Tony Awards 11 Best Red Carpet Hairdo’s

The Tony Awards [1] were earlier this week, and while we were all focused on who won what, we also couldn’t help but take notice of the best hairstyles on the red carpet.

Some of the best looks come from classic updos and fresh, new styles.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next special event, check out these amazing Tony Awards hairdos!

1. Amber Ruffin – Afro

Amber rocked the classic Afro coupled with her all-green outfit she was quite the stunner.

2. Kara Young – Finger Waves

Kara’s bright blonde hair with finger waves looked perfect in her classic ballerina-like pose.

Her outfit consisted of a metallic orange bra top and matching skirt, paired together nicely by Mary Reinehr Gigler for this cool modern look!

3. Ariana Debose – Edgy Faux Hawk

Ariana DeBose is the ultimate elegance on stage. She made an entrance with her black sequined dress cut right down to give us a glimpse of one leg.

Her half bob faux hawk blondish hair just matched perfectly and she looked absolutely stunning in the iconic award show attire!

4. Jessica Chastain – Long Waves

Jessica Chastain was a radiant presence in her Gucci off-shoulder pink gown. With dark wavy tresses resting on one side of her shoulders, she was a sure stunner.

5. Paris Jackson – Beachy Waves

Paris Jackson made an arrival with her brother Prince Jackson and she was totally a 10 on 10 in this gorgeous pink embellished gown.

Her long beachy waves perfectly framed her face complimenting her skin so well!

6. Danielle Brooks – Bantu Knots

Brooks combined the traditional with a modern twist by wearing Bantu knots [2] embroidered beautifully in silver thread.

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7. Cynthia Erivo – Silver Buzz Cut

The all-white gown with hood brought a chic and elegant look to Erivo as she arrived on the red carpet.

The simple yet classy outfit did its magic, coupled with her silver buzz cut that gave off an ethereal vibe.

@iheartradiobway The future Elphie, QUEEN #cynthiaerivo 💚 #TonyAwards #broadway #wicked ♬ The Wizard And I – Carole Shelley & Idina Menzel

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8. Julianne Hough – Wet Hair Look

Julianne Hough has been slaying the red carpet with her natural beauty for years now, and she hasn’t looked back. The I Just Got Out Of The Shower look is a timeless classic that will never go out of style!

9. Vanessa Hudgens – Braided Ponytail

She looked gorgeous in a black dress paired with gold earrings and an elegant braided ponytail updo.

@gq_germany 🔥 Ladies and Gentlemen – #VanessaHudgens in #Schiaparelli bei den #TonyAwards 2022. ✨ #RedCarpetLooks #StarStyle ♬ original sound – Eben

10. Phillipa Soo – Shiny Blowout

The volume of Phillipa’s long, shiny dark locs was breathtaking. They seemed to go on for miles with an impressive side cut that made them look like they were just waiting for a crowning ceremony!

11. Billy Potter – Silver Hairpiece

Porter’s three-piece suit included a turtleneck shirt, oversize jacket, and fitted trousers. To complete the look he wore silver hairpieces that gave him an extra edgy look!

@fightpassionate #billyporter #tonyawards #fashion ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Checkout this awesome video of more Tony Awards red carpet moments.

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Whether you’re looking to try a sleek updo or something more voluminous, these are the best Tony Awards hairstyles for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these glamorous looks and create your own red carpet-worthy style.

Let us know in the comment section which was your favorite look.

Lady with long beachy waves under Tony Awards 11 Best Red Carpet Hairdo's


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