Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror 2021 – a Complete Buyers Guide

You always wanted a moving mirror with lights, a mirror that you can pull out in times of need and push back whenever you are done.

Featured Image of Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

After researching for a couple of days, you concluded that a wall mounted makeup mirror with LED lights is the one you want.

However, with so many options available in the market, it’s easy to get confused about which one to get. 

Therefore, we will discuss every aspect you should know about this type of lighted mirror and list the best wall mounted makeup mirrors in the market.

Before looking at the details of wall mounted mirrors, let’s have a quick look at them.

Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror
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Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror - Small INS1003$$
Brightinwd Led Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror
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Brightinwd LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror - Small INS1003$$
Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror
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Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror - Small INS1003$$
Jerdon HL65N Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror
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Jerdon HL65N Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror - Small INS1003$$

Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror?

Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror - INS1003

Generally, the term “lighted wall mount mirror” we understand as any lighted mirrors mounted to a wall. This is true to some extent, but wall mounted ones are not just any mirror hanging from the wall.

Namely, this piece of vanity accessory is of a special kind and enhances your viewing experiences.

Now, let’s understand what lighted wall mount mirrors really are.

In simple words, a lighted wall mount mirror is a piece of your vanity fixture attached to the wall that can be moved closer or further for convenience.

These types of mirrors are designed in such a way that they can be folded against the wall when not in use. 

Additionally, they can easily be pulled out and brought to eye-level whenever you want to see your face up-close.

The wall mounted lighted mirrors are special and loved by every fashionista because they can be swiveled to different angles and save you a ton of space (they don’t take up any space on your vanity or makeup table).

Besides being an exceptional accessory for your makeup area, wall-mounted mirrors with lights are also great for hotel rooms and spa centers.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Buying a lighted makeup mirror might be an easy task, but getting the best one could be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Hence below, we discuss every little aspect you should keep in mind when searching for a wall mount mirror with lights.

Whether the Mirror is Fixed or Adjustable

There are two types of wall-mounted lighted makeup mirrors available in the market to choose from; fixed and adjustable.

As the name suggests, fixed wall mounted lighted mirrors are installed in such a way to the wall that they cannot be adjusted to any preferred angle.

Usually, fixed mirrors are the larger ones with extended viewpoints, but recently, we came across some smaller mirrors that sit fixed to the wall and cannot be moved.

We do not recommend the fixed-wall mounted mirrors since they are fixed and cannot be pulled up to eye-level. Hence, they do not serve(fully) the purpose of this type of vanity accessory.

On the other hand, adjustable wall mounted lighted mirrors are the ones that are attached to the walls with extended hinged arms, can be moved backward and forward, and adjusted to any angle.

Since this type of mirror serves the best purpose, experts always suggest adopting an adjustable mirror rather than a fixed one.

The Arm Length

Arm Length - INS1003

Before buying a wall mount lighted mirror for your bathroom or vanity, don’t forget to measure its arm’s length.

Why is it so important?

The arm length of a wall-mounted mirror is an extremely crucial feature because it determines how far along you can pull out the mirror from the wall; the longer the arm, the more you can pull it towards your face for a precise reflection.

Usually, manufacturers offer 8 to 10-inch extendable arms. Still, mirror enthusiasts suggest choosing the one that has a minimum extendable arm of 12 inches so that you can bring the viewing panel close to your face and apply your makeup or eyeliner without leaning towards the mirror.

Furthermore, another aspect you must keep in mind is the arm’s rotation.

While the extendable arm helps to pull in and push out the mirror, the rotation feature helps you to swivel the arm in any direction so that you can adjust the angle of the viewing panel.

The Power Source

Even though many people seem to ignore the power source of a lighted wall mount mirror, we suggest you give it importance, as it is key to providing energy to illuminate its integrated lights.

 Generally, wall-mounted lighted mirrors come with one of these power sources:

A direct electric connection uses direct AC/DC to light up the bulbs of the mirror.

A plug-in wall mount mirror is the type of accessory that comes with a plug attached to the power cord that needs to be plugged in to turn the mirror’s lights on.

On the other hand, when a mirror is hardwired, its power connection is wired directly into the house and turned on and off by a switch attached to the mirror rather than a plug and socket.

Besides direct electrical connection, some mirrors also use batteries to illuminate their lights.

Battery-operated lighted mirrors may be replaceable or rechargeable, depending on your preferences.

We prefer direct electricity plugin mirrors between all these power sources because they are effortless to use and convenient.

You don’t have to break through your wall to install the mirror and supply power to it for the bulbs to light up.

Besides the plug-in ones, you can also go for a rechargeable battery mirror, which provides similar benefits to a plugin one.

However, we don’t recommend either a hardwired power source or a replaceable battery-operated one because both are costly.

While the hardwired mirror requires cutting through the wall and a professional electrician, with a replaceable battery one, you have to change the battery now and then (these batteries run out of power quickly), which is a never-ending cost.

Type Of Wall Mount Mirror Installation

Installing Wall Mount Mirror - INS1003

In addition to the power source, you must also keep in mind how to install the mirror on the wall.

Since these lighted mirrors are wall-mounted, the installation procedure they follow makes a difference.

While most of the mirrors use screws and nuts to get attached to the wall, some use powerful suction cups.

We prefer the screw installation over suction cups because the screws hold the fixture securely and eliminate any chances of it falling and breaking.

If the Mirror is Double-sided

If you did your research, you know that wall-mounted lighted mirrors come with both single and double viewing panels.

Experts always suggest going for a double-sided mirror with two viewing panels because these vanity accessories come with a normal 1x side and a magnifying side (that can be 2x, 5x, 10x, or 15x) to make sure that you can see 2 types of images of your face in just one mirror.

In addition to the double-sided feature, also keep in mind the rotation of the viewing panels.

The rotation is crucial for this type of mirror because it determines how you change the viewing sides. We prefer the 360° rotating mirrors because you can easily flip and adjust the angle for a more suitable viewing position.

Is There a Built-in Dimmer?

Light Dimmer of a Wall Mount Mirror - INS1003

What’s a lighted mirror for if you can’t see your face in different types of light?

A built-in dimmer is another important feature that you must look for when buying a lighted wall-mounted mirror.

A dimmable feature helps you increase or decrease the bulbs’ brightness to a suitable illumination to view your face and make sure that your eyes don’t hurt due to harsh lighting.

Fog resistance

Even though it’s not a must-have feature for all types of lighted wall-mounted mirrors, a fog resistance system is still one of the prominent aspects to look for when you buy a wall mount mirror, especially to set in your bathroom vanity area.

The reason behind looking for a fog-resistant feature for a bathroom is that after every shower or face wash, the mirrors in the bathroom collect the steam and cloud the reflective surface.

With an anti-fog system, your wall mounted mirror won’t create any fog over the glass surface after a hot shower.

The Shape and Size

Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror Shape and Size - INS1003

You can find wall mounted makeup mirrors in different sizes and shapes. While some are round and oval, a few also come in a square and rectangular shape.

The one you should buy depends on your choice and the ambiance of the room where you want to set the mirror.

Must-have Features

Top Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors

Our team of experts reviewed some of the most well-known lighted wall mount mirrors to make our readers’ buying process easier.

Nevertheless, before jumping into the reviews, let’s first compare and contrast the top mirrors.

Comparison Table

Must-have FeaturesPansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup MirrorBrightinwd Led Wall Mounted Makeup MirrorOvente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup MirrorJerdon HL65N Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror
Fixed or AdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Extended Arm Length13.7 Inches13 Inches14 Inches14 Inches
Power SourceDirect Electricity Plug-inDirect Electricity Plug-inDirect Electricity HardwiredDirect Electricity Plug-in
Installation TypeScrew InstallationScrew InstallationScrew InstallationScrew Installation

Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: A Mirror with Dimmable Lights

This Pansonite mirror provides you with every little aspect you have ever wished for in a wall mounted lighted mirror.

And since it comes with all the features and factors we look for in the best-lighted wall mount mirror, it grabbed the top position on our list.

Firstly, this adjustable piece of vanity fixture comes with a 360° swivel design to provide its users with the best adjustability possible.

With this all-around rotation capability, you can fix the viewing surface in any direction and at any angle you want for a custom viewing point.

Additionally, because of this 360° rotation feature, you can switch between the 2 sides of the mirror effortlessly by flipping the viewing side over.

While talking about the sides, let’s also mention that Pansonite installed 2 types of magnification on the 2 sides of this mirror.

With 1x and 10x sides, you always have the freedom to choose between a normal image and a super magnified image.

Another excellent aspect of these viewing panels is that they are wide. With a circumference of 8.5 inches each, these mirrors’ surfaces are wide enough to see your full face in detail and do your makeup without further pushing the mirror.

Moreover, in sync with the rotating panel, the 13.7 Inches extendable arm is also rotating.

This arm rotates 180° to both sides, allowing you to find the perfect angle to obtain your face’s best image.

Moving on, let’s talk about the most important part of this wall mount mirror: the lights.

To illuminate your face with the brightest lights, this amazing piece of vanity accessory incorporates 27 pieces of LED bulbs all around the glass surface to brighten your face for the best viewing experience, even in dark or poorly light areas.

One more feature that Pansonite included in this mirror is a dimming feature.

It incorporated a touchscreen dimmer that provides different types of lights with each touch (warm light, natural light, and cool light) and helps to gradually adjust the lights’ brightness with just a long press of the button.

Moreover, as these bulbs are energy-saving, you don’t have to worry about the bill after using this mirror with lights for hours.

The power source of this wall-mounted mirror also helps you save money. Since it uses direct current as a power source, you don’t have to spend money buying batteries.

Furthermore, the plug-in option and the screw installation made it even more convenient to use.

With the plug and the 4 feet long power cord, you can always plug it in the nearest socket and enjoy uninterrupted lighting whenever you need it.

And with the screw installation procedure, this vanity accessory remains securely in place and won’t fall off easily.

Additional Features

Brightinwd LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Best Touchscreen Mirror

If you don’t want to spend a lot but want to have the best wall mounted mirror with lights at home, then this BRIGHTINWD mirror with LED lights is the right one for you.

Even though it comes at such an affordable price, it doesn’t mean that this vanity accessory lacks in the features department.

In fact, with its extraordinary features, this mirror could compete with our top choice.

However, since its viewing panels are 7 inches in circumference and slightly less-wider than the Pansonite’s one, it ended up in second place.

Other than this minor glitch, this is the best wall-mounted makeup mirror that you can buy on a budget.

Let’s begin with its viewing panels. The 7 inches panels might not be as wide, but they are still sufficiently wide to view your face in full display.

Moreover, since these mirror panels are magnified, you have the opportunity to see your face differently on each of the surfaces.

With the 1x side, you can see the closest to life image of your face, while the 5x magnified side provides extra precise reflection to see every little detail of your face clearly.

Furthermore, to change between the 2-sides effortlessly, these mirror panels rotate 360° with just a little flip.

In addition to the mirror panel, the 13 Inches extendable arm of this lighted vanity fixture also rotates 180° on both sides so that you can pull the mirror in any direction and adjust it as much as you want to create a custom angle to view your face.

Besides its adjustability, the integrated LED lights of this mirror are also amazing.

BRIGHTINWD installed bright natural white daylight LED bulbs on both sides of the viewing panel to ensure that, no matter which side you choose, your face is always illuminated with the brightest daylight.

Such luminous light helps you brighten up your face for true to color reflection and helps you put on makeup meticulously.

These LED bulbs also come with a dimming feature to increase and decrease the lights’ brightness as much as you want with the touch-activated button.

Another great feature of this mirror is that it has a dual power source; it offers a direct electrical connection with a USB cable and replaceable battery options to choose from for convenience.

This mirror’s screw-in installation process also ensures incredible convenience by holding it in place and ensures it doesn’t come off easily.

Additional Features

Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Expensive But Worth the Price

This sleek, shiny Ovente wall mounted makeup mirror is another one of our favorites because of the features it offers.

However, since it has a hardwired installation rather than just a simple plug-in, it scored a lower position on our list.

Although it is hardwired and not convenient to install, its direct electrical power source is an advantage.

This power source provides an uninterrupted lighting facility and makes sure that you can use the mirror whenever you want without the fear of running out of light.

Also, as it is screwed to the wall securely, it reduces any chances of falling and breaking the glass surface.

Additionally, Ovente added a 14 inches long extended arm to deliver plenty of reach to its users and provides more options for installing the mirror.

Furthermore, since this arm is flexible and has a 180° rotation, it can be pulled out in any direction and give you the freedom to adjust it at any angle you want for a custom viewpoint.

Along with the rotating arm, the viewing panels of this lighted mirror also rotate. Since it includes double-sided viewing glasses, this piece of vanity accessory features a 360° swivel design so that you can rotate from one panel to the other effortlessly.

Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, Ovente incorporated two 8.5 inches mirrors with a 1x and powerful 7x magnification so that, in addition to viewing your image in normal magnification, you can also see every detail of your face perfectly. 

With this magnified viewing panel, applying makeup, grooming eyebrows, and shaving facial hair becomes easy and less time-consuming.

Moreover, since these reflective surfaces are distortion-free, they don’t change any image’s shape and reflect the most natural, true to life view of your face.

Additionally, the energy-saving LED bulbs also reflect the most trusted image of your face by producing the most natural daylight lighting.

This natural white light brightens up your face and helps you view your reflection even in a dark or less lighted room.

Furthermore, since these LEDs’ brightness is controllable, you can always increase or decrease the light’s luminosity by turning the knob around.

Additional Features

Jerdon HL65N Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Best for Bathrooms and Spas

We consider this lighted wall mount mirror the best for bathrooms and spas because it comes with an anti-fog feature and helps to keep the glass surface clean and bright even after a hot shower.

The built-in defogger resists the water particles that form fog or cloud over the viewing panel and ensures that it is sparkling clean.

Nevertheless, this Jerdon HL65N mirror ended up being 4th  because it doesn’t come with an integrated dimming feature to control the brightness of the LED lights for a perfect view.

Apart from the absence of the dimming feature, this wall mount mirror with lights is an excellent option to install at your home, hotels, or spas.

To provide its users with the most natural light that doesn’t hurt the eyes, Jerdon installed halo LED bulbs in this mirror that delivers a cool white light.

The cool white light is neither too white nor too dull but brightens up your face for a genuine reflection so that you can see every detail and imperfection.

Additionally, since this HL65N is a double-sided mirror, Jerdon incorporated LED bulbs on both sides to offer the best viewing experience.

Since we are talking about the viewing panels, let’s also discuss other aspects of the same.

With a circumference of 8 inches, both the mirrors are wide enough to view your whole face.

Moreover, since it comes with 1X/5X magnifications, you can always enjoy versatile reflections without distorting the image.

While the 1X side reflects an organic view of your face, the 5X panel offers a more close-up image to see every detail clearly and apply makeup accordingly.

Furthermore, to make it convenient to flip between the viewing sides, this lighted wall-mount mirror features a 360° rotating design that makes it easy and effortless to switch sides and adjusts the viewing angle.

In addition to the swivel mirror panel, the 14 inches extendable arm is also adjustable.

With a 180° rotating feature and foldability, this arm twirls in different directions to customize the viewing position and helps push back the mirror to the wall so that it is easy to store.

Another feature worth mentioning is its power source and wall mount process. While the screw-in process holds the fixture in place securely, to light up the LEDs efficiently, Jerdon added a power cord with a plug attached to it to use direct electricity.

Additional Features

Reasons for not Choosing The Following Models

KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

The reasons we don’t consider this KEDSUM as one of the best lighted wall mount mirrors are:

  • Even though this vanity accessory has a flexible gooseneck, it is fixed and cannot be adjusted to any angle you want; it doesn’t have a 360° rotation feature.
  • This mirror uses suction cups for the wall attachment; suction cups don’t hold it in place as securely as a screw installation.
  • It uses replaceable batteries to light up the bulbs, increasing the cost.
  • KEDSUM didn’t incorporate any built-in dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lights.
  • It is not fog-resistant and cannot be used in the bathroom.

Simplehuman Lighted Round Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This simplehuman mirror is a pretty-looking, futuristic makeup mirror. But it still did not make our list because:

  • This mirror is not fully adjustable; while you can adjust the arm, the actual viewing panel is not rotatable.
  • It offers a single viewing panel with 5x magnification; there is no normal 1x side to look into.
  • This mirror doesn’t have dimmable bulbs and, therefore, cannot adjust the brightness according to your preferences.

We have also reviewed some other wall mounted mirrors such as the Cozzine B07DL1899T, and the Conair B009P52F22.

Note: If you are not sure about your requirements, you can find all the top-rated led makeup mirror here.

Final Words

With a huge variety of wall mounted lighted mirrors available in the market, it’s only normal to get confused about which one is the best choice to make.

But we hope now you’ll know what to look for and what to avoid when buying a wall mounted makeup mirror.

We are sure that you’ll find one that suits all your needs, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via social media below. 


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    Now, about your writing, it is just wow. I enjoyed reading every part of it. Anyone who has zero knowledge about lighted mirrors would be much benefitted after reading this piece of article. It is very well-written and extremely easy to understand. I appreciate your work. Keep it up and keep educating your readers.



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