to have a style but your hair is not responding well. Or your hair becomes unhealthy and there are split ends everywhere. So, you will be disappointed with your look as well. To prevent all of these situations, you need to fix the damages and the split ends as soon as possible. Because, there’s a saying goes, it is too soon to quit.


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