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Do Steam Straighteners Damage Your Hair

Whatever hair type you have, your hair is not likely to love moisture. So, as hair experts, we always suggest making your hair completely dry before applying any heat or hair styling tools on your hair.

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And companies have been trying a lot to make the hair straighteners more convenient to the hair and reduce the heat damage by using latest technologies. However, at this point, you may wonder how come any steam system can be good for hair? Or do the steam straighteners really work?

Yes, it does. And it is surprisingly true that steam straighteners do not only make your hair sleek and straight but also it can protect your hair to a certain point when used properly. Today we are going to discuss on that matter and will try to find out do the steam straightener damage your hair or not? Or how bad the damages can be happen? Let’s dig into the deep.

Steam Straighteners Working Process

Before talking about the damages, you must know what is steam straightener is and how it works. Steam hair straightener is a recently added hair straightening tool with most advanced technologies. It almost looks like a traditional straightener with bristles inside. The main mechanism of this steam straightener is it holds water and uses its steam to straighten the hair. As a result, you can give ultimately better shiny and silky look than the traditional hair straighteners.

While flat-irons straighten your hair by flattening the strands between its plates with direct heat contact (titanium, tourmaline or ceramic whatever the plate it has), the steam straighteners use nano-ceramic and nano tourmaline technology and straighten your hair with added water. Thus your hair can get its moisture back with the steam straightening process. Moreover, steam straighteners use vapor infusion technology which straightens your hair more efficiently than the traditional one and performs better in preventing heat damage.

Some steam straighteners can also be used to condition your hair while straightening it. These vapor irons use nourishing oils and heat protectant like argan oil, macadamia oils, to infuse the hair shafts and provide nutrient while straightening the hair. The heat of the iron transforms the oil into a conditioning vapor that emits through the holes in the plates. This vapor penetrates through the cuticles to condition the hair shafts and make the hair silky, shiny and frizz-free.

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However, this straightener can also damage your hair. How much damage it can do to our hair? Let’s learn that below

Does Steam Straightener Damage the Hair?

Damaged hair is one of the most feared things for a woman. But when you are using a straightener or any kind of heat tool your hair will damage to some degree. But you certainly can reduce the amount of damage and in the steam straightener, the damage is considerably low.

The steam straightener can damage the hair in certain ways. If you keep the iron more than you need, it will burn the hair badly. While using a steam straightener you are applying heated iron and warm steam at the same time. And if you keep it for a long time on your hair, it will work as boiling water in your hair!  Then it not only burns the hair but also will slurp out all the moisture from your hair. This will leave the hair dry and brittle. As a result, you will get extremely frizzy hair.

Steam straightener will damage the hair even more if you do not use any heat protectant. Steam is not that harsh on hair like other hair straighteners unless you keep it on the hair for a long time. Yet every precaution has to be taken before you work with the straightener. Otherwise, your hair can get damaged severely.

If you compare steam straightener with other straighteners, the damages are extensively low from the steam one. Because it works with steam and steam provide moisture in the hair and keep it healthy and shiny. When you use any heat tool, the damage mainly occurs because of the lack of moisture. In steam straightener usually, the hair does not get dry and the damages remain minimal.

Do You Still Need It?

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Straightening the hair is not a new trend or fashion, nor the hair straighteners or flat irons. But steam straightener is certainly new in the industry. The advanced technologies used in it are introduced to straighten the hair with minimal damage.

All the heat tools we use for styling our hair, damage our hair more or less the same because it uses dry heat. And this dry heat makes the hair drier by pulling out the moisture from it. In that process, our hair gets really frizzy because of the lack of moisture and it starts to get damaged. Breakage and split ends are also a common problem when your hair becomes dry.

Then there comes the steam straightener to save our hair. When the iron straightens the hair, the built-in steam chamber provides warm steam. As a result, our hair does become extremely dry and frizzy. It is gentler on the hair comparing other heat tools. The steam straightener is more useful if you have dry hair and the hairs that prone to damage.

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In the technical side, there are not many differences in traditional straightener and steam straightener. But the main factor “steam” can make a huge difference in your hairstyling process and the condition of our hair. We are not saying it will improve your hair tremendously but it will certainly not make it worse. 

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  1. Hi,

    I was always confused about how steam technology works in a flat iron tool. But after going through this article carefully, I am very much clear about the whole concept because you guys did a great job of explaining every little detail about this revolutionary hair-saving technology.

    Another excellent aspect of this article is that you have talked about how this technology can damage hair and to what extent, which made it even easier for us to make a purchase decision.

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  2. Hello there,

    Why don’t you people check the facts before putting them into the world?

    You said that steam straighteners come with bristles inside. I have never seen one like this in my life.

    Why didn’t you mention that these flat irons also look exactly like regular straighteners?

    I would suggest you provide every fact about any product.

    Thank you for reading this.

    • Dear Zara,

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We would try to include every little aspect in the future.

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