Leia Buns & Rocker Shag Hairstyles Will Turn Heads in 2022

Space buns and shaggy haircuts are in for 2022!

So, whether you’re feeling rebellious like a rocker from the 80s, or you’re a total Star Wars fanatic, 2022 has the perfect hairstyle for you.

Let’s take a closer look at these fab retro trends and see what celeb stylists say about them!

Unleash the rebel rocker in you with a Retro Shag

Mullets from the 80s made a comeback this year, setting social media abuzz with clips on DIY hockey hairstyles going around YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

I’m guessing that’s what lockdowns and restrictions do when you have nothing better to do than watch McGyver reruns!

Thankfully, that particular flashback trend seems to have run its course, but the 80s isn’t done with its comeback yet.

The retro trend hasn’t stopped and it still continues to charge with shaggy, rocker cuts that are starting to pop out on social media sites.

The rebel, shaggy, rocker hair was made popular in the 80s by rocker Joan Jett and it is now seeing a comeback.

Named “rebel hair”, it’s probably a way of finally letting loose and letting go after a year of being cooped up in the living room with nothing but the tv and a bag of popcorn.

Celebrity stylist Glenn Ellis says, “I’ve seen so many requests for that shag haircut. I love cutting a mullet, and I tend to get a lot of people sent to me for a shag/mullet haircut.”

Along with shags and mullets are octopus haircuts that have also seen an increase in searches. “The octopus haircut looks like a version of the shag, but it’s not blended with the layers,” Ellis explains.

Check out the octopus shag in the video below:

Spaced out Space buns

Princess Leia, where are you? Remember that Blink 182 song?

Sadly, the world lost the real Leia back in 2016, but her iconic hairstyle lives on.

Sharon Pak, a co-founder of INH hair had this to say about space buns in a recent interview with Glossy Magazine, “We initially saw space buns taking off at the end of 2020, with the ’90s making a comeback.”

The demand for puff buns has even inspired the brand to come up with a space buns extension kit – this after seeing one of their customers wearing two single buns together in a social media post.

The space buns extension kit has since seen a huge demand in sales from other customers.

YouTube is also full of tutorials, like this one below:

Ms. Pak continues, “It carries e-girl energy, except this time around, it’s a fun and fresh way to switch up the do. TikTok has been a big influencer.”

Indeed, space buns continue to be a look seen in different social media sites that it has gained a place in Pinterest’s “Pinterest Predicts” list.

And then there are the rest…

Other hair trends that will continue onto 2022 capture classy looks and styles.

Along with retro 90s blowouts, Liquid hair has made waves in the latter part of 2021 and it will still continue to be a popular thing in 2022.

Check it out in the video below:

Cute, sassy, rebellious, chic or classy-2022 is shaping up to have a trend for everyone! Choose your favorite or be a true rebel and go with something totally different. Who knows, you could just start 2023’s hottest look!

Are you all about those space buns or planning to rock a rocker shag? What are your favorite retro hairstyles? Share below!

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