What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms? 9 Best Options!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall—what type of mirror is used in bathrooms?

People often make the mistake of ignoring mirror types, thinking that they are the same.

This is nothing further from the truth since some mirrors are not meant to be used for this purpose at all.

What makes a bathroom mirror different from other types of mirrors, then?

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Why do I need to use a bathroom mirror?

Before tackling the differences in mirrors and what to look for in a bathroom mirror, you may be asking if it’s necessary to have a bathroom mirror in the first place. 

The most basic of grooming practices often involve the use of a mirror.

Father and son shaving infront of a mirror under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

For men, for example, mirrors help greatly when shaving since it allows the person to visualize where he’s shaving and what direction to take.

While shaving without a mirror is possible, it may also cause a lot of nicks and minor cuts on your face.

Having a bathroom mirror is practical for women when they need to fix up and put their makeup on. It also is vital if you need to fix your hair and see what to do with it on that special occasion.

In fact, the best lighted bathroom vanity mirrors make tasks, such as toothbrushing, become much more convenient.

9 Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors  and How to Use Them

There may be different kinds of bathroom mirrors advertised in various online stores.

They all boil down to five main types: full-length mirrors, pivot mirrors, wall mirrors, decorative mirrors, lighted mirrors, suspended mirrors, smart mirrors, cabinet mirrors, and floor mirrors.

1. Full-length mirrors

Full-length mirrors are bathroom mirrors that are meant to reflect the whole body of an individual. 

full length mirror in a bathroom under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

An ideal size (1) of a full-length mirror should cover at least half of the height of an individual to be able to do so.

These mirrors are ideally placed near the entrance of bathrooms to create an illusion of space.

Although these are ideally placed on bathroom walls, they can be placed on the bathroom door for smaller bathrooms.

If you feel the need to customize a full-length mirror to fit your bathroom, you can check this video (3)to see how to make one yourself.

2. Pivot Mirrors

Pivot mirrors are mounted to the walls of a bathroom. 

pivot mirror in a black themed bathroom under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

They are double-sided with two reflective surfaces: one that is magnified and another that has a normal reflective surface.

These are best placed near the bathroom vanity and have an excellent use for women during makeup application.

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3. Wall Mirrors

As its name implies, a wall mirror is a bathroom mirror placed along the bathroom wall.

Some come with a stand so that they can be placed on the floor. These types of wall mirrors can easily be moved from one wall to another.

A framed round wall mirror in a white minimalistic bathroom

There are two types of wall mirrors — one type will come with a mirror frame, and frameless mirrors as well.

Framed wall mirrors come with a decorative frame that can add to the look of your bathroom. 

On the other hand, Frameless mirrors give a more spacious feel to your bathroom.

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4. Decorative Mirrors

As its name implies, decorative mirrors are used to do just that — decorate. These can be used as ornaments that add a touch of color or style to the bathroom.

Decorative Mirrors under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

Decorative mirrors use different design elements  — shapes, sizes, and even colors — and decorative frames so you can easily match them to any bathroom theme.

These can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom, whether by the door or right next to the main mirror.


5. Lighted Mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirrors make use of LED bulbs that are bright enough to provide good bathroom lighting, especially if your bathroom lacks access to natural light.

lighted mirrors with lights round it under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

The lights are placed either on the sides or at the top.

They are quite useful when performing tasks such as shaving or putting on contact lenses and makeup.  

6. Suspended Mirrors

Suspended mirrors are quite similar to wall mirrors.  But they are suspended by chains or hooks made of rope or metal instead of being mounted on walls. 

Hanging Mirrors under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

They add an artistic touch to any bathroom and serve as a great alternative to wall mirrors.

7. Smart Mirrors

A smart mirror provides the latest in technology when it comes to mirrors. 

A lady infront of a smart mirror  under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

They come with digital displays that allow you to activate a defogger or adjust the lighting. 

Some come with Bluetooth speakers that will enable you to listen to your favorite music as you relax in the tub for your “me” time.

8. Cabinet Mirrors

These mirrors are more practically designed as they allow you to store basic stuff such as medicines and creams that you need for emergencies or even daily use.

Cabinet mirror on top of white sink under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

These provide additional storage space and are practical for those living in limited space.

9. Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are full-length mirrors that can are placed directly on the floor. They usually have a stand and are convenient for moving from one area of your bathroom to another.

floor mirrors on next to decorative pillows under title What Type of Mirror is Used in Bathrooms

The more common ones are usually placed vertically, although some prefer to put them horizontally to create an illusion of space.

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9 Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom mirrors, besides being a necessity in the bath, can set a certain mood in an otherwise plain bathroom.

Check out these bathroom ideas that can help you decide what kind of bathroom mirror to use and how.

#1 Classic Designs

Decorative mirrors that have classic frames add a touch of class to classically-themed bathrooms like this one.

#2 Wooden Cabinet Mirrors

This cabinet mirror fits perfectly into this rustic-themed bathroom while providing additional space for personal stuff generally used for personal wellness.

#3 Creating the Illusion of Space Through Mirrors

Like those shown in this video, full-length mirrors are perfect for creating an illusion of space in what can feel like a cramped-up bathroom.

#4 Getting Rid of Clips

Getting rid of those clips used to mount wall bathroom mirrors add a modern touch and clean look to an ordinary bathroom mirror, as shown in this video.

#5 Use Suspended Mirrors in Island Dressers

If your bathroom vanity is placed in the middle of your bathroom, try using suspended mirrors to keep the look clean and uncluttered.

#6 Lighted Mirrors Add Ambience

An all-white bathroom with a circular lighted mirror can make a boring bathroom look cozy and modern at the same time.

#7 Mixing Metal with Wood

A mirror with a gold metal frame can easily fit in a rustic-themed bathroom that uses wooden cabinets.

#8 Wall-mounted Lights

If lighted mirrors don’t fit your bathroom design, you can try using wall-mounted lights between two wall mirrors for added lighting, as shown here.

#9 Choosing the Right Mirror Size

The mirror size largely depends on many factors. You may want to check out this video to give you an idea of how to decide what size of mirror you will need for your bathroom.

Can I use a regular mirror in the bathroom?

You may think that all mirrors are similar. That any mirror can be used for your bathroom. This, however, isn’t simply the case.

A regular mirror tends to fog easily, making it quite inconvenient to use in a bathroom. 

Other than this, regular mirrors are more dangerous to use inside a bathroom and maybe a source of injury if accidentally broken.

Safety standards, as indicated by federal law [2], state that bathroom mirrors that are not wall-mounted should be made from tempered glass or, as an alternative, laminated glass.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass [3]. It is one of two kinds of safety glass.

This particular type of glass goes through either a special heat treatment process or a chemical, making it harder to break.

Just how tough is tempered glass? While ordinary glass usually breaks at 6000 pounds per square inch, tempered glass at a force of 24,000 pounds per square inch.

Another reason why tempered glass is safer than regular glass because it tends to break into rounded shards, unlike regular glass, which breaks into small, sharp pieces that can be a source of injury.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass [4] is another kind of safety glass often used for cars where glass is needed, such as the windshield and windows. This can be used as a mirror for your bathroom too.

Laminated glass is made up of two sheets of glass that are joined together with a plastic sheet. 

The glass pieces stick to the plastic sheet when laminated glass breaks, unlike regular glass, were glass shards tend to fall on the floor. 


What type of mirror is commonly used on bathroom walls?

no nail bathroom mirrors

Wall mirrors that are directly mounted on bathroom walls are the ones most commonly used.

What should a bathroom mirror be made of?

A bathroom mirror can use regular glass as long as this is mounted to the wall. If this isn’t the case, though, it is best to use a mirror made from either tempered or laminated glass.


A bathroom mirror is a very convenient object to have inside your bathroom.

Depending on what type of mirror is used in your bathroom, it can add an esthetic touch to an otherwise boring setup.

A bathroom can brighten up a space or make it look bigger than it usually should.

Knowing the different bathroom mirror types can help you choose one that can easily fit into your bathroom theme and help you achieve the look that you’ve always wanted for your bathroom.

bathroom mirror above the sink and toiletries

What type of mirror do you use? Please share below!


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